Best Motorcycle Jacket For Tall Riders For Protection And Comfort

Sturdy protective padding on the elbows, shoulders, and back of the jacket can give you proper protection. High-quality zippers venting lets enough airflow to ensure your comfort. But you have a limited budget. So what should you do? Yes, go for the best motorcycle jacket for tall riders.

I have covered some motorcycle jackets too if you have a good budget. But all the brands that I covered here are prominent and in the market for a long time.

Best Motorcycle Jacket For Tall Riders Comparison Table

The following comparison table will help you pick the right men’s big & tall leather biker jackets within the shortest possible time. Have a look. You will have an in-depth review of each of them later.

Viking Cycle
  • Vents?: Yes
  • Color/Size: Multiple
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Joe Rocket Atomic
  • Vents?: Yes
  • Color/Size: Multiple
View On Amazon
  • Vents?: Yes
  • Color/Size: Multiple
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Viking Cycle Warlock
  • Vents?: Yes
  • Color/Size: Multiple
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HWK 4-Season
  • Vents?: Yes
  • Size: Multiple
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Top 5 Motorcycle Jacket For Tall Riders Reviews 2020

I have covered only the models that are recommended by thousands of riders. There is no question about its quality. Almost all of them are perfect for all seasons. All the following reviews are based on lots of actual motorcycle riders who have actually used them.

Viking Cycle Ironborn

With thousands of positive feedback and recommendations, this is my number one recommendation for you. Almost everyone keeps saying it’s an excellent one for its better protection, visibility, stylish look, and a lot of pockets. And for the price, it’s simply can’t be beaten.

best motorcycle jacket for tall riders From Viking Cycle
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It’s a well-made one and other motorcycle jacket brands charge almost twice the price for such quality. It’s perfect for all the seasons. Thanks to its removable inner liner. In cold weather, it’s very warm even without the inside liner. There are lots of vents on the back and arms for better airflow as well.

Now, I am pretty sure other brands do not offer paddings on the back but this one does. For better protection, it has padding on the back, elbows, and shoulders. For easy adjustment and perfect fit, is has several Velcro straps in the abdomen area and zipper.

It makes your long motorbike riding experience more comfortable. Apart from long rides, you need pockets for your wallets, knives, iPad mini, phone, etc. For all of that, it comes with tons of pockets. All of your belongings will be protected against getting wet. You won’t be needing to carry any backpack.

But still, it does not look weird with so many pockets. You can even wear it just like your regular jacket. In a good way, it’s surprisingly thin. So, if you are looking for a casual light jacket, this is it! You won’t feel bulky or anything.

Like I said in the beginning, it’s recommended by thousands of riders. Many have been wearing it for years and they still recommend it. Thanks to its durable performance. You won’t be disappointed about having it.

Features & Pros

  • Available in multiple numbers of sizes like extra small to extra-large. Check the sizing table before you place your order. Double measure the size of your body.
  • Wide color ranges as well like Military Green/Black/Grey etc.
  • Adjustable vents with its zipper locked vents. You can completely remove the inner zip-out liner for hot weather to make your riding comfortable.
  • The armor fits really well to protect you from typical hits on the ground. A perfect combination of comfort and protection.
  • For the perfect protection of your upper and lower back, elbow, and shoulder, it features 600D Cordura armor padding.
  • Greater 360-degree visibility to prevent other drivers from hitting your bike.
  • Tons of easily accessible pockets.
  • Excellent workmanship with a stylish look. Made from high-quality material to protect you from rashes too.
  • Unbeatably affordable price.
  • Got lots of thumbs up from experienced motorcycle riders.


  • Not 100% waterproof. It rains a lot where you live, this is not for you.
  • If it is too hot like greater than 70 degrees, it’s become uncomfortable.


Joe Rocket Atomic

For your next level of protection from deadly motorbike accidents, it’s second to none. It’s a verified fact. It has proven to protect the rider from lots of accidents already! You wear the jacket along with your full motorbike helmet, you are almost safe. Now, let’s see why it offers better protection than other motorcycle jackets for tall riders.

Joe Rocket Atomic
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For your elbows, shoulders, and back – it has the most formidable padding! To give you more safety sense, it features heavy textiles. Yes, you will feel stiff but the safety sense is what you need most. The liner does a great job keeping you warm even if it’s freezing out there.

Apart from greater safety and excellent look, it ensures your utmost comfort as well. It features intelligent venting to ensure your comfort. And the airflow through the jacket is excellent. You will feel lots of air. This is important if you are living in hot areas. Many riders have liked this feature a lot.

