Best Oil To Use In Harley Davidson Motorcycles To Clean Engines in 2020

Have you ever wondered why there are so many separate HD oil products available in the market? You could have easily used normal engine oil and be done with it, right? However, no, that is not the case.

Unlike the other motorcycles, the Harley Davidson bikes generally come with a powerful engine. Therefore, they do require the best oil to use in Harley Davidson motorcycles to work in a proper manner.

Best Oil For Harley Comparison Table

I will be talking about some of the high-quality oil for Harley Davidson in the market. Besides their names, I will also be providing some essential information about them.

Thus, make sure to check everything as meticulously as possible. But before that, check the table to understand what I am gonna review.

  • Feat: Oil + Filter
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Castrol V-TWIN
  • Feat: Protects clutch, engine, and gearbox
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Maxima Racing Oils
  • Compatible: 1999-present HD Twin Cam
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ZEPRO Engine Oil
  • Feat: Stochastic pre-ignition
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Valvoline High Mileage
  • Grades: Multiple
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5 Harley Davidson Motor Oil Reviews 2020

Here I have covered almost all the oil products that, along with many other users, think to be the best in the market. However, I have only provided five of the best products here. Otherwise, you might have felt that you are in a never-ending battle. So, let’s get started with it.


AMSOIL has been on the market for motorbike oils for quite some time now. They, even, were the first brand in the world that produced the first synthetic motor oil in the market.

Best Oil To Use In Harley Davidson Motorcycles From Amsoil
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However, that is not the only astounding thing, which they have achieved since their inception. They have also provided some of the best oil products in the market, and this one here is one of the best among them.

To begin with, the AMSOIL VTWIN comes with a high amount of additives. Therefore, it can help you to clean your bike’s engine quite efficiently. Furthermore, regarding thermal balance, it is also quite stable, which can be quite excellent for your motor too.

Another factor, which makes it the best oil for Harley transmission, is its ability to lower the chances of wear and tear. Furthermore, the oil product also contains a high amount of heat resistant components. Therefore, it can reduce the oxidation of the engine in cases of extreme weather.

Moreover, unlike several other products in the market, the AMSOIL VTWIN can also prevent rust build-up in your engine. Hence, if you use this product with your bike regularly, then your engine will be clean and fresh for a prolonged period.

However, unfortunately, this product is generally used in the Harley Davidson motors that require 20W-50 or 15W-50 oils. So, if your bike is not compatible with it, then you would have to look for other options. Install a tuner for Harley 103 and you can watch the oil condition of your HD on your smartphone.

Why Should You Opt for It?

  • It can help in preventing tear and wear of your bike’s engine, which can further boost its lifespan by quite a mile
  • The oil comes with rust-preventive additives and, thus, can keep your bike’s engine clean and fresh
  • It can endure extreme heat quite efficiently, which can be excellent for you if you live in a warmer region
  • Offers a high-end wet-clutch performance due to its excellent lubricating ability
  • Provides excellent protection for your bike’s chains and gears


  • Its overall viscosity is somewhat high
  • The product is quite expensive, which does not make it a good option for the users with a low-budget


Castrol 06116 POWER1 V-TWIN


There are several reasons for me to recommend this oil product to you. Don’t worry. I will get to them one by one. First of all, like the other Castrol products, this one, too, features the Trizone technology.

Castrol 06116 POWER1 V-TWIN
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It lowers the friction of your engine by quite a mile and reduces the chances of clutch slipping. Besides, it also makes the bike’s motor more suitable for extended drain intervals.

Furthermore, the Castrol 06116 also comes with a highly-efficient additive package that is known as Power Release. According to Castrol, these components can increase your engine’s power while pressing acceleration hardly. Moreover, it can also enhance your bike’s engine by keeping it clean from acid and other harmful components.

Another factor, which prompts many people to consider it as a great synthetic motorcycle oil, is its ability to control the temperature. So, if you live or are driving in a warmer region, then this oil product would be an excellent option for you.

The base stock of the Castrol 06116 is also quite higher than the other synthetic oils in the market. Therefore, it can help you to maintain a smooth transition phase even when you are driving on an irregular surface.

So, if you are thinking about purchasing a cheap yet high-quality oil product, then make sure to give it a go.

