Best Motorcycle Cover For Outside Storage In 2020 [With Buying Guides]

To keep it clean, dust-free, and dry; you need the best motorcycle cover for outside storage. It should be perfect for indoor storage too. Only materials of great quality and intelligent set up for snug fit can ensure that. 

Best Motorcycle Cover For Outside Storage Comparison Table

To pick the right one, you have to compare among great options. There are a lot of them out there and it’s not practical to research each of them. So, I made the following comparison table to make the pick easy for you. 

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7 Comprehensive Outdoor Motorcycle Cover Reviews 2020

Now that you have a general idea of what is doing great and popular, let’s dive into the details. Each of the following them is extremely popular among bikers and great for their own reasons. Before you make up your mind, let’s see whether they will be perfect for your needs.

Dowco Guardian

best motorcycle cover for outside storage from Dowco Guardian
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This is a widely recommended and reviewed one. It’s a waterproof one that has been recommended for your motorcycle for all year-round. Already proven to be effective against heavy rainstorms with wind gusts. This is not a cheap one; you can’t have a cheap fully lined model that is also waterproof.

No matter how stormy it is, because of its latch & elastic, it won’t blow away. It has a lot of feedback saying it keeps the bike dry even after the worst storms.

That’s being said; it’s worth every penny and you can trust it with your valuable motorcycle. A truly waterproof motorcycle covers that will last for a very long time. Because of the high-quality lining, it is totally scratch-proof as well. 

Do you know what’s the common problem of all the cheap models? Their color fade way after a few days when you put it under the sun. Well, no one reported having this problem at all. Whereas most cheap models start to rip after a few months; this is a gem that you can trust. 

The intelligent vents will keep your motorcycle dry from condensation. You can easily identify the left and right sides of it because of the intelligent placement of the vents.

A lot of motorcyclists have reviewed it to be heat-resistant as well. I don’t know how but probably there is something in the material that prevents it from melting under the scorching heat. Highly recommended for all-rounder performance.

What I like Most:

  •  A perfect solution for protection against UV rays of the sun, rain, and mildew. It’s just perfect for all seasons.
  • Proven to be breathable and waterproof. Some people covered their motorcycles with it for a couple of days and found no moisture at all! You can’t expect both of such qualities from any cheap junk.
  • Available in 2 colors: Black & Grey.
  • Moisture guard venting system never lets moisture build-up inside it.
  • Comes with a compression storage bag to transport it easily.
  • Now you can touch your loving motorcycle even it is hot; thanks to its aluminized coating.
  • From the top to bottom coverage of your motorcycle, it is second to none. That’s the reason I keep it first in my reviews. Your motorbike is perfectly safe against dust, heat, UV rays, and worst weather conditions.
  • The bottom of it is sewn with the elastic sock cord to give your motorbike a snug fit.
  • Fits all models from popular motorcycle brands. Whether you have a Honda, a Harley Davidson, a Suzuki or a Yamaha, it is just perfect.
  • Reasonable price for such great quality.


  • A little bit heavyweight and size. Though it comes with a compression sack to keep the size small, the overall size will be like a basketball size.
  • Expensive in comparison with its counterparts.


Nuzari Waterproof Polyester

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Get ready to be impressed by another awesome motorcycle cover from Nuzari. If you have lost faith in the cheap options, this will completely restore your faith once again. It has already done that for so many motorcyclists that I know. But let me assure you – it won’t break your bank account either. Not cheap, but it’s a highly competitive price. 

It’s a high-quality heavy duty motorcycle cover in every sense. And no matter what’s the size of your bike, it has just the right size for you. From medium to extra large, it has every size that will give your motorcycle a snug fit from top to bottom. 

As for durability, it lasts really long. It’s a verified fact and lots of bikers have confirmed it. Some of them have been using it for years. Just by touching it, you can feel it’s made of high-quality materials. You will get your return for so many years to come.

It has thick elastic fabrics around the bottom to completely cover your motorcycle. Besides, the adjustable clip strap at the bottom will help greatly to give your bike a snug fit. Do you have a bike with saddlebags and trunk and worried whether it will cover completely? How about your bike has a windshield too. No worries… it will fit perfectly!

