Best Welding Helmet To Buy In 2019 [Perfect For TIG, MIG, Stick Welding]

Last updated: August 14, 2019 By Arvin Reynold

With technological advancement, lots of new safety regulations have been formulated. To safeguard your eyes, forehead, skin, and above all, to get the job done well precisely and comfortably, you need the best welding helmet. MIG, TIG, arc, or other plasma applications, I have reviewed only those that are capable of everything. Sometimes, you need to use the cheater lens. As I said,  I have reviewed them all.

Top & Best Welding Helmet For Welders Compared

From the wide varieties of the brand, only Jackson Safety, 3M and Antra are trusted and popular brand for delivering quality welding helmets. From cheap auto darkening welding helmet to a highly expensive one, I have reviewed them all. But first, take a look at the following most popular welding helmets to have a quick idea.

ResponseViewing AreaOur Rating
(out of 10)
1Jackson Safety BH3 2.75 0.15 m.s. Large 9.80
23M Speedglas ADF2.090.1 m.s.12.11
3Antra AH6-260-000 ADF1.001/25,000 s3.86” X 1.73”9.00
4Antra AH6-660-6217 ADF1.001/25,000 s3.78” X 2.5”8.80
5Antra AH7-360-000 ADF1.001/25,000 s3.86” X 2.09”8.50
6RHINO ADF Helmet< 1.201/25,000 s4” X 2.6”8.00
7Jackson Safety Insight1.00Fast3.93” X 2.36”7.80
8Miller Electric Helmet2.00Instant5 1/5
9Jackson Safety 461311.00Fast3.93” X 2.36”7.00
10Coocheer ADF Helmet1.951/30,000 s3.74” X 1.87”6.80
11Tacklife PAH01D1.90N/ABigger6.50
12TMR ADF Helmet1.00FastN/A6.50

Top Welding Helmet Reviews 2019

Very first, I am gonna review my recommended 3 welding helmets. Then you will get additional 13 reviews on welding helmets. This is the one single article, where you will get reviews on all popular welding helmets.

BH3 By Jackson Safety

good welding helmet from Jackson Safety
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This is an industrial grade welding helmet. Helmet with Balder technology is always of higher quality. In fact, people call it the top of the class. Jackson Safety features Balder technology.

Besides, because of its superior quality and versatile performances, this one is REALLY expensive. The clearest lens, adjustment variability, the awesome dark blue color filter has made it the best auto darkening welding helmet. For high-impact protection and diversity in the welding, it meets ANSI/idea Z87.1+2010 standards. For the highest optical clarity, it has earned the 1/1/1/1 rating.

Recommended by professionals when you need to get the welding job done safely and effectively. The headgear has 3 adjustments. As you can see it is highly configurable and suitable for varieties of welding tasks like MIG, TIG welding, arc welding, etc.

As you can see, whatever welding task you do, the high-density plastic shell will protect your face, forehead and other body parts. Variable 9 – 13 shade will protect your eyes during welding from harmful radiant energy.

The helmet is pretty lightweight and has rounded smooth perimeter, so you can use it for a long time comfortably. Even if you want to use a cheater glass, you can do so. You need to buy it separately though.

More Features & Pros of Jackson Safety

  • Available in 2 sizes like 2 sizes: 9-5/8 inches x 9-3/4 inches x 12-1/4 inches.
  • Even though you need to buy them separately, Jackson Safety BH3 is compatible with hard hats and magnification filters.
  • No fogging or heat build-up. The aerodynamic curved front cover plate will take care of it.
  • Top and bottom sensors. So even any one of these are blocked, the rest one will trigger the auto darkening.
  • Incomparable quality. It will be so unfair to compare it with other welding helmets.
  • Clearest lens and adjustable sensitivity with opening time delays.
  • The delay setting is great when you need to work in a different environment.
  • Even perfect for work outside in the dark.
  • Solar powered welding helmet lasts really long.
  • Even though you may find the color a little bit strange first, but your eyes will get used to it. You will like it than any other of your ADF lenses.
  • Suitable for everyone. Whether you are an independent welder or you need welding helmets for your business, get this one and you won’t regret!
  • Really caring customer care. You are paying a good amount of money, so you deserve better. Jackson Safety customer care understands that. Just inform them about your problem, they will take care of it.

Cons of Pros of Jackson Safety

  • Not for mass people having a limited budget.
  • To some, the headgear seems cheap.

3M™Speedglas – 9100: A Top Welding Helmet

It’s like the master ring to dominate all the seven kingdoms. No matter which industry you work or whether you are TIG or MIG welder – this is a perfect auto helmet for you. It’s lightweight (I really mean it!) & has the fastest auto darkening feature (only 0.1 milliseconds).