Other Features and Pros

  • Comes with the special Trizone technology, which makes ideal for multi-compartment use
  • It can maintain a proper and cool temperature for a prolonged period, even when you are driving for a long time
  • It is quite feasible
  • Regular use of this oil can improve the clutch response, acceleration, and the transmission ability of your bike
  • It is an ideal option for the two-wheelers with 4-stroke engine
  • Enhances the average mileage of your engine to some extent


  • The packaging of the oil is not that high-end
  • It is not the best option for using in the colder regions


Maxima Chrome 90-119016C

When talking about the best oil for Harley Davidson twin cam, the first name that comes to the mind is Maxima Chrome 90-119016C. Known as one of the most versatile oil products in the market, it suits perfectly with all the Harley Davidson models from 1999-present.

Maxima Chrome 90-119016C
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Furthermore, because of being manufactured with ester-based formula, the Maxima Chrome can also be used as multi-compartment oil. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, the tale of the excellent feature of this oil product does not end here.

The Maxima Chrome also comes with several extra additives. Hence, with them, it can, quite effectively, enhance the performance of three engine cavities. Furthermore, due to its excellent overall efficiency, it can also help to maintain the temperature of your bike’s engine.

Moreover, with its extra additives, the Maxima Chrome can also eliminate the acid and the other harmful components of your bike. This, in turn, can enable you to have smooth riding experience and boost your bike engine’s lifespan by a mile.

Additionally, if you do maintain your bike carefully on a daily basis, then the oil can improve its mileage by a mile too. So, to get the best results, make sure to read the manufacturer’s recommendations at least before using the oil.

However, if you are driving in a warmer region, then the oil might heat up a lot more quickly. Hence, if you are thinking about opting for this product, then make sure to keep this factor in your mind.

A Few More Features and Pros of the Oil That You Should Know About

For the prolonged life of your HD engine, you need a better quality oil change just like you need a better air cleaner for Harley Davidson. So, spend some time to learn it’s cool qualities.

  • Due to the availability of additives, the oil can help in preventing tears and wears in the engine
  • Offers one-of-a-kind wet-clutch performance
  • Can quickly churn out a few more miles if you maintain your bike regularly
  • It can increase the efficiency of all the three engine cavities of a two-wheeler
  • The oil product is absolutely perfect for 4-stroke bike engines
  • Can keep your engine in a slightly warmer atmosphere


  • Several types of package issues, such as wear and leaks, are quite common with this product
  • This engine oil is not really ideal for driving in the warmer regions

ZEPRO Eco Medalist

ZEPRO has always been one of the shining stars in the market of Harley’s primary oil. However, to bolster their position in the market, even more, they have recently launched the Eco Medalist engine oil.

ZEPRO Eco Medalist
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Like the other products of ZEPRO, this one, too, comes with a lot of features. To begin with, it has an optimized level of detergent chemistry. With it, the oil can comfortably eliminate the pre-ignition events, which generally occurs when driving at a low speed.

Hence, if you have a two-wheeler with a turbocharged engine, then the Eco Medalist would be perfect for you.

Widely considered as the best Harley oil change product, this oil product also comes with an advanced friction reduction technology. Hence, besides keeping your engine safe, it can also enhance its mileage quite massively.

Furthermore, the oil product also features the highly advanced Temperature Deposit Control Technology. Hence, it can also alleviate the overall thermal stability of your bike’s engine to some extent.

Okay, I know what you are thinking right now. As this product has so many features, it probably is quite expensive, right? However, no, that is wrong. The ZEPRO Eco Medalist is one of the most cost-effective oils in this list.

Nevertheless, if you want to get even more discount on its original price, then make sure to purchase it from an online store, namely Amazon.


  • It features a high amount of anti-wear additives. Therefore, it can protect your bike’s engine from tears and wears quite comfortably
  • Can eradicate the carbon deposits from your car’s engine and keep it clean as well as fresh
  • Meets with all the stringent North American and European rules and regulations
  • It is an ideal match for the bikes with a turbocharged engine as it can eliminate the chances of pre-ignition events
  • It offers boosted thermal stability during high-temperature conditions


  • Not really a good option for the newer Harley Davidson models

Valvoline MaxLife Technology SAE 5W-20

Are you on the lookout for the right Harley Davidson motor oil substitute in the market? Then, Valvoline MaxLife Technology should be perfect for you.

Valvoline MaxLife Technology
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As included in its name, the oil product comes with the coveted MaxLife technology. It helps the engine of the bike to stay at an optimal condition and boosts its mileage by quite a mile.

Furthermore, to counter the leaking issues, Valvoline has also included seal conditioners in it. Therefore, even if you store the oil for a prolonged period, it would still not be damaged in any way.

