Best Motorcycle Helmet Under 100 to 200 Dollars To Get NOW

Having the best motorcycle helmet under 100 to 200 dollars can save your life even from the deadliest road accidents. Motorcycle helmets are often the final line of defense to any biker as they protect the vital part of your body, your head.

By protecting you during an impact, thus they prevent or reduce head injury and save the rider’s life. Other helmets offer additional features such as face shields, ventilation, intercom, ear protection, etc.

Recommended Best Bike Helmet Under 100 to 200

It’s a long article covering every little detail that you need to know. But if you need to save time, the following comparison table will be a tremendous help to you. Among all the 10 most popular but cheap bike helmets, I have compared 3 of the best. Yes, you will have detail review on these 3 as well just after the comparison table.

Now that you have the brief comparisons of the best of my recommended helmets, it’s time to have detail review on them. You should read these reviews to have a complete picture.


Because buying a motorbike helmet can at times be a daunting task if you don’t know exactly what you want. Helmets come in various sizes, styles, shapes and have been developed particularly to cater even the vaguest riding needs.

Gone are those days you just have to select the color and size of your helmet. With technology, safety and style pushing the limits, helmet development has continued to advance. Following are some of the main motorbike helmets you need to know about.

10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Under 100 to 200 Dollars Reviews

Each of the following motorcycles is most popular and I have written reviews mainly based on users reviews. That way you will have the actual picture. All of them are inexpensive and within your budget. All of them have already saved so many lives!

Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet

bell qualifier street helmet
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This is my number 1 recommended best road bike helmet under 100 to 200 dollars because of its huge popularity. It’s available in multiple colors and sizes, so yes it is perfect for everyone – men & women. Apart from sturdy but lightweight construction, it is recommended as the anti-fog, anti-scratch, and UV protected helmet solution for you.

The lightweight Polycarbonate/ABS Shell construction ensures the utmost safety for you against the deadliest road accidents and it has already saved a lot of valuable lives. No matter at what speed you ride a bike but the padded wind collar will make sure that no wind noise can create an issue for you.

Everyone loves it because it is so comfortable. The clear visor raises and lowers, and more importantly, you can completely take it off if you wish. The top 2 vents and the chin vent is adjustable meaning you can close or open it. However, you can’t adjust the backflow vents. But rest assured, you should not have any doubt about its comfortability.  Here is a real user’s  review video on Bell Qualifier.

More Features & Pros of Bell Qualifier Helmet

  • Available in multiple colors like Airtrix Battle, Green, Machine Black & pink combo, Machine white & black combo, Momentum Black etc.
  • Suitable for every head sizes like small, medium, Large, X – Large, 2X – Large, XXX-Large and so on.
  • DOT, ECE, AS Certified. In case you don’t know, DOT certification is for the U.S.A market and ECE is required for the European Market. I see a lot of confusions about whether it is Snell approved or not. Nope, it is not!
  • Comes with the shield. The helmet is scratch resistant but the clear visor is NOT.
  • Apart from the motorcycle driving, you can use it for many other applications like go-karting.
  • Enough space for the earpads, so you can install the Bluetooth as well
  • No trouble wearing h glasses.
  • Reasonable price for a great quality helmet that lasts really long.
  • Huge recommendations from experienced users.

Cons of Bell Qualifier Helmet

  • In some cases, you will still face wind noises.

1Storm Motorcycle Flip up Dual Visor Helmet

1Storm Modular Helmet
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Another popular road bike helmet recommended by professionals. It has some extra features than the previous one reviewed like dual visors and so on. When you need the modular helmet with dual visor within your budget, its the one! With so many great features and huge users positive feedbacks, it’s definitely another motorcycle helmets under 100 dollars that you should consider to have.

You will be amazed knowing how many lives it has already saved! And without much damage to the helmet! A true lifesaver. Many of this users have confirmed that it is not heavy and you can breathe just like normal without any trouble. Very comfortable. A great alternative to those highly expensive helmets.

Unisex design and lots of color options with multiple sizes have made it suitable for everyone. The build quality is excellent and does not look like any cheap bike helmets.

