Best Motorcycle Seat Pad For Long Rides To Buy In 2020 [Buyers’ Guide]

No more hurting butt if you can get the best motorcycle seat pad for long rides from any trusted brands. They are not as costly as you think but the added comfort they offer is something you can’t ignore. Airhawk, Alaska Leather, and a few other brands are trusted by a lot of bikers.

You do everything to make your long journey comfortable and enjoyable like getting a headset for your motorcycle, jacket, and so on. Investing in a comfortable seat can make improve your trip experience a lot.

Comparison Table: Pick Your Best Motorcycle Seat Pad For Long Rides!

In total, you will get 8 motorcycle seat pad reviews. I would strongly recommend checking the following comparison table for your quick evaluation. I have put them in an orderly fashion to make your pick easy.

  • Dimension: 14” L x 14” W
  • Material: Polyurethane
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  • Dimension: 14” L x 14.5” W
  • Material: Polyurethane
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Cruiser Touring Saddles
  • Dimension: 15″ x 13.5”
  • Material: Neoprene rubber
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Airhawk Dual Sport
  • Dimension: 11″ L x 11″ W
  • Material: Polyurethane
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Alaska Leather (Model: 8)
  • Dimension: 15″ W X 16″ L
  • Material: Sheep skin
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Alaska Leather
  • Dimension: 18″W x 18″L
  • Material: Sheep skin
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8 Popular Motorbike Seat Pad Reviews

There are a lot of them! It’s like finding a needle from the haystack. I have reviewed only 8 of them that are highly recommended by experienced bikers who actually used them.

AIRHAWK Cushion Cruiser (14″ L X 14″ W)

best motorcycle seat pad for long rides from Airhawk
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So, what’s the biggest trouble you face during the longest rides on your bike? Your butt starts to feel intolerable pain! The situation gets worse when you ride on the country road and highway. Just after 2 to 3 hours, the motorcycle seat will feel like a rock!

Only one way to solve this problem and this you must have a motorbike seat pad. Airhawk cushion cruiser should be your ultimate choice. It is the most reviewed and recommended motorcycle seat cushion for you. So many incredible feedbacks from people with firsthand experience of using this are just awesome.

But you need to find the sweet spot of the air pressure. You make it fully airtight, you won’t get its full benefit. Just fiddle with the air pressure for a couple of times and you will figure the right spot. Usually, less air is always great and it is always recommended.

I know a lot of motorbikers who have confirmed it helped them a lot when they rode more 600 to 1000 miles at stretch. All they need is a small oil break. Even after such long hours of ride, they were able to walk freely. They did not feel any painful sore.

Skeptical bikers have recommended it after completing 5 to 6 thousand miles of rides. But you won’t be as happy as them if can’t inflate it to the right level. Inflate it just a little, do some tests and you will figure out the right air pressure. Inflate less so that your butt is just a little above the motorcycle seat.

Even if you have a hip issue and you are not sure whether you can make long rides anymore; try this. Many bikers with the same issue have recommended this. It’s totally safe and brings the ultimate comfort that you were looking for. Yes, it’s not a cheap motorcycle seat cushion, but it will pay off in the long-term.

Pros & Features

  • The dimension is 14″ L X 14″ W. Measure your bike’s seat first.
  • Highly intelligent design has made it so popular that is very rare in other motorcycle seat pads. The top cover of the pad is made from stretchable fabric, has breathable mesh sides, and skid-proof bottom. Multi-cell design to reduce the impact of vibration.
  • Made in the U.S.A with high-quality polyurethane. That’s a huge relief!
  • Helps to relieve pressure points on the tailbone and prostate.
  • Comes with everything including a repair kit, 2 straps, 1 black cover to ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Experienced motorcyclists have recommended it. Without any doubt, it will save your ass like it already did for many others. With this one, you will never be disappointed and nothing can go wrong.


  • Has the incidence of breakage of plastic straps.


R-REVB Cruiser Cushion From Airhawk (14″ L X 14.5″ W)

Airhawk cruiser cushion
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Even if you are physically fit completely, it’s almost impossible to ride for more than 2 hours without hurting your lower back. If you already have a bad lower back issue, you can barely make a 30 minutes ride. You will feel severe pain and numbness.

