7 Best MIPS Helmet Reviews 2019 [Get The Safest Road Bike Helmet]

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When it comes to Enduro Riding, you must have a high-quality MIPS helmet. Road biking has become safer than ever since MIPS helmets become available. But to get the best MIPS helmet, you need to pay a little more and you won’t regret it when it will save your life from deadly accidents.

Recommended Best MIPS Helmet

Before I go to the detail MIPS helmet review, have a look at the following comparison table. All of them are high-quality and the most popular right now.

Now that you have my recommended MIPS helmets, it’s time to go the detail review section. All the reviews are based on users real experience sharing and their feedback.

Bell Super 2R MIPS Equipped Bike Helmet

best mips helmet from Bell
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If you are looking for a helmet that has been made with a true, mountain performance, then I have to promise you that you will never fail as you use this item. Bell is already a great brand in motorcycle helmets industry.

The Bell Super 2R MIPS helmet has been made to the best standards in the market as it will ensure that you are prepared to tackle any off-road challenge. That’s the reason it’s considered one of the safest bike helmet in the market.

When you have it on, then confidence is always at a higher ground. This is a product that has been made to serve you with the best service. Remember that you will never sweat much like others do when they have taken it off their heads.

The chin bar can be removed and stored in your pack or rack when you are having long climbs. You can rock your chin-bar in place when you want to rip a more aggressive terrain.

It is easy to set up. It has a large visual field so that you can easily use it with goggles much easier when you compare it with others. Here is a real video from a user of it showing all the major features of it.

Features and pros:

  • This is two helmets in one, thanks to the game-changing chin-bar that is removable.
  • It has been made with a TAG fit system that will allow adjustment of multiple planes so that you are able to have a precise fit.
  • The overbrow ventilation system is vital as it is able to help you charge up climbs in an easy manner.
  • The new breakaway camera mount is uniquely made as it will give you the best usage at all times.
  • It has been made with cheek pads but the good part is that they are not too tight to make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Very high recommendation as the best MIPS helmet from experienced users.


  • If you don’t make the right choice, you might get one that has a small size hence won’t fit well.
  • Costly for someone with a limited budget.

Smith Vantage MIPS Helmet Review

Smith Vantage MIPS Helmet
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Another safest bike helmet from Smith Vantage. Smith is my second recommended model that comes from a company that sets up the best standard when you want to deal with high-performance goggles, sunglasses, and even helmets.

That is why this is a system that has been built to serve you in every weather or climate that you want to cruise through.

It has been designed with full coverage protection so that your head will always be at its safety all the time. The best ventilation ever in the world is propagated by the 21 vents fitted on it.

That means that you will never sweat too much from heat. You don’t have to compare this kind of helmet with others because they will never match its quality. It will always keep you warm and cool.

The availability of vents at the top is there to always ensure that you dump out heat quickly so that you don’t get to eat too much when there is the use of intensive efforts. It has an adjustable wheel at the back that is easy and also easy to access when you need to do little adjustments. It has a better look that is also recognizable.

Features and pros:

  • It has been made with an aerocore construction that will ensure that you have full coverage protection.
  • The nanosilver lining is perfectly fitted so that it can give the helmet that perfect time to serve you better and longer.
  • There is a dual low-profile regulator that will control the kind of climate that you will enjoy at all times.
  • It has been fitted with a removable goggle lock that is light and also removable.
  • The snap SL2 ear pads are there to give you maximum comfort as you ride or climb mountains.


  • Might not have good sizing for all.

Bell Super 3R MIPS Bike Helmet

Bell 3R MIPS cycling Helmet
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We are bringing you one helmet that is unique in every aspect. One factor that makes it stand out among the many is that it is able to change and adapt to different types of terrain to make you comfortable.

That indicates that it has been designed to be able to be used in diverse and varying climatic demands that come with mountain riding. When you have it on, you will enjoy grinder climbs with low speeds, and open descents that take you through rowdy trails.

It has been designed to fit well on most riders or wearers. It has been given a good design that makes it have a better look. In case of any fall, your head will always be in a safe position of never being harmed at all.

Get out there and make your selection. Let everyone that is out there know that you have a helmet of substance. Watch the review video about the Bell 3R from a real user.

Features and pros:

  • It has been fitted with a removable chin-bar that makes it be an all-mountain helmet.
  • Available in multiple colors.
  • It is 2 helmets in one when you go for long climbs, just remove the chin bar and keep it in your backpack.
  • It has a float fit system that is lighter and comfortable. This is due to the rubber that has been used to make it.
  • The goggle visor is also easily adjusted so that you are able to use it in various types of styles that you need.
  • It has a detachable chin guard that makes it be a great item as it will make you ride with confidence.


  • It has been made with MIPS on the front part but they are not well fitted.
  • The padding is also not well made as it can cause some discomfort

Giro Scamp MIPS Youth Bike Helmet

Giro Youth MIPS Helmet
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The amazing features that are found in this helmet make it one of the favorites among many people. You will find some features that are found in adult helmets fitted here. And they also come in small packages that fit your kids too.

