Best Motorcycle Overpants For Commuting To Buy In 2020

It goes without saying that while driving, you should always consider your own safety first. However, when talking about security, most people generally think about driving carefully at first. But that is not all.

Besides driving cautiously, you would also require proper gear, especially you should have the best motorcycle overpants for commuting just like your motorcycle jacket, to protect yourself from unwanted accidents and feel comfortable with great breathability for your long tour.

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Best Motorcycle Overpants For Commuting Comparison Table

Most of the models are made with sturdy textile and leather material. Hence, in the cases of the unfortunate meetings with asphalts, they can provide excellent protection to your legs. Furthermore, as they are purposefully-built for riding, they also come with several other features to help you to drive more efficiently.

Here is the comparison table to check quickly all the popular model.

Joe Rocket Phoenix
  • Mesh?: Yes
  • Color/Size: Multiple
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HWK Dualsport
  • Vents?: Yes
  • Size/Color: Multiple
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  • Vents?: Yes
  • Color/Size: Multiple
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  • Vents?: Yes
  • Size: Multiple
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Revit Sand
  • Vents?: Yes
  • Size/Color: Multiple
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  • Mesh?: Yes
  • Size/Color: Multiple
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6 Motorcycle Overpants For Commuting Reviews 2020

The good thing about them is that they are now available in several styles and design options. Hence, no matter what your choice is, you will surely be able to find the product that suits you perfectly.

So, are you looking for some of the popular models? Here are some of the options that can be ideal for you.

Joe Rocket 1518-3004 Phoenix Jon

If you search thoroughly in the market, then you will be able to find out a lot of high-end products. However, when it comes to breathability, none of them will be able to beat the Joe Rocket 1518-3004, Phoenix Jon.

best motorcycle overpants for commuting from Joe Rocket
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Unlike most other motorcycle pants in the market, this model from Joe Rocket features Cooling FreeAir mesh shell. Hence, even if you are driving on the warmest conditions, it will definitely keep your leg fresh and sweat-free.

Widely known as a great leather motorcycle overpants in the market, Phoenix Jon also comes with INNO-LITE Ultra Reflective knee panels. These panels are quite durable and, therefore, can help to improve your visibility, especially during nighttime.

To manufacture its product, Joe Rocket has used high-end and thicker materials. Therefore, if you use them carefully, then they will last for many years. However, because being quite compact, it does not dry up that quickly.

Another marvelous thing is that they generally do not slide on your bike’s seat. Moreover, they also do not feel bulky at all. Therefore, even if you wear them for a long time, you would not feel uncomfortable at all.

Like almost all the Joe Rocket leather models, this one, too, comes with several excellent protective features. Among these, the DYNAX seat and hip replacement and C.E. Rated knee protectors are some of the most mentionable names. Furthermore, with the FullFlex expansion panels and durable zippers, it can offer a snug fit to everyone.

Nevertheless, before buying it, you should also keep in mind that this is not windproof or waterproof. Hence, if you are thinking about wearing them in the rainy season or winter, then they would not really be a good option for you.

Features and Pros of the Product

  • This model is available in a wide variety of sizes and color options. Therefore, regardless of your choice and style, you surely be able to find that suits perfectly for you.
  • It features the C.E. rated knee protectors, which can help you to save your knees from getting bruised or damaged for any cause.
  • The DUNAX seat and heap replacements can easily absorb the shocks of bumps and can help you to enjoy a smooth and trouble-free riding experience
  • The lower section is made with melt-resistant material. Hence, they will provide protection to your feet and legs from flames during an accident.
  • The model has been made with Cooling FreeAir mesh shell material, which can help to maintain your body temperature even in a temperate location.


  • Because of being feature-rich, this model is quite expensive. Therefore, if you do not have a high budget, then they would not be an excellent choice for you.
  • It is not waterproof or windproof. So, they might not be able to protect you from rain or chilly winds while you are driving.


HWK Enduro

Are you looking for a model that is both affordable and efficient? Then, the HWK Enduro should be perfect for you. Like the previous model on this list, this one, too, comes with a lot of features. So, let’s get started.