More Features & Pros of 1Storm Dual Visor Helmet

  • Huge colors options like Glossy Black, Glossy Blue, Glossy Green, Glossy Orange, Glossy Pink, Glossy Red, Glossy Silver etc. Suitable for men and women.
  • To fit everyone’s head size it comes with multiple sizes like XS(20.9 – 21.3 inches), S(21.7-22 inches), M(22.4-22.8 inches), L(23.2 – 23.6 inches), XL, and XXL sizes. Some experienced users have recommended ordering the next larger size than what you have measured the size of your head.
  • DOT certified.
  • UV protection. For night riding, the sun shield is retractable.
  • For maximum comfort for long hours riding, it has washable and removable padding.
  • Lightweight and sturdy Aerodynamic Thermoplastic Alloy Shell construction
  • Features dual lenses.
  • Removable outer visor.
  • You can comfortably use Bluetooth.
  • Being full faced, you should not have any wind issue.

Cons of 1Storm Dual Visor Helmet

  • Being modular helmet, it may feel a little bit heavy.

Duke Motorcycle Helmets (DK-120)

Duke bike helmet
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This helmet is the most common in the GDM family as it exceeds or meets DOT fmvss-218 motorcycle helmet protection standards. Its shell is built utilizing an advanced lightweight compound poly-alloy and consists seven points of ventilation with washable and removable liner and cheek pads. The DK-120 helmet also features tinted and UV resistant clear and tinted visors.

Duke Helmets is situated in Los Angeles and has been offering high-quality motorcycle accessories for various years. Various riding accessories and helmets are not only made for safety and style but also for comfort.

Thus, the motorcycle helmets do not only look fantastic but also protect riders. Hence, the key reason the company has been focusing more of its energy in producing key products that come with the greatest safety ratings.


  1. Safety – When you buy the DK-120 helmet, you are assured of getting a reliable, safe, and full-face helmet that is of high-quality. Besides, the helmet is built and produced by following strict safety guidelines having undergone some of the globe’s harshest testing. It makes sure that every time the biker slips on the helmet is rest assured of having the best protection!
  2. Lightweight – The helmet entails an aerodynamic shell design having been produced utilizing advanced and modern lightweight composite poly-alloy. With this mixture of lightweight and strength, it means the rider can go for hours without having neck problems at all. Apart from being safe, it is also affordable. Not to forget its great visual looks, with the inclusion of dark black color and sleek lines, the helmet looks fabulous.
  3. Comfortable Interior – The DK-120 helmet interior features a durable and soft liner with included cheek pads which are constructed from antimicrobial and hypo-allergenic nylon. The great thing about the pads and liners is that they are fully removable so that you can get them out to wash and reinstall.
  4. Sun Safety and Protection – Due to its flush-it, the helmet side-coverless face is great and offers maximum protection. The face shields of DK-120 helmet has compound curves and is optically accurate with the features that are scratch resistant defying daily fatigue and protecting the wearer against dangerous and harsh UV-rays.
  5. The added Vision – DK-120 helmet has bonus tinted visor which the biker can exchange with the standard clear visor. It doesn’t matter the weather that the biker is facing, they will have a visor that suits them.
  6. Ventilation and Air Flow – These full-face helmets have been built with five distinct points of ventilation situated in various parts of the helmet. These ventilation points are situated on the rear, chin and forehead indicating that you will often get enough air flow via the helmet when riding. Before its release, extensive testing was done to determine locations of the best aairflowand vents size to offer the wearer with maximum comfort.
  7. Different Sizes: Available in multiple sizes like small, medium, large, X large, XX large etc.


The helmet visors make an annoying shrill sound in high speeds and do fog up on the highway. Also, it has a bad safety buckle design while the place to insert the strap is a bit loose.

IV2 Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

IV2 cheap bike helmet
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The Matte Black helmet meets and goes beyond the DOT necessities (FMVSS.218) and consists of a fiber reinforced, and ABS thermoplastic composite shell, that has EPS impact foam.

Its ventilation system has changeable steel dual D-Rings and buttoned chin strap offering all around cooling. The helmet entails extra smoke visor and cushioned comfortable interior that comes with removable cheek padding for simple cleaning.

If you are looking for decent quality of cheap bike helmets, that’s the one.

Following are part of the key features of this helmet:

  1. Streamline Design that minimizes wind noise.
  2. EPS Impact Absorption Internal Liner.
  3. Detachable and Washable Cheek Pads.
  4. Stainless Steel “double” D-Rings Strap.
  5. DOT Certified, and non-removable graphic on the back.
  6. Comes with FREE Smoked visor and clear visor.
  7. Matte Black (Full Face) Helmet.
  8. Well Vented Transmission Vents.
  9. Ventilation System gives sufficient air flow.
  10. Lightweight ABS Composite Shell.
  11. Sweat Absorbing Interior Liner.
  12. Quick Release Visor Apparatus.
  13. Available in multiple sizes like small, medium, large, X Large, XX-Large.

