Best Shooting Sticks For Elk Hunting To Buy in 2020

In the tactical shooting world, there is no alternative to the best shooting stick for elk hunting. It has to be sturdy and stable, as well as lightweight. It should be durable to get the best value of your money. Out of so many flimsy models out there, it can be daunting to find the right one.

After careful review and checking a lot of must-have features, I have shortlisted a few high-quality ones.

Comparison Table For Best Shooting Sticks For Elk Hunting

I love to give a heads-up to my beloved readers what they are about to get. I have covered only those that are in the following compassion table. Before you go to the in-depth reviews, let’s have a bird’s eye view on them to save some time.

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3 Shooting Sticks For Elk And Predator Hunting Reviews 2020

Yep, I am covering only the 3. But these 3 are most popular among shooters and their prices are highly competitive. All of them got tons of positive feedback from the tactical community. Not a single one of them will disappoint you. Read more verified reviews before you make up your mind to understand what I am talking about.

Bog-Pod [CLD Series]

best shooting sticks for elk hunting from Bog-Pod
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It’s all about making the perfect shot while hunting. To do so, you need a bipod/tripod along with the red dot sights to shoot precisely. As for the shooting rest, I recommend this one from the Bog-Pod because of so many reasons. You have to understand there are pretty good reasons why this model got a tremendous number of positive feedback from the skilled shooters.

It’s not that costly yet the quality is awesome. I personally prefer the tension adjustment. It lets you quickly pick it up and set it down anywhere you wish. The rubber feet (which is retractable) have a metal spike so that you can easily push it into the dirt to make it stable. And the overall construction is just awesome!

It’s a well-constructed one that comes with all the important adjustments. The rubberized feel will prevent any slippage. The metal spikes are retractable in case the surface is hard. Besides, the legs have a foam to avoid any noise while setting it up.

You surely need this while hunting because you do not want your prey to make aware of what’s going on. While constructing it, every aspect of smooth shooting has been considered to make it the best shooting sticks for predator hunting.

It’s short, so you will find it super easy to store it in your backpack and carry it without any trouble. Very easy to sit on the ground or on the chair. Almost every hunter has confirmed it is a very stable shooting rest for any type of hunting.

Like I said above, the price is pretty reasonable and competitive. You if try to have it from your nearby local store, you will notice the price is a little bit higher than here. Why not save some bucks, right?

Expert Tips
Use an Allen wrench to tighten all the connections so that the legs stay in place. Do not overtighten them though!

More Feature

  • You can get it in multiple styles like 2 & 3 tall bipod and tripod, short tripod, etc.
  • The versatile positioning system is really cool. You can set it up in kneeling, sitting, and standing position. Suitable for hunting and wildlife photography.
  • Being super adjustable has made it suitable for both the tall and short people.
  • You can attach a pig saddle with it. But I would recommend getting it from the same brand.
  • Lightweight construction; so pretty comfortable to carry it wherever you go.
  • 360-degree swiveling cradle.
  • Perfect for bog-pod binocular rest. Very easy to use it even if you are wearing gloves.
  • Probably the most recommend shooting rest by so many satisfied users.


  • Might be a little large for the crossbow.
  • Hunters wished it to be a little bit more sturdy for the outdoor.


Bog-Pod [SB Series] For Coyote And Elk Hunting

Bog-Pod [SB Series] For Coyote And Elk Hunting
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After trying several other guns rests from various brands, so many people have found their ultimate satisfaction with this one. For smaller to bigger guns, it is perfect for everything. Just tighten the legs properly, then the weight of the gun along with heavy holographic sights won’t be a problem.

With swiveling rest and easy to make adjustment feature, hunting will be more fun. This makes target adjustments really easy. People who are onto coyote hunting or just love to shoot springers will find it particularly useful.

I know a lot of hunters who were so disappointed with cheaper bipods. This one changed their hunting experience totally. It holds the gun still without any shaking and the legs will you exactly there where you put them.

Features rubber straps to keep the gun attached to the bipod. So, if you need to adjust your move a little, you won’t lose the position from the gun recoil. It may sound silly to you but once you use it in practice, you understand how this simple touch makes it suitable for you.

In hunting, accuracy matters significantly. You do not want to make to comprise your accuracy over some cheap rests. It’s been proven to stable to help you deliver the most precise shot. It’s just perfect for every kind of firearms like a rifle or a shotgun.

Expert Tips
Do not overextend the legs. Yes, it has integrated leg stops. But if you continue to do so, the rubber tightening mechanism may loosen up. Follow the direction that comes with it to retighten them.

Works pretty well for your ground blind. You can get it for your crossbow too. Super easy height adjustment. Without damaging your gun, the cradle will work just fine. It’s affordable, and like so many hunters and wildlife lovers – I recommend you have this one with impressive quality.

Why Should You Buy It?

I have already discussed why already so many hunters have bought it and appreciated it tremendously. Here are some technical facts that you should be aware of too.

  • Yep, works great with a 12-gauge shotgun.
  • Features plastic leg covers.
  • Pretty lightweight. Weighs only 19 oz. Do not let the weight fool you. It’s still pretty sturdy! Can hold any long firearms with magnifier and sights having a weight of up to 10 to 12 lbs.
  • Aluminum legs and high-quality ABS plastic head, so pretty durable as well. You will be getting the return for a pretty long time.
  • Swivels 360 degrees.
  • Perfect for using in kneeling and sitting position as well.
  • Easy to use. You can quickly adjust the height.


