Best Welding Jacket Review 2020 [Leather & FR Cotton Made Covered]

For the complete protection from the sparks, spatters, and UV rays – there is no alternative to wear one of the best welding jackets from trusted brands. Apart from Lincoln Electric, there are some trusted brands that offer quality options at an affordable cost.

You will find expensive to cheap cotton made ones. Depending on your need, you can pick anyone. The only thing I can confirm is that all of them are high-quality and recommended by satisfied welders.

Best Welding Jackets Comparison Table

So many welders have disappointed before having rubbish stuff from unknown brands. You do not want that to happen. So, I reviewed a few of them only from the trusted brands based on experienced welders’ recommendations. But before you dive into the detail reviews, check the following comparison table to have a bird’s eye view.


Lincoln Electric Model: K2989
  • Material: Cowhide & Leather
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  • Material: FR Cotton
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Lincoln Electric Model: K2986
  • Material: Cowhide & Leather
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BSX Model BX9C
  • Material: FR Cotton
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  • Material: Cowhide & Leather
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Lincoln Electric Brown
  • Material: Cowhide & Leather
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8 Top Welding Jacket Reviews

Yes, there are a lot of them. But not all of them deserve your attention spending precious time. So, I have shortlisted only 8 of them that are most popular and appreciated among welders’ community.

Lincoln Welders Jacket – Model: K2989 [Leather]

best welding jacket from Lincoln Electric
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I have reviewed it first because it’s from Lincoln Electric! When it comes to welding, I believe it never disappointed you. It’s just another impressive welding jacket to make your job safer from them. Highly appreciated and recommended as a great welder clothing.

When you need the ultimate protection from the slag, you need something made of heavy thick leather. This is exactly what it is. It’s perfect for overhead welding clothes. It’s superb in every way you can imagine as a professional welder.

The front and sides are made of leather. This is why it is so great providing an excellent level of protection from the sparks, heat, and spatter which is so common in this industry. Perfect for the grinding works as well. No matter in what weird positions you have to weld, you will get the maximum protection from it.

Smart thinking while designing it. You can adjust the sleeves, you can keep the collar up and down, heavy-duty front buttons – they took every little detail to the next level. The mesh-like back ensures maximum air circulation inside. And let me remind you of another thing – it’s heavy!

You need greater flexibility to have smooth welding, right? Well, it features a 2-part armpit design that will allow you maximum flexibility.

It’s perfect for light to heavy-duty work in all seasons. Since it is one of the greatest flame resistant leather welding jackets for sale, you will feel comfortable in the winter. Also, because of its great breathability ensures pleasant experience welding in the summer.

Several sizes are available for the comfortable and perfect fit. The size measurement is the same as other cloths. If you normally wear XL, order the XL size. It’s that simple!

FYI: It’s not machine washable. Don’t ruin it doing this terrible mistake!

Why Should You Have It?

There are some more reasons why it got huge appreciation from the welding community in such a short time. So, you should now the following features and reasons why you should buy it.

  • Multiple sizes available like the medium, large, extra-large, XX-Large, and XXXL. Don’t worry, if the size does not fit, just contact the seller.
  • Completely flame retardant and in compliance with the ASTM D6413 requirements.
  • There is no way for the sparks and spatter entering into it because of its 3-layer front button column. Great neck protection as well.
  • Large inside pocket for internal storage.
  • Perfect for high amperage toughest applications.


  • Some did not like the idea of not having scribe pockets on the sleeves. Though it has two pockets at the bottom.
  • A little bit expensive than other brands. But I believe you understand why.
  • Bad smell from the fire retardant or chemicals used for leather tanning. Keep it exposed under the sun to let the smell out.


BSX BX9C – [Flame Resistant & Cotton Made – XL]

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Those who are looking for the cheap options but maximum protection, this is for you. Among all of my reviewed heavy duty welding jackets, this is the most highly rated one. Do not have any doubt about its quality just because it is inexpensive. It has a lot of recommendations from professional welders.

No matter you need it for your professional work or some light welding tasks at home – this is just perfect. Because of its quality and price – this is just great for new welders who are just learning it. Perfect for every kind of welding and grinding works.

As per several opinions from numerous welders, the quality is great for long-lasting performance. You do not want to get burned or covered with debris. If you do not want to go for the expensive welding jacket too just like the Lincoln Electric. Then I strongly suggest this one for you. You will be fully satisfied.

