Best Front And Rear Dash Cam With Night Vision & Parking Mode 2020

Not just the HD video quality, you must ensure the WiFi connectivity, G-sensors, and responsive touchscreen to get the best front and rear dash cam with night vision. You must get the right one to record all the incidents that may happen on the road and public parking lot. It should not be too complex to operate either.

Dash cams are fairly expensive and you do not buy it often. So, you should trust the one that is recommended by thousands. In this article, I have reviewed only such popular dash cams.

Best Front And Rear Dash Cam With Night Vision Comparison Table

VAVA Dual Dash cam
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • G-Sensor: Yes
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Crosstour Dual Lens
  • GPS: Yes
  • G-Sensor: Yes
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VanTop H610 10″
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • G-Sensor: Yes
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Z-Edge T4
  • Night Mode: Yes
  • G-Sensor: Yes
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Z-Edge Z3D
  • Night Mode: Yes
  • G-Sensor: Yes
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5 Front And Rear Dash Cam Reviews 2020

front and rear dash cam

There are lots of them but only a few have gained popularity with their functions and quality of audio/video. So that you don’t waste your time, I have picked only 5 most popular dash cams among trusted brands.

VAVA Dual Dash cam

What has made this front and rear car camera system stand-alone is that it comes with all the latest technological advancements like WiFi connection for easy video transfer. The front camera is very small in size that you won’t even notice it is installed on the windshield. The stealthy design is awesome!

best front and rear dash cam with night vision from VAVA
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The wires provided for the back camera is more than enough to install on the back of your car. Apart from well-made design, VAVA has taken every little detail in their consideration to make it great. The charger comes with dual USB ports. So, there will one USB port left to charge your smartphone.

You will get separate footage for back and front camera but with the picture set up, you can see both cameras with a picture. If you are looking for the cleanest dashcam, this is it. A perfect blend of utility and simplicity. 

But how about the video quality of the sleek and stylish dashcam?

With 1080P higher video resolution, nothing can go wrong, even at night. Even the rear camera has 1080P resolution. More so, it has a remote button to take snapshots while driving. You can stick it on the steering wheel.  

You should use a 128GB microSD card. Don’t worry if it gets full. The dashboard camera will keep recording on top of the old files once it gets full. Besides, you can transfer all of those video files to your iPhone or Android phone via the wifi connection. 

The parking mode is great as well. The parking monitor will keep the dashcam running even when it is parked. However, you should be really careful to use this mode as it can drain the battery too fast.

You will never run short of cables installing this in the simplest way.  It comes with lots of cables and all the tools for installation.

More Features & Pros

  • A lower profile camera that can be well-hidden. 360 manually swiveling camera to record the inside and outside of the car.  
  • You can buy compact cameras with or without SD cards.
  • Intelligent VAVA Dash app. It works perfectly with the iOS and Android systems.
  • You can change the wifi password and name only when the app and dashcam are synced under the ‘Hard Options’ tab.
  • The front camera alone provides QHD 2560x1440P@30fps video resolution. With both the cameras running, you will still get an HD 1920x1080P 30fps resolution. 
  • No screens or buttons to make these cameras discrete and compact.
  • It features night vision video recording.
  • No mounting problem at all. You do not have to sacrifice any functionalities to mount it. In fact, you can place it behind the rearview mirror as well.
  • It uses a suction cup mount with incredible suction power, NOT anything permanent. So, you can remove it anytime without leaving any residue on the windshield.


  • Sometimes the snapshot button becomes unresponsive. This is probably the only downside of this model.


Crosstour Dual Lens (CR900)

It’s more of a budget dash cam but works like any high-end models from the renowned brands. With HD video quality and lots of other functionalities, it has already won the hearts of countless thousands. A must-have tool for anyone who drives.

Crosstour dual dash cam
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After rigorous research and reading user reviews, many have decided to have this and they have confirmed this was one of the best decisions they have ever made. The front camera gives you a fish-eye wide view HD video with excellent color. The night vision recording is also great. 

Both cameras with 1080P resolution work well under low light and offer crystal clear video quality. Both cameras start recording automatically so that you don’t forget to turn them on. You can still read the license plate number near your car under low light. Crisp and clear video quality that is beyond your expectations. 

