Best Fuel Management System For Harley Davidson To Buy In 2020

You will find a lot of Harley tuner options out and including the setup charge, it will cost you a lot. But if you pick the best fuel management system for Harley Davidson from V&H, you will have the most affordable solution.

Unless you install any V&H Fuelpak, you will never know how poor your HD is running. Only a true tuner from the V&H will bring impressive performance in terms of more mileage, speed, and so many other useful features that you never knew.

Harley Davidson Tuner Comparison Table

There is no alternative to V&H when it comes to the auto tuner for Harley Davidson. So, I covered only Vance & Hines. There is nothing much to compare among the models since they are from the same brand.

However, have a look at the following HD tuner comparison table to see what I have covered.

V&H FP3 – 66005
  • Connectors: 6-pin
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V&H FP3 – 66007
  • Connectors: 4-pin
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V&H FP3 – Tuner
  • Connectors: 6-pin
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V&H FP3 – 61001A
  • Info: Not approved in CA
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  • Connectors: 4-pin
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  • Feature: Fuel inject.
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V&H FP3 – VHP-66007
  • Connectors: 4-pin
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7 Fuel Management System For Harley Reviews 2020

As you have noticed, I have covered only 7 of them. And trust me, you will find yours from the 7. The installation is the same for all, so I have covered an installation video as well. But make sure whether your HD got the 4-pin or 6-pin connectors.

Vance & Hines Fuelpak FP3 – 66005

You want mileage improvement with better sound, this is what you need. It’s true you have a lot of Harley Davidson tuner options but this is so far the best Harley tuner. Already thousands of hundreds of motorbike riders have changed their riding experiences with the Vance & Hines fuelpak fuel management system.

best fuel management system for harley davidson From V&H
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Let’s see how it can contribute to mileage improvement tremendously. Let’s say you can ride up to 90 miles before the fuel tank is empty. But with this one, you can ride up to 100 to 120 miles. It’s a proven fact confirmed by lots of Harley Davidson (HD) enthusiasts.

As an experienced HD rider, I am pretty sure you have used a lot of tuners. With the ease of use and so many features, this will blow away all those old models and units from other brands. Since it lets you scan the trouble codes yourself, you will be saving a lot of money by not paying the repair shops.

Imagine you will have an improvement in response/power with your stock intake and the motor just by installing the basic and user-friendly FP3. Would not that be great? Even lots of Mastertune’s TTS enthusiasts have recommended this. And the price is just amazing!

When you need your bike to run better with improved throttle response, this is what you need. If you installed air cleaner or best sounding slip-on’s muffler, you will start to get some popping. If your HD is popping between the gears and on decal, try this. Your bike will run better with less popping after the programming.

And for the programming, your smartphone is enough. You don’t need a computer.

Does the sound programming scare you? Okay, let’s put it in a much simpler way. If you know what’s the sum of 1 +1, then you can do it. Download the latest firmware. And then, just follow the 8 quick and easy steps and you are done!

The good part is it eventually saves a lot of repair costs over time. Each time you do an upgrade to your bike you can reset the ECM yourself. Without the FP3 tuner, you would have to pay the dealer to flash the ECM each time you do any upgrade.

More Features of V & H Fuelpak FP3 – 66005

  • Supports both iPhone and Android OS.
  • Without doing any manual adjustments, you can get impressive results just by setting up the auto-tone function.
  • Huge noticeable difference even with the Box Stock. Makes your riding experience fun ensuring more power through the power band.
  • Make sure to check the compatibility of your HD from the V & H websites. However, it fits all the HD models including 16 FLHXS, 2014 Breakout CVO, 2015 Iron 883, 2016 Deluxe, etc.
  • Watch live data of RPM, gear selection, voltage, speed, etc. on your phone.
  • It can tune your HD for the intake medication only.
  • Call V&H if you can’t find your tune. They will send you a custom tune or recommend the right one suitable for you.


V&H FP3 Fuelpak 66007 Autotuner

Another effective FP3 from V & H for you Harley to gain more control over the settings. You don’t need to spend time at Dyno for such setup or to have a better fuel map. Or maybe you don’t have access to any Dyno. Nothing to worry about when you have this! You can do it yourself within just a few minutes.

V&H FP3 Fuelpak 66007 Autotuner
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Just having the richer map installed onto your HD will make your bike run smoother even at low RPM. You will definitely notice how smooth and cool your bike runs after you install this. In addition to a little improvement in power, you will notice significantly reduced engine temperatures.

Many have confirmed it helps your HD last longer too. It comes with tons of features that have actual and useful usage. And just like the previous model reviewed above many have confirmed it’s another best fuel management system for HD from V & H.

For tech-savvy HD riders, the tuner can bring more fun and make your riding more enjoyable. On the display, there are 5 indicators for the speed, spark, and other sensor spots. It gives you a digital Dashboard experience which you will find interesting.

Super easy installation. It should not take more than 10 minutes. All you have to do just plug the tuner in. Wait for a while to download the app. After the completion of the download, flash the latest map. As the last step, pick your pipes and wait for it to flash. And you are good to go!