Extra-large visibility area with side windows and it will turn your welding experience into a pleasant one. You will really love the super-fast auto-darkening response of the 3M Speedglas helmet.

3M Speedglass: best-welding helmet for welders
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It is somewhat an expensive one. However, once you have the first-hand experience of welding with this one – you will say it worth every penny. Plenty of room for the head to adjust with a great ventilation system. Even after hours of welding, you won’t feel a thing!

What do you expect from an expensive welding helmet?

This one will meet your expectation just like it did for lots of welders already. Your eyes not only protected against radiation from ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR), it will give you a comfortable and much precise welding experience.

From expert to novice – it is perfect for everyone. To make it easier operating it for everyone, the settings for the shade and sensitivity is so easy. You can weld like a pro no matter what’s your expertise level is. Every other control is easy as well.

Pros & Features of 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100

  • Pretty lightweight. Weighs only 2.09 pounds. Even after day-long welding, you won’t feel any trouble.
  • Extra-large size for perfect welding experience with comfort. Enough ventilation space inside.
  • Intelligent and ergonomic design for the head sizes 50 to 64 cm so that it does not create any pressure for the pressure points of your head.
  • If you have to use your prescription glass while welding, you can use your glass too with the cheater lenses feature.
  • No fogging issue at all even after several hours of welding.
  • Equally applied for grinding and welding. The sensitivity adjustment feature will let you use any stick including torch cutting modes.
  • 72 mm x 107 mm viewing area is definitely one of the largest viewing areas for any welding helmet.
  • Lens with 3 sensors. Whenever you strike the arc, it will activate the auto-darkening filter within a blink of your eye.
  • Replaceable Cr2030 3V lithium batteries. These batteries last for almost 2000 hours. You can replace the battery, so you can use the helmet with the auto-darkening feature years after year.
  • Comes with magnifier lens clips and a bag for the helmet. A great one that you can use even for your small welder.

Cons of 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100

  • May not be suitable for new welder considering its high price. If you are just learning, go for a cheap one.

Antra Model [AH6-260-0000]

Antra AH62600000
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With some ‘Not So Serious’ limitations, this is so far the cheapest budget welding helmet. For any welding works like TIG, MIG, MMA, etc, it is highly recommended by experienced users having 10+ years of welding experience. Do you love flux core welding? Yep, you can do it as well.

Super quick response to arc and adjustable delay setting is its positive sides that people love most. With 1/25000 sec switching speed, I must say it’s really fast! Large viewing area having the dimension of 3.86″ x1.73″ with 4 premium sensors.  The design itself is compatible with a cheater lens.

You will find the shade adjustment really easy during the welding. 5-9 and 10-13 variable shade is not that common in other helmets. Great visibility indeed! Because of the clear arc, you will clearly see what you are welding with the helmet on.

It comes with 6 exteriors and 1 interior lens covers as well. The dimension of the exterior lens is 4.67” X 5.41″ and interior lens dimension is 3.91” x 1.79″. Comes with lots of versatile features and you can use it on various applications like grinding, cutting, and welding.

When you drop the helmet, it will fall at the same place always because of the adjustable lower limit. It’s a great feature and you will feel it only if you have experience working with old helmets. Whereas most of the welding helmets have fixed sensitivity, you can adjust it with this one.

And you can get it without breaking your bank account. It’s so much affordable but as I said above, the quality is really awesome. Huge recommendations from experienced users.

More Features & Pros of Antra

  • Meets all the modern standards like ANSI Z87.1 / EN379 CE / CSA Z94.3
  • It’s very much lightweight. Since it is made from high-quality Polyamide Nylon, it’s really lightweight.
  • Protection from harmful UV rays.
  • You can wear glasses along with this helmet comfortably.
  • Better helmet tightening mechanism because of the o-ring it uses.
  • Battery indicator to know the status of the battery charge. Press the button, if the LED turns on, battery charge is OK.
  • Comes with magnifying glass holder.
  • High-quality solar features. 5 amps are the minimum current limit is required for the lens to kick in. Yes, the battery is replaceable as well.
  • Unbeatable price. For the price, it’s second to none. It’s really hard to find such a good quality welding helmet for such cheap price. Great investment!
  • Really caring customer care. Should you face any trouble, don’t hesitate to contact them.

Cons of Pros of Antra 

  • Not capable of overhead welding.
  • Not industrial grade because of the thin plastic material.

