Best LED Headlight For Harley Davidson Motorcycles To Buy In 2020

While some bike lovers might disagree with me on this, but I do think that riding a two-wheeler during the nighttime is quite adventurous and entertaining. The quotient of fun and excitement increases even more on the country roads, especially if you are driving a Harley Davidson. However, to relish the thrill in a proper manner, you would have to use the best LED headlight for Harley Davidson on your bike.

Hence, to help you to find the one which is ideal for you, I have accumulated a list of six products here. Nevertheless, each of these come with unique features and has their own advantages and cons. So, make sure to go through the listing as thoroughly as possible.

Best LED Headlight For Harley Davidson Comparison Table

UNPIE Headlamp
  • Watt: 45W
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  • Watt: 45W
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Belt&Road Headlamp
  • Watt: 45W/30W
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  • Watt: 45W
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Xprite Spot Lamp
  • Watt: 60W/Set
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  • Lumen: 1500/2000LM
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6 Harley Davidson LED Headlight Review 2020

headlight for Harley Davidson

Why so many Harley Davidson enthusiasts go through stages 1, 2, and 3 improvements? The reason is pretty simple. The stock parts simply suck. The same goes for the headlights too. I have reviewed 6 most popular headlights for Harley and I am pretty sure you won’t regret having any of them.

SUNPIE 45W Headlamp

Do you have a small budget but still want to buy one of the best Harley LED headlight bulbs? Then, this one should be your go-to option. The light comes with a perfect shape and size.

best LED headlight for Harley Davidson from Sunpie
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Hence, it can prove to be a natural fit for almost every 5-3/4-inch LED headlight slot. Yes, you have understood it correctly. Besides Harley Davidson, you can use this product on Roadster, Cross Bones, Indian Scout, etc. as well.

The LED light has the power of a massive 45 watts. Besides this, its color temperature also comes with a rating of 6,200K to 6,500K. Due to these reasons, it can generate a highly powerful and clear light even during adverse conditions.

Moreover, the LED headlight is also waterproof and shockproof. So, with it, you can ride your bike even in the rainy season without worrying about anything else.

But wait, that’s not it. There’s a lot more to come.

The SUNPIE Chrome operates in a voltage range of 10V to 30V. Thus, in some conditions, especially if you are riding in a warmer region, then it can get quite hot. Nevertheless, to deal with this condition, SUNPIE has added a fan inside of the light. It helps in cooling down the product and prevents heating issues from occurring.

The SUNPIE Chrome has been made with high-end aluminum material. Therefore, it does not get affected by corrosion or scratches that easily.

Another essential benefit of the headlight is that it is perfectly compatible with the DOT rules and regulations. It features a symbol of DOT on it to exhibit the official confirmation of the sanction of the organization.

More Features and Pros

  • It is maintenance-free and dust as well as grime-proof.
  • Its housing has been made with aluminum, which boosts its overall longevity and protects it from scratches and other issues.
  • The LED light features a simple plug-and-play installation system.
  • This one provides a perfect fit for almost all the two-wheelers with a round headlight slot.
  • It is DOT-approved, so, with it, you don’t have to worry about the legal issues.


  • If you want to use it on any model other than Harley Davidson, then you would require a harness for it.
  • Does not feature a fog light bracket.


LX-LIGHT 4.5 Inch

When talking about a headlight for Harley, the first name that comes to the mind is LX-LIGHT Chrome. Like the previous model in this list, this one, too, comes with a lot of useful components and features. So, let’s get to know a little bit about them. For starters, the LED comes with the coveted double-beam facility.

LX-LIGHT DOT approved lamp
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Thus, if you opt for it, then you will get to relish a dual-light emission, which is perfect for both highways and off-road rides. Moreover, it also comes with the exclusive stock light technology.

Therefore, with it, you would not have to worry about the flickering light issues in serious situations. In addition, you also won’t have to buy a separate anti-flicker decoder for your bike’s headlight.

Now, let’s get to the best part of it.

To make the housing of LED, LX-LIGHT has employed durable aluminum material in it. It improves both the outlook of your two-wheeler and protects the light from dust or any other external damages.

Additionally, it is also rust-resistant. So, you don’t have to think twice before going out with your bike in the rainy conditions.

Moving on, the fog light features an amber turn signal halo, which is located inside of its white DRL. This component generally comes in quite handy during the murky or smoggy situations.

If you do use your bike carefully and maintain it properly, then the headlight can last around 50,000 hours, which is yet another upside to it.

