Best Budget Holographic Sight To Buy In 2020

I will be only talking about the EOTech models mostly simply because I believe only this brand can offer you the best budget holographic sight. The challenge is avoiding the fake ones. So, I covered them only from the trusted and authentic sellers. There is no way you will regret it.

Comparison Table For Best Budget Holographic Sight

I strongly recommend reading the in-depth review before you make up your mind. Read some verified customer reviews as well. Just like the following comparison table, I have sorted them based on popularity and recommendations from the sharpshooters. Have a look!

  • Brightness Levels: 20
  • Special Feats. 68MOA ring
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  • Brightness Levels: 20
  • Special Feats. Compact Design
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  • Special Feats. Gen 1-3 Compatible
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  • Special Feats. Green Reticle
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  • Special Feats. Gen 1-3 Compatible
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5 EOTech Budget Holographic Sight Reviews 2020

Yep, there are other brands. But I truly believe this is the brand you should trust with your money. They are in the game for a pretty long time. In the future, I look forward to adding other models from other brands. But until then, EOTech should be your choice.


Best Budget Holographic Sight From EOTech
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You want to revolutionize your shooting platform; this is what you need. Don’t bother listening to some negative reviews saying it is fake – your money is perfectly safe. Read some verified reviews and get the idea about the seller.

This is the one tactical professionals use all over the U.S. There is no way of being disappointed having this. I personally like it because of its 68MOA Ring and 1 MOA center dot. Add some serious value to your AR15 or any of such types of firearms with this high-quality sight.

As I was saying, this will rock your weapon world. After shooting more than 2,000 rounds, it was still holding the zero. Like so many reviewers have said, this is the next level stuff you have been dreaming for so long to have. For the utmost accuracy and have the full control of the shooting environment, it is second to none.

To truly understand and feel the sensation, you don’t have to break your bank account. It’s reasonably priced. Out of so many available models out there, this is the one with the most positive feedback and recommendations.

This is a true military quality optic. Read some verified reviews yourself and you will find how many ex-military guys have appreciated it. Instead of using cheap red dot sight use this and I am pretty sure it will change your shooting experience once and for all.

You will get the true experience of shooting with your eyes open with this incredible holographic one. Instant target acquisition is vital in any shooting situation and you will acquire the target instantaneously once sighted in. You have never experienced this before using any red dot, night vision, or scope.

More Features

  • Trusted brand by tactical professionals.The overall dimension is 5.6″ X 2.0″ X 2.5″.
  • It offers a very wide field of view. Offer reliable performance for a very durable period of time. Both water and fog-resistant. With true fog-proof sealing, it is submersible up to 10 feet under the water. It’s been confirmed by several shooters.
  • Features built-in mounting and comes with every tool for the mounting.
  • Perfect to use in any lighting condition. Thanks to its 20 brightness adjustment settings.
  • Coin slot adjustment knobs with click sounds (very easy to dial-in).
  • Get ready to be dazzled with unlimited eye relief!
  • Requires widely available AA batteries. Not a big issue, but they are very easy to find!
  • Easily pairable with magnifier for longer range targets. Perfectly compatible with 1-inch Picatinny or Weaver rails.


  • A little bit heavyweight. Weighs 10.9 ounces.
  • It does not feature night vision capacity.
  • You have to use 2 fingers to shut it off.


Here is the video review on how to use it video guide.


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So, why the so many ex-military guys prefer EOTech reticle? That’s simply because it really makes the target acquisition almost instantaneous. No need to spend your precious time to hunt around to find the reticle and shoot the target. That’s exactly the magic of EOTech XPS2.

Like its previous model I reviewed above, it has 1 MOA dot circle to let you have the precise target shooting and 68 MOA ring so that you can acquire the target must faster easily. And the optics are crystal clear. You need a robust one of your outstanding target shooting solution. Only the best budget holographic sight for sale like this can give you that solution.

So many shooters used to have their doubts about whether having such type of reticle used by EOTech will be distracting or not. But once they get a hang of it, they realized it neither obscures the target nor interfere with precise shooting.

Obviously there are so many brands out there that offer the same thing, but why I am so hooked up with the EOTech? Well, after trying so many other brands along with this brand, shooters have confirmed that only this brand has made it natural to shoot while keeping both eyes open.

To many shooters, that’s quite a breeze to be able to shoot with their both eyes open. You will love the wide field of view and since it has unlimited eye relief, it does not need to be very close to your eye. That’s something that will allow you to have the widest field of view. A top-notch product that you can trust.

No one complaint about its expensive price tag. And I am pretty sure you can guess why. Almost everyone ended up saying it’s a well-worth parallax-free model. If you are not happy with the traditional red dot sights, I strongly recommend you trying this reliable one from the trusted brand.