Antra Solar Power [Model AH6-660-6217]

Antra AH6-660-0000
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Safety is crucial when it comes to welding hence the need to use a reliable and efficient welding helmet. One of the most recommended helmets on the market is the Antra Ah6-660-6217 solar power auto-darkening welding helmet. This is because it works flawlessly and at the same time protecting your face area from the sparks of the welded metals.

This is due to equipped fur sensors on the tool hence ensuring that it immediately keep off any flashes or lighting from coming into contact with your face area. They also quickly become alert even when one comes near a light source.

Aside from ensuring that you are safe from the lighting, the Antra helmet also features an extension built which is essential for providing enough space for viewing. Although it has an auto-darkening power, the helmet still offers ample viewing through the lenses something that is not found in other brands.

For those who are not able to weld without the use of glasses, this is the right types of helmets to consider buying. This is because it has an inbuilt 2.5 glasses wear which are essential for covering the eye parts from the bright lights.

Another feature that a lot of people love about this welding helmet is the presence of the 2.5 magnifying lens which allows you to have a clear view even on the smallest parts of the metal being worked on.

Antra welding helmet will enable you to work as long as you want without feeling any bulkiness on the head. It features a lightweight structure that allows the user to work for long without getting tired.

Features and pros. of Antra AH6-660-6217.

  • It has a cheater magnifying lens of around 2.5 which enables the user to have a comprehensive and clear viewing.
  • Has four adjustable sensors that allow the helmet to immediately darken in case there is lighting around and still provide ample display.
  • It has lightweight built which enables one to work for long.
  • There are inbuilt welding glasses that keep your eyes protected even without the need of using extra welding glasses.
  • It consists of shades covering of 5-9 and 9-13.


  • Although this helmet works well, it does not stay in an upright position well. Hence you need to keep on tightening it.
  • The Antra welding helmet is powered by the battery which may require you to keep on changing it since it does not run for long.

Antra Solar Power [Model AH7-360-0000]

Antra AH7-360-0000 auto darkening helmet
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Another great invention from Antra that helps in keeping your welding time flawless and fun. The helmet is equipped with an auto-darkening power which works even when you look directly to the sun. I would recommend this helmet to a beginner since it has easy to use features that are reliable to use too.

Although the helmet may be a bit too heavy on your head, it ensures that all the covered parts are safe from the welding fire sparks. This helmet can still be used by the people who have poor eyesight because the views are adjustable according to your preference.

The same goes for people who want to shield their eyes from the bright lights. In other words, the helmet allows you to adjust the brightness depending on your preference. The Antra welding helmet also will enable you to set it in either plasma or cutting options.

The helmet has four sensing options which ensure that your eye area is protected from bright lights even from the sun. Therefore if you want to watch a solar eclipse, you can efficiently use this helmet.

Features and pros.

  • Available in multiple colors like black, carbon fiber, flag & eagle etc.
  • Large viewing size having the dimension of 3.86″ x 2.09″. Comes with 4 premium class lenses as well.
  • 0.00004(1/25,000) Seconds quick response time.
  • Safely & comfortably you can use it for TIG, MIG, MMA, Plasma Applications. Has grind option as well.
  • It has an adjustable sensitivity knob which is useful for providing ample protection to the eyes when working on the metals.
  • The shades available on the helmet include 5-9/9-13 which is helpful in covering most of the standard welding. It is powered by a battery that is rechargeable.
  • Cheater lens compatible.
  • The helmet also features plasma application which also has grinding feature.
  • It also consists of a knob for easy adjustability.
  • Hard hat adaptable. But you need to buy the adapter separately.
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1 / EN379 CE / CSA Z94.3 standards.


  • Some customers have complained about this type of Antra helmet being a bit heavy as compared to other brands.

RHINO For Large View

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What attracts a lot of customer to this helmet is its great built which features the carbon fiber materials. The lens is made of large viewing size which is essential for providing ample views for the user.

With just a weight of around 1.2 pounds, you are guaranteed to work for long with this kind of helmet. Also, the vast window screen on the helmet is essential for offering more than 10 inches of welding vision something a lot of welders have found useful and efficient.

The structure of the helmet is quite stiff which ensures that it is safe and does not break even after dropping it countless times on the ground. Other excellent features that will make your welding work to be fun and easy is the presence of the inbuilt glasses.

So you don’t have to wear different welding glasses to protect your eyes all the time. It also has an adjustable knob on the outside which would help you get a good fit of the helmet.

Features and pros.

