Best Spotting Scope For Backpack Hunting To Buy In 2020

Trusted brands like the Vortex can only offer you the best spotting scope for backpack hunting. Since they are costly stuff to get, you gotta spend some time to pick the right one. Trust only the verified reviews and recommendations from the experienced hunters and wildlife observers.

Best Spotting Scope For Backpack Hunting Comparison Table

They come in so many size, capacity, and shapes. It’s easy to get confused. Have a look at the following table. Get to the in-depth reviews later.

Vortex Razor HD
  • Feat.: HD Lens
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Vortex Optics Razor
  • Style: Angled/Straight
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BARSKA Scope with Tripod
  • Style: Straight
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3 Best Backpacking Spotting Scope Reviews

So far I have just covered only the 3 of them. 2 from the Vortex and another from the BARSKA. All of them are highly recommended and got some huge feedback. Quality is great and the price is pretty reasonable.

Vortex Razor HD

Best Spotting Scope For Backpack Hunting From Vortex
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It’s a super clear mid-range spotter. Not only just with the stock eyepiece, but it’s also super clear with the wide-angle optical lens as well. Gives you the top-notch clarity. And for the price, nothing can beat it.

Highly recommended model from a trusted brand with hugely positive feedback. Vortex is pretty popular and trusted for manufacturing quality red dot sight as well.

It’s pretty solid with textured body paint and thick rubber inlays that lets you have a good grip. Comes with a nice built-in sunshade, so if you have any reflection you can deploy it easily. After using it for 2 or 3 seasons, people have reviewed it as the most awesome one.

The price is so affordable considering its tough build and overall quality. Nothing so complicated using it and you can see clearly from a very long distance. For the same quality, you would have to spend almost twice the price!

People who have previously thought about having highly expensive brands like the Swarovski, they finally ended up having this one. And they are quite happy about it and satisfied with its performance. No regret whatsoever!

No matter in what light condition you will be using it, it offers you HD quality great colors. It’s perfectly balanced and portable so that you can use it in the field without any hassle. Take it to any range and enjoy the view! Take your hunting experience to the next level.

If you have been disappointed before with cheap spotting scopes, try this one. As confirmed by many verified reviewers, you will be asking yourself why you did not get it before!

Pro Tips
Any kind of optics (that includes the scope too!), needs to be cooled down to the air temperature level. Only then you can see the sharp image. So, cool it down if it gets warm.

And here is a video review on Vortex Razor HD for you.

More Features

  • Weighs only 6.6 pounds.
  • Want to see the bullet impact at 300 or 400 yards clearly? Get this one!
  • Compatible with Vortex Eyepieces (20 x 60). Yes, it comes with it!
  • Features Porro Prism to ensure the highest image quality. Even with the maximum magnification, the clarity of the image is excellent. Give you the feeling as if you can reach out and touch it.
  • Color sharpness beyond your expectations.
  • Works smoothly on any lightweight travel tripod.
  • Incredibly competitive price. Go to any Ornithological Lab and check the price to get the idea of what you are getting at what cost.
  • Huge positive response from satisfied users of many kinds. Highly recommended for the range and hunting.
  • No way you will be wasting your money. If you are not happy, just contact the sellers. They will take care of it


I really spend a lot of time trying to find any problem with it and I only found the following!

  • Does not have MOA reticle.


Vortex Optics Razor HD

Vortex Optics Razor HD
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This is the top of the line model in their collections.  Not just the hunters, people who just love to watch mother nature have strongly recommended it. If you seriously think about the cost and the image quality, it’s really a great scope to have if you don’t have the budget for a Leica or Swarovski.

To give you an idea about the image quality of it, let’s talk about another one. Did you use the Zeiss Conquest HD binoculars? Well, the image quality is as bright and crisp as that one. The zoom range is 11-33 and at this range, you will still get a clear image.

Expert Tips
You need to have a sturdy tripod to get the most out of this scope. You are welcome to try the Manfrotto 055 or 190 tripod.

Hunters were impressed when they could see the deer or antlers from a long distance (around 1 mile). You can identify their sex and size clearly. That’s the magic of extra-low dispersion glass to offer you a really high resolution that you will be needing in hunting.

Not just the great resolution, it has won the hearts of so many hunters, bird lovers, and others because of its superb glass and great constructions. It’s really hard to find any fault with it if you take consideration of its price.

You will love its weight for sure. It’s so lightweight that along with a Vortex SS-P tripod, it weighs a little over 5 lbs. That’s a big relief when you have to carry it for a long distance.

Even when you are on the move, you can use this one just for distant viewing since it is pretty lightweight. It’s highly packable, so in a sentence – it’s definitely another best spotting scope for backpack hunting.

More Features

  • Comes in multiple styles. Available both in straight and angled shape.
  • You can clearly see from a pretty long distance. Can it be used to see the 1000-yard group? Yep, it can!
  • Minimal lens edge aberration.
  • It’s pretty good for the critical low-lighting glassing as well. Thanks to its lenses that anti-reflective coated.
  • Very easy to adjust magnification. No matter whether you wear any glass or not, it ensures your comfortable viewing –thanks to its adjustable eyecup!
  • Since it is argon purged and O-ring sealed, it is waterproof and fog proof. Perfectly safe against scratches, oil, and dirt – thanks to its Armortek coatings!
  • Comes with the adapter for tripod and snug-fitting pouch, cleaning cloth, lens case.
  • Lots of repeated buyers and so buyers are so happy that they promised to buy it again in the future.