Yes, it’s really hard to find any problems with this one. However, you should pay attention to this:

  • Can’t switch the heads. You see…the short bipods are not interchangeable.


Vortex Optics Pro GT Series For Elk Hunting

Vortex Optics Pro GT Series For Elk Hunting
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A great concern for most of the hunters is that whether the rest will keep shaking it attached to a heavy gun and spotting scope. And the concern is valid most of the time. So, lots of the shooters researched a lot finding the perfect one and ended up having it from the trusted Vortex. And they are happy and satisfied!

It is more lightweight than other prominent brands like Swarovski. Pretty shocking, right? Shooting rests from the Swarovski are basically made from carbon fiber but apparently this one from Vortex Optics is lighter. It’s a confirmed fact from experienced shooters who have used both of the brands.

The construction is pretty sturdy and stable with the aluminum build. After comparing it with other brands, hunters have confirmed this fact. The center pole of the Vortex breaks into multiple sections. So, it’s really easy to use in a short height. Besides, it contributes to its fewer weight features as well.

In the tactical world, people call it the rock-solid yet pretty lightweight rest. It will change your past experience of using a flimsy tripod. The legs lock pretty well and once you set up your scope, it will be there! In terms of quality, it is almost the same as the highly expensive Swarovski. But you can get it at a pretty reasonable price.

But how great does it help in hunting? Well, it has proven to be effective in holding the scope steady under high winds. No movement!

Almost every hunter, shooters of any kind, or wildlife watchers have confirmed it as a stable and solid piece of rest. And they have left their feedback saying they will be more than happy to buy it again and again! Here is a quick video demo of it for you.

More Features

  • Available in 2 styles: with or without the quick-release plate. When you need the rock-solid support for your glass, any style of the model will be perfect.
  • Very sturdy! It can handle any scope or binoculars no matter how heavy it is. If you have experience of using the CelestronTrailseeker tripod, it is much sturdier than the Celestron.
  • Worried about whether it will support the weight of your AR-15? You should not. It’s been confirmed to hold such weight pretty well.
  • A reliable stick that works smoothly and quickly.
  • Features only one lock to adjust both the tilting and panning.
  • It extends up to 67.1 inches and folds down to almost 24 inches. It comes with the carry case as well.       


It’s an expensive one, so you should know all of it. Check whether the following two is a deal-breaker to you.

  • Many did not like the lightweight lever for the quick release. Some expected a little bit heavier plastic.
  • Still not so lightweight if you have to carry it for 5 to 6 miles while hiking.


How To Get The Best Shooting Sticks For Predator Hunting?

shooting rest for ground blind

You already know why do you need it, but the question arises on how to get it without fooling yourself. I am not joking. With so many junk products out there, it is really hard to find the right one. This is particularly true if you are new to hunting. A lot of things may seem to be misleading.

Follow the below guidelines to pick the right one and you don’t have to regret doing so!

The Build/Durability & Strength

They are either made from aluminum or carbon fiber. No matter whether it is a tripod or a bipod. If stability and durability are your main concern, you should always prefer the aluminum-made one. But if you have to hike a lot and carry a stick, you should prefer something that is lightweight. Yep, carbon fiber offers more lightweight sticks.

The rock-solid build is always preferable. You do not want a wobbling stand in a tactical situation. It has to be sturdy enough to hold any heavy firearms.

Ease of Use

You can either choose the lightweight one or the heavy-weight one depending on your choice and situation. Of course, lightweight sticks are easy to set up and carry but they will be a little bit problematic if there is wind or mud out there. 

On the other hand, if you have to make the long-distance shooting and be on the field for a prolonged time,  a heavy-weight stick should be your choice. Also, make sure it is very easy to mount your optics or firearms on it. You do not want to spend much time just to mount it.


You can’t shoot accurately unless you feel comfortable. Does the stick let you shoot in your comfortable positions? Do you need to move it up and down while shooting? If so, how easy it is to move it a little without compromising the target?

Legs & It’s Adjustments

Probably the most important factor to check. The legs play a vital role in keeping your stick stable while shooting the heavy gun along with the heavy red dot sight attached to it. You have to be prepared for a rough environment. It might be raining or there could be mud! Will those legs keep the stick stable then? 

In such a situation, there should be a suction element on the legs to hold the stick stable. Make sure you can adjust the legs depending on the height requirements. 


Does it swivel 360-degree? Some shooters prefer that a lot. It lets you aiming up/down easily without changing the location of the stand. That means you will be able to shoot in any direction! You need greater flexibility in the shooting range and this feature will give you this flexibility.

Safety comes first when it comes to shooting. A shooting stick will make your shooting more accurate, no doubt. But don’t forget to protect yourself while shooting. Don’t forget to protect your ear while shooting!

To make your shooting experience awesome and take it to the next level, you need a lot of shooting gear. Having the best shooting sticks for elk hunting and for the ground blind is one of them. I admit they are costly, but if you can get the right one – it will pay off pretty well in the long run. All of the above that I have reviewed, will definitely exceed your expectations.

Best Shooting Sticks For Elk Hunting To Buy in 2020
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Best Shooting Sticks For Elk Hunting To Buy in 2020
As a vital tactical gear, you must find the right shooting sticks for elk or coyote hunting. I have covered only a few of them based on their popularity among hunter communities.
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