Best Car Stereo With Bluetooth And GPS And Backup Camera To Buy

To meet your various expectations like a reverse camera, GPS navigation, touchscreen, and so on – you need the best car stereo with Bluetooth and GPS and backup camera. To avoid frustration, you should ensure the double din stereo is from a trusted brand like Pioneer or JVC.

Apart from the above-mentioned brands, only a few brands deliver double din head units with such so many features. Trust me, it’s hard to find them.

Car Stereo With Bluetooth And GPS And Backup Camera Comparison Table

Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX
  • Backup Camera: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes
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Hikity Car Stereo
  • Backup Camera: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes
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Pioneer AVH-210EX
  • Backup Camera: No
  • Bluetooth: Yes
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JVC Double DIN Unit
  • Backup Camera: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes
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Pioneer AVH-2300NEX
  • Backup Camera: No
  • Bluetooth: Yes
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5 Car Radio With Backup Camera And Bluetooth Reviews 2020

car radio with backup camera and BlueTooth

Do you seriously need the backup camera included with the radio? You should seriously ask this question to yourself. Usually, these included cameras don’t deliver great quality at night. They will get the job done, but not great.

However, I have included at least 3 of them that come with the backup camera and 2 that don’t. 

Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX

A double din stereo that has everything you can imagine. The flawless operation of the wireless CarPlay is really impressive. There are not many Pioneer car stereos with backup cameras out there. But among them, W4500NEX is most popular and there are good reasons why.

best car stereo with Bluetooth and GPS and backup camera from Pioneer
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From backup camera to wide-range BlueTooth – it has literally everything. And more importantly, you can get it within your budget. With all those extra features and built-in functionalities, this is so far the most reviewed and recommended unit of its kind.

It’s true there are a few wireless CarPlay out there that come with a car radio. You literally do not have many options available to you. With its advanced Bluetooth connectivity, it will automatically hook up with your phone. After that everything is automatic and waiting for your voice command. 

Get connected with Google/Apple maps conveniently. The seamless connection allows you to stream music, send and receive text, make phone calls – literally everything. The sound quality is far better than any stock option. No need to upgrade your stock speakers. This will upgrade the speaker and you will be impressed.

The touchscreen is very responsive and perfect to enjoy music videos/movies during the road trips. Very easy to house any HDMI adapter for that purpose. All the on-screen controls and easy to use. You will love the tactile volume buttons. This is a feature not available in many of its counterparts.

It’s true that it’s not a cheap double din head unit with navigation and other latest features like GPS, but still, it’s a good purchase and you can depend on it. Just think about the cost of a dash cam alone.

Installing it right is very important to get the best out of it. Otherwise, you will end up leaving a negative review like most others. Yes, it comes with a decent installation manual but it’s not an easy task if you have never done this before. If you are not confident, take experienced help from others. 

More Features & Pros

  • You got many options to have it. If you already have a backup camera, you can get the DVD Player version alone. 
  • Universal fit; So it’s perfect for almost any vehicle. 
  • From Android auto to Apple CarPlay, everything works fine. It will take not more than 20 seconds to connect to the CarPlay once the car is started.
  • Totally distortion-free talking. Thanks to its clear audio quality.
  • It can be connected to multiple smartphones at a time via it’s built-in Bluetooth. 
  • You can play MP3 files from your flash drive.
  • Features GPS navigation. 
  • Terminal available for your reverse camera as well.
  • HD radio. Play files from CD/DVD/USB. 


  • Has glaring issues on sunny days. But is not it’s common in all LCD displays?


Hikity 10.1 Inch Android Car Stereo

Impressive video and sound quality. All other functionalities work as expected. Hikity comes with a GPS antenna and backup camera too. Many have confirmed that GPS functionality works well. So, your quest for a decent double din head unit with navigation should be satisfied with this one.

Hikity double din stereo
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The backup camera itself is not a cheap one. When parking, the rear-view will be displayed on the MP5 screen. When you are done parking, the screen will return to the default/radio page. And all of these activities are automatic, you do not have to do anything manually. 

With 10.1 inches (1024X600) larger touchscreen, you will find it very easy to operate the stereo. Setting up is not complex as well. Just follow the manual, and you will be okay.