The rating of the color temperature of the light is around 6500K. Hence, with the powerful combination of higher lumens and robust color temperature, the LED can offer you the best possible illumination.

Lastly, the headlight is also rather easy to install, just like the other Truckmall LED headlights. However, if you are an amateur in this aspect, then make sure to check out the guidebook that has been provided in the package.

Features and Advantages of LX-Light

  • Its durable aluminum design helps it in preventing all the rust and dust-related damages.
  • It has a higher range of lumens, which improves both its overall efficiency and performance.
  • Comes with an in-built EMC for restricting the flickering issues.
  • The installation procedure is quite simple and easy, even for beginners.
  • Does not get affected by vibrations.
  • Perfectly legal for both highway and off-road usage.


  • It is relatively expensive than most other LED headlights in the market.

Belt&Road Headlamp

If you are looking for the best LED headlight for Harley Davidson, the Belt&Road is here to provide you precisely what you need. Unlike the previous model on the list, this one features a plug-and-play design.

Belt&Road Headlamp
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Hence, even if you do not know much about the motorcycle, you can still attach it to your two-wheeler quite smoothly. However, if you yet don’t see what you are doing, then make sure to check out the guidebook, which will be available in the package.

The exclusive LED lamp from Belt&Road comes with a size of seven inches. Hence, it will only fit with the bikes that have a headlight slot of 7 to 7.5 inches. Nevertheless, if you own one of the newer models of Harley Davidson, then you don’t have to worry about anything.

Anyways, moving on, the outer surface of the headlight has been coated with a high-end PC cover. It offers protection to the core of the light from external damages, dust, and water.

Do you want to know more about it? Okay then.

The headlight has the lowest brightness of 2800 lumens and the highest brightness of 4000 lumens. Hence, with these two modes, it will definitely be a perfect companion for commuter purposes. Additionally, the headlamp of Belt&Road has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

So, if you want to maximize its potential, then make sure to maintain it regularly and drive your two-wheeler carefully.

Like almost every Wisamic LED headlight, the Belt&Road LED lamp, too, comes with a round projector lens. It helps in spreading the light, produced by the core, evenly on the street. Thus, with it, you can see your surroundings quite clearly even while driving during night time.

Features and Advantages

  • The headlamp is entirely waterproof and dust-proof, which makes it perfect for any type of road or weather condition.
  • It is highly durable and can last for a prolonged period if maintained with proper care.
  • The setup or installation procedure of the headlamp is quite easy.
  • It has been approved by SAE, DOT, and many other legal organizations.
  • Can withstand jerking and vibrations quite comfortably.


  • The user might need an additional wire or ring for installing the light in some specific motorbikes.
  • A little bit expensive than its rivals.

LX-LIGHT Black 7-inch

The potent yet glittery LED headlamp from LX-LIGHT is really impossible to ignore when you are looking for the best two-wheeler headlights. Whether it is about the styling or the color or the efficiency, this product tops almost every list. Do you want to know the reasons behind it? Then, let’s check them out together.

LX-LIGHT Black 7-inch
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For starters, the LX-LIGHT headlamps can generate high-end beams ranging from 2,400 lumens to 3,600 lumens. The passing lights (4.5-inch size), on the other hand, can produce beams of 1,440 lumens, which are a lot brighter than stock lights. Hence, all in all, the lights are perfectly safe for driving, even during the night time.

Additionally, there is also an in-built EMC function available with the product. It can help you to avoid the flickering issues that most daily commuters usually encounter on a regular basis.

Moreover, it can also stop the conflicting issues with the radio system in case you use it on a four-wheeler. Thus, you do not have to purchase an anti-flicker hardness component for it separately.

The lighting comes with a moderate size of seven inches. Hence, it can suit perfectly with almost any Harley Davidson motorbikes. However, if you want to use it on some other brand’s two-wheeler, then you might have to use a ring or wire for it.

Nonetheless, setting it up on your bike is quite easy due to its plug-and-play design. Anyway, if you do not understand what we are talking about, then make sure to go through the guide book thoroughly.

So, if you want to make a proper Harley Davidson headlight bulb upgrade, then I would suggest you opt for this product.

More Features and Advantages

  • The headlight is entirely rust and dust-proof.
  • Has a durable and non-evasive outer surface, which helps it to repel water quite effectively.
  • As it already has an in-house EMC function, it does not require any extra tool or equipment.
  • Its plug-and-play design makes it easier for the users to install in on their motorbike.
  • This one suits with almost all the types of Harley Davidson bikes.


  • It is quite costly indeed.
  • The headlights are prone to get scratches.