  • The auto darkening sensor works correctly when you look at any surface with too much lighting.
  • It is quite sturdy regarding vision provision since it provides illumination of about 10 square feet inches.
  • The light built of the helmet allows one to work for long without their heads getting tired. It also features a headgear which is created in the form of ratchet style.
  • Ratchet style headgear with the headband.
  • Pretty lightweight, weighs only 1.2 pounds.
  • Battery indicator so that you will know when you should replace the batteries.
  • In conformity with ANSI Z87.1 / CE / CSA / AS/NZS / EN379 / ISO9001-2008 safety standards.


  • Some customers have complained about the helmet fogging after prolonged usage.
  • It gets hot too quickly which may cause some people not work flawlessly.

Miller Electric

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This is an excellent invention for both skilled and beginner welders. The helmet is powered by triple A batteries which can run up to 2000 hrs. The lens is quite fast to sense any brightness which makes it useful for all welding and grinding works.

All people can use it due to its lightweight structure, and plastic design essential for ensuring your head does not easily tire. It has no magnifying color that gives it excellent viewing and grinding results.

You can use the helmet with other welding gears since it easily attaches to a standard welding hat. The helmet is designed to allow you to control the amount of light you want it to display.

So if you have poor eyesight, you can quickly adjust the lens at the minimum darkness for compelling viewing and at the same time keep your eye safe.

It has an electromagnetic sensor that is essential for viewing even in the case where you are welding at an arc.

Features and pros.

  • The helmet features an auto darkening feature that allows it to immediately turn off when you get close to the welded object.
  • The knob equipped on the tool will enable you to control the amount of darkness you want on the window for the better working view.
  • It is powered by a triple-A battery that is essential for ensuring the helmet is working and providing ample viewing at any time.
  • It has an electric, magnetic sensor which also consists of 2 arc sensors for better results.


  • The batteries do not run for long especially if you are using the tool for long welding hours.

Jackson Safety (Model 46131)

Jackson Safety 46131
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Another top-rated auto darkening welding helmet from the trusted brand Jackson Safety. When you need to adapt to various working environments, you need an ADF (Auto Darkening Filter) featured helmet. Only then you can get the job done controlling the shades of the lens, with other useful adjustments for the sensitivity.

Superior quality lens lets you have 9 – 13 variable shades. The wide viewing area with the dimension of 3.93 X 2.36 inches let you do any welding tasks like MIG welding, TIG welding, arc welding more comfortably & precisely.

It’s a reasonably priced welding helmet featuring everything you need like sensitivity & delay adjustment, digital controls, and 4 independent auto dimming sensors. The welding mask has grind & weld modes which are also compatible with HLX100 & HSL-100 shells.

The clarity is simply awesome & it’s a verified fact by lots of experienced welders. Based on the amp settings, obviously the clarity will vary but the clarity is great. Want to put a cheater lens in it? You can! Did I say it is hardhat adaptable as well?

For the utmost adherence to compliance, safety, and accountability, it meets ANSIZ87.1-2010 and CSA standards. Digital interface where you can control everything. For continuous long hours welding task, this is really a good alternative you should consider.

More Features & Pros of Jackson Safety (Model 46131)

  • The dimension of the welding helmet is 13.6 X 9.6 X 8.1 inches.
  • Very lightweight having the weight of only 2 pounds.
  • Durable helmet even though it is lightweight. Many have been using it for so many years without any trouble.
  • 1/1,000,000 switching speed.
  • Thoughtful headgear design. Use the adjusters on the top to determine how high/low the helmet should sit. Ratcheting back is very stable. The hood of the headgear won’t drop suddenly because of the up detent.
  • All the lens and controls are really impressive.
  • Very much comfortable to use for long hours.

Cons of Jackson Safety 

  • Feels like flimsy plastic made.
  • Short space for a respirator or jaw-line.


COOCHEER solar powered
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This is one of the most recommended welding helmets for a professional welder since it has all features that are essential for working on different objects, The helmet allows you to work even under the sun since it has a solar sensor that will enable it to dim immediately you get near the sunlight.

The window is designed with an opening mechanism that allows one to quickly open and close the helmet to catch a breather in between the work. Although a battery powers the working tool, it also has a power indicator that notifies you when it is about run out of battery for safety purposes.

It can fit any size and shape of the head since it consists of an adjustable headband for efficient fitting on the head. The lens view is flexible which can be done without even removing the helmet from the head.

Also unlike other helmets which are equipped with a darkening feature, this kind of helmet has a clear view which is essential for better working and efficient viewing. The user can use the helmet in different zones since the brightness is adjustable plus the sensor ensures that the sparks are kept off the face even when grinding the metal.

Features and pros.

  • It has a UV sensor that protects you from the sunlight rays when working.
  • The headband features an adjustable mechanism that allows the helmet to fit on different heads.
  • The window automatically darkens when the lights are on to secure your eyes from the sparks and strong lighting from the welding machine.
  • It is powered by a triple-A battery.
  • Has a power indicator that notifies you when the battery is about to die.


