Best Welding Gloves For Stick And MIG To Buy In 2020

When you have the best welding gloves for stick or MIG welding, you have mitigated the danger of burning your hands by half. The sweet part is that they are inexpensive (NOT cheap!), but the problem is finding the truly heat-resistant pair. I have made it easy for you reviewing only 5 of them.

Best Welding Gloves For Stick Comparison Table

You don’t have to read all the 7 reviews in detail. It will take your precious time. Rather have a look at the following comparison table. I mentioned all the vital information you need to decide and arranged them in an orderly fashion.

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5 Welding Gloves For Stick & MIG Reviews

Right after the auto-darkening welding helmet, the heavy duty gloves come next in the line of welding safety gear. Let’s have a broader look at those now. I hope the above comparison table has given you a bird’s eye view of everything important.

Still, you should read the details. You need to know what other welders are thinking about those welding gloves. From the most popular and recommended to the least – I have arranged them in that order to save your precious time.

Rappica: The Leather Welding Gloves

best welding gloves for stick from Rapicca
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It may be an overkill for the MIG welding gloves but perfect for stick welding. For the price, that’s a good deal. A perfect heat resistant pair that every welder should use without fail. For extra protection, it is long and has a double leather layer at places where you will be needing them most.

As for its main function, the impressive heat-resistant pair perfectly protect your hands and arms not just in the welding task but also for other applications as well. This is a well-made welding glove and fairly thick just like other welding gloves. A lot of its buyers have asked themselves whether they will buy it again in the future. And they will!

Users of it have tested it for a lot of applications and heat levels. Some tried it for the brick oven where the high temperature can rise as high as 1150 Fahrenheit! And you know what? It perfectly protected them from that level of heat!

Pro Tips
Use a damp cloth to wipe clean. Then hang it to dry.

Here things get interesting….

It is rated for 662F. By that rating, you can imagine that the maximum heat tolerance level is 662F. And any type of welding process beyond that high temperatures will damage it. But guess what! It can tolerate much higher heat than that for MIG welding. People dealing with cast iron crockery, woodstove, blacksmithing, and of course welding have confirmed this fact.

Now, let’s be more realistic. As a rule of thumb that applies to all welding gloves; for intense heat – it can tolerate for a short time. And for less heat, it can tolerate for a longer time. Also, don’t forget they are thick; meaning you can’t expect it to pick up a pencil and start writing.

Lastly, against the high temperature protection, it is second to none. Out of all the 7, I have reviewed, I put it at the very top for some reason, right? I was amazed reading all the cool reviews people left about it.

More Features & Why Should You Buy it?

  • Guaranteed protection from extreme heat. The leather welding gloves are made of split leather, not some cheap junks. However, to make it more heat-resistant and comfortable, the inside of it features 100% soft sweat absorbent cotton. Did I mention it is Kevlar insulated cotton?
  • Available in your favorite 3 colors like the blue, grey, and grey-black combo.
  • Not just for welding, you can use the stick welding gloves to safeguard yourself against any heat source. I even use it to protect myself from dog bite too.
  • It has 7.5 inches long sleeve protection. No harm from the welding sparks too.
  • For your fingers, it has reinforced double-layer Kevlar padding. Not just for heat protection, very important for long-lasting performance. Don’t be afraid of the hazardous task anymore!
  • Made in China, but trust me they last 🙂
  • Do you know how the hell these heavy duty welding gloves become heat resistant, puncture-resistant, oil & fire resistant? It’s made of natural split cowhide leather!
  • Suitable for both men & women for MIG welding. You don’t have to be a welder to use it. Have great use for camping, campfire, stove over, fireplace and so on.


  • The stitching could be improved a little more.
  • Once they are hot, they retain the heat for some time. This is something that makes it uncomfortable for repeated use.


Caiman 1878 [Genuine American Deerskin]

Caiman 1878
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Let’s review it in short first. In a single sentence – it is a well-made, well-cushioned, and sewn pair that has multiple usages. It has surprisingly high appreciation in the welding community. From noob to ninja, a lot of welders with a different set of skills have recommended it.

Hey! It has made in my recommendation list; so it has to be something!