  • If you have to wear glass, it might be a little bit problematic for you as it offers very short eye relief.


BARSKA 20-60×60 [For the Entry Level]

BARSKA 20-60x60
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I do not recommend it for the longer-range even if it just 300 yards. However, for a short-range, this is really great and I have put it in my list because of its incredible positive reviews and obviously for its unbeatable competitive price. Seriously, a spotting scope at that price!

The overall quality and the sharpness is pretty good at the short-range. The incredibly sharp image at the distance of 100 years plus. Great for use in the shooting range. At a 100 yards plus distance, you will be able to clearly see the .22 & .223 holes on the paper.

For an entry-level scope, this is just great. If you are just starting at the shooting range and you do not spend a fortune on it, it really deserves your consideration. It will take very tiny space in your range bag and it is pretty lightweight. The overall construction and appearance are great as well.

The tripod that comes with it works great too. It swivels and locks great. Fairly sturdy as well. But do not expect it to deliver you any high-end result. If you want the best result out of it, spend a little extra to buy a camera tripod.

Not just as a shooting scope, you can use it as a telescope for short-range bird/nature watching too. Whether you like wildlife watching or to watch the Moon at night more clearly, this is for you.

More Features

  • Up to 20x-60x clear zoom magnification. Perfect for bird watching or spotting anything within a short-range.
  • Fog proof and waterproof. It’s been confirmed by so many of its users.
  • It’s perfect for every season. It provides a gorgeously clear image even on a cloudy/rainy day at a distance of 200 yards.
  • Along with the tabletop tripod, it comes with a soft carrying case as well.
  • Straight body design, nothing complex!
  • I think the unbelievable inexpensive cost has made it such popular among so many spotters. And guess what! It is pretty durable!


  • Whereas lightweight is good, it is extremely lightweight!
  • Stiff focus and power selection knobs.
  • As I said above, not great for the longer range.


How To Get The Best Backpacking Spotting Scope?

backpacking spotting scope

So, how do you know where an animal is worthy of pursuit? Yep, you need a closer look. That’s where such scope comes in. It gives you the unfair advantage of locating and evaluating the game. These are basically telescope but have a shorter focal point. The focal point can be both fixed and variable. Due to the wide variety of flexibility, it is always wise to get the one with the variable focal point.

Follow the below-mentioned guidelines so that you can pick the right one.

Your Need

There are so many of them that can be pretty good for only less than 300 yards and some are pretty good for more than 1000 yards’ distance. If you plan to use it in the shooting range, you don’t need the second ones. So, analyze your needs first and then make your choice.

The Price

If you need it to see objects at a distance of fewer than 300 yards, you can get it as low as $60 to $70. Yes, you can spend way more than that if you have that kind of budget. But I would not recommend it unless you really need some serious range.

Full-Size Vs. Compact Models

If you have to carry it in a backpack, be aware of the size and weight of it. To satisfy the need of all kinds of spotters, they come in different size, shape, weight. If you are onto the big game, you need a high-end scope with serious range. But more power and size also mean more weight.

Straight Vs. Angled

While it’s very easy to spot any moving or running animal using straight scopes; angled ones have their own advantages too. You can adjust it to your eye levels easily. Because of this adjustability, angled models are less likely to cause any neck & back discomfort.

F.O.V – Field of View

How much area does it cover? The design of the eyepiece determines the field of view of a scope. Eyepieces are designed to offer a wide-angle and narrow fields of angle. For wildlife observation or just to follow the moving object, the wide-angle eyepieces are popular.


This is something that is measured in millimeters (mm) and refers to the diameter of the objective lens. 50 to 90mm range is the perfect aperture size for hunting purposes. The aperture size largely depends on the size and weight of the scope as well as on the focal length & optical design.


This is where you need to pay huge attention. Depending on the nature of the applications, focusing can be 3 types: helical, knob focusers, and rack & pinion. For hunting and wildlife observation, the first 2 types are recommended & the 3rd one is mainly for the astronomical purpose.

Focal Length

Along with the eyepiece, the focal length determines the magnification of the image. Some people/manufacturer call it as the focal ratio as well.


Eyepieces can be both fixed and variable. And if you wear eyeglasses, this very important for you to read it carefully. Eyepieces are designed to give you a wide field of view or longer field of view. For the comfort of your eye when you wear eyeglasses, go for the longer field of view.

Extra-Low Dispersion Glass

For the sharp image and superior color, there is no alternative to ED glass. People often use the term HD glasses which is basically the ED glasses. These glasses prevent chromatic aberrations and primarily responsible to produce true color.


When you move from using binoculars to spotting scopes for the first time, you do not want to have a bad experience using junks. Do not trust anything but from a brand. Read verified reviews as many as you can. Your money is pretty safe if you get the best spotting scope for backpack hunting from my above-recommended list.

Best Spotting Scope For Backpack Hunting To Buy In 2020
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Best Spotting Scope For Backpack Hunting To Buy In 2020
Spotting scope for backpack hunting from the Vortex is really great and you can trust the brand. I have covered only 3 of them to make your pick easy.
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