  • The battery does not run for a long especially when used for an extended period.

Tacklife PAH01D Solar Power

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If you need a welding helmet that you can use in different areas, then Track life is the right choice for you. The helmet is designed with adjustable shade range which is essential for use in different regions.

Also, this allows one to control the amount of dim they want to be portrayed on the helmet for better working. It is correctly made in a lightweight structure that enables you to work for long without your head getting tired.

The mask works great and fits well on the head since one can easily and quickly adjust the headband for better results.

Working with the helmet is pretty easy including for beginner since all you require is improving the right features such as the headband and the lens. This helmet is really great and perfect for professional welding since it covers all the head area including the neck.

This effectively protects and prevents the sparks from reaching the neck area. The helmet is easy to use and control the working depending on the work and the density work.

It features plastic construction that is light in weight hence allowing you to work for long without getting tired. The viewing area is adjustable to different sizes for ample display of the welded gadgets.

To ensure that the welder is adequately protected from the light, the helmet is made with a fast time response which is ideal for preserving the welder when working.

Features and pros.

  • The helmet has four sensors which allow one to adjust the helmet to different working options.
  • The helmet is crafted with lightweight material that enables one to work long hours without quickly getting tired.
  • The material consists of corrosion and flame retardant as well. It also covers all the way to the neck area to for proper protection.


  • Some customers have complained about this helmet being too slow in switching to different working modes.

TMR Mask

TMR solar powered
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This is another ADF helmet which can be used by all people whether you want to practice welding as a hobby or profession. The helmet automatically dims when you get to an area that has to light hence allowing you to work swiftly.

It is light in weight and covers most of the part of the head including the neck. The lens adjusts according to the work and the density of the arc to give clear viewing and at the same time ensure there is ample protection of the eyes.

Also, the helmet is powered by the solar where it automatically becomes dark when it is used on the outdoors. The helmet shell is made of a durable and robust material that does not readily break when you accidentally drop it on the ground.

Because it is inexpensive, lots of people had very low expectation from it. But after using for some days, it has exceeded their expectations. Many are using it for several hours. For the price, it is simply unbeatable. It will be so unfair if you compare it just based on its price. Without breaking your bank account, you can get the best welding helmet under $100.

Features and pros.

  • When you need a cheap auto darkening welding helmet because of your budget, it’s  a good option to think about it. Great for personal or work.
  • Weighs only 1 pound. Comfortable solar powered welding helmet.
  • The helmet automatically becomes dark when you get lace with too much light.
  • It has four adjustable sensors that allow you to work from different environments.
  • The auto darkening really works. The confirmed fact from experienced users.
  • Highly recommended for MIG welding.
  • Use the switch to enable grinding mode.
  • Fastest response and recovery time.
  • UV/IR protection.
  • It features a lightweight built which will enable one to work long hours.
  • Meets  CE and ANSI Z87 standards.
  • It is durable since the material doesn’t crack easily.


  • One is expected to keep on adjusting the headband to prevent the helmet from dropping.
  • You can’t use any cheater lens.

Jackson Safety ( Model 46101)

Jackson Safety 46101
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This is an excellent welding helmet for both professional and home use. It has 9-13 variable shade and very easy to use and has digital controls for easy usage. With the dimension of 3.93″ x 2.36″, you will have a larger viewing area without lifting the hood. 

The helmet allows you to work for long without feeling dizzy, unlike other brands since it is made of lightweight materials. The headgear is adjustable to enable the mask to fit comfortably on your head for efficient use.

The automatic dimming on the window ensures that your eyes are adequately protected from any lighting. So this allows you to work efficiently without having to worry about light adjustment.

The fitting of the helmet is fantastic and it also has an excellent interior which keeps your head fully protected. You will love the sensitivity and delay adjustments for your various welding needs.

It consists of different use options which include grinding and welding modes. The four auto sensor dimming modes are easy to use and control with the provided knob.

The structure of the helmet is made of plastic which is essential for protecting the helmet from breaking in case you accidentally drop it. Another feature that a lot of users find useful on this helmet is the presence of the auto-darkening filter (ADF) which enables the user to work on different areas and also control the shade on the lens.

Features and pros.

  • It has 4 independent sensors for easy usage on different surfaces.
  • Universal size and weighs only 2 pounds.
  • The auto dark filter enables the user to work in different environments.
  • It has two working options which include the grind and weld option for useful welding results according to the users’ preference.
  • The helmet automatically turns on the moment you start welding thus keeping your face safe from the sparks and lighting on the welded items.