Well, Airhawk brought the R-REVB Cruiser Cushion to solve all of such problems. If you think you can’t ride anymore due to your back pain, this will completely change your outlook. You will never fear no matter how long is the ride is.

As I said above, you need to do some trials before you find the right air pressure. Once you find your right setup, you will love it and use it daily. If you already have a sheepskin pad, you can use it under that pad for added comfort.

If you are having trouble with your current motorcycle seat and thinking about changing the seat completely, try this before. Apparently, this seat pad has solved the seat related problems for so many bikers. 

I know it’s a little bit expensive and some may advise you to become used to the pain or numbness if you are young. But this expensive motorcycle seat cushion will make your thousands of miles long rides comfortable for years to come. Yes, it will last for so many years.

And its bad advice to become used to the pain. If you are not young anymore, you will feel more pain. It’s better to do something about it and R-REVB from the Airhawk is definitely a better candidate to do so.

I found some bad reviews about this motorcycle seat cushion saying it does not offer the comfortless as claimed. That’s simply not true. I am pretty sure they overinflated it and did not get the desired result as they expected. Remember, the trick is not overinflating it. ¼ inches of inflating will do the trick for most of the bikers.

Here is how you can install any Airhawk pad.

Why R-REVB Cruiser Cushion Is Great?

  • You have to get the sit size and shape right. Airhawk has the size chart on their official website. Match it from there.
  • A great solution for several types of bike-related pains including coccyx pain.
  • Features the patented air cell technology to prevent pressure injuries for the bikers. A life-changing product for the bikers.Made from durable and high-quality polyurethane. Meant to last for years to come. Best investment decision for yourself!
  • Comes with easy to clean seat cover and it is a durable motorcycle seat cushion too. It comes with the attachment loops and cruiser straps too.
  • Great appreciation and recommendation from so many experienced bikers.


  • Had some incidence of elastic straps start to tear.
  • Instead of 2 straps, some bikers desired to have 4.


Air Seat Innovations – Cruiser Touring Saddles(15″ x 13.5″)

Air seat innovations
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If the previous two does not meet your need and you need something less expensive and high-end, check this out from Air Seat Innovations! It’s expensive yet highly appreciated and recommended from it’s satisfied bikers. It’s totally different from the Airhawk’s model.

Before you become worried about it’s cost, you should know that the impressive results it offers totally worth it. Many rides have complete their 1000+ miles rides comfortably without hurting their butts. 

It requires minimal air and will do the rest of the perfect balancing for all the pressure points of your body. Without pain, you can ride for hundreds of miles. I know some bikers are so satisfied with it that they bought for their office chairs as well 🙂

This one cost a little less than the Airhawk, but the level of comfort is almost the same. Bikers having experience of using both the brand have confirmed this fact. 

No seat pads from any brands last year after years. This will not either. But it will be a pretty good companion for a couple of thousands of miles ride. That’s for sure. You want your tush to thank you? Get this!

Lots of people tested it. Almost all of them ended up saying it works. Yes, they had some back pain but no pain on the butt. The seat did not feel like a rock. If you are being realistic, what more do you expect from such an inexpensive motorcycle seat pads?

It has some interesting features that you should know about. Along with other cool things, it features air bladders and mesh tops. It has a great ventilation system too. You will find it really helpful when it rains continuously. 

As always, less air pressure is always better for any of such pads. Inflate it up to the level that you think is right. Then release the air step by step until you find the right pressure. Finally, it will look like there is no air inside it; but trust me there is enough to keep you comfortable.

Some Cool Facts

  • It got recommendations from bikers with 20+ to 30+ years of experience. 
  • Durable front-runner seat pad with a dimension of 5 inches x13.5 inches x 2 inches. Get your measurement right first, then order. However, it’s great for sports & adventure touring, suitable for large cruisers and Harleys. 
  • You may or may not know; polyurethane plastic is cheap. Most other brands used this material. But this one is made from durable and high-quality Neoprene rubber. 
  • Perfect pain relief mechanism for obvious tailbone, scrotum and prostate area on the go. 
  • The manufacturer stands behind their product for a very long time. You can order with confidence. If the size does not match or you find any trouble; just contact them. 


  • After a few thousands of miles of the ride, it won’t hold air. 


