Best Budget Mono Car Amplifier For Bass & Sound Quality To Buy In 2020

You need the best budget mono car amplifier to hit the subs hard and push to the limit. Of course, it’s hard to find such monoblock amps when you have a tight budget, but I have shortlisted them to make the job easy for you. 

Not just the boom-boom sound, it has to be crisp and clear to enjoy music. And I know they are inexpensive, but I have short-listed only those that have proven to be durable and reliable. I believe I can change your outlook towards cheap car amplifiers. 

Best Budget Mono Car Amplifier Comparison Table

  • Options: Class D/Mono
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Rockford Fosgate
  • Options: Class D/Mono
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  • Watt: Multiple
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Skar Audio
  • Watt: Multiple
  • Options: Class D/Mono
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Planet Audio
  • Watt: Multiple
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5 Budget Car Amplifier Reviews 20210

budget car amplifier

You should only trust brands and reviews from actual users. I did the same for you. If you follow the above comparison table you will notice that all of these models have great customer feedback and huge recommendations. I sorted the below 5 mono amplifiers based on their popularity and cost. 

BOSS Audio Systems R1100M

Not many people are a fan of budget car amplifiers. Apart from audio quality, they simply don’t last. However, many non-believers of such amp turned into a big-time fan of this BOSS amp. And once you know all of its features, you will call it the best cheap amplifier

best budget mono car amplifier from BOSS
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Like the thousands already did.

To simply put it: it has everything you need. Not just for the price point, after countless researches, many have come to the conclusion that it’s the best bang for the buck!

When the stock system is not doing great, all you need is an extra ‘kick’. And this is what exactly the BOSS amplifier does, years after years. People who love extra bass have highly recommended this if you have a tight budget. 

It won’t rattle your neighbors, but to give your music a new depth, it’s second to none when you do not want to spend a fortune. Yes, you can get it as low as under $100 just like so many cheap car amplifiers out there. But, the quality is simply unmatched for a budget car amplifier!

When the BOSS logo lights up, it looks really cool! Besides, the brushed metal finish adds extra beauty to the car. It won’t drain the power like crazy what you are used to with the expensive high-end monoblock amplifiers. It will give you more than enough bass and depth to the music consuming the only ⅓ of power.

Apart from extra wires, the monoblock amp comes with all you need to install it successfully. You should ensure enough cooling space for it though to serve you for a long time un-interrupted. 

Install it anywhere in your car and keep it visible and make sure you cover it too. You need to let it breathe properly to avoid overheating, to amplify the music, and to ensure it’s durability. 

Many have confirmed to have better sound when connected it with Kenwood/Rockford. Sometimes, even better than the original!

More Features & Pros

  • You can buy it with or without the kit. From 1100 watt to 2000 watt, it’s available for everyone’s situations.
  • Feels like sound goes through your chest!
  • With just 13 x 12.6 x 3.9 inches dimension, it’s small enough to be installed under any vehicle seats.
  • Perfect, in fact, more than enough for the mix speakers.
  • A great but affordable option to power your subwoofer. It really makes the subwoofer louder than your expectations. 
  • As long as you use it for 1 speaker, it is suitable for any subwoofers from any brands like Pioneer and Rockford DVC.
  • Check and double-check the matching ohms and RMS before you order this.
  • Already recommended by thousands of happy users for it’s viscerally pounding and smooth sound.


  • Sometimes, the remote bass controller does not work. Contact ASAP if that happens. 


Rockford Fosgate R500X1D Prime

Rockfor Fosgate is very popular in the stereo sector, particularly for the Harley Davidson stereo. As usual, R500X1D makes any subs to hit hard like crazy. If you want to keep the stock radio but wan to improve the bass, the Rockford Fosgate can be a game-changer. You can’t shake the neighborhood but if you like a good clean bass – this is it. Already recommended by thousands. 

Rockford Fosgate R500X1D Prime
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A lot of people have used Rockford car stereo before and many have confirmed that at economic value, they never let the customer down. So, as usual, the amp will powerup your subwoofer without fail too. 

The remote nob is a big plus and I am pretty sure you would have to buy it separately if choose other brands. No more disparaging bass levels while listening to your favorite music. Very easy to adjust the bass levels when you have a cool remote. 

If you got a better sub like 12” rated at 600 RMS, the amp will make the sub pound with ease. At this price range, many have already blown away with this inexpensive mono amplifier for car. 