The design that it has been given is always inspired by the adult male and your kid will always be excited to have it on every time that he/she goes for a ride.

It also comes in a wide range of colors that you will have a great deal of choice to make. It has been made with enough ventilation that will make you feel comfortable all the time. It has a stylish look that is also athletic.

Features and pros

  • It has been made with twist adjustments are the cinch and also effective. They always yield a fitting helmet.
  • It has been made with an adjustment wheel at the back that will give you an opportunity to adjust it down to a millimeter.
  • It has been made with a size that can serve your kid in a wide range of sizes, from balance bikes to training wheels.
  • It has been fitted with MIPS model that will ensure that you have multi-directional protection from impacts. That is why it is able to redirect the energy and protect you from impacts.


  • It can be a bit big. Ensure you get your size

Giro Chronicle MIPS Helmet

Giro Chronicle MIPS cycling helmet
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Do you want the best helmet which will let you take those climbing challenges like a pro? This is the best headgear which is made to make you feel happy always. It will always defy those trails without costing you anything.

It will give you all the essential performances, as well as protection only at an affordable price. The roc loc five-fit system will let daredevil riders to dial in fit tension and also vertical position like a pro.

This is another best MIPS helmet which every rider should give a try. You will love the Coolmax padding since it has excellent wicking properties. You will always kiss goodbye mist and welcome warmth around your head. The extra plush means that riders can know to remain on the trail longer than ever.

The overall construction of this helmet makes it perfect for technical trail rides. Give it a try and you will remain on the trail longer than ever!

Features and pros:  

  • Very lightweight, feels great and designed to fit perfectly on the head. You will wear it longer without feeling any added weight.
  • The color is amazing and when you receive it, it even looks better than the product picture. The color will blend perfectly to your Camelbak hydration backpack. Available in multiple colors and sizes. Suitable for everyone.
  • It’s super comfortable and more stylish. You will be knocked down severally but this stylish helmet will always protect your head.
  • Its compact shape will give you maximum coverage while on those trails
  • Moisture-wicking design means you can always wear your helmet without any worry


  • The color is not eye-appealing and so not great for people who don’t want black colors

Giro FORAY Bike Helmet (MIPS Available)

Giro FORAY MIPS helmet
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Do you have a large head and want the best helmet that will give you a perfect fit? Giro FORAY Bike Helmet is here to help you out. This is one of the best helmets which are super comfortable and the best is that it’s lightweight.

You will love the excellent build and finish quality of this helmet. It is incredibly comfortable and features tons of airflow. Since it is lightweight, you will even forget that you’re wearing it. The adjustability is a snap and you don’t have to take a lot of time adjusting it.

The durable in-mold construction makes this helmet must have for all riders. You will also like its roc loc five-fit system and comes with two-way fit adjustment. If you want the best helmet which comes with great ventilation construction, then you need to try this one.

The slim design of this helmet makes it a great purchase. You can also get this stuff in three super-fit sizes and so you can easily get a helmet which was designed for you. Since it is MIPS, you will rest assured that your head will be protected just in case of any impacts.

Features and pros:  

  • Durable in-mold construction to ensure the durability of your helmet. You will never run to online store searching for helmet since this one is meant to fulfill its promises.
  • The two-way fit adjustment means you can easily adjust this helmet and it will fit your head. You will like it that it is effortless to let it fit perfectly to the cradle of your head. When you wear this item, you will just think that it was meant for your head.
  • The slim design makes the helmet super light and when you wear it, you won’t notice that you’re wearing any helmet.
  • The vents will give you enough ventilation and let you enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about your helmet. Great ventilation means that your head will stay cool and warm. You can now do your snowing without any worry.


  • You need to know the size of your head before ordering this super comfortable helmet

Giro LEDGE MIPS Snow Helmet

Giro Ledge MIPS Snow helmet
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Do you want the best snow helmet which is made to last? Well, you need to grab Giro LEDGE MIPS Snow Helmet and it will serve you for years. This stuff is made of hard shell to let it last longer.

It is also light and this makes it the best tool for street and park riding. The ample venting makes it great for people who don’t want sweat accumulation. The removable goggle retainer and ear pads make this helmet have a great look.

Giro Ledge MIPS helmet also features self-adjusting fit system making it a stress-free fitting helmet. You will also love the supple elastic fit band at the back since it mere with fixed position straps. You can easily adjust this item to fit the cradle of your head.

The three different circumference settings make this helmet for everyday use. Thanks to the new vertical tuning feature since it will help you to dial in your fit, as well as the goggle set-up.

The chin strap of this item is padded and so you can enjoy your outdoor activities without any pain. If you want the best super comfortable helmet which is lightweight and looks cool then you need this one.

It is designed to fit perfectly and you will enjoy your snowboarding program to the maximum. It will protect your head to the maximum and the color is awesome. Get it and kiss goodbye those substantial head injury.