If it’s really windy out there and raining a lot – it’s really hard to keep the bike clean and dry. Without a good motorcycle covers, your bike is exposed to debris, dust, bird poops, etc. With Nuzari, all of such problems will be gone just like it did for so many bikers. 

Even after several days of heavy rainfall, bikers have found no water penetrated. A true waterproof option in every sense!

Why You Should You Get It?

  • Available in multiple sizes and colors. Length from 90 inches to 104 inches – it has covered every bike size. 
  • Features reflective strips for visibility so that when parked at dark night, other moving cars can see it.
  • Your windshield is protected from scratching as it features a soft cotton windscreen protector. 
  • The interior heat shield will protect it from hot pipes. 
  • It’s breathable as well so that humid air can pass through it and no moisture can build-up even after several days.
  • The impeccable seam that you see only in high-quality MC models. 
  • Great combination of price and quality. You can’t compromise the quality of your expensive bike but it is within your budget too.


  • Have incidents of color fading from sun exposure. 


Anglink Outdoor Waterproof Protection for All Weather

Anglink for all weather
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If the price of the previous motorcycle covers is a little bit too much for you, think about having this motorcycle cover. The quality is great and 100% waterproof, but this is really an inexpensive one. At this price, most of them are really of low-quality and they don’t last long. Maybe 1 or 1.5 seasons at max.

However, fellow motorcyclists have been using this amazing heavy duty motorcycle cover for several seasons. No wear and tear; your motorcycle is protected from any kind of weather conditions.

I know it’s hard to believe to be a waterproof motorcycle cover for such a low price. Well, accidental rains have proven it to be waterproof to many motorcyclists. They looked and examined a lot of them but finally end up with this one. Some of these motorcyclists have been using it for several reasons. It’s still serving them perfectly.

With the perfect size and intelligent design, it ensures the snug fit. They even thought about covering the handlebars as well! But wait! There are so many other reasons why there are so many satisfied motorcyclists out there.

Remember the problem of the Dowco Guardian that I reviewed above? It is heavy! Well, this one is lightweight but not thin and definitely does not feel cheap. Totally scratch-free and you will get a clean and dry motorbike each time you uncover it.

So many recommendations for this inexpensive model. It has everything that you expect from an expensive high-end motorcycle cover. In a nutshell, it’s the perfect bang for the buck!

Features & Pros:

  • The length, height, and width of it are 265cm, 125cm, and 105cm respectively. Can fit motorcycle having up to 104 inches.
  • The outer layer of it is made from high-quality 210D OXFORD fabric. That’s the reason it is truly resistant to wear, tear, and bad weather.
  • Solid stitching.
  • Features reflective safety warning signs. If you think about it, it’s really helpful. I mean, you can find your bike easily at dark night and other reckless drivers will also notice it even from a very long distance. So, your motorcycle is protected against unwanted accidents.
  • The anti-theft mechanism is great. Instead of the metal lock hole, it features 2 cloth lock holes so that you don’t have to think about the rust.
  • To make it super waterproof, it features the unique waterproof stitch at the seam which is double stitching.
  • Because of the higher quality, you can expect the double life-span of any traditional motorcycle covers out there. Make the wise decision having it like thousands of hundreds of happy motorbikers.


  • Since there are no vent holes, you may notice moistures inside this after you cover your motorcycle for a few hours.
  • No breathable materials as well.


XYZCTEM Precision Fit (Up To 108 Inches) 

XYZCTEM Precision Fit Cover
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Let me clear a very confusion first. I believe you have been doing research a lot. And you have read that this is not waterproof. I do not know why? This is a true waterproof motorcycle cover. Do yourself a favor. Use the link here and read as many reviews as you can. You will find the truth.

Now, let’s check why thousands of people love it. First of all, it’s a great one for the cost. Don’t take my word for it. It’s what the vast majority of the motorcyclists who have actually bought and use it reviewed it that way.

No matter how heavy the rainfall is, it will keep your bike dry always. Yea, you will notice some moisture condensation every now and then. But that’s the problem of every waterproof model. You see, waterproof clothes are not breathable; so a little condensation is something you have to accept.