For those who have been looking for decently puncture-resistant and heat-resistant welding gloves, it is highly recommended. It has to become comfortable, right? A lot of welders have confirmed that it is extremely comfortable. Besides, it is so easy to put on & off. Without any hassle! It’s available in multiple sizes and all sizes fit perfectly.

Apart from welding, people dealing with the toughest animals like an angry macaw or dangerous snakes have confirmed their effectiveness to protect their hands and arms. The Kevlar stitches hold up well no matter how hot it is. The insulated pads let your forearms to rest on hot surfaces while working.

Vital Information
The black part is more susceptible to extreme heat and molten splatter. Since you won’t feel the heat, you may not notice it first. But continuous exposure will make small holes on the black portions of the high quality welding gloves.

It has handled any misuse a new welder can think of. Set the metal on fire or grab the really hot meal by accidents – it completely protected their hands. After severe abuses in GMAW, SMAW, FCAW, or plasma cutting – lots of welders have confirmed the stick welding gloves as badass stuff. Lots of people have bought the second pair already even the first pair is still okay.

I even know some people who grabbed the hot metal from the forge mistakenly and held it for 2 or 3 seconds! It got damn hot but did not burn the hands. It did start smoking though J. Due to it’s impressive heat-resistance capacity, people use it for various hot work like BBQ-ing, baking, fire pits, etc

Considering its price and level of heat-resistance capacity, it worth your time to consider. I believe like so many satisfied users, it will impress you too

More Features

  • Available in multiple sizes like one size that fits all, large, X Large, etc.; Great choice for any welding process.
  • It’s not only one of the best welding gloves for stick welding but also perfect heat protection for overhead welding and plasma cutting.
  • It’s long. If I am not mistaken, it is the longest out there! In total, 21 inches long!
  • Kevlar thread is sewn.
  • To ensure outstanding heat-resistance performance, it features boar hide leather heat shield patch.
  • For the maximum comfort, you need proper finger alignment. They conform to the shape of your hand and align perfectly with your fingers. Don’t take my word for it, that’s how people have reviewed it.
  • How extreme heat it can tolerate? Forget what the manufacturer says, let me give you an example. Welders usually deal with 10,000F while welding. I know someone who has confirmed having no heat issue even after working for several hours wearing those welding gloves.
  • Outstanding durability. 100% Kevlar thread sewn for the maximum life span.
  • Recommended not just by the welders for heat protection, people dealing with hot work or whenever they need a good level of protection for their hands have tremendously recommended its better heat resistance.


  • These MIG welding gloves are not suitable for TIG welding.


Weld Monger TIG Finger Combo

Weld Monger
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Some situation may arise where you will have no idea in what positions you have to weld. Well, Weld Monger lets you do that without any hassle. Their versatile usage is beyond description.

Because of its great fit, you can ride the steel as close as to the arc without feeling the heat. A great heat-resistance mechanism to achieve awesome welding results.

The stick welding gloves come in so handy that no matter what type of welder you are; they are just perfect for any application you can think of. No matter what type of tricky build you are onto, they are just perfect. Many professional welders have been using it for years!

This combo pack has already won the heart of so many welders. There is a large and a smaller welding glove. Together they really worth the money by saving your fingers/hands while welding. In the past, only the smaller welding glove was available only. But with the combo pack, it is just a pure win for you.

It is really easy to wear. They slide easily and the heat-resistance is beyond great. As per expert welders, you don’t know what you are missing until you use them. Are you a TIG welder? You will just love the tig welding gloves! Some projects require you keeping your fingers very close to the arc, they will let you do that very comfortably. It works like a charm!

For beginners, you will find it as a blessing. Let me tell you a story. A real story. I know someone who had to pass a specialized TIG class. Pushing the 1G bend test was the hardest part. With these on, he made multiple passes on extremely hot metal. And you know what…? He passed the test! If welding is your profession, it will make your daily work life easier & safer.

These TIG fingers are just awesome and you will love it even more when you will be welding aluminum. The molten welding pool will get very close to you. This is when these fingers will protect you from burning and other heat-related troubles.