Features and pros:  

  • Constructed of hard shell to ensure durability and makes it the safest bike helmet at an affordable price.
  • Has auto lock two fit system and ample venting making it cool helmet for people who want the best helmet for everyday use.
  • The durable self-adjusting fit system makes this helmet the best for you. It will fit the cradle of your head without letting you strain the inner lining makes the helmet warmer. You don’t have to wear your hat underneath when enjoying your outdoor activities.
  • Features Multiple Impact protection (MIP) system and you can’t go wrong with this helmet. Give it a shot. Proven to be great as one of the best road bike helmets by lots of users.


  • It is quite stylish but far from those ugly helmets.
  • Goggles holder is facing up and you need to insert from the top.

Best MIPS Bike Helmet Buying Guide

mips helmet

To avoid disappointments with your purchase, you need to keep in mind some factors while buying a MIPS bike helmet. Yes, some brands let you return the helmet within a stipulated time frame under certain conditions but use your brain to pick the right one first time.

  1. Safety Issues

Your helmet must be able to protect your head during any accidents. To able to do that, it must maintain some standards. In the U.S.A.  and EU, there are rigorous safety standards that every manufacturer must ensure.

These safety standards ensure how well your helmet can absorb impact and whether it will attach to your head during such impacts. That’s the whole point having a bike helmet in the first place, right?

In the U.S.A., every helmet must meet the CPSC Road Bike Helmet Standards. All the helmets are lab-tested and stress-tested. The head coverage of the helmet is considered great as well to pass the test successfully.

  1. Fit & Comfort

The shape of the human head slightly differs one to one. Luckily, MIPS helmet manufacturers know it and they manufacture their helmets in various sizes considering the head shape as well.

Still, you should test it immediately whether the helmet fits your head comfortably. If it does not fit comfortably, immediately return it within the stipulated time.

The comfort and fitness of a helmet depending on the helmet retention system and padding. Whereas the retention system is the same for every MIPS helmet, padding varies helmet to helmet.

Some helmets use the Coolmax padding whereas other helmets use the proprietary pads. There is some controversy about the Coolmax padding system. Some bikers find it silky, on the other hand, some bikers find it scratchy.

  1. Proper Ventilation

It’s a vital consideration to take seriously while buying a MIPS helmet but unfortunately, most bikers often tend to ignore it. Remember, unless your helmet is properly ventilated, it’s won’t be comfortable for long ride. You will find it particularly important during the summer bike riding.

Whereas aerodynamic of a helmet is particularly important, it’s really hard to make a perfect balance between the ventilation and aerodynamics of a helmet. It becomes increasingly difficult when the manufacturers have to consider safety issues.

Only, the top quality MIPS helmet brands can make such combination a great one!

  1. Weight of Helmet

The rule is simple: Lightweight helmet means a comfortable helmet. Helmet with less weight will become comfortable for the long ride. A heavy helmet will cause you neck pain in the long run along with the shoulders pain.

In comparison with other bike helmets, MIPS helmets are a little bit heavier because of the architectural design of the helmet. That being said, compare the weights too among our recommended MIPS helmets.

  1. Aerodynamics

Not only just the MIPS helmets, but every helmet also has some sort of built-in aerodynamics. But the consideration should be how efficient the aerodynamics of the helmet you are going to buy.

Helmets that result in the least amount of drag ensure good aerodynamics. But the problem is the more aerodynamic also mean the less ventilation as well. So, there has to be the perfect balance between the two!

If you race with your bike, put great emphasis on aerodynamics, otherwise consider the ventilation over the aerodynamics.

Different Types of Road Bicycle Helmets

best bike helmets

  1. Commuter Bike Helmet

It’s time to learn about how many bike helmets are out there. Let’s first talk about the commuting bike helmets. They are really cheap and only for the people who just start cycling.

Being cheap does not mean they are less comfortable. In fact, they are as comfortable as other helmets. But they are a little bit heavier.

  1. TT Bike Helmets

Also known as Time Trial helmets. Highly popular among triathletes and people who love track rides. Aerodynamic is great to reduce the drag during the time trial and they tend to be of elongated shapes.

Ventilation is not so great because of the outstanding aerodynamics. But they do exactly what they are meant to do: let you ride faster!

  1. Road/Mountain Bike Helmets

Also known as performance road bike helmets because they are really lightweight and the venting is just awesome. Professional racers use them or people who love mountain terrain riding – they love it greatly.

  1. Aero Road Bike Helmets

In recent years, these helmets have become hugely popular. They are basically the combination of TT helmets and traditional road bike helmets. These helmets are particularly popular among sprinters.

Aerodynamic is great with NOT so great ventilation. That’s the reason they tend to become warmer and heavier.

Last Words On MIPS Bike Helmet Review

You don’t have to strain yourself so much looking for the best MIPS helmet. We have already collected the best helmets which are designed to deliver maximum protection without compromising its value. These are the best helmets which every daredevil rider need to purchase. Just try them today and you will remain on the trail longer than ever.

7 Best MIPS Helmet Reviews 2019 [Get The Safest Road Bike Helmet]
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