This helmet works great, and when not using the smoked visor, the helmet provides enough space to wear sunglasses. The visors swap out easily, and the vents work well. It’s a great helmet for beginners due to its basic features and is also affordable. It is an apparatus which can withstand a fall, and its padding makes it comfortable when riding and also fits well.


This helmet has wind noise, and the chin strap is a bit difficult to use. Also, does not have advanced graphics or features while its vents are not well designed – they are little flimsy and small. Its color also comes out easily on small impact.

ILM Helmet Review (Comes with Removable Winter Neck Scarf)

ILM street bike helmet
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The ILM motorcycle helmet is among those highly adored by bikers. This is due to the alluring features and wonderful overall look of the helmet. It’s your ultimate choice to have a removable winter neck scarf and two Visors.

The helmet comes in three sizes; medium, large and extra-large size and you can get it in various colors. The helmet shell is durable since it is being constructed of the sturdy ABS which is also lightweight. Due to its streamlined design, the ILM Full Face helmet has lesser chances of noise or wind disturbing the rider.

This helmet has the following features:

  • Comes with two visors, clear and smoked and one neck scarf for use during winter.
  • Simple to use Quick Release Strap.
  • Streamline design that reduces wind noise.
  • Advanced durable and lightweight ABS shell.
  • Meets and surpasses FMVSS-218 + DOT Safety Standards.
  • Many users love its two face shields and with the helmet also being fabulous. Its features are great and also affordable for everyone. The helmet is beautiful and stylish with little vents and removable neck protector. Besides, it can survive various drops and protects the rider.


The helmet gets scratched easily, and the shield is not of high quality being made from a cheap piece of plastic. Thus, when driving in the sun, the glare makes difficult for someone to see.

When riding, the shield does not hold up firmly and flops down easily. The helmet feels light and is not shaped very well. It also passes more cold air making the face of the rider to freeze.

LS2 Stream Helmet Review

LS2 Stream bike helmet
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The LS2 Stream Snake helmet has a built-in twin shield mechanism that protects eyes of the rider from the sun. This helmet retracts with the switch flip while the quick release strap is simple to release. The technical fabric liner can be removed and washed at ease hence you can keep the helmet fresh always. This helmet meets and exceeds ECE/DOT requirements.

The helmet is comfortable and has cut down the wind noise. It is a good job of great design. The paint is quality, and the finish is nice and durable. Operating its visors is easy, smooth and comfortable. The visor lift and drop system operates well and is not vulnerable to premature failure or wear over time. This helmet has adequate ventilation while moving and does a good job with flip down sun shield which is nice and thick.

The helmet is also easy to wear and also light due to its matte titanium color which is beautiful. Its graphics are fantastic, and every rider will love its padding, visor, vents and sun visor. Despite its many features, the helmet is affordable to everyone and is also steady at great speeds. The helmet has replacement visors while its sunshade doesn’t flip over bumps. It has sufficient space for Bluetooth kit, and all the pads can be removed and washed.


When lowering or raising the clear shield, there is no simpler way to do that without closing the chin vent. The lever on the helmet side does not get the visor down far adequately. Also, its visor fogs up a bit easily when at high speeds or during cold weather.

Triangle Full Face Dual Visor Helmet Review

Triangle Street Bike Helmet
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The triangle full face helmet is DOT approved and comes with advanced ABS shell that applies thermoplastic technology to ensure high pressure. This helmet has Multi Density EPS liner and ventilation mechanism that consist of top & rear extractor liner. Also, the helmet has removable DVS and double PC anti-scratch which ensures fast change mechanism.

Its major features include:

  1. Comfortable laser cut pad.
  2. Dry comfort with hygienic treatment.
  3. Double PC anti-scratch visor + removable DVS treatment (with quick change mechanism system).
  4. Fully removable, washable & anti-bacterial interior liner.
  5. Padded chin strap and quick release buckle.
  6. DOT – FMVSS NO.218 Certified.
  7. ABS Shell Exterior with two EPS interior Protection.
  8. Net Weights – 3.2 lbs / 1450 grams.
  9. Dimensions – 13.5 x 10 x 11 Inches.
  10. Available in multiple sizes like small, medium, large, X Large.

The overall design of this helmet is great and has a nice looking. Its wind buffeting and weight are Ok, as it is not very light to get affected by wind while too heavy to become cumbersome for long rides.

In addition to its affordable price, the helmet has professional design and graphics and has features that you can only find inexpensive helmets.