Moreover, the model also features a high amount of extra detergents. These help the motor of the two-wheeler to stay clean and by removing sludge and deposits from it.

There are also several anti-oxidant components available in the model, which can prevent oil breakdown.

This, in turn, can reduce the chances of engine-clogging sludge and deposits from building up.

Why Is It Best for You?

  • Comes with several anti-oxidant components, which can prevent oil breakdown issues
  • Its extra wear protection technology helps in reducing the chances of engine wear and tear
  • Can keep your engine clean and fresh by eliminating sludge and other deposits
  • Features multiple viscosity options


  • It can heat up in the high-temperature conditions
Buying Guide For The Best Oil To Use In Harley Davidson Motorcycles

oil for harley davidson

When researching on the perfect oil for the Harley Davidson models, you will find a plethora of options in the market. Hence, if you sit down somewhere and try to select one among them, then you would feel like you are banging your head against a wall. Remember, find the right one will improve the smooth performance of your HD just like the high-quality rear shock for HD does.

I know this because I, too, have been there in your position. Hence, to help you with it, I have provided some essential pointers, which can help you to purchase the best product in the market.

So, let’s do some digging about these factors together.

  1. Type of Oils

If you have been riding a bike, namely a Harley Davidson, for a prolonged period, then you probably know about the oil types. However, if you don’t, then let me tell you something. Almost all the types of Harley Davidson models typically support three different types of oils. Here is what you need to know about them.

  • Full Synthetic: When talking about the most popular premium oils for Harley Davidson, the full-synthetic products come at the top of any list. Because of being made with various chemical compounds, they are compatible with almost any type of motorbike.

However, due to their overall efficiency, these oils generally come with a high price range. Therefore, if you are running on a low budget, then the full-synthetic oils might not be a good option for you.

  • Mineral Oils: As you probably already know, the mineral oils are one of the oldest types of motorbike oils. Unlike full-synthetic products, they are a lot cheaper and easy-to-get.

Nevertheless, most people generally use them on vintage bikes. Hence, if your bike currently has an age of 15 years or more, then it would be better for you to opt for this engine oil.

  • Semi-Synthetic: Unlike the other two, which I have mentioned above, the semi-synthetic oils exhibit an amalgamation of distilled crude oil and chemical compounds. So, what’s the catch? Because of having both the features of mineral and synthetic oil, semi-synthetic products are a lot more useful than them.

Furthermore, they can also boost the abilities of your bike’s engine by quite a mile. Apart from that, they are quite cheap too. Sounds impressive, right?

  1. Viscosity

Besides knowing about the types of oil, you would also need to have proper information on its viscosity to proceed any further. The term ‘viscosity’ generally implements the idea of the flowing speed of an oil product. If it has a low amount of viscosity, then it would flow a lot faster than usual.

On the other hand, if it is a high viscosity product, then it will, like molasses, not flow that fast at all. So, how would we check the viscosity of an oil product? There is a way to do it.

Most oil products do come with a number rating, like 5W-20. Here, the number 5 denotes the viscosity grade of the oil in a cold engine. Number 20, on the other hand, indicates the oil flow level when the engine is hot and running.

  1. Additives

Does the oil product come with additives? Yes, this is yet another question that you should ask yourself if you want to purchase the best Harley Davidson motor oil in the market. The additives are a type of engine-refreshing component, which keeps your bike’s engine clean by eliminating acid and debris from it.  

Furthermore, they also help to keep the motor clean and fresh by lubricating it properly. Therefore, it’s a no brainer that you should always go for a product that has a high amount of additives in it.

  1. Age

Unlike alcohol, the more an oil product ages, the lesser its overall efficiency would become. Furthermore, if you use the old oil products repetitively on your bike, then it might also damage its engine severely.

Therefore, besides checking out all the factors mentioned above, you should also keep its age in mind. You can determine the age of an engine oil item by checking its manufacturing date. Make sure not to use a product, which has the age of two years or more.  

So, these are a few factors that can help you to purchase the best oil for Harley Davidson in the market.

Final Verdict

Hence, with this list, I hope I have successfully eliminated the question ‘what type of oil for Harley Softail should perfect for my bike?’ from your mind. If you have a higher budget, then you can try out all of these products to find the one that suits your requirements perfectly.

However, if you are running low on cash, then I would suggest you go for the Valvoline product. It is both quite less expensive and highly efficient. Therefore, I think it should be an excellent option for you.

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