HWK Enduro Touring Pant
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For starters, its made with high-quality textile material. Hence, they are quite lightweight and easy to wash. Besides, due to their versatile design, you would also be able to use them as cargo pants, tactical pants, and work pants of men.

Another factor, which makes them one of the most popular motorcycle touring models in the market, is the Protective CE Armored Knees and Hip. These sections are quite durable. Hence, they can keep your legs safe, even during an unfortunate accident.

Moreover, the pads are also removable. Therefore, if they ever get damaged, then you can replace them with new ones quite easily. Furthermore, unlike the product of Joe Rocket, this one is both waterproof and windproof. Thus, you can wear them in any condition.

The HWK Enduro comes with a micro-mesh lining, which makes the product quite breathable. To boost its breathability, even more, HWK has also added two small air vents in it. Hence, if you are thinking about going on a grand ride in this summer season, then make sure to pair yourself with this one.

Why Should You Opt For This Product?

  • The model comes with Practical 3-way Velcro adjustments, which are located near ankles, waist, and knees. So, with this, you do not have to worry about fittings at all.
  • It is both windproof and waterproof. Therefore, you can wear it on almost any season.
  • They have been made with high-end mesh material, which boosts its breathability by quite a mile.
  • The Cordura textile-made model is quite lightweight. Hence, you can carry them with ease.
  • The SH Scotchlite reflective piping increases its visibility by quite a mile, which is essential for riding during nighttime.


  • It tends to get a little bit warm when wearing it for a prolonged period.



When talking about a motorcycle touring pants in the market, the first name that comes to mind is WICKED STOCK. The outer shell is made of abrasion-resistant material. Therefore, with it, you do not have to worry about your legs getting bruised and damaged in any way.

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Furthermore, it also comes with an inner mesh lining. So, they will keep your legs and feet cool and fresh even if you are riding your bike in a warm location. To make it more convenient, WICKED STOCK has also added two hip foam pads with it.

Both these pads have been kept in textile pockets. So, if they ever get damaged, then you can easily remove and replace them with new ones. If you want to, then you can also adjust the hip pad pockets as per your requirements with the two-step fastener.

Like its hip pads, the knee pads of this one are also quite durable and offer optimum protection. Furthermore, with the three-step fastener, you can both remove and adjust them too.

Other Features and Perks

  • There are two vents available on the thighs, which help in improving its overall breathability to some extent.
  • It also features reflective materials to offer proper nighttime visibility.
  • Comes with flexible waist panels and waist belts for providing a snug fit for everyone.
  • Features removable CE-rated hip foam pads and knee armor pads for more protection and convenience while riding.
  • It is currently available in a plethora of sizes and color options. So, you will surely find the one that suits both your personality and style perfectly.


  • It is not the most cost-efficient product on the market.
  • The overall quality of the full-length leg zipper.


Tourmaster Overpants

If you are thinking about purchasing a high-quality and abrasion-resistant model, then the Tourmaster Overpants should be perfect for you. Unlike any of the previous models, this one features an excellent combination of 1680-denier knee panels and 600-denier carbolex.

Tourmaster Overpants
Tourmaster Overpants

With these two fantastic components, it can protect you from any kind of injury that occurs during an accident. Besides preventing the damages, these materials can also help you to enjoy a comfortable wearing experience, as they are quite soft.

Furthermore, there is also a waterproof barrier available, which makes it a perfect choice for wearing in the rainy season. Another factor, which makes it a great candidate for your consideration, is the double-stitch construction. It makes it quite durable and improves its longevity by a mile.

To help you to wear it more conveniently, Tourmaster has also added a Dual-elastic panel waistband with it. There is also an adjustable waist belt available with this product, which can help to fine-tune the fitting in a proper manner.