More Features

  • Made from high-quality material to last for a very long time. The design is pretty compact to allow more rail space. Trust me, you will be needing it for the magnifier or the rear iron sights.
  • Fairly rugged.
  • Unparalleled reticle crispness. Shooters have widely appreciated its pristine optics a lot.
  • It offers unlimited eye relief.
  • Full co-witness.
  • 20 adjustable brightness level to make it suitable for any lighting condition.
  • You have never experienced before how easy it is to Zero in. After you use it for a while, you will understand why our law enforcement agency and troops use it a lot.
  • The weight is a little less if you compare it with the previous one.
  • A very durable product that deserves every penny. Lots of recommendations from the satisfied shooters.


  • Short battery life.
  • You need to have a first push for the On/Off buttons.



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Think about the reliability and durability while shooting under tough environments. To make it perfect in any situation, you need this. Yes, I admit it is expensive but you get what you pay for, right? Even if you have astigmatism, this is the ultimate one you need.

Shooters call it the bombproof dot and it is really unfair to compare it with an RDS. Yes, the features and the role they play are almost the same but the whole mechanism and the way they perform their job is totally different. But the performance of an RDS is not satisfactory while shooting indoor and outdoor and so forth. There will be reflections and a sunburst effect. All these problems will be just gone with this one.

Holds the zero pretty well and it does not matter how many times you go back and forth from indoor to outdoor shooting, it will not affect the target sight. I was really stunned how well it holds the zero.

I took the sight off to clean and put it back on after the cleaning. Guess what? It was still holding the zero! This is the reason shooters call it a fantastic model worth having even it is expensive. Definitely, another best value holographic sight from EOTech.

The pretty large field of view will allow you to acquire your target pretty instantaneously. Even when you will be operating it for a long time, it will feel easier and comfortable for your eyes.

Shooters who have previous experience of using optics from Aimpoint, Vortex, NightForce, Burris, etc. – have confirmed that they find this one from the EOTech pretty good and consider it as a high-end optics. So many of them were hesitant about ordering this, but they are now completely satisfied now.

More Features

  • Remember the first one from EOTech was not night vision compatible? Well, this one is compatible. It has 10-night vision settings.
  • The design is pretty compact. Hence, there is enough space for rail and a G33 magnifier.
  • The mount features a quick detach lever which is pretty neat. You can quickly take it on and off. Very easy to sight in and it itself is pretty sturdy.
  • Outstanding brightness level settings. No matter what the light condition is, you will get a bright and crisp image.
  • Which has made it next-level stuff is that it allows using any back iron sights with a lower third co-witness
  • Really professional after-sales service.


  • If you REALLY need a holographic one, then you can invest such amount of money without having any second thought.
  • The runtime for the battery is pretty short. However, it will notify you when the battery is low.



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For some reasons, if you can’t use red dot sights (maybe astigmatism?) or you want something military-grade, EOTech is your ultimate destination. Just like the previous 3, EOTech has made another milestone with the EXPS2 model. With the crisper reticle, it has won the hearts of so many shooters.

Look, people tried Aimpoints, Vortex, and other prominent brands like Trijicon – but they are pretty happy with this one. This is the brand so many troops and veterans have recommended. And this model is really solid that will give you robust shooting experience.

Make your shooting experience fun with your AR-15 like so many shooters. With pinpoint accuracy and how easy it is to sight in, you will be in deep love with this one. What impressed a lot of shooters is the quick the detach mount. Just within a second, you can take it off/on but it won’t lose the zero!

If you are planning to use the EOTech magnifier, this is the right model for you. Unlike other models, it has adjustments on the side leaving the space for the magnifier. The side adjustment buttons are pretty neat since it allows you to access them easily. I know it’s expensive but worth every penny as confirmed by several shooters.

People with various types of eye problems have confirmed that they have made the best decision having it. You wanna keep you both eyes open while shooting? You can! No matter what type of eyes problem you got, you will find its blessing! There will a fewer poor shot with EXPS2 whatever you are hunting.

If your preference is 1/3 co-witness and you just love to acquire your target instantaneously, look no further. This model got every feature that you have been looking for desperately. Yep, with the real holographic technology, you will be happy with your purchase.

More Features

  • Made from only the high-quality materials for durable performance. No plastic parts! Durable & robust housing has made it pretty sturdy. It is rugged and the optic is just bright.
  • It’s the perfect compact version of the 512 model that I have reviewed above.
  • Suitable for any long guns. Irrespective of your gun choice, the target acquisition will always be faster with its 1 MOA dot reticle.
  • Features 20 adjustable brightness settings. Indoor or outdoor shooting? It’s perfect everywhere no matter what the lighting scenario is.
  • Huge recommendations from a lot of variety of shooters for its outstanding performance. And why not? It exceeds everyone’s expectations.
  • EOTech stands behind its product for a very long time; so your investment is pretty long-term and safe.


  • At a higher setting, the reticle is a little blurry. Please focus on the target, not the MOA dot & ring.
  • No night vision.


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The EOTech reticle is a little bit different than their other counterparts. That may make you a little bit hesitant thinking it might be distracting with 65 MOA circle and 1 center MOA dot.

But as confirmed by many shooters and military personnel, this is NOT the case. Instead, it has made possible to acquire the fastest target acquisition. That’s why military people use it and the brand got so much attention from the shooting community.