The cool part is that it has a loop recording system. Meaning it will keep recording over the older files once the memory card is full. Both the front view and rear view cameras record in separate files simultaneously. 

No chance of missing anything important! There is a button on the camera that you can use to prevent deleting any important video file. You can download all the video from the memory card to your PC and store for later view. 

Very straightforward installation, nothing complex. Self-installation is perfect for a newbie too. But do not fiddle with the stickers before you determine where you want to mount them. All the buttons and the software are very easy to use.

Top-notch quality and unbeatable prices are 2 things that have made it so popular! Imagine the cost of Rexing or Blackvue, you are still getting the same level of quality paying half of the cost. 

Important Information And Tips
It will drain your car battery if you leave it plugged in. Using a hardware kit can solve this problem. The capacitor of the dashcam keeps track of date and time even if the car is shut off.  Also, the screen will shut-off after a minute during recording. You got nothing to worry about it.

Pros and More Features

  • 170° wide-angle dual camera with 1080P HD video for both rear and front view.
  • It comes with lots of wires to run underneath the trim.
  • Record everything! These cameras will record video with speed, route, location, etc. Thanks to its GPS interface.
  • Highly intelligent G-sensor enabled recording. Once it senses any incident (shake/collision), it will lock the video and won’t be deleted for future dispute settlement.
  • It supports 32GB class 10 memory card. 
  • You can take snapshots of important moments at your will conveniently.
  • Top-notch customer care service.


  • It takes a little bit of practicing before you get used to the buttons.

VanTop H610

After getting fed up with their old dashcams, many have opted to VanTop and never looked back! Unlike the previous Crosstour, it supports up to 128GB memory card instead of 32GB. It has all the core features of a high-end front and rear car camera system at a great price. A perfect auto guardian for the buck!

vantop mirror dashcam
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Thousands of hundreds of happy users have confirmed that it performs like a champ and all the functions are really cool and very easy to operate. The quality of the construction is superb and the design and functionalities are the result of well-thought engineering.

It’s a sliding camera, meaning you can adjust the camera body moving up/down/left/right.

The clean look and simple operation will make you say ‘wow’. In addition to the loop recording, it has G-sensors for parking and collision. Apart from the amazing parking mode, the G-sensor will turn it on and start recording automatically when it detects any vibrations. Great anti-theft feature and no more hit and run!

The video quality is excellent even in the dark mode. Picture quality is much better than other high expensive models. It does not have any IR night vision but the clear night vision is still far better than those models that have IR night vision. Nothing grainy at all. It’s a verified fact by lots of users.

Apart from impressive build quality, and video & audio quality even at nighttime, it’s very lightweight and very easy to use. The 10” touchscreen is far better than what you have seen already. 

For those who are looking for mirror-attached dashcams that meet all of your expectations without breaking your bank account, this is it. Seriously, look no further! To record every unexpected event and rear parking, you should seriously consider it.

More Features & Pros

  • Video resolution and color are impressive. 2.5K (2560 x 1440P) video quality and higher resolution. Everything is adjustable. From video resolution to recording duration, you can adjust everything.
  • You can clearly get the license plate number from a decent distance.
  • It captures sharp video at extremely low light conditions. 
  • Responsive high-quality IPS anti-glare touchscreen. 
  • It supports any class 10 memory cards. Loop recording system that will overwrite the old files once the memory card is full. But you can still prevent it from deleting important files.
  • No more blind spots, thanks to its high-quality rear camera! You can mount the rear camera above the car plate number or inside (top of the windshield).
  • You can use the rear view camera as a backup camera keeping the screen off.
  • It comes with long wiring harnesses to make installation a breeze for any type of car.
  • Dual live view; this is a very rare feature.
  • Suitable for any kind of car/truck.


  • Narrow viewing angle for live stream.

Z-Edge T4

As usual, it has all the cool features of a modern front and rear dash cam with parking mode. But what has made it so popular is its unparalleled touchscreen. If you don’t think it’s a vital part, you are wrong! A responsive touchscreen is very important when you have to replay the video after any incidents. 

Z-Edge T4
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The operation of the touchscreen and the dashcam is so easy. You do not need any light to operate it, you do not need to press lots of confusing menu during the emergency. Everything is so easy! The 4” screen is all you need to read the license number of the person’s car involved.