Its windscreen is adjustable without problems by using the control button which is beneath the helmet. Its padded chin strap has a fast release feature whereby numerous clients have found it impressive.


The chin normally comes out, and space, where the ears lie in the helmet, is a bit far; approximately 0.5″. That makes the rider uncomfortable around the ears. It can also be noisy, and its sun visor does not cover the lower part fully.

HJC CL-17 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

HJC Helmet
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The HJC CL-17 Full-Face helmet is lightweight due to using Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell, comfort and superior features as a result of using advanced CAD technology. Its 3D Anti-Scratch Pinlock design and side protection lock mechanism offer 95 percent U.V. shield. This helmet also comes with the ultimate Anti-Fog system and alternative Pinlock insert that is sold separately.

Its Rapid-fire Shield Replacement mechanism provides secure and simple shield ratchet that gives tool-less removal, ultra-quick and installation for efficient operation. ACS advanced system of channeling ventilation offers the whole front to back airflow and humidity up and out.

Other features of HJC CL-17 include:

  1. Super Cool Moisture-Wicking Interior.
  2. Fully removable cheek pads & liner.
  3. Anti-Bacterial Fabric.
  4. Various interchangeable sizes of cheek pads.
  5. Available in multiple colors like Anthracite, Matte Black, Black, Silver, White, Wine etc.
  6. Suitable for all as it comes in different sizes like small, medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, 4 X

The helmet looks clean and awesome, and its decals in front and back can be removed if the rider desires so. It’s a great choice for those who don’t want to buy XXL but searching for a helmet that can fit them. You will also love the matte black, which is classic and cool.

After cruising for many miles, it still fits well and the airflow is sufficient that the shield stops fogging while riding. The helmet exceeds both SNELL and DOT standards, and its ventilation is great. It has no reported noise issues even at high speeds and remains well ventilated even during summer weather.


Its visor sticks a little, and the shield pops off and on easily. The helmet has many vents that are only friendly during warmth weather, and the chin strap is not much comfortable.

Daytona Helmets with Head Wrap and Draw String Bag

Daytona Helmet
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This novelty helmet has forward positioned retention system (Nylon Y-Strap) that has a sliding adjuster to make fine adjustments. It does not tamper with rider’s ears having the exterior seams and that have no facial chaffing.

It’s one of the greatest cheap bike helmets and it is suitable for all. Comes in multiple sizes and colors. Perfect for everyone with limited budget

Below are key features of the Eagle- Dull Black helmet:

  1. Quick Release Lock – with one finger release lever which is used for easy detachment.
  2. Custom formed interior providing maximum comfort.
  3. Moisture-wicking fabric keeps your head more comfortable and cooler.
  4. Nickel Plated (Rolled Tubular) Steel Rivets.
  5. Lock On Edging – for that great look.
  6. Soft Touch (Dull Black) Finish.


Does not offer maximum protection and its back bottom that flares out is not a preference to many.

LS2 Helmets Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

LS2 Helmet with sunshield
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This helmet comes with a built-in twin shield system with the sunscreen being a key feature. When it gets hot, the rider can push the shield to get some air when filling the tank or when stopped. The face shield is accurate optically and can flip up and out when necessary.

The peripheral vision is special and permits you to view the world without ordinary obstacles found in other helmets. The LS2 Track 569 shield system engages and retracts easily and smoothly with an improved and new slider mechanism.

It is also easy to operate even when using a gloved hand while the release chin strap makes things effortless to get things intermittently.

The key features of LS2 Track 569 include:

  1. Open face ¾ design provides protection when combined with a broad field of visibility to prevent that claustrophobic feeling.
  2. The twin shield system makes it simple to control the amount of light and air at the push of the button.
  3. This is DOT approved giving you enough security above your head.
  4. Wholly adjustable flow-through ventilation provides control over the aspects.
  5. Lightweight KPA (Kinetic Polymer Alloy) shell caters and goes beyond both ECE and DOT standards.


The LS2 Track 569 features are built with 3D Optically Correct Polycarbonate (A Class). The space-age polymer has great resistance to effect and to eliminate the distortion that provides optimum clarity.


The ensure maximum protection, the LS2 Track 569 helmet system has ensured the apparatus fits your head to precision, while the special attention paid to materials and shell design optimizes the influence of maximum safety. This helmet fits well when put in your head from inside to outside. In addition to the shell, the EPS liner configuration matches closely with the human head shape.


