Best Car Subwoofers And Amp Package For Deep Bass To Buy In 2020

For some insane bass and clear sound, you should get the MTX Terminator which I have reviewed below.  In every parameter, this is the best car subwoofers and amp package. I reviewed some other brands like Rockford Fosgate, Rockville, and so on.

If you are looking for a car competition subwoofer or something that can break the window, these are not for you. But let me assure you something, all of them that I have reviewed, hit really hard!

Best Car Subwoofers And Amp Package Comparison Table

MTX Terminator (TNP212D2)
  • Max Power: 1200W
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Rockford Fosgate P300
  • amp: 300W
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Rockville SS8P
  • Watt: 400W
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Rockville RW8CA
  • Watt: 600W
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  • Watt: 1500W
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5 Car Subwoofers And Amp Package Reviews 2020

subwoofer for car with amp

Based on specifications, positive reviews, recommendations from audiophiles, and obviously cost – I have reviewed 5 models from top brands. I organized them based on their popularity to make the pick easier for you.

MTX Terminator (TNP212D2)

If you are looking for a subwoofer for car for which your neighbor will hate you, MTX Terminator is the right choice for you. But don’t worry, I am not talking about headache-inducing bass. All the amp adjustments are so simple that you will be able to tune in the way you like within no time. 

best car subwoofers and amp package from MTX
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Every music lover has heard about MTX terminator. Within your budget and for a killer car audio system package, there are a few car subwoofers and amp package that knocks and kills it; and Terminator is most popular among them. 

For better sound quality, it’s important to make sure that the amp and sub are made for each other. That’s why having the combo package from the MTX is so important. Almost everyone who has installed this has confirmed to have substantial improvement in the sound system. 

For some for serious and deep bass, it’s second to none. And it keeps delivering the same years after years. So, even though you are not paying much, the durability is simply unparalleled. Many have been using it for 5+ years and it’s still kicking. 

Good bass is crucial for any car audio system packages. It should be very easy to install and it should sound amazing. The Terminator offers you exactly that and the bass is simply insane and undoubtedly, this is the best car subwoofer for deep bass. Rap, metal, dubstep, country, rock, etc. – it handles every music set perfectly. 

Many have confirmed it feels like an earthquake when you run the sub. Even between 15 to 18hz, they hit hard without requiring much power. 200watt RMS will be more than enough for this. You can easily install it in the backseat but you will see the air movement in the front it when you play any music.

After using Kicker and many other expensive brands, many have recommended this just for its an unbeatable price.  Definitely not as good as a kicker, but for price and quality sub, box, and amp – it’s highly recommended.

Pros & Features of MTX Terminator

  • Available in many configurations. From 8” to 12” dual subwoofer enclosure with or without monoblock amplifier depending on your choice. If you already have the mono amp, you can get the sub alone. 
  • Lasts for a seriously long time. Even after 6+ years, it is still thumping for many users.
  • You can get a grille for extra protection for less than $10. 
  • Fits great in any trunk or hatchback of any model of BMW, Mustang, Mazda, Toyota, etc. 
  • Perfect choice for entry-level fun.
  • Unbeatable for the price and quality. 
  • No overheating issue if installed properly. 
  • 4-gauge wiring kit will do the job. However, you can get away with 6 to 8-gauge too.


  • Not enough pounding like a car competition subwoofer. 

Rockford Fosgate P300

It’s the choice of all music maniacs! When you just can’t settle and you must have the most and powerful sub+amp package, Rockford Fosgate is right here. In general, all-in-one subs are not a great idea, but this one is about to change that belief!

Rockford Fosgate P300
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With more than thousands of positive feedback and strong recommendations, you can’t go wrong with the subwoofer for deep bass that has a 300-watt powerful built-in amp. The impressive bass response is all you need to love it.

A perfect blend of strong and clear sound and gives you the feeling that you don’t need anything stronger and louder than that. With impressive bass, it has already won the hearts of lots of Audiophiles. 

P300 is all you need and anything stronger than that will break the windshield with harmonic vibration. You can use it with your stock radio and you will love your radio again. It has all the extra controls and features that you want from a high-end sub with a built-in amp like the auto-on feature.