Airhawk Dual Sport Cushion Pad (11″ L x 11″ W)

Airhawk Dual Sport Cushion Pad
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When you ride for hours after hours, a high-quality cushion pad is something your butt needs most. Just after a couple of hours, the motorcycle seat will seem to feel like a rock. Not every buttpad can solve this problem; definitely not the cheap seat pads. This is where the double sport cushion pad from Airhawk comes in.

The dual-sport version is better shaped and fits your bike seat way better. It won’t move around and the air pressure is even better than the two motorcycle seat pads of Airhawk previously reviewed above.

Just like Airhawk’s previous 2 popular motorcycle seat pads, it is affordable and proven to do its job effectively. Your butt can finally rest in peace on this one. You can’t fully understand it’s true magic until you ride your bike for a few hours sitting on it. But I know a lot of people out there who have confirmed that with this one, their butt is not killing them anymore.

But you have to fiddle with the air pressure to find your comfort zone. Just play with it a little bit because everyone’s requirement is different. Don’t make it too air-tight. You will be more comfortable with less air in it. It’s a tip shared by lots of experienced bikers.

Fill it up less so that your butt is just a little bit off the stock sit. Don’t overfill it up; you will be complaining about this great one if you do so.

Let me share with you a great experience of a biker about it. He traveled for almost 23 hours sitting on it at a stretch. Usually, he would quit after 8 hours. Yes, the price of it may seem way too much, but the result you will get over the years – is really awesome. The pice won’t bother you once you ride for a few hours. 

Why Bikers Love It?

  • I mentioned the dimension above but doing this again; it measures 11inches L x 11inches W. Measure your stock seat first. Take the consideration of the shape of your stock seat as well and match it with this pad.
  • As long as the measurement is right, it will be a good fit for your bike. FYI: it fits perfect with Triumph Tiger 800 XC, 2017 Africa Twin, 2013 Suzuki vstrom, 2012 FZ1. 
  • Made from durable and high-quality polyurethane so that you get the return/benefits years after years. It lasts really long. Some bikers have been using this for years.
  • Fully skid-proof. Features breathable spacer mesh as well. Comes with 2 straps. 
  • Pretty good to relieve the tailbone pressure. 
  • No chance of puncture as long as you follow the tips of less air is a much better principle.


  • Expensive for many bikers. Yes, the quality is great but it is expensive.

Alaska Leather Sheepskin (15″ wide X 16″ long)

buttpad from Alaska Leather
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Those who are looking for a real sheepskin buttpad, this is it. And it won’t cost you much. Literally, it is new in the market but it seems bikers like it to take care of their butt. Its promise is to keep your buttock cool during the hot summer and warm during the winter season. It seems their claim is true!

Many riders have confirmed that they rode more than 150 miles under the 104  degrees of hot summer without any sweaty pants. It was so comfortable for their long rides. If this is what you are looking for, then I recommend this for you. 

It does a little bit more what a traditional seat pads usually does. Yes, your butt won’t hurt even if you plan to ride for hours. You can still walk freely after your several hours’ ride. What extra it does is that it will prevent the hot and cold feeling as well. That’s the magic of sheepskin pads.  

Yes, lots of bikers have confirmed that it keeps their butt warm during the cold season and cool during the hot season. Great reviews and recommendations from satisfied bikers. That’s why I have included this in my reviews. 

It does everything that the manufacturer claims. In some cases, it does even more. It ensures comfy rides on the country roads and highway. It’s not a gel seat pad; made from 100% genuine sheepskin. Yet you can get it at a very competitive price.

Just when you need some extra comfort for your very very long distance; this little beast will definitely add comfort to your journey. You will get so many reviews from fellow riders confirming this fact. You will eventually end up saying money well spent!

Why Should You Get It?

  • Made in Alaska, U.S.A! Take note of the measurement before you order. Out of so many brands, it fits perfectly with Spyder 2011 RT, 2011 Kawasaki, Yamaha, Dyna Super, VSTROM. Remember, the measurement is for the top seating surface of your bike only.
  • Genuine sheepskin; no padding. Delivers extra comfort as advertised. Have a boney butt? You definitely want this!
  • On a classic touring seat, it will increase the comfort level up to 60 to 70% for sure.
  • It’s really think and very easy to put on your bike.
  • Intelligent straps system to keep it in place. 
  • Really expensive considering the genuine sheepskin and comfort it offers. In fact, it is really a competitive price for any butt pad.
  • If the Airhawk seat pads I reviewed above don’t do anything about your painful sore, I would recommend you seriously consider this. This is no joke when you need to seat comfortably for the long rides. 