Both the dashcams are made of hard plastic. And many have confirmed they work just fine even they dropped it several times accidentally. Set up is very easy and it comes with long wires to reach the back of your car. It comes with all the adhesives you need to complete the installation.

It comes with lots of features and 4 video recording modes (Drive, Park, WDR, Scene). You will find the parking mode very useful. The incredible performance of the camera has impressed a lot. Not just it offers 1080P video resolution, the quality of the video is very crisp and clear. The nighttime video quality (WDR mode) is very clear too.  

The G-sensor works without fail. It locks the video automatically whenever it feels any bump and the loop recording won’t delete it. You can manually activate the G-sensor to lock any important moments pressing the designated button on the touchscreen.

Without the digital touchscreen, you would have to press a lot of buttons and change settings while driving to capture such important moments. Not just the mess you would create, it would make your driving less safer too. So, it’s very important to get the best front and rear dash cam with night vision that has a touchscreen.

Pros & Features of Z-Edge T4

  • Responsive and effortless touchscreen with lots of easy to operate icons for various functionalities. Only one finger is enough to control everything!
  • Automatic on/off feature that correlates with the vehicle on/off. A great feature to save your car battery life.
  • It supports memory card up to 128GB.
  • Both the camera can record at 155° wide-angle that can cover up to 4 lanes.
  • You can record at 2560x1440P/30FPS WQHD quality video using the front camera alone or dual camera for HD 1920x1080P /30FPS. In both cases, the video quality is crisp and clear. Both cameras generate separate video files.
  • Very easy to take snapshots of important moments as well.
  • Incredible video quality for the night vision mode. Crystal clear optional sound recording as well.
  • For easy installation on anywhere you want, it comes with suction cups.
  • Very durable performance. You can depend on it for a very long time. 


  • Don’t forget, the large touchscreen also takes up windshield space too.

Z-Edge Z3D

With 12 hours of recording capacity on a 128GB memory card is awesome. But that’s not the only fact that has made it widely popular. From incredible video quality to parking sensor, ability to display both front and back video on the screen, it has a lot more other features to have it and depend on it for the security of your car.

Z-Edge Z3D
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When you need to record both the back and front side of your car with safe parking on public places, the Z-Edge Z3D front and rear car camera system is all you want. FYI: If you have a car stereo with backup camera, you can do the same without having such dashcams.

The 150° wide viewing area lets you record the sides of your car easily. And the night vision video quality is more than enough to read the plate number. What more do you expect from a front and rear dash cam under 100 dollars?

The motion detection and parking monitoring are two of many cool features that many have already appreciated a lot. As soon as the G-sensor detects any motion, it will automatically start recording and stops automatically too after 10 seconds when there is no movement. All the important information will be recorded by then.

Also, the GPS feature is a great thing to have. All of your video files will have date and time, all major GPS references, roads information, etc. With HD video quality with such vital information, you can make the culprit drivers liable for their stunt and stupidity on the road.

You will love the intuitive design and ease of usage feature of this dashboard camera. With sturdy build quality, the car dash camera front and rear will last for a very long time. Many have been using the Z3D for a very long time without any trouble.

Installation is fairly easy, in fact, it is easier than what you expect. There is no need to press lots of buttons which can be irritating and dangerous sometimes while driving. There is nothing complex about it since major operations can be done with your one finger only.  This video perfectly explains why you need this.

More Features of Z-Edge Z3D

  • 1080P HD video recording with auto on/off feature. The front camera can record at 2560x1440p video resolution.
  • GPS navigation enabled speed tracking.
  • A budget dash cam with high-quality night vision video recording.
  • With the 150° wide-angle lens, there will be no more blind spots!
  • By default, it supports memory card up to 128 GB, but with upgraded software, you can make it supported for up top 256GB! You have to make sure the card type is class 10.
  • Very easy installation with incredibly powerful suction cups. But let’s get real, the installation of the rear camera will take a longer time than the front camera.
  • You will feel safer when you can depend on something like this knowing it’s recording everything. 
  • 2 separate video files for both back and front video. ‘A’ for front video files, ‘B’ for rearview video files under the same folder.
Final Verdict

I could review a lot more dash cams, and maybe in the future, I will. But from the above 5, I strongly believe you will get the best front and rear dash cam with night vision. Trust the thousands of happy users who have strongly recommended these models. 

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