A Highlight of the Features and Pros

  • It is manufactured with 600-denier Carbolex shells and 1680-denier polyester knee panels, which makes it quite durable and comfortable to wear.
  • There are two zippered hand pockets available for more convenience.
  • Features two waterproof thigh vents, which enhances the breathability of the product.
  • Comes with the Phoslite reflective piping, which can strengthen your nighttime visibility to some extent.
  • There are a plethora of size options available as well. Hence, you will not face any difficulties while finding the right choice for you.
  • With its dual-elastic panel waistband, it offers a snug fit for everyone.


  • It might be expensive for a few people.
  • Due to its thickness, it sometimes feels a little bit heavy and uncomfortable.

Revit Commuter Pants

Since its inception, Revit has always offered high-quality products to its customers, and this one here is the prime example of it. It has been made with a brand new 600-denier polyester material, which makes it highly robust. However, due to the usage of this fabric, it also seems to be quite heavy-duty. It might be uncomfortable for a few people.

Revit Commuter Pants
Revit Commuter Pants

Moreover, they have also included the PWR shield version of Cordura, which can resist abrasion and tear quite comfortably.

Furthermore, it also has a high melting point. Therefore, even during an accident, it can entirely save your legs from flame and heat issues.

Like the other Revit commuter pants, this one, too, comes with two rather large pockets. Hence, if you are going on a long tour, then you can keep a lot of your essentials in them. There are also two vents available, which offer the perfect amount of ventilation for keeping your body temperature in check.

For protecting from the damages, which might occur during an accident, Revit has also added two Pro-life CE protectors on the knee section.

To make their product more convenient, they have also provided perforated EVA foams on the hips. Moreover, you can also adjust them as per your requirements. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Why Is This Product A Must-Buy For You?

  • It has been manufactured with the robust 600-denier polyester material, which enhances its longevity by a mile.
  • It comes with two large and several additional pockets, which boosts the utility of it.
  • The CE-rated knee and hip protectors are quite durable and, therefore, can protect your legs quite efficiently.
  • There are various wind and water-resistant liners available in the product. Hence, you can wear it on almost every season.
  • The product is available in several different color and size options, which makes them an absolute crowd favorite.
  • The elasticity, especially around the waist section, is quite admirable too. So, you will not experience any issues while wearing them.


  • It might feel a little bit bulky for a few people.

WICKED STOCK Motorcycle Mesh Pants

Your waterproof overpants won’t do any good during the summer. In fact, I am pretty sure it makes your riding miserable, right? Do you want to let the breeze in a lot? Well, it’s a mesh one; so it is exactly what you need.

WICKED STOCK Motorcycle Mesh Pants
WICKED STOCK Motorcycle Mesh Pants

Ample airflow around the bottom and top of the thighs. The quality of materials and the attention to the details are what made it a great choice for motorbike riders who regularly wear shorts underneath.

It’s not just a great protective gear, it ensures the comfort of the rider as well. If you have a mesh motorcycle jacket, it will pair nicely to ensure maximum protection and comfort. It features adjustable knee protector pads for your safety and the hip-pad coverage is just awesome!

For the great fit, it features the left and right side Velcro waist tighteners. If you get your waist measurement right before you order it, you can have the very specific fit of your liking. For this intelligent design, it won’t slide down even after several hours of riding.

Many have found its ventilation outstanding. While riding you will feel the temperature changing when you go from the coast to the valleys. Not just ample breeze, the zippers, and Velcro are pretty secured as well. Both the sides and back have enough armor to protect you.

To prevent road rash (which really hurts!), you need something beautiful but very efficient to ensure your safety. As you know, over pants are not fashionable items but this one has a great look. And it will keep looking great even after several days of riding.

Believe it or not, there are not many options when it comes to mesh overpants with full-length zippers. I know it’s not from a high-end brand, but for the bucks, it’s a great choice. Many riders have recommended it a lot as the best mesh motorcycle jacket for hot weather.