The brand claims it is breathable, but people with firsthand experience faced the little condensation build-up issue.

If you have past disappointments with such models that you bought from the local bike store, this motorcycle cover will change your experience. Yes, it is inexpensive but made from premium quality materials. There won’t be weakened material or faded color issue in the near future like you have experienced before with cheap motorcycle covers. 

You have dust trouble, give it a try. It already showed it’s a true promise to so many motorcyclists preventing dust and keeping the bike dry even under a heavy storm. I am not saying it will last years after years. But definitely pretty good for 2 or 3 seasons. And for the price, it really worth it. 

FYI: Though it’s not a biggie, still, you should know about this. It features metal lock holes on the front of it and it is sharp. So, you have to be careful while putting this on and off. 

Why Motorcyclists Love It?

  • Made from high-quality NYLON OXFORD material. It covers your bike from the top to the bottom to protect it against dust, rain, heat, etc.
  • Fits any standard sized motorcycles. It fits up to 108 inches! Cover all the major brands like Honda, Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, etc. Have a BMW gs 1200 or a  2002 Goldwing? Yes, they will fit as well.
  • It’s fully scratch-proof and lightweight but not thin. 
  • Really heat-resistant. You can put it on right after you ride the bike. The hot pipes won’t be a problem.
  • Really exciting price for the best outdoor motorcycle cover. A solid motorcycle cover that everyone can afford.


  • As I said, you will notice some moisture.
  • Metal lock holes are something I don’t like. They tend to rust quickly. 
  • Weakened material after a year. 

XYZCTEM All Season Water-resistant Black (Fits up to 108″)

XYZCTEM All Season Water-resistant
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When you need to cover everything on your motorcycle, you need something really big. Yes, this model from XYZCTEM will cover the tires, fenders, pipes, windshield, and everything else. From top to bottom, it will cover everything.

Now, your loved bike is perfectly protected against getting wet under heavy rainfall, dust and bird droppings, and so on. More importantly, it is thick and totally non-scratch. If you are familiar with the top-quality tent fabric, well this is it!

Since it is really not expensive, most people were surprised the first time when you saw it. They could not believe the quality would be so high at such a low price. The grommet holes for the locking are intelligent and it comes with a carry bag.

You can expect a snug fit for your motorcycle. The elastic bottom is really helpful to keep it in place without blowing off due to the wind. Besides, it features adjustable click-locks to keep it tight. A lot of motorcyclists have confirmed that it does its job pretty well.

So many satisfied users have confirmed that the fabric is pretty sturdy and durable. Some of them are using it for more than a year without any wear and tear problem. Let me tell you why the material won’t weaken soon.

It’ made from non-abrasive 210D OXFORD fabric. It’s soft and lightweight yet thick too. A great candidate to take charge of protecting your motorcycle from both natural and man-made disasters.

Don’t let all those dust & industrial pollutants damage the paint, windshield, and seat of your motorcycle. If you don’t have a garage, something like this motorcycle covers is a must.

Pros & Other Features

  • Fits snugly every standard size brand or non-brand motorcycles. It tapes down from front to back and suitable for motorbikes having a height up to 108 inches. I have a 2017 Harley road king and it fits nicely.
  • Stunning black color.
  • Aluminum made lock holes (2); don’t worry they won’t rust soon. Besides the 2 windproof buckles help you greatly to have better fix.
  • Affordable protection from bird droppings, rain, dust, UV rays, etc. Perfect for every season.
  • The paint job of your loving motorcycle is perfectly protected from fading because of this breathable motorcycle cover.  
  • Fairly thick and does not feel like cheap motorcycle covers.
  • Some people hate reflective strips on it; well it does not have such strips.
  • Incredible positive feedback from so many satisfied motorbikers. If you do not want to spend a lot on this but expect a great return, this is just perfect.


  • This is not a long-term solution. It’s perfect for the short-term.
  • If your bike is too big or small than the standard size, it won’t fit snugly. 

XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover (Up to 118 Inches)

XYZCTEM New Generation
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Again another XYZCTEM. It seems the brand is the leading one in this field. And why not? When you offer great products at the most competitive price, being the market leader is just a matter of time. This is exactly what XYZCTEM has done as a great Harley Davidson motorcycle cover.

Well, it can cover up to 118 inches; which means it can cover perfectly every motorcycle from any brand.No matter how big is your motorbike; it will cover it from the top the bottom.

My friend has a 1997 Valkyrie. That one got side bags, 21” windshield, passenger backrests, etc. And it covers it from top to bottom. This is the beast that is super strong and made of high-quality material.

Spoiler Alert: If you have a BMW K1600 B, it won’t fit.

And let me tell you…if you have a Gold Wing or a Harley Bagger, this model will be a perfect motorcycle cover. It looks nice, feels nice and just perfect in every sense when you think how inexpensive it is!

I know a lot of motorcyclists who have been looking for such great motorcycle covers for a very long time. They have been doing research again and again. Well, friends! This is it! This should end your tedious search for a great one that lasts really long and for a great price.

Bikers have found it pretty effective against heavy rains. So, if you live in a place where it rains almost always, this should be pretty helpful to keep your bike dry. Of course, it is great against dust and harmful UV rays as well. And don’t forget the bird droppings; Yikes!!

Yes, it is a great safeguard against rains, snow, and ice to keep your bike dry. But this is not a waterproof one. If you want to make it waterproof, just spray waterproofing spray that you use for the tents.

If you have no luck with a great one finding a bigger motorcycle cover that actually covers the bike truly, this will do the magic and you can rest your mind in peace.

Why Bikers Like It?

  • They call it a new generation model for a reason. Because of the greater quality, every time you will get a clean and pristine bike.
  • Universal large size. No matter what sort of road bikes you have, it will be perfect even if you are looking for the best motorcycle cover for outside storage.
  • Super effective against high winds; thanks to its 2 windproof buckles.
  • Comes with a handy storage bag when it is not used.
  • It’s a risk-free investment. The brand stands behind their products.
  • No incidence of cracking in below zero-degree temperature. No incidence of scratching as well; thanks to its anti-scratching materials.

Some Cons

  • Not available in smaller sizes. It’s one size for all.

Dowco Guardian For Indoor/Outdoor

Dowco Guardian For Indoor/Outdoor
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Well, this is the second Dowco Guardian I am about to review. It’s available in 4 sizes: from large to XXX-Large. So, you can be 100% sure that it will fit perfectly. You already know about the quality of their models, right? This one is no exception.

It has some great reviews and recommendations from fellow bikers. If you are fed up with lighter material (which doesn’t last long actually) and searching for something made with heavier material; this is the motorcycle cover.

But, it is not a cheap one. You can’t have it under $50. Your budget has to be almost double. To be fair, it is actually an expensive motorcycle covers that is made from heavy high-quality materials. But this will outlast all of those cheap lighter covers in the market. That’s for sure.

Since you will be paying for an expensive one, you expensive something great, right? Well, it offers that. First of all, just by looking at it you can tell it’s a well-made one. It has different materials for the different parts of it.

For example, apart from being heavier overall, there is a cotton panel for windshield protection. To cover the hot pipes, it has a different kind of material (heat shield underneath in various places) that is resistant to extreme heat. So, it won’t meltdown.

Yes, it is heavier but the weight is just right. I would not be worried about the weight at all. The weight is just perfect and you won’t face any trouble putting it on or off. 

As for durability, it’s just second to none! People have been using it for years and it seems pretty sturdy.  So many have confirmed it holds up pretty well than many of their previous cheap options. For the price and quality, it’s still better than what other prominent brands like Harley offers. 

Why Should You Go For This Expensive One?

  • Waterproof yet breathable. A reflective moisture-guard venting system won’t let any moisture to build-up. Perfect for all the seasons. Expensive? Yes, but definitely a great motorcycle cover for outside storage.
  • Made from 300D polyester fabric. It’s the most superior quality material out there. Read the buying guide I have written below to understand why the 300D fabric is a big deal.
  • Available in 4 sizes. Check and match the size first. 
  • Easy to install. 
  • Intelligent grommets sewing for the lock holes. 
  • To prevent fading, fight against the rain, dust, etc.; it features the ClimaShield plus technology. In case you don’t understand it; it’s the latest art of technology in this regard.