The entire LS2 Track 569 helmets come with a dynamic ventilation flow. Its vented EPS and complete adjustable intake ports operate with exhaust ports and rear spoiler to form a steady light flow of air keeping the rider cool and comfortable.


The clamp part is not easily moved due to the tight rubber piece that runs across the bottom edge. Its sun shade makes the helmet wider which is not necessary. Also, its front top vents do not allow much air, and the wind noise is also noticeable.

Buyers Guide To Pick The Best Bike Helmet Under $100 to $200

biker with helmet on

Various factors play a key role when selecting a riding helmet such as style, fitness, budget, ratings, etc. Following are basic factors that you need to know and consider when buying a helmet.

  • Full-face helmets – These cover your entire face, and due to that, they offer the maximum protection as compared to others. Most full-face biker helmets can swap out visors during night riding or sunny day, and most come with multiple ventilation openings to permit airflow as you find it fitting.
  • Modular helmets – It looks almost the same as full-face although it’s a combination of open-face and full-face. The helmet has a front visor and chin-guard that flips up exposing your whole face. While they may not provide the optimum protection as compared to the full-face because of their flip mechanisms, they still provide a huge amount of safety for every rider. Some these kinds of helmets permit the rider to get rid of this full front piece and refit it as needed. Other modular helmets also entail separate visors utilized when the front piece is flipped up to protect the rider from the glaring sun and giving sufficient airflow.
  • 3/4 or Open-face helmets – These helmets cover the head fully and most parts of the cheek and chin area for nearly all motorcycle riders. They also offer a great deal of protection and safety while still offering comfort in hot weather. Most of these helmets still provide ventilation options whereby some have attachable shields, adding more protection and comfort. If interested in open-face helmets that do not entail a face shield, ensure you grab some goggles or sunglasses since some states require wrap-around eyewear as per the law.
  • Half-helmets – These helmets cover the whole top of the head and usually wrap all or parts of the ears for most riders. Despite the fact that they may not provide great security as compared with other helmets, they are still DOT certified and are tested in detail by the Federal Government Department of Transportation to make sure they offer optimum safety for riders. Most of them have a small visor at the frontal area for blocking some incoming sun.
  • Motocross helmets & ATV helmets – These are designed particularly for off-road riding on ATVs and dirt bikes. They cover the whole head including the chin and don’t have any form of the visor; hence it is recommendable for the rider to constantly wear a sturdy set of goggles. These helmets are lightweight and are also designed to offer safety. Like other types, they come in various sizes, and there are those used by younger/inexperienced and children.
  • Helmet Styles – Where and how you ride will determine the style of helmets that will make your riding more enjoyable. For instance, a rider who is touring for a long distance will have various demands of helmet compared to a rider or track racer taking long travel to the next rally. Fortunately, there are various helmets that are established for the virtually riding scenario.motorcycle helmet
  • Helmet Safety Ratings – There are ways to know if the helmet is safe. Safety standards for motorcycle elements are laid down by three main organizations Snell, ECE, and DOT. Various organizations have varying methods on how they arrive at their ratings.
  • Helmet Budget – You need to know how the helmet will cost you. You don’t need to go for the most expensive apparatus to get protection while riding. Nevertheless, there are respected brands that provide the safest products in the market after dedicated testing, and normally these have affordable styles. They can cost more than entry-level lids, but you get protection and also there is proven the science behind the helmet.
  • Helmet Features – Features are other factors that you need to consider when buying the apparatuses. Various helmets can come with tinted shields, removable sweat-wicking liners, ventilation, internal sun visors, and Bluetooth compatibility among others. When buying a helmet, the most recommendable way to go about the same is thinking of the most needed features for your riding style and helmets that fall within your preference cost range.
  • Motorcycle Helmet Sizing – When purchasing a helmet always ensure it fits well and makes sure you can fasten the chip strap safely when wearing it. Fast hooks make fastening and releasing of helmet easily. Three tips on sizing below will help you get the right helmet.
  • Measure your head using tape measure approximately 1” over your eyebrows.

Since the helmet is meant to protect your head, it should fit well without easily dropping on impact.

Measure a number of times to ensure you get the right outcomes and get identical results various times. Having someone to assist will also help since when riding since you want a helmet that is comfortable and that fits correctly.

Last Words

The above reviewed are budget helmets and yes, of course, there are some highly expensive helmets you can try if you have the budget. But all of the above reviewed have also decent quality if you consider their cost. And they have proven their effectiveness during several accidents. Get the best motorcycle helmet under 100 to 200 dollars from any of the above and save your precious life.

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