More Features:

  • Two (2) different sizes come with the combo; suitable for any welding process with comfortable fit.
  • For your TIG job, you will love these pocket-size fingers.
  • Perfect welding glove for everyone. Suitable for both the hobbyist and industrial welders.
  • Made in the U.S.A. No need to worry about quality.
  • These TIG fingers let you forget the fear of burning your resting hand.
  • The outstanding result though it may feel awkward to get on.
  • After long reviews, welders summed up saying it’s almost impossible to weld without these. Especially if you are onto aluminum welding.
  • Very effective welding glove to protect your hands from getting burned.
  • People call it the stupid proof!
  • From a highly trusted brand that is recommended by awesome welders.


  • Though it’s excellent TIG fingers that protect your hands, they are fairly thick.
  • Have incidents of shedding fiberglass too soon. It’s rare though.


Lincoln Welding Gloves For Impact Resistance

Lincoln Electric Roll Cage
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What the most challenging task of MIG stick welding apart from heat-resistance? To me, the flexibility of holding the small metal parts. It’s a Lincoln welding gloves and with these on you can hold the small metal parts with your fingers and thumb. Truly a heat-resistant glove from a reputable brand.

The best part of using them is that you can easily swap from a grinder to the sawing task without putting them on and off repeatedly. More so, you can tack these small metals in place without fear of getting burned as you can hold small parts easily.

Heat dissipation is really important in metal crafting. You need to protect your hands from heat and get the welding result just the way you want. A pair of welding gloves is a must here. Things get even better when it comes to a brand like Lincoln Electric.

Professional welders who work more or less 56 hours a week and keep them on most of the time have recommended it. They have used it for 5 to 6 months and recommended only when they were satisfied. The same people who have been working in the industrial steel shop have used it in grinding, chain rigging, welding, etc. They held up extremely well.

I know a lot of professional welders who have recommended it to their buddies. Trust me, if you do so, they will thank you later. They look badass and heat transfer is from little to zero. Some welders call it the beast! Many have confirmed it is the toughest and long-lasting pair they ever come by.

Just look at the images and you will say they are high-quality. Not made from cheap plastics. Without a doubt, they are durable and offer you next level heat-protection. Since available in multiple sizes, it fits everyone perfectly and let you work comfortably. Lincoln Electric has also kept it under everyone’s budget. This is something you won’t regret having.

More Features:

  • Available in various sizes. From small size to 2X large – they have it all for everyone.
  • It has some rubber parts and you may be wondering whether they will melt under extreme heat. It has been confirmed they don’t. of course, they will heat up if you hold the metal for long at a stretch.
  • Because of the internal Kevlar thread knitted fabric of the MIG stick welding gloves, there is no way of cutting hazards.
  • Great dexterity.
  • Withstanding thermal transfer is a big deal. It’s been confirmed they are great to do so. People tried a lot of other brands and then confirmed it.
  • Perfect for all type of rigging/welding. Suitable as the stick welding , TIG welding, and MIG welding gloves.
  • After so many abusive usages, they keep up well.
  • People with long slender fingers have found it comfortable to wear.
  • No chance of being burned from overhead welding.
  • A little bit costly but worth every penny.


  • Some say they are extremely stiff and don’t deserve the asking price.

US Forge 400

US Forge 400
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People who have been working in the pipeline and oil field for so many years have recommended this for proven heat protection. Over the years they used so many of such products from various brands. Almost all of them burned up quickly. So disappointed! But then they came up with this badass gloves & found something they can finally trust.

Your hands and fingers need to feel comfortable for precise welding results. Trust me they are surprisingly soft! The heat protection is even better than the rest of those cheap welding gloves out there.

It has insulated heat protection that works. People who have been dealing with bladesmithing/blacksmithing – they usually deal with 1500+F forge. And they protected them like a charm.

Made from premium split leather & features a locked stitch for the maximum strength. No question raised about its durability. Gorgeous outlook and for maximum comfort, it featured cotton line. Price is highly competitive and people are already buying the second pair as a stock. And why not? They are so satisfied with its protection performance.

Its application does not just end up with welding, it has other multiple usages too. People have been using it for oven mitts. There are a lot of fancy silicon mitts out there, right?

Well, people have confirmed that they are far best than those fancy silicone mitts. With a lot of better dexterity, these welding gloves are even better than those silicon mitts that have poor insulation.

If you are dealing with woodstove, you will find it extremely useful too. They hold up well for a very long time. With these on, I know some people have been dealing with a woodstove for a long time.

Since it covers your lower arm, you can reach even further than usual. After 7+ years of daily use, now they began to wear. They are going to order the same pair again!