Perfect for those who want some bump in the trunk. It makes your camping and other road trips more enjoyable. No matter what music genre you are fond of, it makes every music genre sound its best. Rap, country, rock, etc. – it brings the best and makes you addicted to music.

Getting some big bass in a small unit has a big advantage. You can easily put it in your car or truck and the entire vehicle will boom.  I am not talking about rattling the car type of boom here. It is the crisp kind of boom that rattles bones of your body. 

It does not cost a fortune either. For the money, the phenomenal power is too much. Of course, I am not talking about car competitions type power but, it can thump like a beast for sure!

Pros & More Features

  • Available in both 10” and 12”. Perfect add-on for any vehicle.
  • Highly portable. Very easy to disconnect and take it out.
  • Brilliant engineering to bring out the best. It features a closed-loop system to ensure the optimal performance of the sub, amp, and enclosure. 
  • Perfectly protected from overheating. Thanks to its thermal and high-voltage protection.
  • So many built-in features including remote. 
  • Sturdy body. Made from ⅝ inch MDF. 
  • Highly efficient in terms of electricity consumption. 
  • Automatic on/off feature. 
  • RCA inputs available. 
  • Incredible build quality for enduring performance over the years. Many have been using this for many years!
  • Many have confirmed that it handles the bottom-end of the sound pretty well. Deep bass is more than what you expect. 
  • Easy installation. You should use an 8-gauge wire for installation.
  • Recommended by many people with 25+ audio loving experiences.


  • Not recommended for insane bass lovers to participate in car competition. 

Rockville Subwoofer Review (Model: SS8P)

Apart from the above MTX Terminator review, the rest of the article is all about Rockville subwoofers. When it comes to car subwoofers and amp packages, only Rockville has plenty of options to satisfy your needs with various under the seat subwoofers. Model SS8P is just the most popular one among all Rockville powered subwoofers.

Rockville Sub+Amp
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With great bumps, it brings new life to your car radio. A capable sub with a powerful amp that fills the lows of your stereo. It gives more bass than your expectations. And it comes with everything like RCA inputs and a wiring kit that you need to install.

To save you some time from spending time researching powered subwoofers, many have already done the job for you. They have compared brands like Pioneer, Alpine, Kenwood, and so on. For the price, it’s a bang for the buck! Huge positive feedback! 

Splendid build, solid metal casing, and crispy clear sound have made it so popular. It perfectly catches low clear low-end sounds and brings the true beauty of music to fill the whole car. It’s perfect for any vehicle. If you install this in a jeep jk and go at a speed of 80 mph, it will still sound great. 

Now, let’s get realistic. It won’t make the car window go rattling. But one thing is for sure that you will feel there is something inside the car! It bumps great and has amazing bass, have no doubt about it. A good sub+amp to add to your system. So if you are a bass lover with the bump, this is for you.

With excellent wiring, you will find it too easy to install. Very compact design and takes very little space. After successful installation, you will be surprised to listen to how great this little beast sounds! There is a huge chance it will make you an Audiophile 🙂

More Features & Pros

  • Slim design (only 8 inches) but powerful 400 watts. Fits perfectly under the seat. A lot of people wrote reviews for their first time just to thank Rockville for the design itself. 
  • By all means, the build quality is top-notch. Get ready to be astounded by the amounts of tight and crisp bass it delivers.
  • The enclosure is made out of cast aluminum, so there will be a less overheating problem. There will be no rattling sound and it won’t give you any cheap feeling.
  • An independent volume knob for the bass control.
  • Features short circuit and a thermal protection circuit for extended life-cycle.
  • It comes with a wiring installation kit, necessary cables, and other items required for full installation. If you know how to run the wires and how a stereo system works –  you should be able to install this yourself. If confused, get it professionally done.


  • If you want to break the window, it’s not for you.

Rockville RW8CA

With 600 watts RMS, it’s more powerful than the model I have covered in the previous Rockville subwoofer review. Simply another masterpiece addition to the sound quality of your car. It’s another under the seat subwoofer to fit under the passenger compartment.

Rockville Under-Seat Slim Amplified Sub
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If the stock stereo is not doing a great job, try this. It has already brought massive improvement to lots of car radio. At 70+ mph, it still sounds great. For the 8” sub, the bass and overall clean sound quality are surprising. Many have confirmed they did not expect this level of bass from this. 