  • Customers have complained about the helmet not being able to maintain an upright position.

Lincoln Electric (Series3 – 350)

Many lead welders from TIG and MIG welding have recommended this one. Every function of this helmet is just perfect as per their view. The price is also very reasonable (but not a cheap auto darkening welding helmet), so suitable for both the pro and new welders.

Lincoln Electric
Lincoln Electric Welding Helmet

Many welders having welding experience for more than 30+ years have verified that the helmet let them see clearly into the puddle as they have never experienced before.

Unmatched clarity and pixel-perfect color variation have made it stand alone. To weld better, you need to see better. That’s exactly what you can do with this helmet. If you feel like you are not seeing clearly with your existing one, try this one.

Instant response time for the auto dark feature will change your experience of welding. With 4 arc sensors, it can respond faster than what you used to use before.

If you run a workshop or work where you need a lot of welding helmet, consider having this for all of your coworkers. They will love it and it’s economical.

Very simple controls and it has all the functions to make necessary adjustments. Meet everyone’s expectation.

It’s really lightweight (weighs only 3.2 pounds), so you can weld for a very long time. With the great headband, added stability (holding up is really great) and comfort are not a dream – it’s a reality.

Tips: I should have mentioned it earlier. However, if you weld in a confined space with any welding helmet, you should get a respirator.

Features That You Will Love

It’s gonna cost you more than $200 (it varies), but it worth every penny. Just check the following features.

  • Comes in black color.
  • 74” x 3.34” wide viewing area.
  • 1/25,000 switching speed.
  • Comes with necessary bandana & bag with extra lenses.
  • 5 to 13 adjustable lens shade.
  • Cheater glass usage option available.
  • True color clear view with 4c tech lens.
  • Very light grind setting.
  • Safety ensured from harmful UV rays and spark.
  • Long lasting solar power battery (battery included). Very easy to remove it when the time comes to change it.
  • Made from high-quality plastic. It’s really durable, so your investment in this one will pay off!
  • Perfect for TIG, MIG, and arc welding.
  • It’s new in the market from Lincoln Electric, but a lot of pro and experienced welders have recommended it.

Cons of Lincoln Electric 

Whereas everything seems fine with this one and despite there are so many high appreciations from the pro welders, someone mentioned the following problem. I think you should have a look.

  • The hood is not large enough, might be problematic for welder having a large head size.

Hobart Impact

Being a welder, you are familiar with Hobart tools, right? They got lots of fans. Well, now you have their helmet too & I am pretty sure, you will love it as well.

Hobart Impact Helmet
Hobart Impact Helmet

This is somewhat a cheap auto darkening welding helmet where you need to have all the cool features of a high-end helmet, but do not want to have pressure on your budget.

Having said that, I must tell you something about the auto-darkening feature of this one.

If you remember from the 3M helmet reviews given above, that one has a response time of only 1/10,000 seconds whereas this one has a reaction time of 1/25,000 seconds. As you can see, in spite of being cheap, it has a blazing fast reaction time (3 arc sensors) when you strike an arc.

In addition to having more sensors and extra lenses, there are countless head adjustments as well. Once you figure it out (it will take some time at first), you can weld comfortably hours after hours.

Most people like it because of its great reaction time for the auto-dark feature. Also, the lens clarity is awesome, perfect for precise welding. And for the price, this is second to none like all other Hobart products.

But is it safe?

It has large face coverage. Makes it perfect to protect against sparks and radiation. And that’s the reason they are CSA/CD standards certified.

Features & Why Should You Have It

  • Comes with cheater lens slot, so if you are good to use your prescription glass. It’s perfect for every type of welders.
  • A helmet with so many adjustable features. Great comfort.
  • Wide 7.05 square Inch viewing area.
  • For MIG or TIG welding, you need great shade and lens clarity. If you are not happy with your current one, try this! The shade setting ranges from 8 to 13.
  • Features grind & weld mode.
  • Locks perfectly with your head. Won’t drop even you move around a lot. It’s lightweight, so great comfort even for the longest time of welding.
  • Replaceable lithium battery for the auto-dark feature.
  • Meant to last for a very long time. Made from durable polyamide and so many happy welders are using it for so many years.
  • Really helpful customer service. If you are familiar with other Hobart tools and have the experience to their support staff, you know what I mean.

Cons of Hobart Impact 

  • I have no idea why… but they have put all the controls inside the helmet. It’s kind of hard to control them with the welding gloves on.
  • The sensors interact with the sunlight, and it’s kind of irritating since you have to press the reset button.