You need complete protection from the molten metal and harmful ultraviolet rays. This is what you need from the U.S. Forge. They have earned the hard to earn trust over the years providing quality welding gloves. You won’t regret having them either.

More Features:

  • No more severe skin burns with the welding gloves on!
  • Ensured pliability and comfortability due to the top grain leather.
  • Perfect for grilling. People love this top-class stuff for grilling.
  • Great mobility while operating.
  • Perfect protection from the sparking material from the blazing charcoal chimney.
  • You can cook on a pan or a campfire too. But don’t try to hold it for too long.
  • Even a lot of blacksmiths have confirmed they don’t melt under intense heat. Don’t forget, they deal with bitimus coal forge.
  • Some woodstoves got 800 degrees of heat and these leather welding gloves perfectly protected the users. Extraordinary heat resistance.
  • Have perfect length to go over up to your shirt’s sleeves and protect the full arm.
  • Except TIG welding, professional welders have recommended it as great MIG welding gloves for their buddies.
  • Unbeatable price.


  • Not suitable for TIG welding due to the lack of a heat shield. Apart from that, it’s a great choice for any welding process.
Best Heat Resistant Welding Gloves For Stick & MIG Buying Guides

welding jacket

Heat resistant gloves are as important as welding helmets and welding jackets. They come in a lot of variety. And that makes sense since there are different types of welding. Not all those welding gloves will be perfect for you. Depending on the welding method you are onto, you have to choose wisely. Here are some few factors you need to take into account while choosing welding glove for your desired welding process:

Heat Resistance Capacity

Of course, heat protection is the first thing you need to consider. The whole point of having a pair of them is to protect your’ hand from burning. But keep in mind that there is a different level of heat resistance capacity for various welding methods. Every pair of welding gloves mention the heat resistance capacity. Read it carefully.

Avoid Ordinary Gloves

There are some welding gloves for woodstoves, fire pits, baking, etc. Blacksmiths got their pair of welding gloves too. Never use those for your welding purposes. Buy only those that are meant to use in welding only.

Notice The Characteristics

The high-quality welding helmets have their characteristics. Unless it is hard-wearing and long-lasting, it won’t serve you well. Make sure it has good lining & quality leather. By all means, avoid plastic made pair. Better split leather welding gloves means better protection from the heat.

Speaking of leather, there are different types of leather skin out there. You will find boar skin, elk skin, split cowhide, pigskin, and so on. Each split leather type has a different level of heat protection. Look for better insulation too.

Comfortable Fit

Great heat protection is not all. You need a better fit too. You need to feel comfortable wearing those welding gloves. There should be enough room inside them to have some movement.

Otherwise, you will be uncomfortable. Your hands should not be sliding out too. Take into your consideration about the type of thumb you want. Think about whether you want them to cover up to your elbow or just your arms.


You want these welding gloves to last for a very long time. Only high-quality paid will last that long. Apart from good leather for better heat protection, make sure it has Kevlar stitching. Only Kevlar stitching holds up the seam pretty well and for a long time. Puncture-resistance & tear-resistance ensure the longevity of the gloves.


Dexterity of the welding glove is fairly important to consider. It includes the thickness of the outer material and liner. It also means the flexibility of them too. However, you don’t have to think about it too much if you are onto stick welding only.

Cutting Safety

Depending on your work, protection from the heat only may not be enough. You may need to safeguard against cutting too. Dealing with sharp edges metals pose a real danger of cutting. You need protection from that a well for your various welding process.

Dry Hands

You don’t want sweaty hands while welding. Make sure the welding gloves keep your hands dry. Some people call it moisture-resistant.


Even the most expensive pair cost very little considering all those high costs of welding safety gears. It’s unwise to go for a cheap solution. High-quality deserves extra little cost but will pay later eventually.

Wrapping Up

Welding is a risk-intensive task. Of course, I don’t need to remind you that. That being said, you can’t make any compromise regarding any welding safety gear. Only the best welding gloves for stick welding [as TIG & MIG welding gloves too] can protect your hands and fingers from getting burned. Not just burning, they protect you from the harmful UV rays too.


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  3. Work Safe: Metal welding safety: Practical advice for employers on controlling hazards when welding
Best Welding Gloves For High Heat To Buy In 2020
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