More Features

  • Available in 2 colors: Black & White.
  • Vast sizing chart. Get your measurement first before you pick up yours.
  • Better adjustability and fitment. Thanks to its flex expansion panels on knees, tailbone, and hips.
  • Reflective piping for better visibility at night.
  • Very easy on-off feature. Thanks to its leg zippers.
  • Made from sturdy materials with better construction.
  • Great ventilation to ensure enough airflow. You will feel comfortable wearing it even if its 95 degrees hot out there.
  • Intelligent design to make it comfortable for both sitting and standing positions.
  • CE rated foam for the hip and knee armor.
  • Available options to secure it with your jacket with its sewn-in loops.
  • To meet your storage requirement, it features 2 side pockets with zippers.
  • Better fit with your boots too. Features waist adjustment belts too for better fitment.
  • Very reasonable price. You would have to pay twice the price for such plenty of features from reputed brands.


  • Obviously not water-resistant.
Motorcycle Overpants For Commuting Buying Guide

motorcycle overpants for commuting

I am not saying it’s as important as getting a modular motorbike helmet, but it gives you enough protection. If you are thinking about buying the best all-weather motorcycle pants, then you would have to consider a few things. Here is what you need to know about them.

  1. Fabrics

If you are looking for some high-quality motorcycle pants, then the first thing which you need to look for is the fabric material. However, like everything, there are several options out there in this case. So, you need to know about their benefits and downsides before making your choice.

Firstly, there are denim and leather models, which are both stylish and durable. Hence, if you are thinking about investing in quality, then it would be better for you to go for them.

However, they can be somewhat expensive. Therefore, if you want an affordable option, then you would have to go for the textile models.

Nevertheless, unlike leather models, they are not that robust. Hence, they will start wearing down after you have used them a few times.

  1. Size

Just like the usual pants, you would have to keep the size and fittings in mind, too, while you are purchasing the motorcycle overpants. If the one, which you have bought, are too small for you, then you might feel a little bit uncomfortable while wearing them.

On the other hand, if they are excessively big, then they will not be able to protect you from rain or low-temperature issues. Hence, while selecting one, you should always go for a product that is a regular fit or a little bit looser than usual.

However, if you usually prefer the European style, then you can also go for skinny jeans.

  1. Pockets

When you are going on a long ride, the pockets can come in quite handy. So, depending on your requirements and needs, you would have to buy one that has at least two to three pockets. You can keep your gloves or some other essential accessories like wallets, keys, and smartphones in them.

However, if you are thinking about wearing it almost every day, then make sure to go for a product that has back pockets.

  1. Protective Features

As mentioned before, the best all-weather motorcycle pants come with a plethora of protective features to keep your legs safe from everything. Hence, when checking them out, you might see that they are a lot thicker than regular pants.

Besides, they also come with Kevlar or ballistic polyester material to absorb shocks and impacts completely. Furthermore, due to the usage of thicker fabrics, they will also help to reduce the chances of bruises and cuts quite massively.

  1. Breathability

Do you usually ride your bike for hours or in all-weather conditions? Then, you would have to opt for a pair of an entirely breathable models. They will help you to keep your body temperature at an optimal condition. Hence, even if you are riding your bike in a warmer region, you would still not perspire or feel uncomfortable that quickly. Remember, just having a  motorcycle buttpad for your long rides is not enough, you should have a breathable pant too.

When talking about breathable clothing items, most people generally opt for mesh and cotton options. However, if you want your pair of pants to be more breathable, then you may also go for the ones that have zippered pockets.

  1. Zippers

Unlike some of the other pointers here, the zippers generally help to boost the durability and lifespan of it. Therefore, when buying a pair of leather motorcycle overpants, make sure to go for the products that have metallic zippers.

They are generally a lot tougher than the regular zippers and come with a weatherproof coating too. Therefore, they will not rust down that quickly, which, in turn, can boost the longevity of the product by a considerable amount.

Final Verdict

So, these are some of the popular models that I and many other bike-aficionados like me, think to be the best in the business. However, among them, I, personally, consider the Revit Commuter Pants to the best motorcycle overpants for commuting.

They are somewhat economical and do not have any significant downsides too. Therefore, if you are looking for a pair of a moderately priced model, then I would suggest you go for the products of Revit.

Best Motorcycle Overpants For Commuting To Buy In 2020
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Best Motorcycle Overpants For Commuting To Buy In 2020
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