Not suitable for you, if you are looking for a car competition subwoofer. It’s perfect for those who hate the factory sound and want to add some bass sound. Even though you are not expecting tons of bass, just keep in mind that it will still surprise you. At all the traffic stops, it will annoy people for sure.

A lot of users have already asked themselves why you should pay more when you can get the job done without breaking your bank account. It kicks like crazy! The power is definitely more than what you need to listen to your music with great sound. 

The control knob is pretty handy to control bass. It’s become very easy to adjust how much bass you are pushing. So, no matter what kind of music you love, this Rockville powered subwoofer is a great choice for you.

Imagine the cost of buying a sub and amp separately. Unless you have a serious budget, it’s a ‘biggie’. Besides, it’s overkill to me and to many others. Instead, why not get a car audio system package that meets your expectations? Rockville RW8CA is exactly that! It’s simply unbeatable for the price in your truck or car.

More Features & Pros

  • Give your factory radio/stock sound system a new life with massive sounds improvement with this powerful 600 watts package. 
  • It comes with everything you need.
  • A compact 8” subwoofer with built-in amp for any standard cab, truck, car, pick up, or any vehicle. Easily fits under the back seat.
  • Lots of high appreciations from satisfied users simply because of the way it has improved the music listening experience in the car. Many have never experienced such a great boost to the low-end to stock speakers!
  • It comes with lots of controls. Small in size but full of wonder! It does not take much space even in a golf cart but fills it out with boom boom sound. Many have bought it for their boats too.
  • For the deep resonant bass sound, it’s second to none for the same price range. You should not be looking for other brands to get the best budget subwoofer for car. 


  • Some have wished for something a little louder.


Many have called it the SUV shaker! And everything around it rattles because of it’s awesome bass. You do not imagine this kind of power from a subwoofer for car with amp. Exceeds all of your imagination. So, if you are in the market for deep bass, this will be the best car subwoofer for the money for you!

ALPHASONIK Complete 1500 Watts Dual Sub
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To enjoy its full power, try it with an aftermarket car stereo. You will still see massive audio-quality improvement with bass if you try it with your stock radio, but you can’t get the full power. For the full experience, you need to make some necessary adjustments that are not possible with the stock radio.

In case you don’t know, 1500 watt is plenty of power which is pretty rare in this price range. For some serious extra bump in the car, you should seriously consider this. It’s perfect for almost any car. Many have tried this in their 2007 Audi A4m,  Nissan versa, mustang, etc. and found impressive results. 

It’s perfect for everyone. From youngsters to people above 30+, it meets and exceeds everyone’s expectations. If you are a youngster, just keep in mind that it’s a great entry-level sub with an amp. Hits awesome and pounding is really appreciable. 

If you want to shake the neighborhood or rattle the window, you will be disappointed. But it will shake your rear view mirror like hell. Now, you do the math! Installation is easy as well. It comes with everything you need to install it properly. You can get away with the  8-gauge wire but for better results, you should try the 4-gauge.

For the price, many could not believe how much bass they got. You will be astounded for sure seeing how amazingly this subwoofer for car with amp works out for you. 

More Features & Pros

  • Two 12” subs and a monoblock amp in one package! Yes, the amp comes with the wiring kit too. The overall dimension measures like 3.75” high, 29.5” wide, and a depth of 13.5” bottom/9” top. 
  • 500 watt RMS and maximum 1500 watt power handling capacity – trust me, you don’t need more power than this!
  • It features an aluminum trim to prevent it from rattling and any cracks. The luxurious details increase your overall experience too.
  • Reinforced chambers as a safeguard against road jostling. The body construction is made of quality MDF. Many other things have been done to prolong its life-span.
  • Pretty easy installation. If you are a little bit of a handyman, you can install it with your head unit easily. 
  • Strongly recommended if you want to get more than what you pay for.


  • Small amp. 
Final Verdict

When you look for a combo package, you should not expect something that can break the window or beat the competition. I would recommend getting them separately. But for the packages that are obviously good as an entry-level subs, all the above 5 are highly recommended. Among all the 5 best car subwoofers and amp package, I would go for the MTX Terminator without a blink.

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