Best Casual Shoes For Motorcycle Riding To Buy From Top Brand In 2020

For greater comfort and to protect your feet from injuries, you must have the best casual shoes for motorcycle riding. So, whatever brand’s product you are looking for, it should have anti-sleep rubber and great ventilation. It should look nice as well.

Several brands have multiple riding shoes to satisfy your needs. But not all of them can satisfy your needs. So, you should pick something that matches all of your expectations. I am pretty sure you will find yours from my recommended list.

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Best Casual Shoes For Motorcycle Riding Comparison Table

Have a look at the following comparison table. All of these models have tons of positive feedback and recommendations. I picked them based on their popularity among motorcycle riders.


  • Breathable?: Yes
  • Color/Size: Multiple
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Speed and Strength
  • Breathable?: Yes
  • Color/Size: Multiple
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Alpinestars Sektor
  • Breathable?: Yes
  • Color/Size: Multiple
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TCX Rush
  • Breathable?: Yes
  • Color/Size: Multiple
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  • Breathable?: Yes
  • Size: Multiple
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Motorcycle Riding Shoes Reviews 2020

You will find a lot of them. But not many of them will meet your expectations. I hand-picked only the top-quality ones are very durable. But whatever model you pick, make sure you select the right size, and it has proven records of great comfort and protection.


It’ a comfy model because it is breathable. More so, it’s a stylish one. This is what you want from the casual shoes for your motorcycle riding, right? You will be glad to know that it has protected the feet of several riders in multiple situations. These are some of its pretty good reasons why so many riders have recommended it.

best casual shoes for motorcycle riding from Iron Jia
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The comfort to wear it is something a lot of riders’ love. It feels good to walk in. Yes, the sole is hard but flexible. A perfect choice for daily commuters and casual riders. With great protection, if you need a comfortable model with a stylish look, this is it! Wear it with jeans, you will get a lot of compliments.

Every part like the Velcro, zipper, and laces are well-made. With its reinforced heel and toes, the protection is pretty awesome. It works great with its thick gear shifter protection. However, if your feet will get run over, it won’t do any good since it does not have a shank.

When it comes to shifting, it’s way better than other riding shoes that you have tried before. If you compare it with other casual riding shoes, the price is pretty reasonable. Many have tried it for riding thousands of hundreds of miles’ day after day without any issue.

Being breathable and great ankle protection, it will change your experience of riding. It exactly looks like you are seeing in the image and has all the goodies that are mentioned in the features. Not just bike riding, it allows you to walk around all day without feeling discomfort. Forget all the pains of combat shoes.

More Features & Pros

  • To give your feet next-level protection, it features a thickening in the heel of the toes.
  • Mesh fabric around the ankle to make it a breathable one. More so, because of the ankle’s PP protective shell, it will protect you from a lot of injuries.
  • If ankle protection is your priority, look no further.
  • Rubber made the sole to ensure the anti-slip effect. No worries on the rainy days. And yes, the sole is removable. If you want to upgrade it with a thicker one, you can.
  • The side zipper makes it super easy to get on and off. A perfect unit to ride your motorcycle on a non-rainy day all day long!


  • Not waterproof.
  • Not enough grip when wet or in the sand.


Speed & Strength Moto Sneakers

When you need protection that the converse offers the same level of comfort, you need this. More so, it features a higher shoelace than the converse so the shifter won’t wear quickly. It looks nice as you can see in the picture and all the stitching and fabric hold up well. A great candidate to satisfy the need of your casual shoes.

Speed & Strength Moto Sneakers
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The major problem with the previous one (IRON JIA’S – MT016) that I have reviewed above is that MT016 does not work great on rainy days. But this one does just fine and great. Now, let me remind you again, only a few riding shoes do well in rain.

The durability is great and it’s sturdy enough. With robust heel and ankle, you will find them very comfortable for the whole day. Many riders have confirmed its comfortability in multiple reviews.

With a strong sole; it is highly resistant too. You will feel you are protected enough. Thanks to its reinforced toes and heels. Riders who ride daily for the work have confirmed it has been working even after several months. Your daily commute to work is not safe and more comfortable.