  • Some bikers have mentioned that it is not suitable for day-long rides. 

Alaska Leather – Sheepskin Buttpad (18″W x 18″L)

sheep skin buttpad
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For your better understanding and why should you have it, let me share with you an example. I know a fellow motorcyclist who just completed 3000+ miles of a ride. That was the first time he used the sheepskin seat pads.

He was stunned by its performance declared it as another best motorcycle seat pad for long rides! As per their recommendation, if you want to impress – get this one!

For such long rides, you need to feel comfortable during the entire trip. You need to have as less vibration as possible. Your seat needs to feel warm during the winter and vice versa. Alaska Leather has made it all possible for a very reasonable price.

If you are not young anymore or you have a senior family member who needs some extra comfort for their motorcycle ride; have it for them. They will thank you greatly! It meets and exceeds every expectation that you may want from a high-end motorbike seat pad.

You need to stay a lot longer in the saddle non-stop; you should give it a try. It’s a proven solution for the butt fatigue that is made from pure sheepskin. It works and has made life easier for a lot of bikers. You won’t be disappointed. If you think you can’t make any cross-country trip because your butt hurts, try this.

If you live in an area where the weather is always hot or if you live in a cold-weather always, this will be a blessing for your everyday ride. It’s the wonderful magic of the sheepskin to give warm feeling during the cold weather and cool feeling during the hot summer. Your tush will be ever grateful to you.

Pros & Other Cool Features

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • If you love Alaska Leather’s sheepskin seat pad but need a larger one, this is for you! The medium has a dimension of 15” WX 16” long but this one has the dimension of 18” W X 18” L.
  • Apart from offering added comfort, it makes your seat loot better.
  • No need to think about the perfect level of air pressure. This is not a traditional seat pad. It’s just skin and fur to keep your butt warm in spring and fall and vice versa.
  • No sweaty/damp buttocks from longer rides as well. I know some bikers who have comfortably completed 2500+ miles of rides without having a damp butt.
  • No chance of being disappointed. A lot of skeptical buyers ensured it exceed their expectations.
  • Very affordable cost and worth every penny.


  1. To some bikers, it’s a little bit expensive.
  2. It’s not a pad; so it does not provide and added a cushion. Do not order it if you are looking for a pad.

Air Seat Innovations Cushion Pressure Relief (13″ x 12.5″)

Air Seat Innovations
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It does what it claims. Like its previous motorcycle seat pads reviewed above, it makes your long rides comfy and your butt won’t hurt even after several hours of long rides. You can still walk normally without any pain right after you complete your long rides. Perfectly suitable for sport, cruiser and touring saddles.

Lots of bikers have confirmed that it kept their butt dry and damp-free even. No matter whether it is heavy rainfall out there or it is damp weather, it keeps your butt dry always.

It quickly dries out the seat and pulls the moisture away immediately so that you can have a dry sitting arrangement. Thanks to its breathable stretch material.

If you have a skinny butt, you will find it a blessing. No more butt pain due to long rides in the country and highway roads. Pretty efficient to absorb vibrations from the engine, uneven road and terrain. It simply works; that’s what everyone ends up reviewing it.

Well-built and appeared to be durable. Many bikers have already made thousands plus miles of ride with great comfort. It’s durable because it is made from high-quality material; not from cheap polyurethane plastic. Despite being a high-quality one, it’s a budget-friendly seat pad as well.

If you need a small raise of height for added comfort; it won’t let you down. However, a small tip for you. If you over-inflate it, it won’t be comfortable. Instead, it will slide around the seat and may push you toward the oil tank.

I know some bikers tired other motorcycle seat pads and did not find the ultimate comfort of riding and did not help with their butt pain. But they got it lastly with this one. I am pretty confident you will find your peace of mind with it. For extra comfort, wear your motorcycle overpants to make your trips more comfortable.