Hikity supports all of your steering wheel controls; a cool feature not available in many car stereos. More so, you have full control here. From deleting to installing any new android apps, you are in charge here. Make hands-free calls, send or receive text, stream your favorite music – everything is automatic when you have this.

For better navigation, you will find the built-in GPS and WiFi functionalities highly useful to explore new places. Get it connected with your phone WiFi and you can use the Google Maps uninterruptedly. 

Reversing your car has never been so easy when you have the backup camera working perfectly. No more blind spots when you have a backup camera and an MP5 screen. You can mirror your iPhone or Android phone to make the job easier.

It’s not a long time it’s in the market, but already got a decent number of the satisfied customer base. Apart from the quality product, their awesome customer service is another good reason for its impressive popularity in such a short time. For any help or issue regarding this stereo, just contact them.

Whenever anyone contacted them for any problem, they took care of it. So, you can get this product with confidence. They stand behind their product and they will take responsibility for any of your problems.

Pros & More Features 

  • It works perfectly well with iPhone and Android smartphones.
  • High-quality backup camera included that works automatically. 
  • Since you have the option to download any apps once you are connected with WiFi, you can watch movies (Netflix and what not!) on a 10.1 inches screen! You can also play video files directly from your USB drives.
  • Don’t get worried about seeing incorrect time and date. Time and date will get updated automatically once you are online.
  • It fits a wide range of vehicles. However, measure the installation size of your car and make sure the harness before you order it. The installation size of this unit is 180(W)X75(H)X70(D)mm.


  • Adjusting volume buttons may be difficult when it is dark since the buttons don’t light up.


Pioneer AVH-210EX

A double din head unit with Bluetooth is all you need from a trusted brand like Pioneer. If your stock stereo does not have Bluetooth and the sound quality is not up to the mark, it’s time to replace it with a popular unit like Pioneer AVH-210EX. Pioneer never lets you down.

Pioneer AVH-210EX double din head unit
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With a bigger 6.2” very responsive touchscreen, your road trips will be more enjoyable than ever. Play your favorite music videos and watch movies from your USB driver.

Watch DVD movies, you will be impressed with its excellent quality. It gives your stock speakers a performance boost. You will love those speakers again. Really impressive sound quality. 

Built-in features like GPS navigation and backup camera are not available in this double din stereo. But still, it’s so popular. If you are realistic enough, you should have this as well. You are getting this at a very cheap cost. You can buy a backup camera and navigation add-on with the saved cost.

The receiver has a backup camera input, so you already have one you can hook up it without any problem. If you don’t have one, get any cheap backup camera. Many have already done so. I know lots of JVC nuts are happily using this for a very long time.

To keep the cost down, it does not have built-in navigation capabilities. But with an add-on module, it supports navigation. Besides, you can get navigation help using it with app mode or you can simply use your smartphone for navigation help. 

Meaning, you are getting everything that you expect from the best car stereo with Bluetooth and GPS and backup camera.

The Bluetooth works just fine, so you can use your phone to give it more added features. Again, if you spend a lot of money, you can get a more advanced DVD receiver with lots of features. But for the price, the pioneer car stereo is something you should seriously consider to have. Hook it up with a subwoofer and amp to get its true power.

Features & Pros

  • Both iPhone and Android compatible. It can be connected to more than one phone. 100% hands-free phone call. Thanks to its built-in mic.
  • Stylish look to match the beauty of your vehicle. Sounds better and works without letting you down.
  • It comes with a remote.
  • You can play video files directly from your USD drive. To watch DVDs during driving, make sure to bypass it.
  • If you connect a backup camera, it will switch automatically. Meaning, the screen will show you the rear view while parking your car automatically.
  • It has a video output, so you can connect it to an extra monitor too. 
  • A great replacement for your stock stereo at an affordable cost. 
  • Highly recommended if you just need a basic touchscreen stereo with Bluetooth functionality by lots of happy users. Many have been using this for 5+ years and still, it’s working great!


  • After a long listening period, it gets a little hot.

JVC Car Stereo (KW-V330BT)

Apart from Advanced Bluetooth and responsive touchscreen, you will get a high-quality backup camera with this JVC double din car stereo. The price is just right for such a high-end touch screen car stereo with all such cool features. You can plug the cord directly to your iPhone that comes with it.