Instapark Solar Powered (ADF Series GX990T)

If your search for the best-welding helmet under $100 is still not to an end, consider having this. A cheap auto darkening welding helmet with large viewing area and versatile adjustments.

For precise welding, you really need a large viewing area to see everything clearly. Great for those who do not want to spend much but still want to upgrade from their existing cheap helmet.

Instapark ADF Series Helmet
Instapark ADF Series Helmet

When you need to weld for very long hours, you need to feel comfortable wearing the helmet, right? Well, a lot of welders have confirmed that this one is really comfortable. Also, the padded interior design will ensure your maximum comfort.

So what the common welding problem of all the high-end models?

Definitely, locating all the controls inside. It is really irritating sometimes to adjust the controls with the gloves on. Well, guess what, with this model, you can have all those controls outside the helmet! You don’t need to take off the helmet to adjust the controls.

With 1/30,000 seconds reaction time for the auto-dark features, this is really fast and you know how much it is helpful whenever you strike the arc.

If you are a newbie still learning how to weld, this is a great one to start. Take your skill level to the expert level then go for a high-end helmet.

Why You Should Have It?

As I said, it’s cheap. Still, there are so many reasons you should have it. Also, if your budget is tight but doesn’t want to waste your money on garbage, check the following features why you should have it.

  • Great for long time wearing.
  • With 3.94” x 3.86” viewing area, so far I know, it is the largest!
  • Shade adjustment ranges from #5 – #13.
  • Being a folding headband it is very easy to store.
  • 4 arc sensors. Quickest switching time.
  • Revolutionary battery technology. Both solar run and you can use replaceable CR2450 battery.
  • Ergonomically designed with ratcheting headband, fits every head size.
  • Applicable for the versatile application like arc welding, TIG, and MIG welding.
  • Looking for the grinding function? Yep, it features it as well.
  • Just look at the image. Don’t you love the eagle pattern design? I think it looks cool.

Cons of Instapark

Despite the manufacturer tried so hard to make this cheap auto darkening welding helmet a cool one, you should be careful about the following facts before buying it.

  • The detent to stay it up is not well-engineered. Some reported that the helmet does not stay up well.
  • Does not compatible with magnifier lens.

TopWelding Helmet Buying Guides

Professional welder working

Unlike before where one was required to wear several protective gears such as the welding jacket, glasses, headgears and also neck cover when welding, now there is better and more efficient gear for this purposes.

With the use of an auto helmet, you will not have to wear all these accessories since it protects your face and the head area from the light and the spark.

Also, these elements are crafted with auto adjustability and start whereby it immediately goes on in the case where you start working.

Before you choose a welding helmet to work with, here are some guidelines to help you make the right choice.

The sensor features

Ensure the welding helmet that you purchase has all the required sensing features such that even when you use in a darker area, you will still have a clear view. Therefore, before you buy the helmet, count the number of sensors available for practical purposes.

The display

These elements are designed with lenses that provide different viewing. Some have a clear viewing effect which is essential for people with reduced visibility while others offer a dark viewing effect.

The displays are differentiated in shades of darkness which vary depending on the type of the helmet. Just test the helmet while still at the shop to see if you will be able to comfortably have a clear view while still working on the helmet.

The comfort

Keep in mind that you will be using this helmet for a long time. i.e., if you are a professional welder. Therefore to ensure that you are comfortable all through the work, provide that it is comfortable and easy to use.

The inner side should contain fabric to keep your skin protected from the hard surfaces of the helmet, and there should be gaps to allow free flow of air.

Also, ensure the headgear has a lightweight structure to enable you to work for long without your head feeling too heavy.

Another detail to focus on when choosing the helmet regarding comfort is the fitting, a majority of the dark auto helmets are crafted with a headband which is adjustable to fit different heads.

Therefore ensure that the helmet you are about to purchase has a headband for these purposes.

The price

The price or rather the budget that you have saved for buying the helmet plays a considerable role in determining the kind of helmet to get. This is because the quality and features that are available on the helmet decide the price. So, if the helmet is high quality and has magnificent features, you also be required to spend more money as compared to purchasing a simple helmet.

Your needs

Make sure that you keep your needs first when buying the helmet. Ask yourself why you need the helmet, the purpose of using it and also what you want to accomplish with its use. This guides you in choosing the right helmet that will make your work to be smooth and fast as well.

The power

Either battery or solar power the dark auto helmets. The solar-powered helmet functions immediately you wear it with a bright light area, unlike the battery which requires you to control its start and replace the batteries in case they run out of charge. So choose a helmet that you find comfortable and efficient to work with.

welding in light
Use Helmet For Any Type Of Welding

Choose Manual Sensitivity: There are two types of sensitivity: manual and automatic. The manual sensitivity setting is way better than the automatic setting. From the dark to light and vice versa setting, it’s convenient to set this setting manually.

