How to Wear a Gun Holster? [Video Guide Included]

how to wear a holster

A gun holster has mainly three serving purposes: safety, security, and accessibility. A gun holster securely holds your gun and protects the trigger from any accidental contact. At the same time, it makes sure that you get positive control over your gun all the time. It also keeps your gun easily accessible so that you can reach your gun easily even in a tough situation.

Well, there are many types of gun holster available out there and different type holster is right for a different type of situation. Additionally, a different type of holster has a different type of wearing process. In this guide, we’ll talk about how to wear a gun holster.

How to Wear a Gun Holster?

As I mentioned before, there are a lot of gun holsters available in a different style. And a different type of holster has a different type of wearing process. We’ll talk about some main types of concealed carry holster and how to wear them properly-

  1. Inside the Waistband or IWB Holster:

Inside the waistband holster or IWB holster type is for concealed carry and its installation procedure is very easy. This holster is designed for just slide it inside the waistband and go. To wear this holster, undo your belt first. After that, unfasten your waist tab or the waist button.

Now, slide the holster behind your waistband. Slide it until you reach the right position to carry the holster. Once you reach the right position, slide the belt clips over your belt. Then fasten your waistband. And finally, faster your belt and you’re all set.

Please note that, put your holster in front of a mirror for the first few times and of course without a gun. Once you’ve got your hand in, you’re free to practice with a pistol. Here is a video guide for you.

  1. Outside the Waistband or OWB Holster:

Outside the waistband holster or OWB holster is another type holster for concealed carry and its installation procedure is very easy too. Many people think it’s better than IWB and prefer this type. I also prefer it personally.

To wear an OWB holster, you just need to place it in the right place of your belt and attach it with your belt by using the clips of the holster. Most of the OWB holster come with clips for easier installation and removal. But some OWB holsters come in a different style. You have to install it while wearing your belt. I would recommend you to get a holster with clips.

Please make sure to wear a loose-fitting shirt, coat or jacket to make sure the concealed carry. You may also wear a T-shirt under your button-up to prevent chafing.

  1. Chest Holster:

Chest Holster is another way for concealed carry, but it’s not good enough for all season. You can easily use a chest holster in winter but you’ll feel uncomfortable in summer as you have to wear a heavy coat or jacket for concealed carry. If the concealed carrying isn’t essential then you may use it anytime.

To wear a chest holster, you should first adjust the straps of the holster according to your body. Most of the chest holsters come with rubberized straps. But you should get one of your body sizes. Just put the holster as a shirt and attach the clips. You’re all set!

  1. Shoulder Holster:

Wearing a shoulder holster is very easy though you have to do it right. To wear a shoulder holster, you must place it very close to your body. Make sure that the cross-pad on the rear is positioned exactly in the middle of your back. Keep 4-inches of distance from your neck.

Once it’s positioned perfectly, tighten up the straps properly. The perfect wearing of shoulder holster helps in distributing the weight of the rig properly and provides you comfort.

Make sure that you wear a jacket or coat or loose-fitting shirt in case if you need concealed carrying.

  1. Ankle Holster:

A good ankle holster is necessary if you plan for concealed ankle carrying. You can simply tuck your gun into your boot, but it’s dangerous. The gun moves while walking and it’s not secured into your boot. That’s why you should use an ankle holster. An ankle holster keeps your gun secured enough.

It also provides comfort during carrying a gun. Most of the ankle carry holster are designed to be worn on the inside of your ankle. Usually, left-handed people wear the gun holster on the inside of the right ankle and right-handed people wear on the inside of the left ankle.

Some ankle holsters come with a calf support strap to provide additional security and comfort. I prefer them personally and also like to recommend you that type of ankle holster. To wear the ankle holster, just place it on the inside of your ankle and tighten the strap.

You’re all set! However, some people also prefer ankle carry on the outside of the ankle. But it’s a little bit hard to reach the gun easily unless you wear a bell-bottom or very baggy style pant. And for concealed carry, you should wear a loose-fitting or formal pant.

  1. Pocket Holster:

Pocket holster is the most compact gun holster and it’s very effective for concealed carry. Actually, you don’t need to wear a pocket holster, you just need to carry it in your pocket. Please note that pocket holster is designed for small guns. It’s not good enough for large handguns.

Just put the gun into the holster and keep it in your pocket. Make sure that your pocket is large enough to keep the holster inside with the gun. Keep the holster in the right position in your pocket so that you can reach your gun easily when needed.

Additionally, jeans pants aren’t good for carrying pocket holster. If you wear jeans pants only then I would recommend you to use other types of the gun holster in case of concealed carrying.


Well, Hope you have read this guide carefully and you can now wear any type of gun holster properly. If you still have something to know about, please let me know and I’ll try to provide you the proper solution.

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