To make your long motorcycle riding comfortable, it’s a must just like having a motorbike seat pad. Many skeptical buyers have recommended this. There is little to nothing to be disappointed. After being satisfied with their first pair, many have bought this model for their friends and families.


  1. Pick the size that is a little bigger than your usual size. Let’s say you normally wear 10.5, you should pick the size 11.
  2. If I were you, I would replace the shoestrings with speed zip to get on and off easily.

More Features & Pros

  • Available in 2 colors: Tan and Black. What you see in the picture and read in the features, these are true. Many have left compliments for its stylish and beautiful look.
  • Comes in multiple sizes. If the size of your feet is in between 8 to 13, you are good to go!
  • Great stitching and high-quality leather parts.
  • Perfect for rainy days. For light rains, it’s obviously waterproof, for stormy rains, there is a chance you will get soaked.
  • Maximum protection for your feet. Thanks to its molded heel, toes, and ankle reinforcements.
  • Features anti-slip rubber and it works!


  • Useless grommets.
  • If you pick the black color, it may become very hot during the summer.
  • Have a few incidents where the tread wears out.


Alpinestars Sektor

Just like normal shoes, you can wear them anywhere you want. It won’t draw so much attention, so you can wear it in your office too. The ventilation is great, so you can ride your motorcycle hours after hours comfortably. About protection and durability – it got some huge appreciation from experienced riders.

Alpinestars Sektor
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If you have wide feet, it’s hard to find comfortable shoes that’s fits perfectly. Well, many riders with wide feet have confirmed it to be a highly comfortable and nice fit. Thanks to its wide range of sizing options. In addition to being true U.S. size, it’s true to European size as well.

In addition to being great looking boots, you will feel nice too. Probably the most comfortable moto shoes out there. In public places, sometimes it looks weird walking in wearing casual shoes. But it won’t.

In fact, some people wear it to go to the movie theater and shopping in addition to riding bikes. That’s why many people call it the all-round high-quality shoe and they consider it as another saying it’s another best casual shoes for motorcycle riding. The way it sticks to your footpegs is simply incredible. The top-notch support is just great.

Clean up is very easy and you can have them at a good price. For the quality, the price is really affordable. It got tremendous recommendations from happy users for all sportbike riders not just for being too comfy, but for its great protection for your feet as well.

More Features

  • Wide range of available sizes. You can pick from size 6 to 14. If you have to wear thicker socks, get a half size larger than your usual.
  • Comes in 2 beautiful color combinations.
  • Great ventilation for your maximum comfort. Thanks to its advanced 3D mesh inserts.
  • Ankle guard for a great fit.
  • Very lightweight. Thanks to its microfiber construction. Being lightweight and comfortable has made it a great casual shoe.
  • Shifter protection on the upper part. The toe is pretty stiff and strong.
  • Stylish design has given it an elegant look. To some, it feels like Nike style shoes! Goes just fine with any of your jeans.


  • Not waterproof. It’s disappointing to some riders.

TCX Rush

People who ride sportbikes have confirmed this is the only brand they can stand to keep after trying several brands. In addition to awesome ankle support, you can shift in these boots as well. You will get the same level of comfort but more protection than the sneakers. There are more reasons why it got so much positive feedback.

TCX Rush Street Motorcycle BootsAfter completing more than thousands of miles of riding the motorbike, it seems to hold up pretty well. Many riders have complete more than one season without any problems. When it comes to motorcycle riding shoes vs boots, durability is very important to consider. Because they cost a lot more.

The reason is pretty simple. It’s a well-made one! It’s a true water-resistant one that you can trust for your daily commutes and long rides. Many riders have confirmed their true resistance power after completing their rides in rain, heat, and cold. But keep in mind that, it’s water-resistant NOT waterproof.

To give your feet more comfortable, it has enough space for the heavy socks. So, not just while riding your bike, it’s not uncomfortable off-riding as well. In fact, many have walked all day in these without feeling discomfort. That’s the beauty of a casual boot, right? More so, it looks pretty stylish.

