Best Concealed Carry Holster For Sitting To Buy In 2020

Good adjustable retention, high-quality material, and comfort are crucial because you will be carrying it day by day. You must ensure it offers maximum concealment as well. Only the best concealed carry holster for Glock or other similar kinds of firearms can offer all of these good features.

Comparison Table For Best Concealed Carry Holster For Sitting

Let’s get to the detailed reviews later. It won’t take much time. Before that, I want you to look at the following comparison table that will help you pick up yours without wasting your time. I picked those based on verified user reviews and their recommendations.

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4 Concealed Carry Holster Reviews

Whether you have a Glock 21 gen 4 or Glock 19, all the following 4 offers a snug fit, maximum concealment, and comfort. I covered both the leather-made and Kydex-made models.

Defender Leather by Relentless Tactical

Best Concealed Carry Holster For Sitting From Relentless Tactical
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It’s a fine quality leather made one and recommended by more than thousands of hundreds of satisfied users. With impressive stitching, sturdy steel made belt clip, and very reputed customer services – I put it at the top of my recommended list. Keep reading and you will understand why.

Before I go any further, let me clear some misconceptions and negative reviews. Most negative reviews have no valid reasons. These people simply pick this for the wrong gun. The only genuine concern I found from these negative reviews is that the quality of the leather.

Now let me assure you, the leather quality is just fine as I mentioned first. But then again, it’s not a Bianchi or Galco quality where you would have to pay more than $100. Considering how much it’s gonna cost you, the leather quality is above standard.

If you have a skin-irritation problem, you have to have a leather one. Definitely not the synthetic or Kydex made one. The leather is very thick and the manufacturer has reinforced all the critical stretched points just to make it a well-constructed one.

Here is a good story for you shared by a satisfied user. He used to carry it almost every day. It was holding up pretty well even after. But then he snagged the metal clip and contact the seller. He got the replacement clip totally free. I just mentioned it just to let you know why so many people are so impressed with this one.

It’s not just very easy to put on, it’s very secure. With incredible concealability, it’s must-have gear for your Glock of any series. Not just the concealability, it lets you quickly access the gun as well. Never settle for the cheap and shoddy craftsmanship while you need the maximum protection.

Why Should You Buy It?

Here are some more features that you need to know before you make your mind:

  • Available for both the left-side and right-side waistband in multiple colors.
  • Completely American made from genuine bull hide leather. The top-notch construction will really impress you. No cheap or synthetic materials used.
  • Fits almost all the Glock series and compact handguns in 9MM, .40 & .45. Perfectly conforms to the shape of your gun. If it does not, they got a very good return policy.
  • Comes with a bracelet, some stickers, and an instruction manual.
  • Very comfortable for your skin and highly reliable.
  • A very durable American made a product that gives you the fullest confidence.
  • Highly recommended concealed IWB holster that is meant to last for a very long time.
  • Trusted company with highly appreciated customer service.


  • Not suitable for EDC. It’s great while you are in the car or in your backpack, but not for EDC.


KYDEX Holster From Concealment Express [U.S. Made]

KYDEX Holster From Concealment Express
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Be ready to be impressed by the ability of its comfort and concealment. Not just that, when you need a holster that is very easy to put on or off your belt (no matter what type of belt it is) and gives you the protection and comfort no matter in what position you carry it – this is for you.

Despite the fact that it’s Kydex made, this is another great holster for glock 19 gen 4 or any gun of the same size and shape. For the price, you should seriously think about it. Let me explain why.

The clip is not metal made. But no one reported having an issue with it carrying this month after months. But it has the ability to swivel and once it is locked, it is pretty solid. You are completely safe with your Glock inside this holster. There is absolutely zero possibility of a negligent discharge.

It’s really lightweight and nice-looking one. The tension of gun adjustment is really great. With excellent concealment and well-function ability, it is simply great for newbie and skilled people. It’s inexpensive too! If you have never tried a holster before, this is a perfect entry point.

As confirmed by many others, it is very comfortable to wear for the whole day, day by day. Your gun is completely safe from your skin oil and perspiration.

Whereas you can’t completely wash any leather made holster, you can wash this Kydex made one with soap and water. There will be no residual lubricants from your firearms. Another problem of leather is that the shape gets changed over time, but it won’t. It is a verified fact.