JVC Car Stereo
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The operation of this head unit is easy, even for the noob. But it comes with lots of functionalities, so it will take some time to get used to it.

You need to figure out the right microphone settings to make a perfect phone call. Don’t worry, the manual will help you to figure out everything.

Your existing speakers will sound better when you install this. With better sound and bigger touchscreen, your road trips will become more exciting. An amazing radio with lots of features within your budget; sounds like a good deal to me!

Many have confirmed that the reverse backup is not that bad. No backup camera that comes with the radio is great at night. But it does the job and set your expectations higher than this is simply not practical. And yes, the operation of the backup camera is fully automatic. When parking you will see the rear-view on the screen automatically. 

More Features & Pros

  • Both Android and Apple iOS Bluetooth compatibility.
  • Two smartphones can be connected simultaneously. 
  • It features SiriusXM Radio. 
  • If you don’t wish to use the backup camera that comes with it, you can still use the dedicated backup camera input for your existing camera too.  
  • With a separate control module (adaptor controller), you can use the unit for the steering wheel controls.
  • A/V connections available.
  • It comes with a microphone to make phone calls.


  • No built-in GPS. You can use your phone for that purpose by connecting it via Bluetooth. 

Pioneer AVH-2300NEX

When you need to replace the factory stereo for better car radio with backup camera and BlueTooth, you need to think about Pioneer. The brand is popular to deliver an affordable double din head unit that meets all of your expectations. The 2300NEX model is their most popular model and recommended by thousands of happy users.

Pioneer AVH-2300NEX
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Make your life easier. Just tell it what to do. When you need to call or text someone, just ask her. Do you need to listen to your favorite music? Just ask her. All of Android & iOS capabilities right in front of you! Just push the button and talk.

You can get all of your iPhone capabilities on it’s big 7” touchscreen. Just plug it in the lightning cable and boom! Your iPhone is right in front of you on a bigger screen.

For better sound quality, it is second to none. You won’t feel the necessity of upgrading your speakers when you have this. Apart from quality, it does everything that you expect from a high-end $1K double din stereo. It’s a reliable unit that has been serving for years for many users.

More so, the Pioneer car stereo with backup camera has a big responsive touchscreen and all you need is your one finger to control everything. With bigger icons, everything is easier to operate and deal with their cool functionalities.

Make your long drive more enjoyable watching movies and music videos with clear sound. All you need is a Pen Drive full of your favorite content. With a wide range of Bluetooth coverage, you can play music from your smartphone at a distance of up to 35 feet. Hook it up with a great monoblock amplifier, and see the magic!

You can get a backup camera and get it hooked up with it fairly easily. It has all the capabilities for the DVD, USB devices, backup camera, and Apple CarPlay. Trust the recommendation of hundreds of thousands of happy users. You won’t regret it. Here is a cool video review of it:

More Features & Pros

  • A touch screen radio that works with Pandora, Spotify, and lots of other features. Listening to podcasts and audiobooks has never been so easy! Clean and clear audio for your better experience.
  • Just connect it with a USB port and it will charge itself. Runs flash memory, CD/DVDs.
  • There is a backup camera input available for use. In addition to the factory backup camera, you can use it for an aftermarket camera too.
  • Navigation becomes so easier with Google maps on a bigger screen.
  • CarPlay at this price? Most people are impressed.
  • Screen quality is far better than many of its counterparts.
  • Better navigation with Google maps displaying traffic. 
  • Intuitive interface. Very easy to use.
  • Unbeatable price for such a great head unit. No need to break your bank account.
  • Everything is automatic. Just start your car and it will get connected with your phone Bluetooth momentarily. 
  • It brings massive sound quality improvement to your stock speakers.


  • No remote. Apart from it, there is no reason for having this double din stereo.
Final Verdict

As you can see, if you become realistic about the backup camera, you can get yours from lots of cool double din head units. However, if it’s a must, you can always get the best car stereo with Bluetooth and GPS and backup camera from 3 reviewed above. My personal recommendation is to go for the Pioneer W4500NEX that I have reviewed first.

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