  • It features a zipper inside it through which dust or rain may enter; even if it is almost unnoticeable; some find it very annoying. 
Best Waterproof Motorcycle Covers For Outside Storage Buying Guidelines

motorcycle cover

After the right motorcycle helmet to protect yourself, you need something to protect your bike. You have probably noticed there are so many in the market. I myself have reviewed 10 of them. It’s not that easy to pick the right one if it is the first time for you. So, you have to think about the following factors to pick the long-lasting high-quality models:


Most motorbikers overlook it, but this is the most important consideration factor while picking motorcycle covers. You need a thick motorcycle cover that lasts really long. Only higher-quality materials can ensure that.

The problem with cheap options is that they are not thick and they don’t last long. The main reason is that these manufacturers want to be competitive in price. They try to set the price as low as possible. 

So, how do you know the quality of the materials used in yours? The Denier test! It tests the strength and durability of the material.

You will often notice to indicate the material quality, manufacturers often indicate something like 240D, 400D, 600D, and so on. Now, remember, 400D is always better than the 240D and so on.

Weather Condition

You just can’t think about the weather where you live. As a motorcyclist, you have to take consideration of every weather condition that you may face. You should only pick that motorcycle covers that will protect your motorcycle from the wind, moisture, sun, and dust.

Waterproof or Water-resistant?

In case you are wondering, they are not the same. Water-resistant models are breathable; meaning no moistures will be there. So many bikers consider it as a good thing. But if you want your motorcycle 100% dry, waterproof models are great. So, read the description first whether it is water-resistant or waterproof.

Scorching Sun Protection

Direct sunlight will not only damage the pain of your motorcycle; it will damage the color of it as well. You can’t see the direct impact of UV sun rays with your naked eyes, but it is damaging.

Just like the UV sunglasses, there are some great options that protect your motorcycle’s finish from the harmful UV rays too.

Fabric Should Be Heat-resistant

In the past, we had to wait for a while to let the bike cool down before we cover it. However, the latest technology has made it possible to incorporate heat-resistant panels so that you can cover your bike right away!

To avoid the melt-down, let the bike cool down completely if yours is not heat-resistant. Or you can have a new heat-resistant motorcycle cover to avoid this somewhat embarrassing situation.

Notice the Locking Holes& Accessibility

It’s very lucrative to steal a bike to the thieves. Unfortunately, we have to keep your bikes outside sometimes. This is where the thieves take their chances. You have to make impossible to steal your bike.

To perfectly lock your bike, you need lock holes in yours too. I would avoid the metal made lock holes because I don’t want any rust. You can find plenty of them with cloth made holes and you should go for it.

Cover Size

Size matters tremendously when picking up motorcycle covers. You want a snug fit for your motorcycle but make sure it is not unnecessarily large than your bike. It looks odd when such cover drops down onto the ground. Normally, there is a size chart where you can pick the right size before you actually buy it.

Carrying Bag

A compression carry bag is a must with such models. Remember, you have to carry it with your motorcycle. So, the smaller the bag the better. 

How To Put On A Motorcycle Cover?

Now that you have your desired motorcycle covers, it’s time to learn how to put it on. I had to include this topic here because apparently a lot of new bikers don’t know it clearly. You should know it clearly otherwise you will be blaming it.

The technique is the same for all the brands. So, here is a video showing how you can do it effectively. 

Summing Up

In reality, they are cheap and each of them I reviewed above is affordable considered to be the best motorcycle cover for outside storage. But they play a great role in protecting your expensive bike. Do not waste your money having a cheap one. They are basically garbage and ultimately won’t be there to protect your motorbike. Among all motorcycle accessories, this is important to have and you can’t get the cheap one.

Best Motorcycle Cover For Outside Storage In 2020 [With Buying Guides]
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Best Motorcycle Cover For Outside Storage In 2020 [With Buying Guides]
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