Best Harley Stereo Upgrade To Buy In 2020 [Installation Video Included]

Without a doubt, a stereo is the centerpiece of a motorcycle’s audio system to make your riding experience enjoyable. A stereo performs a wide range of functions, such as playing entertaining music. As you choose the best stereo for your motorcycle, you need a premium model that will deliver optimal audio quality.

Pretty often, you’ll need a high-quality option such as Harley Davidson stereos are unquestionably some of the world best rated in terms of features, setting, and accessories. Today, I will expound on the best Harley stereo upgrade for your selection. These are upgrades from the Harley-Davidson 1998-2013 models. Let’s get straight into the discussion.

Best Harley Stereo Upgrade Comparison  Table

Aquatic AV AQ-MP-5BT-H
  • HD Models: ’98-’13
  • Mp3/Bluetooth: Yes
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Aquatic AV AQ-MP-5UBT-H
  • Mp3/Bluetooth: Yes
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Aquatic AV AQ-MP-5UBT-HS
  • Mp3/Bluetooth: Yes
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Aquatic AV AQ-MP-5BT-H
  • Mp3/Bluetooth: Yes
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Rockford Fosgate PMX-HD9813
  • HD Models: ’98-’13
  • Mp3/Bluetooth: Yes
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5 Harley Stereo Upgrade Reviews 2020

Harley stereo upgrade

Picking the right aquatic radio for Harley is important to avoid disappointment. It should be from a trusted brand and recommended by lots of Harley enthusiasts. I hope the in-depth 5 reviews on the radio for Harley Davidson will help you pick the perfect one.

Aquatic AV AQ-MP-5BT-H Stereo

My first selection is the Aquatic AV stereo, which is a high quality, innovative, and durable stereo designed for the Harley Motorcycle. Many things make the Aquatic model a stereo of choice to many riders, and I will highlight them shortly.

best Harley stereo upgrade from Aquatic AV
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For starters, it’s designed as an upgrade of the classic 98-13 Harley Davidson stereo and boasts of excellent features that blend with modernism. These allow you to stay fully connected while ensuring you stay safe behind the motorcycle as you cruise to various territories.

This incredible stereo has a plug & play system that delivers relaxed music via a wireless Bluetooth connection. For that reason, you can connect to a Bluetooth enabled device such as several brands of smartphones and other devices. These include, such as several brands of smartphones like the iPhone and Samsung galaxy note 2.

Accordingly, it can connect to original audio connectors, which make it easy to control and change the music depending on your preference. I consider this a bonus feature since the installation of the stereo is easy and will only take a few minutes.

It completely plugs and play and retains your headgear and everything else. The stereo fits perfectly around the external bolts in the factory brackets plugs. However, you’ll need screws to help in mounting and simple hardware. The system also can charge a USB device for your convenience.

Something else I liked about the new model is that the radio can connect to dozens of channels to keep you entertained while on the go. With a wide variety of stations to choose from, you’ll just need to select your favorite channel.

Motorcycles can cruise anywhere and anytime. It can be a dusty road, or you might encounter a storm somewhere. For that reason, you might worry about the state of your devices inside the storage compartment.

Worry less as the Aquatic is waterproof and can withstand even harsh environments. You are assured of value for money since you can use them even when it’s raining or damp without having to worry about damage.

I also like the fact that the Harley speakers are loud and deliver superior performance. Notably, the main advantage of this stereo is that it’s more powerful when you compare to the factory radio and the speakers have good sound and loud volume.

Another unique thing about this stereo is the 12 volts outputs such that when you hit one button, you get two different outputs that you can toggle on/off from the radio. This essentially means you can control gadgets such as iPhones or iPods directly from the radio by scrolling the playlist or albums.

Also, it has a storage compartment on the inside section for the phone, USB, iPod, or anything that you’d want to use as a natural source. You only need to pop a button and the tray slides, and you can insert the iPhone such that the entire system is interconnected, and it can charge even as you listen to the music.

If you have an android phone, you can put it there, and it’ll play the music via a Bluetooth connection. Also, any information about the music is available on the screen. The buttons allow you to access the phone to change the music while the menus allow you to change from radio/FM, USB aux inputs, or Bluetooth.

I like the fact that the buttons are hard and large. Therefore, when I am pressing with my gloves on, there’s no chance of pressing the wrong button. The main button has some solid clicks and allows the user to increase the volume without blasting.


  • Plug and play
  • Compatible with Bluetooth, MP3 devices and USB
  • Allows devices charging
  • Compatible with several devices including smartphones
  • Waterproof for use in different environments
  • Load speakers
  • Has high-quality buttons and on-screen menus
  • It has an internal storage unit for smartphones, USB, and other devices.