Many have called it the freaking beast that hits really hard which is more than enough. Surely the car amplifier for bass exceeds all of your expectations at this price point. It is small enough and very compact to fit behind the seat easily.

Everything is well thought out. It comes with lots of controls and high low inputs with intelligent wiring placement. Instead of sides, the audio controls are on the top and the wiring terminals on the side. It’s good to ensure ventilation, but a little overheating is not a major problem.

It’s durable too. After using it 5+ years, many have confirmed that it’s still chugging like new! Still hits really hard. With its amazing output, many are still impressed. If you have subs like pioneer 10″, just keep in mind that it pushes really well. 

More Features of Rockford Fosgate

  • Configuration specs: @ 2 Ohms, 500 watts; @ 4-Ohms, 300 watts.
  • Lots of buying options. You can buy the monoblock or Class D with/without 4 channel amplifier or amp wiring kit. 
  • Better protection from over current and short circuit.
  • 4-AWG connections, though you should be fine if you use it with the 8-AWG connection. 
  • If you get an Audiocontrol LC2i, you can enjoy the full benefit of auto on/off feature. Otherwise, it will stay on for up to 3 to 4 minutes after you turn off the car. 
  • It has a crossover, so it can filter out vocals pretty well for the subs.
  • High-level inputs and you can connect it with a factory head unit.
  • Insignificant current consumption ensures a prolonged charging system.
  • When you turn on the car, you won’t get a loud turn on pop. Thanks to it’s muted turn on!
  • No need for any LPF filter. 


  • Extremely bright remote blue LED light. 

Rockville dB15

A monstrous source of clean raw power with good sound! The clear bass reproduction is simply amazing. The sound quality is beyond expectations without any clipping. The very limited overheating problem as well. If you are in the market for some real power, this is it. Ohh…it does not cost much too.

Rockville amp
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With sturdy build quality with lots of control, nothing can go wrong. Self-protection is amazing. Even if you accidentally put it into a 1 ohm, it will protect itself. Hits like crazy. In fact, it brings out the true power of your subs that you never knew. 

Nothing overdone too. Very simplistic amp with subtle LED lights. Even after several years of usage, it’s holding up great without any hiccups. All you have to do just pick the right specs. Many have gone through lots of amps over the years, but they finally settled with this one. 

If you use it for any Rockford Fosgate subwoofers, this will be great. It has insane power to power up any subs. With excellent sound quality and tuneability, you will fall in love with it immediately. For such a low budget car amplifier, you can’t be disappointed. In fact, thousands are already floored seeing how well it works. 

It has been not only doing a spectacular job pushing subs to their limits to bring out the best, but it also increases the beauty of your car too. Because of its beautiful design, it looks great too. When the amp is powered, the logo of the Rockville lits up. It looks amazing too.

Because of its insane power, most people use half of its capacity settings and they are not disappointed! I have to talk separately about the seller. Their customer service will simply ‘wow’ you. Just communicate with your issue and let them know your configuration, they will tell you the right model. 

More Features & Pros

  • Available in 3000/4000/6000 watts (13/14/15 DB). Pick the right power matching your sub to get the best experience. 
  • It features a delay and a mute start system along with an adjustable bass equalizer.
  • Use it confidently. With a full IC controlled circuit, the protection level is awesome.
  • For your added convenience, the dashboard subwoofer control is perfect.
  • The RCA inputs are perfect to accept both balanced and unbalanced inputs.
  • Distortion-free music. Thanks to its peak limiter circuit. 
  • Bonus bass knob. 
  • From any 15” kicker to 15″ Rockville, it pushes great. In fact, as long as the watts and ohms are okay, it will push any subs. Perfect match for MTX 9500, W7 JL audio too. 
  • Go through their RMS specs to avoid disappointments. Their specifications are impeccable. 
  • Really easy installation. It comes with everything including mounting screws and level adjustments. Just follow the manual.


  • It gets warm like others, but that should be a deal-breaker.

Skar Audio RP-2000.1D

Do you want to shake the neighborhood with your stock car stereo? Get this! The power will simply blow you away. As long as you have a high-quality charging system with wires, it’s a perfect choice for you. If you are serious about your audio system, having this power-hungry beast won’t let you down. 

Skar Audio monoblock amplifier
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I am not kidding. All of your parts inside will start rattling with its boom boom sound. Yet you will want more and more. It is a dream come true for bass fanatics at an affordable cost. But again, you must hook this up properly and you should have a good wiring system.