More Features of TCX Rush

  • Perfect for every foot size and shape. Pick yours from the size of 8.5 to 12.5. They are true to size. So pick the size for your normal size.
  • Comes in a stylish color combination of Yellow and Black.
  • Features anatomic and replaceable footbed.
  • Water-resistant sole and waterproof lining.
  • Reinforced toe and back counter.


  • Not recommended for serious street riding.

IRON JIA’S Anti-Slip Footwear [Jia-xz001]

As the name suggests, they are an anti-slip model. So, perfect for riding your bike any season anywhere. For the utmost comfort for your feet, you will find the inside very soft and comfortable. But the outside is very tough to give your feet maximum protection.

IRON JIA'S Anti-Slip FootwearYou will find the side zipper very attractive and useful. It makes getting on and off very easy. I am not saying its waterproof, but it’s definitely water-resistant. If you lace uptight, it will keep out all the rain and humidity. It’s a proven fact.

Steller craftsmanship has made it super cool. The powerful and unique look will amaze you. You won’t find much tread on other motorcycle shoes for men and you have previous disappointments about that, get this! Very breathable too. Your feet won’t get overheated even if you ride for a long ride.

Apart from providing your great comfort, it provides excellent protection as well. It’s not leather-made but pretty thick to protect your feet against road rash. Many have confirmed it as the tough shoes for your motorbike. If you use it as a walk-in shoe, you will find it highly comfortable as well.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Perfect fit for every size. Choose yours from the available sizes of 7 to 12. All are true U.S. sizes. Plenty of space to wear wool or thick socks.
  • Features protective caps to protect your ankle.
  • Stylish look and ergonomic design.
  • Great breathability.
  • The intelligent side zipper makes all the differences! Getting on/off is very easy. For younger motorbike riders, this model is highly recommended.


  • Thin insole.
Best Motorcycle Riding Casual Shoes Buying Guide

casual shoes for motorcycle riding

There is a lot you have to consider while buying something online. Things get serious when you intend to buy shoes to ride your motorcycle. Like a full-face motorcycle helmet, a pair of high-quality shoes play an important role to protect your feet from minor and major injuries.

Considering its important role, take note of the following factors before you finalize your pick:

  1. Your Need

If you ride your bike for daily commutes or just do some errands in your area, you should go for the casual motorcycle riding shoes. Apart from riding your motorbike, you can use them as regular walking shoes as well.

  1. Budget/Cost

Even casual bike shoes cost more or less $100. So you should have a decent budget. Before you read any reviews or check features, check the price of the model first. If it’s within your budget, proceed further.

  1. Riders’ Feedback

Once you made up your mind about the type of shoes, it’s time to read as many reviews as you can from real users. This will give you the true picture of the model you intend to buy. This is seriously important to avoid frustration and save your precious money on junk products.

  1. Great Fit

Checking and double-checking the sizing chart of the manufacturer is important to get the perfect fit. If it does not fit right, you can’t expect any comfort out of it; forget the protection. Also, make sure it is U.S. size. If it does not, ask the seller about the right size that fits your feet.

  1. Protection

Even it’s a casual one, yet it should offer a decent level of protection for your feet. Tough outside and extra padding can offer more protection. Luckily, I have reviewed a few of the above where they have such extra protection. You won’t get Kevlar made armor from any casual riding shoes.

  1. Soles

The sole plays a great role in giving you the optimal grip. But determining the quality of the soles is really complex and depends on yourself as well. For better grip, you must have softer soles, but they will wear out faster. The harder soles last really long but they don’t have much grip. So, you have to make a trade-off depending on your needs.

  1. Material Used

When you need better protection against hitting the asphalt, your shoes have to be made out of high-quality materials. Anything made out of soft leather won’t do any good. However, when it comes to casual shoe wears, they don’t always have to made from thick leather.

Try to understand which materials used to make the pair. Do the experience users confirm their durability? What do they say about its protection?

Final Verdict

You need something that works comfortably well all the reason. And it must be durable with great protection. If I were you, I would pick the Iron Jia’s MT016 as the best casual shoes for motorcycle riding. However, if you pick any model other than that from my recommended motorcycle boots, you would not regret.

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