Of course, you can choose to be more creative to adjust to many other settings that it brings. But just by installing the pre-loaded map, you will notice significant improvement like there won’t be any pop pop sound anymore. Want to get rid of the pinging under load during the hot weather, look no further!

tuner for harley 103

You will get remarkable differences in acceleration on the road. Besides, just by installing the basic map you will get a crisp throttle response with zero lag. It opens up all the hidden but true powers of your HD like you have never experienced before.

Helpful Tips
Don’t forget to call Vance & Hines directly and inform your set up. They will send you the right map so that you don’t have to make any compromise with a similar map.

Features V&H FP3 Fuelpak 66007

  • 4 pin version. Check yours or ask V&H for your recommended version.
  • Outstanding FP3 with the easiest installation.
  • If you not familiar with V&H, you have nothing to worry about the quality of the tuner. It’s made in the U.S.A.!
  • Autotune feature that you can implement any time.
  • They offer custom map for various exhausts too. Let’s say you have stage 1 with Rinehart exhaust, you can still get a custom map.
  • For better response and temps, it’s second to none. You don’t have to tolerate decal pop.
  • Very easy to mount it with Velcro. Make sure to install it right next to the ECM of your RD.


  • Less intuitive interface.
  • Not suitable for the older HD models.


V&H Fuelpak FP3 Fuel Management Tuner

Looking for the best tuner for Harley 103? Install this and it will make your 103 pull harder than the latest HD models. Of course, it’s compatible with a lot more other HD models. And there is no way you will be disappointed having this. Already a lot of HD riders have confirmed they have massive performance improvement installing this.

V&H Fuelpak FP3 Fuel Management Tuner
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When you need gains in performance and mileage you need to pick the right one from lots of Harley Davidson tuner options. While they don’t differ much in terms of quality, you got to be careful picking the right pin version.

It’s compatible with other HD gears as well like it fits perfectly along with V&H short shot exhaust and prominent air filter like Teardrop Stealth. The app has so many useful features that some of them are not even advertised. Install this and you must say money spent well!

While it’s true the improved performance will exceed your expectations with the basic map, you will get a much better result with the auto tuner. It takes only a few seconds to install it but you may have to change the map a few times before you get it right.

This tuner model is suitable for the latest 6-pin Harleys like 2014 Forty-Eight, 2014 Street Glide Special, 2016 Fatboy, etc. but you have to get the 4-pin version if you have 2012 Road King, 2009 FXSTC, and so on.

It’s no doubt FP3 is the new future of all HD riders that brings improvements drastically. Just tune your smartphone with your bike let your HD hooks up with the vast library of various performance upgrades from the prominent V&H.

You can watch the live data of voltage, temperature, speed, RPM, and other important information on your smartphone. Vance & Hines fuelpak fuel management system is a prominent and industry standard-setter in this field. And I strongly recommend reading some reviews of HD owners to learn their views on it.

More Features & Pros

  • Once auto-tuned correctly, the FP3 will give you more Torque & HP.
  • Without any hick-ups, it helps to cruise and accelerate smoothly throughout the RPM range
  • You can read all the vital data while riding.
  • So many data available at your fingerprint,
  • The topnotch tech support can deliver specific adjustments to the map and deliver to you.


Vance & Hines Fuelpak – 61001A

After doing some upgrade to your HD if you decided to put on the air intake, you need a fuel pak from any major brands. You try that in an expensive shop and add the cost of Dyno, you will end up paying more or less $1K. But how about you can get the same level of the effective fuel management system that will cost you almost half the price?

Vance & Hines Fuelpak - 61001A
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It’s one of the best auto tuner for Harley Davidson from the most trusted Vance & Hines. You should always talk to the V&H Tech support about the pin-version of your HD and they will inform the right fuelpak model.

However, to give you a hint, this model is suitable for ’12 – ‘17 Dyna, ’14 – ‘18 Touring, ‘11- ‘18 Softail, ‘14- ‘18 Street, ‘14- ‘19 Sportster. Another beauty of this model is that it works like charms with V&H exhaust systems as well as other exhaust systems available in the market. But talk to the tech support to be 100% sure.

Not just the easy peasy installation (almost like plug and play), it lets you fine-tune the fuel mixture with the touch of the button only. Yes, you heard me right. Throughout the entire RPM range, you can fine-tune the fuel!

Once you are done setting it up properly (just plug the FP3 into the existing harness), you will notice not only the improved throttle response but also the increase in power too. In fact, many HD riders have confirmed they did not realize their bikes were running that bad until they installed it.

To get the best performance boost out of it, install a stage 1 air cleaner. Many have confirmed to have no popping when they were decelerating. Your bike won’t just run great and sound great, it will bring massive improvement in the fuel mixture in your Harley.

You will find the installation a little bit difficult if you have an older Softail. Because there is no proper place to mount it. Contact their topnotch tech support and ask for a deeper ECM tray. For the first few trials, your bike may run funny, talk to the support and they will send you the right code.

It really can bring back the life of your older HD. Your bike will run fast and strong once you got everything right. Within just a brief period of time in the market, it got huge positive reviews and recommendations from lots of HD enthusiasts.