With study snaps, quality fabrics, and stiff collars (pretty long collar!) – it ensures your maximum protection against welding sparks and spatters. Your full body along with your neck and hands are perfectly safe from getting burned. You won’t feel suffocated wearing it or it won’t restrict your movements either.

It’s a well-made and durable weld jacket for any kind of welding. Perfect for boosting the confidence of new welders at an affordable cost. Proven to keep the spatter off the body by several welders. It is highly recommended for heavy-duty welding as well.

As confirmed by others who actually did welding wearing it, you will get almost the same level of protection as you expect from other prominent brands out there. Highly recommended even if you plan to weld for a short or long time. Here is a video demo for you.

More Features & Pros

I would like to share more reasons why you should buy it as shared by several satisfied welders. Take a look:

  • Made from FR (Fire Resistant) Cotton. It meets every safety regulation. Completely washable as well. The shape will remain good even after several times of wash.
  • Suitable for any season. Fairly heavyweight; you should feel comfortable wearing it.
  • The welding jacket features inside pockets and dual scribe.
  • Adjustable cuffs with 2 snaps.
  • stiff collar with a dedicated snap to protect your neck.
  • Lot so repeated buyers because of its outstanding performance.
  • Highly rated and appreciated by welders who have actually used it.


Even though it is highly rated; I want you to take a close look at the following concern:

  • Some consider it as a cheap one.
  • You will feel a lot hot in the sun because of the black part of the color combination.
  • As a handymen welding; it is okay. But some expressed their opinion saying it’s not suitable for heavy-duty works.

Lincoln Electric Model: K2986 [Premium Flame Resistant Cotton]

Lincoln Electric Model: K2986
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No matter what type of welding you do; maybe it’s just the downhill pipe welding – what’s the most burning issue when it comes to welding jackets? Yes, they wear out or burn quickly. Cotton sleeved welding jackets can’t withstand the friction and heavy abrasion, but leather sleeve can!

So they introduced this flame resistant leather welding jacket that will serve your purpose but will last for several years. It’s a great investment decision that you can make for your career in this sector. It won’t disappoint you!

Welders with 40+ years of experience have reviewed it saying it’s the ultimate flame-resistant one they have been looking for so many years. They loved all the features and greatly recommended this really high-quality one. To them, nothing can beat it and the value is just outstanding for the price.

It’s just perfect for all sort of welding jobs keeping you safe from sparks and spatters. But let me remind you again; it’s relatively expensive than its counterparts. But you won’t regret paying that much cost at all.

It’s really durable; so your investment will pay off for so many years to come. And no matter whether it is winter or summer, you will feel comfortable all year-round. No one reported getting burned. Your hands, neck, and other vulnerable parts are perfectly safe.

Professional welders who have to weld for 8 hours a day daily have appreciated it saying this is a heavy duty welding jacket that money can buy. An experience altering welding gear that every professional and amateur welder should have. 

I know some welders who got welding burn. It has changed their experience forever. No more burning for sure.

Features & Pros:

It’s a little bit expensive as well like all Lincoln Electric’s leathers. You should know why you should pay the price. Check these following features:

  • Made from the ASTM D6413 compliant FR black/red cotton and high-quality cowhide. Prevents fire/flames.
  • Available sizes for everyone. From small to XXXL, it has every size. If you normally wear an XXL shirt, order the same size.
  • Features anti-mildew and anti-stating coating for long-lasting performance and extra protection.
  • Greater arm mobility and breathability. Because of the flexibility it offers, you can weld in any position.
  • Adjustable side straps for the greater fit. You can adjust the cuffs and the collar as well.
  • Features a flip-up collar to protect your neck from spatter, sparks, and arc rays. No more neck burning!
  • Comes with 2 large Velcro strapped horizontal pockets.
  • Lots of repeated buyers. Huge appreciation and recommendations.


  • Cheap buttons and Velcro. To some, they are not heavy duty.

BSX Flame-Resistant – Model BX9C

BSX Flame-Resistant - Model BX9C
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Okay, this is another cheap welding jacket from BSX that got huge positive reviews from welders across the U.S. And like the previous one, just because it is inexpensive and made of cotton; you have nothing to worry about its quality. It is perfectly flame-resistant and proven to deliver the same as reviewed by several welders.