Xprite Projector CREE Spot Lamp

Due to its perfect size and overall efficiency, the Xprite Spot Lamp is quite versatile. Hence, besides using it as a two-wheeler headlamp, you can also employ it as an off-road vehicle spotlight, on an agricultural truck, bank-board light, and so on.

Xprite Projector CREE Spot Lamp
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Anyway, if you are thinking of adding it to the older versions of Harley Davidson, then you would require an adapter to install it properly. The lighting has a color temperature of 6000K. Thus, it can illuminate even the foggy environments quite comfortably.

Moreover, like a few of the previous products, the expected lifespan of this light, too, is 50,000 hours. Nonetheless, if you do maintain it daily, then it might last even longer than that. The housing of the spot lamp is yet another decisive factor about it.

Made out of pure aluminum material, this section can withstand almost any type of road-related damages. Moreover, it also has self-cleaning properties. So, you can wipe off the grimes or dust build-ups from it with just a single stroke.

The outer surface of the spot lamp has been manufactured with a perfect amalgamation of plastic and toughened. Due to this reason, it is entirely shockproof and can repel rainwater quite effectively. The bike headlamp operates between a range of 9V to 30V. Hence, unlike a few other lights in the market, it does not get heated that quickly.

Besides, the headlight is also DOT approved. So, you will not get into any trouble with this by your side. However, the overall power output of the lighting is around 2,400 lumens. Hence, it might not produce enough illumination in some cases. Nevertheless, with its cheaper price tag, this minor issue is something that you can definitely live with.

Features and Advantages

  • Offers an efficient amount of illumination in almost any climatic condition.
  • Operates within a small range of voltage, which prevents it from getting heated up that quickly.
  • Has a maximum lifespan of 50,000 hours, which might get increased if taken good care.
  • The headlamp fits with almost all the Harley Davidson models that were launched after the year of 2004.
  • Its high-end aluminum housing protects it from virtually any kind of damage, shock, and repels water effectively from the surface.


  • In the cases of the older Harley Davidson models, you would have to use an adapter with the headlight.
  • Its power output is quite low, which can be somewhat disadvantageous in some aspects.

YEEGO Direct 7” LED Headlight

Since its inception, YEEGO Direct has also been one of the biggest names in the market of motorcycle headlights. Thus, I will be talking about one of their best and feature-rich products this time.

YEEGO Direct 7” LED Headlight
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Like a few of the Sportster LED headlights, this one from YEEGO Direct comes with the popular three-lighting set. It includes a primary headlamp and two small fog passing lights.

Even though the lighting was primarily designed for the Harley Davidson bikes, you may also use it on the two-wheelers of other brands. However, in some cases, you might have to use an additional ring to fit the light in the headlamp slot.

Nevertheless, the package of the product consists of an adapter and a mounting bracket ring. So, with it, you don’t have to purchase anything separately.

But wait, there’s more.

The installation procedure of the LED light is also quite easy due to its plug-and-play design. However, there is also a guide book available in the package that can help you in case you are experiencing any problem. The headlamp can offer a maximum power output of 2000 lumens, which is not good enough when compared to others.

Anyway, it still does a fair job in the end. Furthermore, there is an optional fog mode available in the lighting that can be beneficial in certain conditions.

The housing of the headlight has been manufactured die-cast aluminum material. Hence, as you can already understand, it is quite durable and can resist moderate to a high amount of damage quite effectively. The product has a certification of IP67 waterproof and shockproof. Therefore, it also would not get affected by the rust issues.

More Features and Advantages

  • According to the manufacturers, the headlight has an overall lifespan of 50,000 hours, which is, in a word, incredible.
  • The product is quite lightweight and easy to install.
  • Offers a moderately bright illumination in almost every condition.
  • It is rustproof, shockproof, as well as waterproof.
  • Its robust die-cast aluminum construction helps it to endure nearly any damage effectively.


  • The mounting bracket screws have some alignment issues.
  • The installation instructions in the guide book could have been a little bit clearer.
Final Verdict

So, at long last, we have come to the end of this exclusive list of the best LED headlight for Harley Davidson. As of now, you probably have already found out the product among the pile that suits perfectly with your requirements. However, if you still haven’t, then let me help you a little bit.

For me, the best LED light on this list is LX-LIGHT 4.5-inch. It is aesthetically beautiful, robust, stylish, and generates a high amount of light even in dire situations. The only downside to it is its expensive price tag. Anyway, it does not change the fact that this headlight can be your best friend in any road or climatic condition.

Now watch an installation tutorial.

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