People who could not think anything but a leather made one have appreciated it highly.

More Features

  • Available for both the left and right-hand dray. Comes in black and carbon fiber black finishes.
  • Made in the U.S.A. So, have no worry! Pretty thick Kydex, no chance of breaking or cracking
  • It comes with an Allen kit so that you can loosen or tighten it for the snug fit. That way you can make the draw a lot easier.
  • A lot have tried it for the whole day. It was a comfortable experience without any hiccups. I was comfortable even while driving!
  • No chance of reshaping like leather made ones. It makes it pretty reliable for more predictable firearm removable and re-holstering safer.
  • As confirmed by many avid shooters; there is no way you will be disappointed having this great affordable holster.
  • Recommended by satisfied users from law enforcement as well.


  • If you have a skin-irritation problem, this is not suitable for you.
  • The carbon-fiber texture may scrape the Glock 19 Gen 4. Though not a deal-breaker, it happened.
  • Won’t fit with the red dot sight.


IWB Holster By CYA Supply Co. [A Veteran Owned Company]

IWB Holster By CYA Supply Co.
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After changing a lot of holsters, people have found the perfect one from this veteran-owned company. These are very low-profile holsters which is great because it will be pretty good with lots of different clothing. It’s really sweet when you never know what’s gonna be the weather of tomorrow.

People have confirmed it snaps into the place and is very secure. There is no chance it will fall out even if you have to bend over. Fits comfortably in every position like 4-4:30 position. It’s a really concealed carry holster. People have been fooled a lot not knowing whether someone carries his gun!

It’s something that meets all of your expectations. It lets you carry your gun securely with an excellent level of comfortability. You do not want your gun to have scratches. And the inner mold of it exactly offers that. A truly adjustable holster that takes care of your gun.

You will find two tension screws in front of it which let you have precise tension settings. It comes with the Allen key wrench so that you can adjust it more precisely to have more snug fit. I found the click pretty neat! The belt clip works great with your belt of choice.

Pro Tips
You may need to request the seller to send you a tighter metal clip if you have a slim belt.

It’s nice looking and pretty slim. More so, the intelligent offsetting of the click makes sure the angle of the barrel is away from your nuts. That gives you a sense of security knowing your nuts are safe from any accidents.

If you have never impressed before with affordable holsters, give it a try and I am pretty sure you will thank me for recommending it. Don’t let yourself be a fool with all those gimmicks that you see from all those non-brand products. Here is a real video review on it.

More Features

  • It’s a right-hand draw only. Comes in multiple colors like black, carbon fiber, flat dark earth, etc.
  • Another great made in the U.S.A. product by a Veteran owned company. Made from 0.08 inches thick Boltaron material.
  • Fits pretty nice for your Glock 19 gen 4 and all other Glock series. Compatible with the Glock extended slide release as well. In a word, a great conceal carry for all Glock models.
  • Great audible lock mechanism. Yes, it has the audible click and you can hear the click pretty clear.
  • You can adjust it for a straight draw or 45-degree angle.
  • Unbeatable and highly competitive price!
  • After a lot of research, reading customer reviews, and physically checking here and there – some people have bought it as their first-ever concealed carry holster and they are pretty happy after using it for several months!


  • If you wear a slim belt, you will find it troublesome fitting it.


Concealed Carrier IWB Holster

Concealed Carrier IWB Holster
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You want a comfy fit for your gun and the retention system should be pretty good, right? Well, this veteran-owned company has made available this available holster with all the quality you want. So, out of countless brands and models out there, this one got huge positive feedback and recommendations.

With a better quality holster clip, it fits your belt nicely. And you will really love the sweat guard. It keeps it moisture-free and does not cause any pain against the stomach like other AIWB Kydex holsters. Some people got multiple of them from other brands and they call it the most favorite.

Like all the quality holsters, it does its job pretty well. It guards the trigger against unexpected incidents and it will not make feel uncomfortable wearing it as confirmed by others. More importantly, it will not leave any scratch mark on your slide.

Nothing fancy about this but the maker of this one is very caring. And in no way it has anything less than you would expect from a Kydex made one. Holds the gun pretty tightly on your thick or thin belt and gives you a sense of full protection knowing your gun is safe. You will get detail instructions and you will feel a personal touch.