It’s lightweight and pretty easy to put on and off. It’s breathable as well, so you will feel more comfort welding during the hot weather. People who hate to wear heavy leather-made jackets really should have it. So many happy users out there and you will be one of them once you have it.

Any welding process that you wish to carry on….it offers the maximum protection. Welders from the MIG and stick welding process have found great protection out of it. It offers greater mobility as well. Plenty of room inside to wear your favorite t-shirt or sweatshirt.

They have intelligently placed the pockets inside just to make sure flying hot metals don’t get trapped. For long hours of work during the hot summer, you will find it really helpful. You will thank yourself for not wearing any leather made one. As confirmed by several welders, after several hours of work at a stretch, there were no holes or anything. 

How do you know whether a product is great or not without using it? Yes, reading verified reviews from buyers. When they say it’s great, it’s really great. When they say they will buy it again, you should buy it without any hesitation. You will find several users of it saying exactly the same I have just said.

If your shirts don’t last a week due to holes caused by welding, try this! It’s a great protective welding gear to keep you safe from sparks and spatters. No more holes or rips in your favorite shirts. 

More Important Information

  • Made from 9 oz. FR cotton. Being fully cotton made, its pretty lightweight.
  • Features scribe pockets and adjustable wrist and cuff straps.
  • Suitable for grinding works.
  • Great value for the price you pay. Many have confirmed it exceeded their expectations.
  • Happy users are willing to buy it again and again if they wreck it somehow. And why not? You get outstanding quality at the most reasonable price!
  • Light-duty welding jacket for welders who don’t want to wear heavy leather counterparts.
  • After using it a lot on multiple applications, satisfied users have recommended it for their friends and colleagues.


  • Don’t expect from the same level of protection of leather made welding jacket from it.
  • Not so effective against extensive spatter as leather options. As long as you use it for light works or cutting, it’s still a great choice.


QeeLink Leather Welding Work Jacket
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You need a heavy duty leather jacket but can’t pay the price of a top brand reviewed above, this one is for you. Yes, it is also made of high-quality cowhide and leather but you have to pay a little over the cost of cotton made one. Perfect for heavy-duty welding of any process.

Available in multiple sizes; so perfect for everyone. The price is very reasonable and within everyone’s budget. So no matter whether you are professional welder who welds for a living or you are just learning it, you can have it without costing you a fortune.

So, how good it is to protect you while welding? Two words: Pretty GOOD! No one reported having in contact of welding flash or spatters. No one reported having a burning spot in their precious shirts. It’s a well-made welding jacket with pure leather that is meant to last for several years. In fact, some professional welders have been using it for many years without any problem.

It’s a heavy-duty stuff that has been already used in shipyard, steel mills, automotive, etc. industries. You can have it without any confusion.

More Features & Pros

  • Multiple sizes are available. From medium to XXXXL – any size that you can dream off.
  • Made from flame-resistant genuine leather.
  • For extra strength and durability, it is sewn with U.K. kevlar thread!
  • For storage facilities, it features inside and sleeves pockets.


  • Loose snaps.
  • Hot for outdoor welding in the summer.

Lincoln Electric Brown Heavy Duty Leather Made

Lincoln Electric Brown Heavy Duty
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When you are disappointed with cheap welding leather jackets, you need to spend some money on quality options. I know some welders have gone through this experience where they got burn despite wearing those cheap welding jackets. And they found the ultimate protection from the Lincoln Electric.

You need maximum protection from the slag burn, there is no alternative to leather welding jackets. That’s why professional welders always prefer Lincoln Electric. They are costly but this is an extra cost to pay for the maximum protection.

Like Always, it is flame-resistant and made from high-quality cowhide and leather. As you can see the color is brown, so you not just in terms of functioning, it will make you look like a professional welder. I saw a lot of welders expressing regrets because they did not get it sooner.

Almost every welder who has been wearing this for a while for various welding process have confirmed that nothing burns through it! It is so thick that it is impossible to get you burned. For the price, this is so far a welding jackets for sale at an affordable price. 

It is a well-made one with quality materials that will last for years. So, don’t worry about the extra price you are paying. It will pay off greatly over the period of several years of welding.