Pros & More Features

  • Perfect for small and medium-size cruisers. The dimension is 13″x12.5″x 2″; so keep the dimension in your mind and match it with it. However, it’s the perfect dimension for sports/adventure touring, dual sports, and almost all of Harley Davidson’s motorcycle seat pads.
  • It offers all the benefits that you expect from a quality seat pad. More so, it adjusts to the shape of your butt for custom fit and added comfort.
  • Easy to install and it’s a piece of cake to inflate it. It comes with 2 straps to have a great fit with the seat. Don’t over-inflate it though.
  • Made from Neoprene rubber which is way much better than cheap polyurethane plastic.
  • Very friendly and helpful after-sales service. Ask whatever questions you may have.


  • Yep, there are a few unhappy buyers of it saying it is not as comfortable as promised. My best guess is that they overinflated it.
Alaska Leather
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Alaska Leather Sheepskin Buttpad (18″ W x 21″ L)

In addition, to get a lot of compliments from fellow bikers, it ensures your maximum comfort during the entire ride when the environment is harsh. Like always, this one from Alaska Leather gives you warm comfort during the cold season and keeps your bottom cool during the hot summer.

It’s the largest model than the rest of its other motorcycle seat pad; in the case; the medium and large one does not fit your motorcycle seat perfectly. So, size should not be an issue for you. Maximum comfort at a very reasonable cost; it could not be any better.

Nothing… not even a motorcycle cover will make a hot seat cool and vice versa. All you need is a good sheepskin cover to keep it cool and warm as per your need.

No matter how comfortable your stock motorcycle seat cushion is, your butt will start to hurt after a few hours of non-stop rides. The same goes for every motorcycle brand as well.

There is nothing wrong with the seat; it’s the natural pain you feel for continuous sitting on a tight surfaced leather. That’s where a sheepskin butt pad comes in. Now, you can ride hours after hours non-stop. Longer distance does not matter with a sheepskin seat pad.

Mustang seats alone are comfortable for longer rides. But I know a lot of riders having Mustang seats still had to hurt butts for longer rides. The sheepskin pad from Alaska Leather has solved the problem for them as well. It’s a great solution to have a thankful bottom.

Useful Tips
Don’t get confused with a traditional pad. It’s not a conventional pad. It’s more like a seat cover made from genuine sheepskin which is designed to ensure your longer rides comfortably.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • If you love sheepskin pad to solve the hot/cold seat problem but need a larger size; it is for you.
  • Made in the U.S.A. out of 100% genuine sheepskin leather.
  • It comes in popular black color. But if you need other colors, contact with them. I think it’s possible to have a different color if you contact them prior.
  • It has great recommendations and appreciation from experienced sheepskin seat pad users. People who have 30+ years of experience of using sheepskin pads have confirmed it as the greatest one.
  • Very easy to put it on and put it off.
  • No butt fatigue once you start sitting on it for longer rides. No doubt about its added comfort.
  • A great solution for sweaty pants a well. You won’t be afraid of longer rides anymore.
  • A competitive price that’s within everyone’s budget.
Buying Guides For The Best Motorcycle Seat Pad For Long Rides

motorcycle seat pad

Before we go there, let me ask you first; How much did you spend for your motorcycle alone? I am pretty sure a lot. You do not deserve the aches and pains sitting on the stock seat. Only the right kind of high-quality seat pad can solve this problem.

You spent a lot on the bike; I would recommend you avoid any cheap motorbike seat pads. Be generous here, the seat pad will be generous to your butt J

These are the following factors that you should keep in your mind while buying one to make longer rides more comfortable:

  1.     Size, Age & Condition Of Your Butt

The 3 very important things you need to consider. The size of your motorcycle seat cushion varies a lot. Take the right measurement of the dimension of the seat and then make your pick.

If you have a skinny buttock, the stock seat will hurt a lot more. You need a robust one to support your butt. The same goes for elderly people too. But if you are young and you have a decent butt, you don’t have to worry too much about robust pads.

  1.     Your Need

Any decent motorbike seat pad will add comfort for your longer rides. So, almost all of them that I reviewed your purpose if that’s what you are looking for.

However, if sore butt after a long but is not a problem; rather you want a warm feeling during the winter and a chilling cool feeling during the hot weather; a traditional seat pad may not be suitable for you. In that case, all you need is a sheepskin made the cover.

