Bike Safety Rules: Learn & Follow Them To Stay Safe On The Road

Riding a bike is getting popularity day by day. In a study, it has been found that just within the period of 2000 to 2009, bicycle riders increased by almost 70% across the entire U.S.A.

More and more people are riding a bicycle simply because it is a healthy lifestyle. It’s a good physical exercise to keep your body fit and active. Not to mention it is highly environment-friendly too.

Just like any transportation, riding a bicycle comes with some inherent risks apart from being reckless. Yes, as a safety measure we wear bicycle helmet always; probably the best of their kind – a MIPS bike helmet. Still, there are a lot of other safety rules that we have to follow to keep ourselves and others safe.

15 Common Bike Safety Rules To Follow Always

bicycle safety rules

Due to the increased (which will be never ending) bicycle riders, road and transport authorities are making a new lane for the bikers. They have set some rules as well which we have to follow. Below are some of those bike safety rules:

  1. Check Your Bicycle

Like all other vehicles, you should check your bicycle for your own safety. Make sure the brake works and tires are fully inflated. With a faulty bicycle, you just putting yourself in grave danger.

When the last time you check the chain? Don’t forget they get rusty and loose over time. The chain should be running smoothly. Make sure you understand the capabilities of your car.

You are riding a bicycle, so don’t pretend you are driving a motorcycle and never try to compete with any other motor vehicles.

  1. Let Others See You

Just because you see the other drivers on the road does not necessarily mean they can see you as well. You see other drivers which are great but make sure others see you too especially during the night.

Don’t have confidence wearing white colors. It does not make you visible during the night. Instead, choose neon or other bright colors.

  1. Follow The Traffic Direction

When you ride your bicycle on the road, you have to follow the traffic just like any other vehicles like cars and motorcycles. You can’t ride the opposite direction. You can’t use the sideways either. The same rules and responsibilities apply to you just like they do to other drivers.

Yes, if you are under 12 years old, you can use the sidewalks depending on which state you live in. One very important thing; while riding your bike always watch out the sudden opening of cars’ window.

  1. Make sure to stop at the stop signs and red lights. If you find separate bike lane, use that lane. Just like any responsible driver, look at your left and right, then again on the left before you enter into the traffic. Be a responsible biker on the road.
  2. Riding With Children

In some states, it’s illegal to ride your bicycle with a child of your own. Like if you are in New York, you cannot carry your children with your bicycle if the age of your baby is less than 1 year.abide by bike safety rules

Even if you are allowed in some states, do not let the baby sits on the handlebars. And make sure your baby wears the helmet as well.

  1. Check Road Permission

Depending on your local authority rules, you may not be allowed to ride on the highways, interstate routes, expressways, etc. So, check these rules carefully if you want to avoid the painful fine.

Only a few states have these rules but do not be disappointed. Soon these rules gonna change. States like Alaska, Michigan, Maine, etc. have already lifted this ban.

  1. Avoid Night Riding

This is the time when most of the bicycle accidents happen. There are several reasons behind this. The rider can’t see the road clearly and it’s really hard understanding the road condition in the dark. Besides, other drivers coming from the opposite direction find it difficult to see you.

  1. Stay Alert Stay Positive

Keep your eyes and ears open all the time while riding your bicycle. Beware of the cracks, railroad tracks, potholes, etc. that can make you lose control of your bicycle. Do not ride your bicycle with anxiety in mind as well.

You should stay alert while driving any kind of vehicles like car, motorcycle, etc. It equally applicable when you enter into any race like time trial as well. In addition to wearing your time trial helmet, you must stay positive and alert.

  1. Controlling Your Bike

Don’t try to do any stunt on the road. While you may think you are impressing someone; you are actually putting yourself in grave danger. So, keep at least one hand on the handlebar always. If you have any books or other stuff, keep them on the backpack.

  1. Look Before You Make A Turn

As a rule of thumb: never make a sudden turn. When you need to turn left or right, look behind you. Signal first for the turn, then make the actual turn. Be predictable to other drivers.

  1. Your bike should be equipped with a bell that produces decent sound. It’s really good to have a rear-view mirror as well. A bright headlight is always recommended for your bike.
  2. It’s never wise to hitch into cars.
  3. Never listen to music or wear any headphone while riding your bike. You must hear the bell or horn of other drivers.
  4. This is interesting. When you drive near any parked car, be extra careful. You never know when they will open the door suddenly.
  5. When you pass a pedestrian or any other bike riders, let them know about your approach ringing your bell or shouting in which direction you are coming.

Summing Up

It’s really uncomfortable to abide by all these bike safety rules always. But you should care about your own life. Just a little reckless bike riding can cause deadly accidents. Most of the time, you will suffer, not others.

So, always stick to these safety rules to have safe bicycle riding experience.

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