Dynojet-Harley Power Vision [4-pin Connectors]

You need an auto tuner for Harley Davidson whenever you do any modification to the engines. It’s no secret that the Vance & Hines fuelpak fuel management system is the ultimate player in this field but I have included this nonetheless because of its economic price.

Dynojet-Harley Power Vision
Dynojet-Harley Power Vision

It’s not bad to play with other Harley Davidson tuner options. It seems to get the job done too…in fact, pretty well!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a high-quality one that improves the performance of your HD. Yes, it’s inexpensive but not ‘cheap’. You can save a lot of money skipping the Dyno-tune sessions. Besides, Dynojet stands behind their tuners for a very reasonable period of time. Your investment is safe!

The reason is pretty simple; you can install it yourself. It comes with the handlebar mount to make the installation easy. Just watch some YouTube videos and you can do it yourself.

But how does it help to improve the performance of your bike? Every time you change any item of your bike as a part of improvement, it tunes your bike so that the bike can run correctly. Many bike owners confirmed that it has made a huge difference in the performance of their bikes.

As usual, you can still use your smartphone to use the Auto tune and display lots of crucial data on your bike. You don’t even have to get off your bike to flash or make any change to the tune. Thanks to its touchscreen display to make such amazing features possible.

It’s suitable for almost every fuel injected HD with Delphi ECM. Just to give you an idea, it’s compatible with 2013 iron 883, 2008 road glide, 2007 Street Glide, 2003 Road King, 2007 Sportster 883, 2006 Ultra Classic, 2009 Harley ultra, and almost all 2016 models with 4-pin connectors.

And yes, it comes with a free license. You can tune the same bike as many times as you want. In fact, you can use the same auto tuner for multiple bikes. But for the separate bike, you must get a separate license.

To get the complete information and the compatibility of your bike, contact Dynojet tech support. They are helpful in many other ways too.

ThunderMax Harley Tuner

It’s something like people have expressed their regrets for not installing it years ago. By now, you do know what an auto tuner can do, right? Apart from the V&H, very few brands like ThunderMax are doing fine. It’s maybe the only tuner to meet your Throttle-By-Wire Harley.

ThunderMax Harley Tuner
ThunderMax Harley Tuner

Some motorbike riders have installed and found performance improvement instantly.

Most people have described it as the flat out bad-ass! Before installing it, the feeling was like they were running their bikes on the emergency brakes. But after installing it, they thundered seeing its amazing power. You will notice an improvement in gas mileage too.

If your bike is not running great or as it is supposed to, it’s time to get a tuner for it. Just with the pre-load map, you will notice significant improvement. It’s in the market for a very few time, but it seems it’s doing great among Harley enthusiasts. Many have confirmed its flawless operations for years!

Let’s talk about its wide-open 02 sensors. The stock 02 sensors of Harley are narrowband (12 mm) where Thundermax comes with an 18 mm wide band to allow rich and lean adjustments.

So, what’s the benefit of wide-band sensors? Well, every time you ride your bike, it automatically adjusts the fuel to air ratios. FYI: You will find the same sensor in a Dynojet dynamometer tuner too.

It satisfies the specific needs of a wide variety of performance upgrades of your Harley easily and hassle-free. From cool operating temps to quick throttle response, it ensures increased power of your bike too. Every time you add cams or change the pipes, just download a new map and you are done!

I strongly recommend contacting their tech support to get the full benefits. Yes, it comes with the USB cable and software to change the map, but if you seek their help they will load the map specific to your need. Besides, you can download the updated firmware, maps, software anytime you want too.

V&H Fuelpak FP3 Auto-tuner (4-Pin Harleys)

You are already familiar with the quality of the FP3 and know what benefits it can bring to your 4-pin Harley. So, I am not gonna cover all those numbo jumbo again. I will inform you of just some vital information that you may find useful.

V&H Fuelpak FP3 Auto-tuner (4-Pin Harleys)
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The first good thing is you can use this tuner with the factory 02 sensors. It works just fine with the stock bike. And it fits all HD with 4-pin connectors like ’07 – ‘10 Softail FXST, FLST, ’07 – ‘13 Touring FLH, FLT ’07 – ‘11 Dyna, ’07 – ‘13 Sportster XL.

But the most important thing for you to ensure is that your bike has 4-pin connectors before you make any purchase. Once you got the right one, install it and you will see the magic yourself.

For added tuning precision, the Auto-tune feature is just awesome. It may be for different grades of fuel or for some very unique components – the auto-tune feature will add another layer of precision tuning for the improvements.

Vance & Hines have developed a vast library of calibrations. You can download all the upgrades to re-calibrate the engine parameters and get a custom mapping for the exhaust systems. And for that, you don’t need any computer. Your smartphone (both iPhone & Android) can do all the upgrades. Now watch the video to learn how to install it yourself.

Final Verdict

Your Harley is either 4-pin or 6-pin supported. Once you got it right, you can pick any one of the 5 reviewed above. Since I have covered only the trusted and affordable Vance & Hines fuelpak fuel management system, all the above models are of higher quality and will serve your purpose as the best fuel management system for Harley Davidson.

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