I myself had my doubts about their reticle. After some considerable time of usage, now I understand what I was missing over these years. I used red dot one for both rifles and pistols from numerous brands. So, I had my reasons why I was so doubtful about the EOTech reticle type.

So many shooters have confirmed it is very easy to mount it and zero. The mounting hardware is just wonderful. After more than 1000 shots, it will be pretty tight on the rail. Keeps the zero pretty solid! Even under the bright sunlight, the red holograph and the dot are very visible.

With the robust construction, it is well-made military-grade model that deserve your serious consideration if you want to take your shooting experience to the next level. It is so well-built that no rain or mud can cause any issue. It does not even have a dust cover! Because it does not need it.

Yes, like always it lets you shoot keeping you both eyes open. I find it very useful for the short-range target shooting and varmint hunting. Unlike EOTech’s other model, it’s a great halo sight with long-lasting battery life. A well-worth investment on durable halo model that will pay off for a very long period of time.

Other Features

  • Works pretty great without the magnification. However, you are welcome to get the magnification from the same brand.
  • Lives up to the brand name of EOTech.
  • Adjustable reticle. Oh boy…adjusting it is so easy! No special tools needed for the adjustment. The ring around the reticle makes finding the target so easy and quick.
  • Compact & small size but offers intense performance! You will be in love with its ruggedness. It is pretty lightweight too.
  • You take pride in your weapon, this is what you should get. Your weapon deserves the most advanced technology like this.
  • Even if you are new using halo sights, you will find it very easy using it. Within a few days, you will be a sharpshooter.


  • The only disadvantage (if you consider it that way) in comparison with Aimpoints and Trijicons is that it uses the battery and the battery life is not that much longer than the Aimpoints.
How To Get The Best Value Holographic Sight?

holographic sight

Considering the multiple applications, a particular model may work for someone else, not YOU. So, you have to understand your needs first. Though I listed only the budget ones but still, they are expensive. You have to fully understand all of their features.

You are looking for a budget halo sights but that does not mean you have to pick the low-quality one. To ensure quality, look for the following features.

The Reticle Size

You hear a lot about MOA when it comes to talking about the reticle size. But what does it mean? We use MOA to measure the size of the dot. In laymen terms, it simply means per 100 yards, how many inches it covers.

If the precision is what matters most to you, you better go for the smaller reticle size. That’s the reason shooters prefer the holographic one over the red dot options. This is where EOTech comes in. They provide the smallest reticle size!


The smaller size is preferred for the smaller guns like the pistols but you should pick the larger one for the larger firearms like the rifles. No matter what you here; size does matter! It affects the co-witness. It affects how quickly it acquires the target and field of view as well.

Long-lasting Battery

This is where the red dot options beat their halo counterparts. For obvious reasons, the battery life won’t be that much longer for them. Even among the halo sights, the battery life of EOTech is not that much great than their counterparts like Aimpoints.

But there is a good thing about EOTech’s battery life too. They usually use ‘AA’ batteries which are widely available and very easy to find.

How Easy To Use?

Out of all models out there, the holographic kinds are the most advanced technologically. Yep, they are highly complex instruments but they have to be super easy to use for the end-users.

There are lots of brightness levels, adjustable settings, and so on. It’s very important how intuitively the manufacturer has designed these. Everything has to be easy and quick.

Adjustable Brightness Level

The more brightness level it has, the more suitable it will be for any lighting condition. You do not have to worry about the indoor and outdoor lighting condition when yours have several brightness levels. More brightness level also helps to get better accuracy.

Both Eyes Open While Shooting

That’s the beauty of using the holographic sights with magnifier. You can shoot keeping you both eyes open; yet you will get the halo sightaccurate target. There will be almost no parallax issues, so it is really easy to get an accurate target.

Fog proof & Waterproof

In the tactical world, they have to be both fog-proof and waterproof. They need to perform better in any harsh environment. I reviewed a few of the above that can survive pretty well even under the 10 feet down the water.

Auto Battery Check Indicator

It would not be a serious issue if your model were from the Aimpoint. Since the battery life of EOTech does not last long, the battery check indicator is pretty neat. You can take prior measures to replace the batteries.

Auto Shutdown Features

Not just the EOTech, almost every reputed brands include this feature. But this is something you can’t afford to ignore because it has a huge impact on the durability. Do you want to save battery life? This is a must-have feature.

Weaver/Picatinny Mount

You may know it as the tactical rail which is pretty important to have if you want to use iron sights along with your firearms. You want to use the full potential of your gun, this is what you have to ensure.


Using the halo options is not that common among shooters. If you need this, you have your own reason. Maybe you want to be a sharpshooter like the military guys. Having cheap & low-quality ones won’t fulfill your purposes.

Considering your budget and the performance you are looking for, I have listed only the 5 best budget holographic sight. You won’t regret having any one of them


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Best Budget Holographic Sight To Buy In 2020 [And How To Use It Video Guide]
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