No need to turn the bass past ¾, it’s already insanely loud. No distortion or clipping anytime near soon. After installing this, like many others, you will come to the conclusion that nothing has hit your subwoofer so hard before. It has already exceeded expectations by miles for lots of bass lovers.    

The built-in cooling system is a big plus. It will get a little bit of warm but never overheat. You may need to upgrade your power source as I have mentioned first that it’s a power-hungry monoblock amplifier. Its capability is far beyond what you think. It pushes the subs to their max limit.

People with vast experience of dealing with amps for their whole life have confirmed that this is the best budget mono car amplifier they have ever dealt with. It’s sturdy and the housing is made from metal that sounds amazing. 

There are not many car amplifiers that can hold 0 gauge wire. But this one can hold 0 gauge and it’s amazing. FYI: If you have a Skar subwoofer, it will hit so hard that it will bring the true power of your sub. 

It has some negative reviews mainly for 2 reasons. One, they got the wrong specs and two, they simply don’t know how to hook it up. Watch some YouTube videos on its dyno test, then decide. 

Pros & More Features

  • From 350 watts to 4500 watts, it’s available for everyone. 2000 watt is perfect for two 1000 watt subs or one 2000 watt subwoofer. Remember, these are conservative rating
  • 20Hz – 250Hz frequency response. 
  • 4-way protection circuit.
  • It comes with a bass knob. 
  • Proven to deliver ground-pounding power in the cleanest way.
  • Heatsink design with metal outer-shell for long-lasting performance with great reliability. 
  • Extra or upgraded battery may be required. 
  • For mid to high range speakers, it’s perfect. I know w7 performs better on JL amp but many have confirmed to have massive pounding with the Skar amp. Perfect for 6 Rockford p2d4 10s too.
  • Skar stands behind their car amplifiers for a long time. So, your investment is pretty safe.


  • There are some incidents where it got hot. 

Planet Audio TR3000.1D

A lot of skeptical people have trusted positive feedback from happy users and opted for this. Definitely, they did their own research and after several years, they have no regrets. The mono amplifier for cars is damn loud and according to many, it’s an understatement. It’s pissing off your neighbor kind of loud. Not just loud, the sound quality is awesome too. 

Planet Audio TR3000.1D
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To feel the serious power of the amp, you need the right kind of subs. When you have the right sub, it hits hard and sounds amazing. The beauty is that despite gaining insane power, it won’t get terribly hot and there won’t be any clipping. Even turning up the amp half ways is more than enough.

You do not have to be a sound engineer to understand how powerful it is. With its crisp clear sound, it has already rocked many happy users. With plenty of adjustments, it will give you the sound you love. All you have to have a great car radio to get the full benefit. 

Many have confirmed that with their two 12’s it can shake their building window! After being happy with the trial, many have decided to buy it again for their loved one’s car. Many of them have already tried the expensive car amplifiers, but they have confirmed it pushes their amp to the limit. 

It sounds like Gucci when it hooked it up with 1 10″ planet audio subwoofer. Nothing like it bangs super hard! A perfect choice for those who can’t resist cranking it up. But again, the crossover has to be right to get the bang.

Excellent sound quality and plenty of tweaking options to get the best have made it so popular. I strongly urge you to read some customers’ feedback to understand what I am talking about. Within your budget, this thing is a killer choice. Here is its dyno test video.

Features & Pros

  • Available in 1500/3000/4000/5000 watt monoblock. Stable and powerful bass that never fails you. 
  • It features the MOSFET power supply. 
  • Beautiful illuminating logo. So, I strongly recommend getting a power cap.
  • Not recommended to be used below 1 ohm. 
  • It’s relay power-hungry. 
  • Automatic shut off feature if it gets too hot as great protection. 
  • You can switch the speaker phase with the phase control if you wish to.
  • It’s a safe investment to bring out the true power of your car radio. Planet Audio stands behind their product for a long time. 
  • You should use a 4ga wiring kit. 
  • From 2 kicker CVX 12 2 ohm to Kenwood KFC-w3016ps 12″, it’s perfect for lots of brands.
  • Very easy installation. However, if you are not handy, get it professionally done.


  • Sometimes, problematic remote control.

Final Verdict

So what the above reviews tell you? Even with an affordable cost, there are plenty of mono amplifiers that can meet your expectations, right? From the above 5, whatever you pick – that will be the best budget mono car amplifier. With reliability, all the 5 have already satisfied a lot of years after years. 

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