Delay Settings: Important to notice when you go for the auto-darkening helmet. When you strike the arc, it’s important to keep the response time at the minimum. Normally these delay time ranges from 0.1 milliseconds to 1 millisecond.

Check The Magnification Lens: Not all the brands give you this. Only some brands include it with their helmet. If this is a big deal for you, check it first before you make the order, or ask the seller directly about it.

Go For Lightweight: Lightweight is always preferable when you need to weld for a long time. A lightweight helmet ensures your comfort throughout the day. There are helmets having a weight of 2 pounds to 4 pounds or even more. Always go for the lightweight one if you are a pro welder.

Check Hardhat Compatibility: Also, not all the helmets are hardhat compatible. So, if you like to wear the hard hat with your helmet, check this compatibility as well.

Grind Mode: When this mode is set to on, the helmet won’t go to the dark state. Almost all the helmets have this feature. However, there are models that don’t have it. Grinding mode is helpful, so you should really care about it.

Auto Test The ADF: Important to have to check whether the ADF is working or not. If there is no auto test feature, you can check the ADF manually. Here is how you can test your best welding helmet.

Designs: You can find lots of designs to match your preferences. Only a few brands offer lots of designs in the same model.

Buy Online: Nowadays, it’s wise to buy almost everything online; a welding helmet is no difference. You can check a lot of models in a very short time with real-life reviews from experienced users.

Warranty: Welding helmets are expensive even you get the top-quality welding helmet under $100. Check the warranty to protect your investment and register it on their website.

FAQ: Good Welding Helmet

If you are new in welding, it’s pretty normal that you have a lot of questions in your mind that need to be answered. Even the pro may have some questions before making up their mind. In these sections, I will try to answer such common questions related to welding briefly.

men welding
Your safety depends on your helmet!
What Does A Welding Helmet Do?
Ans: Flash burn, sparks, UV rays, etc. are common in welding. The helmet prevents such things to protect your eyes, face, and neck. Also, because of the helmet, you can do precise welding because of the clear vision.
How Dangerous Is Welding?
Ans: Without the helmet, it’s a very dangerous work. But if you take safety measures like wear a perfectly safe helmet, welding is a safe profession. Without the helmet, welding can lead to face burn, loss of eye-vision, so many other fatal health-related problems.
Why Should A Welder Wear Earmuff Type Protection?
Ans: It’s simply because without such type of protection, welding is REALLY a dangerous work. Pro welders wear fabric cap to protect their scalp from UV rays generated during the welding. They simply cover the full head including ears with a helmet.
How Long Do Auto Darkening Helmets Last?
Ans: 30+ years if the battery is replaceable. In modern times, almost all auto dark helmets use replaceable solar charged battery. But if the battery is non-replaceable, normally it will last for 7+ years.
What Clothes To Wear For Welding?
Ans: To protect yourself from the spark and radiation, your cloth should be made from wool or 100% cotton. Long-sleeved button cuffs shirt with a collar to protect the hand and neck is always preferable.

Your clothes should always be clean and make sure they are free from oils and greases to prevent accidental fire.

Are safety glasses required under welding helmet?
Ans: Yes. The helmet alone can’t offer you the full protection. For any sort of welding, you should wear the safety glass or goggles. Make sure your goggles or safety glasses comply with ANSI Z87.1standard.
Are Face Shields Required For Grinding?
Ans: Yes. This is an OSHA requirement which you must comply. In addition to wearing the safety glasses or goggles, you must wear the face shields as well for grinding.
Can You Get Skin Cancer From Welding?e
Ans: It’s totally depends on the welding process you apply while welding. But yes, constant naked exposure to UV rays while welding can cause skin cancer.

Last Words On Top Welding Helmet For Expert Welders

If you are looking for durable and most reliable helmets for your welding work, the above are 16 great helmets to consider getting. They have different features which ensure that you are entirely protected from the sparks and light that comes from welding and grinding.

Make sure to buy these elements from a reliable dealer to avoid getting a nonfunctional helmet. Also, it is advisable that you drive to test its functionality while still at the shop to make sure that it is well and working correctly too. Follow the above guideline to help you determine the features to look for when buying a welding helmet. Now,  watch the MIG welding tutorial if you are new to this.

Best Welding Helmet To Buy In 2019 [Perfect For TIG, MIG, Stick Welding]
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Best Welding Helmet To Buy In 2019 [Perfect For TIG, MIG, Stick Welding]
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