What is occupational safety and health administration?

occupational safety hazardOnce upon a time, place of work safety was not maintained or controlled as it is today. For example, coal miners with no safety devices were sent to mines and this exposed them to risks such as collapsing walls and some underground diseases.

During those days miners’ death rate was so high and more often took the lives of many people from a similar family. It was same for textile industry workers as they were exposed lung infections after directly handling cotton.

In this era, things have changed and there are various regulations and standards that ensure the well-being of any worker be it a miner or a contractor and so forth. They are all protected under standard know as occupational health and safety administration.

What do we mean by occupational safety and health administration?

Sometimes shortened as OSHA referred to standards in labor department of the United States of America. It was founded by the Legislative body under the Occupational safety and health Act, under the reign of President of the United States, Mr. Richard M. Nixon.

Its central objective is to recognize injuries, job-related diseases, and fortunes by outlining regulations and directions to protect workers the birth and raise of OSHA the OSHA came to existing on 29th of DEC, 1970.

At this point, President Richard Nixon endorsed the Occupational health and safety Act at Williams-Steger. The motivation behind the demonstration was to empower the government to set up, monitor and authorize legitimate security systems around work environments. The then Labor Minister, James Hodgson, founded on 28 April 1971, the labor protection authority under Labor Department.

What was the feedback?

First; there was a lot of comprehensive feedback about OSHA’s principles and directions. Generally in the early time due to clutter and the weight that carries these directions. Part of the restriction was due to the contradictory approval in the years of OSHA.

In addition, organizations have had to rely on changing or rescheduling watches and other security devices on their existing equipment and introducing other risk controls into their security measures at an impressive cost.

There were several wishes to fulfill, such as commanded preparation, correspondence and extensive credentials of security measures that were considered grim and lavish. Anyway, after some time, industrialists of modern devices have taken over OSHA security including the resulting hardware.


mining, construction, and mechanical development can be extremely dangerous and this demands health and safety directions and standards to protect those who are involved. Cases of part of the evolving security insurance would be a necessity for every employee on the occupation site to consistently wear a hard cap.

A custom hard cap can avert falling objects from hitting an employee’s head, reducing the likelihood of significant damage. Apart from hard caps, there is other safety and defensive gear, such as goggles, gloves, safety vests, safety ladder and fire extinguishers, to name just a few examples. Safety at work should be considered important by both managers and representatives. Someone’s life can count on it!

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