  • The faceplate doesn’t attach firmly and requires the use of force when installing.

Aquatic AV AQ-MP-5UBT-HS

My next product on the selection list is the Aquatic AV AQ-MP-5UBT-H Stereo, which costs more than the previous version Aquatic AV AQ-MP-5BT-H.  It’s one of the best head units for road glide, and without bringing the issue of cost into the equation, this model is a deal-breaker, and here is why.

Aquatic AV AQ-MP-5UBT-HS
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The first conspicuous feature about this version is the three inches color screen. This enables you to view the menu as you change settings in your smart device via Bluetooth or the control button.

Also, you can view the album list or playlist from this screen. However, I would have preferred a dimming feature that blocks direct sunlight.

That said, since compatibility is vital when choosing a stereo for my motorcycle, this version is fully adaptable to Bluetooth and allows for a wireless connection to several devices such as Apple, Mp3. In addition, I like the fact that it’s compatible with several devices such as the USB, Mp3, iPod, and more.

There is never a dull moment as it can connect to dozens of radio stations since it has an AM/FM mode, and therefore, you get to select your favorite channel as you ride your motorcycle in different terrains. Indeed you can control the music directly from the handlebar controls or a Bluetooth device.

You’ll be impressed by the internal shelf where you can store your devices such as smartphones, USB, and other media devices. Since you can charge your USB with the available ports, then your devices will not run out of charge even when you’re cruising in unfamiliar territories.

Installation of this machine is easy as it mounts effortlessly on the factory hardware and connectors. You only need to use the existing factory installing bracket and the wiring to plug and play instantly. Just a few bolts or screws and you’re ready to go.

There is a built-in watts amplifier and RCA that assist in connection to a subwoofer or another amplifier.

For your peace of mind, the Aquatic is waterproof and protects your devices from water damage. Therefore you get to enjoy a ride without having to worry about a change of weather. The package includes a dust cover


  • Satellite radio
  • Clock display screen
  • Comes with a dust cover
  • Internal storage shelf for devices
  • Compatibility with different media devices
  • Allows USB charging
  • Connects to many FM/AM radio stations
  • Has a detachable faceplate
  • Connects to over eight speakers
  • Waterproof
  • Supports different devices
  • Has an inbuilt 288W amplifier


  • It’s difficult to see the screen when there’s much light

Aquatic AV AQ-MP-5UBT-HS

The Aquatic AV AQ-MP-5UBT-HS is the next product specifically designed for the Harley motorcycle and is the best speaker upgrade for street glide. The price is within the range of the Aquatic AV AQ-MP-5UBT-H stereo; however, it has some cool features that make it a favorite selection.

Aquatic AV AQ-MP-5UBT-HS
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First off, it has a colored screen where you can easily access the menu. Thus, you can view the album or artist list and the playlist.

It’s compatible with various devices such as Apple and Android, and this enables a two-way connection. With the screen, you can track any information you need about the songs, genres, artists, and more.

There’s also the clock display on the left-hand side, and thus you get to know the time even on the go. That’s not all, and the package comes with an anti-theft security faceplate or dust cover. Thus, you can be sure that your stereo is safe even when you leave your motorcycle momentarily.

This unit is a plug & play and is an upgrade of the 1998 to 2013 stereos for Harley-Davidson motorcycle. You can listen to any radio station from the list since it has more than 170 satellite stations. In addition, you can use the Sirius XM vehicle tuner, which is sold in a different package.

This version enables users to connect to music seamlessly via a Bluetooth device, USV, or MP3 device. Something else different about the stereo is that you can use a wired connection since there’s an RCA and 3.5mm jack.

There’s as a charging unit for the USB, and this also allows for simplified navigation of USB devices and Apple iOS. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about your smartphone depleting battery since you only need to mount in the USB socket and charge.

You’ll be happy when you get hold of this stereo since installation is bliss. In fact, it uses the same controls for the factory unit and instantly connects to your Bluetooth enabled devices. You can also pair with external speakers, and the sound is incredible.


  • Easily plugs into the original harness
  • Have dual charging USB ports
  • Has large buttons for smooth operation
  • Allows for wireless Bluetooth connection
  • Great sound
  • Can connect to other speakers
  • Can also allow for a wired connection
  • Connects to a variety of devices


  • The screen has no dimming feature, and thus one may not be able to view when outside during the day

Aquatic AV Bluetooth Stereo AQ-MP-5BT-H

If you are looking for the best Harley stereo upgrade that is versatile and best suited for any environment, then do yourself a great favor by getting the Aquatic AV Bluetooth Stereo AQ-MP-5BT-H. This unit is perfect for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle and is one of the best Harley Davidson road glide stereo upgrades.