For heavy-duty works, you can’t wear cotton made welding jacket. Only leather made thick welding jackets are your option for professional-grade work. And, this is exactly the one you are looking for.

It has been in use for several hours a day each for several weeks, and welders have confirmed it is holding up great and the protection is next-level stuff. A PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for welding that you can’t afford to ignore!

More Features

  • Perfect protective gear for your arms and torso from getting burned from the spatter and heat. It’s a full-coat, so your whole body is protected.
  • Made of genuine leather. It’s pretty durable, so your investment in it is pretty safe and rewarding.
  • Fraying is almost impossible; don’t forget it features triple-needle stitching on the seams.
  • As always, for your neck protection, t features flip-up collar.
  • It’s very heavy& tough and proven to be effective against flash burn and slags.
  • Heavy leather PPEs are tending to be hot, right? Well, it is not that hot! But warm enough to be comfortable for the winter. So many welders have confirmed it.
  • An incredible number of positive reviews and appreciation. Lots of welders have expressed their wish to buy it again!


  • Expensive and people who do light duty work think it as overkill.
  • Strong smell. Don’t hate it for that, it’s something that is common to everything made leather.
  • Fewer pockets.
West Chester IRONCAT 7005
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West Chester IRONCAT 7005 [Made of Cowhide Leather] 

It’s within your budget but made of high-quality cowhide and genuine leather. Perfect safety for your overhead cutting and washing. Normally you would pay more or less of $150 from your local welding supply store, but you can have it half of that price!

With a decent leather thickness, it’s not that heavy! Great welding jacket for the winter, but suitable for the hot summer too. Many welders have confirmed that it is perfect for all the seasons. So many happy buyers. That’s the reason I have decided to review it. 

Apart from being made of genuine leather and great durability assurance, it has every necessary feature that as a welder you may need. It features a snap closing path front big pocket. So you can keep your smartphone, wallet and other stuff. Besides, there are narrow sleeve pockets to hold metal scrip, soapstone, etc.

It’s a well-built welding jacket. Every feature works fine and seems to perform the same for many years to come. All the snaps work well and you can tell yourself that they are secure.

More so, it is perfect for every kind of welding process like MIG, TIG, or stick welding. Great for grinding too. Perfect for any industry-grade job like the automotive, shipyards, steel mills, gas welding, and so on. Even suitable if you are just learning how to weld using a portable welding machine. 

Whether you are a professional welder or an amateur, you need a reliable heavy duty leather welding jacket. Cheap welding jackets are not suitable to protect your favorite shirts and your skin. West Chester IRONCAT is exactly as good as any expensive one. You won’t regret having it.

Tips: Always buy your size. If you are 2X guy, order the 2X one. Don’t get confused about what others say. Also, snap the outside pocket closed while doing overhead stick welding. 

More Features of West Chester IRONCAT

  • Available in multiple sizes. From large to XX-Large, it has every size. All are true size, so order your normal size.
  • Features heat-resistant properties for the maximum protection from the spark and spatter. Wear it with a high-quality welding gloves, and you will be perfectly safe.
  • Highly durable stitching. Sewn with Kevlar thread for the maximum strength.
  • For durable and longer performance, it features corrosion resistant rivets and anodized snaps.
  • To ensure your maximum comfort, it features underarm gussets. It helps to ensure a secure fit as well.
  • Some welders have been using it for several years and have confirmed that it is doing its job pretty well even after these several years.
  • Competitive price. For the same quality, you would have to pay more than twice the price of a high-quality brand like the Lincoln Electric.
  • So many welders have promised to buy it again and again.


  • Not suitable if you have to weld constantly in hot weather.

Black Stallion 220CS

Black Stallion 220CS Cowhide Welding Jackets
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Though I am reviewing it last that does not mean it is not worthy of your consideration. It’s pretty new in the market but got huge positive feedbacks from satisfied welders in a short time. It is also well-built and durable just like any other prominent welding jacket brand.

I know some amateur welders who used to burn a lot from the excessive sparks and spatters because of their inexperience. After they have started wearing it, their burning problem simply is gone! No matter how abusively you use it, it will serve for a pretty long time simply because it is a well-made welding jacket.

Being a heavy leather jacket, it will be a perfect one for the winter to keep you warm even if you have to work outside. Also, it won’t be too hot weld for hot weather as it is breathable as well. People fed up with other brands found their ultimate protection from it. No more burning from the sparks.