It’s very sturdy & durable and many have confirmed after using it for so many months. They are really happy about it. Read some reviews for yourself and then decide whether you should go for it or not.

Since it is so much inexpensive, you can customize it further to make it more comfortable and smaller for you. A lot of people did that. For the unbridled comfort and knowing that a very caring company with real combat experiences is behind this, you will feel good about having this.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • It’s a veteran-owned company and the quality is great. This man served in this country. Maybe its time to show some love?
  • Available for both the left and right-hand orientation.
  • You can hear the click sound. Great retention mechanism and you can adjust the retention. More so, the adjustable cant can be easily adjusted from 0 to 20 degrees.
  • Fits almost all the Glock series like 19, 19x gen 4, etc.
  • If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, just contact the seller. Your investment is pretty safe.


The price is so affordable that there is nothing to be concerned about. I tried to found some issues but there is no major problem with this one. However, some users have complained about the following issue:

  • Plastic made clip.

Types of Concealed Carry Holster For Sitting

concealed carry holster

In your local shops or trusted online shop, you will find so many types of concealed carry rigs. If you already know which type is best suited for you, you are good to go ahead and pick yours. But I think you should spend some time to know every type of them.

Based on the style/design and material used – we can differentiate them. Based on material, there 3 types of them. Common materials used are leather, plastic, and nylon.

Leather made holsters are expensive but very comfortable and durable. The main problem of them is that they sag over time and more susceptible to wear and tear over the time period.

Out of plastic made holsters, the most common are Kydex made ones. They are durable, sturdy, lightweight, and waterproof. The basic problem is that they are not as comfortable as their leather counterparts.

Lastly, nylon made holsters are comfortable but they are also susceptible to wear and tear. Now, let’s differentiate them based on designs. Multiple styles of the holster are available in the market like the followings:

  1. IWB: Which stands for Inside the Waistband. You can guess, they are great to wear inside the waistband of your pants and they are the most popular concealed type.
  2. OWB: You wear those outside the waistband of your pants. You can clip those with your belts and hide with your jackets or coat.
  3. Shoulder Strap Holster: Sounds and looks good but have some drawbacks as well. For the concealment purpose, they are not pretty good. Also, they get sweaty pretty quick.
  4. Ankle Holster: to carry a backup gun, they are highly popular. You will never know they are there!
Buying Guide To Have The Best Concealed Carry Holster For Glock

holster for glock

It’s literally intimidating for the first-timers and sometimes confusing for even the experienced Glock users to select a perfect holster. There is an overwhelming number of brands, models, and types of them to make you confused.

You need something that perfectly fits your body type, matches your desired carry method, and of course meets your desired retention level. Consider these factors seriously so that you don’t have to regret your purchase:

Choose The Right Types

As I have discussed before, they come in a lot of variety. Determine first whether you need a leather-made one or a plastic-made one. Then decide whether it should be IWB, OWB, Ankle, or Shoulder strapped holster.

Visibility Check

Only you should be the one who knows you are carrying a gun for your personal security. If others see it, then having a holster loses its purposes in the first place. How properly it can conceal your gun determines the quality of it. Do not make any excuse there!


Hearing the click sound while you are holstering your gun is very important. Does yours offer that? It’s very important to make sure the holster offer any retention or not. Even a slight amount of retention is a must-have for any concealment carrier.

As you have noticed, all the 4 I have reviewed above offer adjustable retention system.


If you have to carry your Glock or similar kind of firearms every day, this is where you can’t make any excuse. If you have skin-irritation problem, avoid Kydex made holsters. Also, they should not create any discomfort while you are driving your car.

Trigger Guard Cover

For your own safety from accidental discharging of your gun, this is very important. However, all the modern holsters come with it. So, don’t overlook it but don’t be over-tensed either.


It’s time to wrap it up. Out of so many of them, I reviewed only the 4 so that you can pick the best concealed carry holster for sitting for Glock 19 gen 4 or any other firearms of the same kind easily and without any hassle. I welcome any kind of questions you might have and I will try my best to answer them.

Best Concealed Carry Holster For Glock 19 Gen 4 To Buy In  2020
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