  1.     Material Used

The air pressurized pads or gel pads are suitable for adjusting the seat matching the pressure points of your body. Your butt won’t hurt no matter how long the ride is. If you have a very skinny butt this is what you need.

But if you have a sweaty pant issue or your problem is mostly related to air-circulation, you need something made of genuine sheepskin or wooden beads.

  1.     Weather & Journey Length

In the hot summer, there will be a lot of sweat in your sensitive areas. If the journey is not that much longer and the seat becomes too hot soon, you do not need a pad. A sheepskin cover will do just fine. The same goes for the winter season as well to keep the seat warm.

If the journey is really long and you have to ride for hours, a quality seat pad will do good than a sheepskin cover. Wear your motorbike helmet and ride your journey of any distance without any fear!

Types of Motorcycle Seat Cushion

They are basically available in 4 types like air, gel, foam, and sheepskin. They do almost the same job which is obviously to keep you comfortable. So you might be asking why you should care. Well, it’s all about personal preferences. Besides, depending on the types, the price and durability vary. So, let’s have a look:cushion pad

  1. Gel

To create a protective buffer between your butt and seat, manufacturers use gel alone or in addition to foam. Now, this is where gel pads get interesting. Depending on the weather, you can heat or cool it down. So, it is suitable for all the weather. The supportive feel is just awesome and that’s why they are so popular.

  1. Sheepskin

Yep, they are costly and there are pretty good reasons why should pay for them. You see, sheepskin pads keep regulate the temperature of the seat naturally. You don’t have to do anything manually.

It’s just wonderful how the sheepskin can keep the seat cool during the summer and warm during the winter. I believe you understand why they are so popular and expensive, right?

  1. Air

They are really suitable to get the ultimate relief against but ache, inflammation, and pain. They are inflatable and it is very easy for them to create a protective layer between the butt’s pressure point and the seat.

Most new riders make the mistake of inflating it to the maximum capacity. You won’t have your comfort that way. Inflate at the minimum level and I can assure you your butt will thank you a lot.

  1. Foam

They are most like the traditional cushions that do a great job give you some comfort but not as good as a gel or sheepskin pad. Even less comfortable than the air types. They are also a little bit thicker than all the rest of them. That means the extra height may or may not be suitable for a lot of riders.

Reason For Using Motorcycle Seat Cushion For Long Distance

This part is only for the new motorcycle owners or for you if you think you don’t need it. I admit it, if you never do any long-distance motorcycle tour, you do not need it.

But you never know it for sure. The situation may arise when you have to go for thousands of miles after miles. That’s when you will feel the utmost necessity of having such seat cushions. Here are some reasons why should you have it:

  1. Significantly Reduce Pains

There are some pressure points of your body that touches the seat including the pelvis and tailbone. You will feel terrible pain on such pressure points if you ride at a stretch for a very long distance. bike butt pad

Since the basic job of such seat cushion is to make your riding experience comfortable, you should try this. It offers such comforts by providing a supportive layer (gel/air) in between your pressure points and the seat.

  1. Avoiding Butt Numbness

It’s a widely known fact that using such cushions increases circulations significantly. This helps greatly to fight against the butt numbness that you usually feel after long rides. Why? Because of the circulation is blocked – that will create numbness or hot sensation on your butt.

The good solution to this problem is to have a sheepskin made butt pad. Or you can use ventilated mesh cover as well to solve this problem.

  1. Saves You From Heat-Related Problems

Let me see what may happen when you ride your bike under the hot summer. First of all, it reduces perspiration greatly. The heat-related problem does not end here. There will be skin irritation and heat rash.

Most of the seats I reviewed-above are temperature regulated. That means you can pre-cool them before you seat on it. That’s how you can keep yourself cool even in the hot weather.

  1. No Fear Of Long Rides

I don’t know about you, but I used to fear the long-rides with my buddies simply because I used to think it will be extremely unpleasant for me. Hey, don’t get me wrong, their plan was to ride on the country road. You know how bumpy these roads can be right?

But I overcome those fears when I started to use it. Now I can go any long-distance with my buddies without fear!

Summing Up

If you are afraid of long motorcycle ride because you are afraid of hurting your butt, anyone from the best motorcycle seat pad for long rides reviewed above will prevent your discomfort. They are already helping a lot of bikers and you should definitely have one.


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