Apart from having some tiny downsides, it’s overall a good quality leather welding jacket. Fairly lightweight to ensure your smooth movement. Keeps your arms and torso fully protected from the sparks and spatters. Suitable for any kind of welding process and grinding.

If you want to replace your old welding jacket because they are stiff, awkward, and can’t provide the protection you need, consider this to have. Many welders have confirmed its quality and ensured that it protected them from harmful UV rays and spatter.

You should not have any double whether it will be suitable for the hot weather. For summertime welding, people got excellent protection wearing it comfortably. You can find lots of reviews confirming it.

Because of the well-made sleeves and apron, you are fully protected from getting burned. Expert welders have recommended it and you can have it without having any doubt.

More Features & Pros

  • Caring and responsible services. Contact them for any of your trouble and they will take steps to solve it.
  • Features Kevlar stitch; you only get this from the best welding jackets only.
  • Made from split cowhide. Features scribe pockets and gusseted underarms,
  • To make it suitable for the summer, you need something with an open back. You get a full jacket for the hot weather with an open back so that it does not become too hot for you.
  • For overhead task, it could not be any better.
  • For the price, it’s nothing but a steal!


  • The bib does not feature any pocket. Some welders expected it so much.
How to Choose The Right Welding Jacket For Maximum Protection?

Choosing it is not like choosing the welding helmet. Our needs are different. We weld in different weather conditions. Our welding processes are different. So, it’s very important to pick the one that satisfies your specific needs. Consider the following factors so that you can pick the right welding jacket:

  1.     Material

The single most important thing you have to take into account while picking your jacket as a welders gear. There are different kinds of them based on materials. Cotton, Nylon, Leather, Cowhide, and Kevlar are such various materials used.welding jacket on

The most expensive ones are cowhide and leather made. They are heavy and suitable for heavy-duty to light-duty works. Others are basically cheap and suitable for light-duty welding coat only. 

  1.     Size

They are available in several sizes. Most of the time they are true to size. So if you normally wear XXL, you should go for the XXL. But if you plan to wear a sweatshirt inside it, go for the next large size.

  1.     Cost

If you are an amateur welder or just learning how to do it, there is no point in spending a fortune buying expensive leather made welder dress. Go for the cotton made cheap jackets to have decent protection while learning to weld. Once you become a skilled one, then go for the expensive welding jacket.

  1.     Comfort

So basically there are cotton made and leather welding jackets to choose from.  If welding is something you do for your living, you need to think about the comfort seriously. You will be wearing it for at least 8 hours a day. Being lightweight, you will find cotton made options more comfortable over the leather ones.

  1.     Weather

Your comfort wearing such apparel largely depends on the weather you live in. For this reason, I would go for the cotton made a lightweight one for the hot weather. However, if it is cold most of the time where you work, then leather made heavy welding jackets will be a good option.

  1.     Durability

You should be concerned about it when you buy an expensive one. Normally genuine leather made PPEs are expensive and you expect it to last for at least several years. Cotton made welding jackets won’t last many years but they are so cheap. You do the trade-off as per your needs. 

  1.     Color

Should not matter most. However, brown or yellow color seems favorite among welders. Pure black color should be avoided as it will absorb more heat and you will feel discomfort wearing it for longer times.

Why Should You Choose Welding Jacket Over Welding Chaps?

So, how do they protect you from high heat and spatters? To understand it better, all the welding helmets feature fire-resistant materials. These materials have some sort of thermal insulation. That’s why you don’t get burned.

For added protection from the hazards, experts recommend wearing both welding chaps and jackets. For heavy-duty welding industry like shipbuilding, you will see welders wear both of them.

But if you are just learning it or you do occasional welding at home, a good welding jacket should be more than enough for you. Wearing the chaps too will be an overkill. It will be unnecessary costly too.

Summing Up

As PPE, there is no alternative getting one of the best welding jackets to have complete protection from welding sparks and spatters. Depending on your budget, you can go for the leather made or cheap cotton made one.


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  2. OSHA: Welding, Cutting, and Brazing
  3. Work Safe: Metal welding safety: Practical advice for employers on controlling hazards when welding
Best Welding Jacket Review 2020 [Leather & FR Cotton Made Covered]
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