Aquatic AV Bluetooth Stereo
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There is more than meets the eye, and although it has no colored scene, it’s compatible with a wide variety of smartphones and other media devices. What I like about this model is that it can connect to many FM/AM radio stations in US/EURO with the 30 presets.

Also, it can connect to a maximum of eight speakers, and this effectively means it delivers some excellent sound that makes your riding experience enjoyable.

The installation is easy since you’ll need to just mount on the factory bracket with the existing wired connections. You simply need to plug and play. Accordingly, you can control your favorite music from the handlebar controls via a Bluetooth connection.

Another useful feature that makes these the best speakers for Harley street glide is the internal storage shelf, where you can keep your smartphone, USB, and other media devices. The stereo unit is waterproof, and this can be used in any wet environment.

The rotary knob control allows for more effortless adjustment of volume, and with large buttons, there’s no chance of pressing the wrong button. The faceplate is detachable and protects your stereo for theft. The in-built 288W amplifier delivers excellent sound, and it can connect to a maximum of eight speakers.


  • Plug and play this easy to install
  • Compactible with a wide variety of Bluetooth enabled phones
  • It is water-resistant and can withstand the different environment
  • Has an easy to use rotary control knob
  • Has a detachable face place
  • Can connect to up to eight speakers
  • Has an in-built 288W amplifier


  • The volume dips after some weeks of use

Rockford Fosgate PMX-HD9813

Rockford is very popular and familiar with the mono car amplifier. They are doing great on the motorcycle stereo too.

Most people seeking to replace the factory stereo systems of their motorcycles would like a more advanced version. My last product on the list is the Rockford Fosgate PMX-HD9813, which is an aftermarket stereo for Harley Davidson street glide.

Rockford Fosgate PMX-HD9813
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After receiving your Rockford Fosgate, you’ll appreciate the advanced features that make it rock. Of course, it costs more than other models I’ve reviewed in this guide. However, there are a host of incredible features that will give you value for money.

For starters, this stereo has Pandora controls that are easier to operate. Further, it gives you direct access to stream via Bluetooth devices.

This listens to your favorite music while on the go by connecting to your smartphones, USB, and other media devices. A bonus feature is that it is Sirius XM ready.

You’ll love the three-inch full-color display that is easier to view, whether it’s during the day or night. It has a dimming feature, especially under the bright sun, and this makes it easier to view the menu. Even at night, it will glow to your amusement.

The buttons are oversized, and this means you can be able to operate it efficiently even when you’re wearing gloves. The controls are intuitive, and therefore there’s no risk of pressing the wrong buttons.

Riding in a storm? No need to worry since the stereo is weatherproof and thus will protect your smart devices from water exposure.

Another useful feature is the digital FM and AM tuner that automatically selects your favorite station from tens of them. Riding experience can take you to even the remotest parts, and since there is a USB charging port, your devices will not run out of charge at any point in time.

It delivers a powerful sound, and this you can enjoy your favorite music when riding your Harley-Davidson. The amplifier is a great reason why this unit is most appealing. The elegance appearance of the stereo looks good on your motorcycle.

The Auxiliary input enables you to connect the stereo to an external device such as speakers, and this amplifies your sound.

Like most options I’ve reviewed earlier on, this model is waterproof. Your gadgets are safe from exposure to moisture and damage. Therefore, if you’re caught up in a rainstorm, there’s no need to worry about your gadgets damaging.

Other useful features are the four-volt preamp outputs and seven-band graphic designs. There’s also the subwoofer-level control.

Installation of the Rockford Fosgate is easy since it’s a plug and play. This, you only need to mount to the existing factory brackets and connects and play instantly. Lastly, Rockford stands behind their products for a long time, and this gives you the confidence to shop.

Here is a quick installation video for you.


  • Waterproof to withstand the harsh environment
  • Easy plug and play by installing to the factory brackets
  • Has an excellent sound system
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • Has a digital FM/AM tuner
  • Adaptable to a USB and other smart devices
  • Has a three-inch color display
  • Internal amplifier
  • Subwoofer level control
  • Storage unit for devices


  • It’s pricey

When shopping for a stereo system for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you want the best. Without a doubt, Harley-Davidson motorcycles are superior and classy. Even their factory audio systems are durable and reliable. When you want to upgrade, it’s crucial to get a product that will match the quality.

First of all, the best Harley stereo upgrade must deliver the best music and great sound. An upgraded version features Bluetooth connectivity so that you can stream favorite music via the stereos audio system.

Other advanced features include weather-resistant, USB charging systems, and the ability to connect to various smart devices, and FM station. Hopefully, my review has been beneficial, and you can now shop with confidence.

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