Many riders have given it positive feedback just for its extraordinary comfortability. So many riders have tested it against going over up to 10,000 feet altitude and they confirmed it was comfortable!

On several occasions, it provided enough warm while riding below 30-degree. No chance of feeling discomfort even if you are a mountain road rider. The shoulder armor saved many riders from the falling rock on multiple days.

If you pick the right size, then it is great. All the zippers work well and they are very easy to use. It comes with lots of pockets and all of them are in the right places. You will love the finish a lot as well. If you are desperately looking for a sturdier and more durable jacket, this is it!

More Features of Joe Rocket Atomic

  • Features Hitena outer shell for impact resistance.
  • Perfect fit for everybody irrespective of their shape and sizes. Available in small size to 2X-Large size.
  • Multiple color options to match your style.
  • Features C.E. approved optional and removable spine protector. Elbows and shoulders pad are also included.
  • Comes with waterproof zippers to ensure better ventilation. There are 2 front zippered vents that allow huge airflow. It got lots of love just for its wonderful airflow. Open all the zippers when it’s hot and feel the air to make yourself comfortable.
  • More than enough cool and warm feeling whatever you need depending on your location and time.
  • 360-degree reflective panels so that other drivers can see you from any point.
  • Comes with inside pockets that are not dependent on the liner.
  • So many people have recommended this as a great touring jacket.


  • Not as waterproof as claimed. Have some incidence where the inside got damp after several hours of driving under the rain.


HWK Textile Motorcycle Jacket

If you are looking for an inexpensive tall motorcycle jacket that offers better protection and ensure comfort in the winter season, this is it. Let me tell you again, it’s not suitable for the summer; so it’s definitely not an all-season jacket. But it’s perfect for the Winter, Fall, and Spring.

HHR Motorbike Biker Riding Jacket
HHR Motorbike Biker Riding Jacket

It comes with lots of adjustments for your sleeves and waist to ensure great fits. Pick the right size, and you will have a great fit. It does not run small no matter what you hear and read in other reviews.

Just for comfort, it got a lot of appreciation from lots of riders. It’s smooth and comfy. No scratches on your neck too. It’s a true lightweight tall motorcycle jacket. You will love it a lot of it’s cold almost all the time where you live. Yes, it keeps your body warm under severe cold weather.

It comes with lots of pockets and other modern features that are available only inexpensive models. But it’s not an expensive one. The level of protection it offers is great. The silver color reflective stripes will help to prevent lots of deadly accidents. No need to worry about your night ride anymore.

If you read some rider’s reviews, you will notice some reviewers recommend replacing the stock protective padding. I understand why since these pads are not made of hard material and bendable easily. But many riders have also said you don’t need to replace them. So basically the choice is yours.

It’s not a mesh jacket, so probably not for you if it’s always hot in there. But for the protection, it’s great. And the price is really unbeatable. For the price, the quality is great. That’s the reason it got tons of positive reviews and recommendations.

More Features

  • Wide variety of color range to match your motorbike and pants.
  • Available in multiple sizes as well. Even if you are a taller dude and wondering whether it will fit or not, try it. You won’t be disappointed.
  • For better protection and more durability, the out shell is made of 600D Cordura Fabric. Already survived a lot of crash!
  • Removable armor pads to protect your back, shoulders, and elbows. You can expect to have a decent level of protection in a crash.
  • Comes with waist connection zip for your motorcycle pants.
  • You will love the additional skid plates on the arms and back of it.
  • Well-stitched.
  • The feel, quality, and price are amazing. Some riders left a review saying no need to buy a $300 jacket when you have the option to buy this.
  • Though it’s not recommended to wash it, if you do so on cold and delicate set up it will be just fine.
  • Exceptionally helpful customer service.


  1. Not 100% waterproof. For light rainfall, it’s still okay.
  2. Definitely not suitable for EXTREMELY hot summer.

Viking Cycle Warlock

Viking Cycle is prominent to deliver high-quality men’s motorcycle jackets for a sharp look and increased visibility. With removable liner and armor, it’s perfect for all the year round. If it’s hot summer always there, just remove the liner and you are good to go! The strikingly good look has won the heart of many riders already.

Viking Cycle Warlock
Viking Cycle Warlock

Undoubtedly, it’s perfect for the warmer climate and places where seasonal temperature changes are a common thing. Thanks to its mesh style airflow. Even if the temperature is  90-115°, it will still give you a cool feeling. It’s a perfect protective jacket for the winter season too because of its windproof liner. 

You will find lots of things to fall in love it. Apart from the unbeatable price, if you are worried about the visibility, this is for you. And the pockets galore is just awesome. You will find the 2 pockets outside the chest are to put your wallet and smartphone. There are lots of pockets inside it too. The tablet-size pockets are useful for many usages.

The overall construction is above your expectation and the build quality is what you expect from $300+ jacket. But you can get it as low as under $100. The armor is far better than other models. From chest to everywhere, there are plenty of armors. And they are not like cardboard-thin. Pretty awesome.

Whether you are looking for a tall motorcycle jacket or a short one, Warlock is what you need. Very smart looking, no gigantic shoulder pads that are common in most mesh motorcycle jacket for hot weather. You can literally go to a bar wearing it without making a fool yourself. So, apart from an amazing look, it fits pretty well no matter what our size is. 

Pros & More Features

  • From X-Small to 4X-large, it’s available in every sizes that you can hope for. It comes in Black, Red, Silver, and Green color to match your style.
  • Features 3M Reflective piping material for greater visibility irrespective of how dark it is.
  • Plenty of pockets of multiple sizes. To put your door-opener or something, you will find the keychain-strap for the right-hand side pocket super useful. There are pockets concealment usages too.
  • Perfect protective gear. Already saves lots from road rash due to slides and rolls. No damage to the jacket even from the grooved cement on several occasions.
  • Many riders have confirmed it’s simply a steal at this price. 
  • Great ventilation. Even during the hot summer, it won’t give you hell as long as you keep riding. But it’s true that you will sweat a lot if you stop riding for a while.


  • Not easy to deal with the front-zipper. 
  • The foam-made back protector is not useful always for many riders.
Motorcycle Jacket For Tall Riders Buying Guide

motorcycle jacket and helmet

From safety to comfort, you have to take into account a lot of factors while getting one. When you talk about any motorcycle gear, the protection comes first. Selecting the correct style ensures safety a lot. Let’s see where you should focus while picking one:


It should match your style. I mean, a lot of riders use their motorbikes for a lot of purposes and manufacturers have all their tall motorcycle jackets to match those purposes. If you ride a sportbike you should pick a sports jacket. In this case, the jacket should fit close to your body but provide enough motion for your arms and shoulders. 

But if you ride an adventure or touring bike, then the jacket should be perfect for snow, rain, and wind, right? If you are just a commuter and it’s always summer there, you should get the mesh motorcycle jacket for hot weather. 

Material Used

Depending on your needs, you should focus on materials used to manufacture the jacket. Apart from leather and textile made men’s big & tall leather biker jackets, you can find hybrid models as well. For better protection, leather jackets are great. But if you live in hot weather, these are not for you.  

For better breathability & insulation, a textile made units are great. These jackets can easily incorporate Kevlar, Armacor, Cordura, etc. And they are perfect for all weather. When both the textile and leather used to make one, you get a hybrid one. They are good too.  

Your Safety

It’s no secret, accidents happen a lot in motorcycle riding than any vehicle. So, safety concerns play a great role in determining which one to pick. As I mentioned earlier, leather motorcycle jackets offer better protection than their textile and hybrid counterparts. 

The reason is pretty simple, leather can stretch more during the collisions and falls. Thus offer you great protection against injuries. Modern motorcycle jackets come with armor and paddings as well to ensure your utmost safety. 

Maximum Comfort

The weight and great fit determine the level of comfort you are gonna get out of your jacket. Because of the leather material, they are heavier than their hybrid and textile counterparts. So, it’s a little less comfortable. If you are onto racing and touring, you should pick the textile made ones because they are simply lightweight. 

How do you like your jacket to fit your body? For racing and touring, a loose fit is always preferable whereas sportbikes require snug-fit. For the jacket and a pair of motorcycle casual shoes, you should not compromise your comfort. 

Important Features

Due to the latest technological improvement, all the modern jackets come with the latest features as well. There should be lots of pockets to keep your things organized while riding. No doubt, there should be lots of zippers as well. But prefer the one that has metallic zippers instead of plastics.

To prevent sweating, you need better air circulation. To ensure that, make sure it has mesh ventilation membrane. 


If it is dark during the time you are riding, other drivers need to see you. That’s when most collisions happen. So, there should be reflective stripes on your jacket so that other drivers can see you from a long distance. I have covered only those models that have enough reflective materials.

Summing Up

If you are looking for something within your budget and still don’t want to compromise the protection and comfort, you should pick from the first 3 from my recommended list. The reason is pretty simple and as per many experienced riders, each one of these is considered to be the best motorcycle jacket for tall riders.

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