How to Change Sights on Glock 19 Gen 4? [Video Demo Included]

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If you use your Glock just for competition then you may want fiber optics, but if you use the Glock for defensive purposes then you should go for night sight. Most of the people of the world use their Glock for defensive purposes and night sight is necessary for them.

You can use the factory sight though I would recommend you to use a better one. Well, I’m not saying factory sight isn’t good. I’m just saying to upgrade the sight if possible as you’ll get better advantages.

You may keep the factory sight or change it; it’s all onto you. Glocks are fully customizable with a variety of aftermarket parts along with night sight. You can customize your Glock to make it the perfect one to meet your special purpose and requirements.

So, today, our topic is “How to change sights on Glock”. If you want to change sights on your Glock then you’ll get this guide useful, I hope. I have used Glock 19 Gen 4 to make this guide. Well, let’s start-

How to Change Sights on Glock 19 Gen 4?

Sight is the only part worth replacing in your standard Glock. To change the sight on your Glock 19, follow the steps one by one-

  1. Get the Sight:

The first step to change the sight is to get your preferred sight. Go and buy the sight that suits you most. Please make sure that you get the right sight for you Glock as because a wrong choice may reduce the accuracy of your gun.

If you are confused about the sight for your Glock then you may take a quick look at this article on Best Red Dot Sights for Your Glock. So, you must choose the right one. After getting the right one, you’re ready for the next step.

  1. Get the Tools:

You will need some tools to change the sight of the Glock. Get the tools and place them near you so that you can reach whichever you need during the process.

You’ll need a Light hammer, Alcohol, Front sight Glock tool, Paper, Needle pliers, Fine sandpaper, Vice or C-clamp, Mechanic pencil, Ruler, Loctite, Plastic pouch and a table or place to work. Make sure that you get a clean space and the place has enough light so that you might not lose any small parts.

  1. Mark the Center:

Before proceeding to install a new sight, take the mechanical pencil and mark the exact center of the pistol frame. If your sight is on target, then follow it and make the mark to install the new one accurately. The mark will be used later as the reference to installing the new one easily. Get a fine mechanic pencil to get greater precision.

 After that, make another mark in the exact center of the new sight you are about to install. The 2 marks have to be aligned with each other to install precisely.

  1. Remove the Existing Sight:

Now, it’s time to remove the old sight. In Glock gen 4, there is a small hexagonal screw that attaches the sight with the gun. To remove it, you’ll need fine needlepoint pliers or front sight Glock tool. After that, use the plastic pouch and light hammer taps to remove the existing sight.

Take the vice or C-clamp with paper so that you don’t make any scratch to the frame accidentally. The sight removing process is easier in Gen 4 than older models but it requires intense hammering that may destroy the plastic rear sight. So, be careful.

  1. Clean the Surface:

After removing the old sight, use tissue paper and alcohol to clean the surface of the Glock where the new one will be installed. Make sure that the surface is cleaned properly and no oil is left. Please note that, DO NOT remove the pencil mark as because if you remove the pencil mark, you’ll suffer to install the new sight precisely.

  1. Install the New Sight:

Get the Loctite and apply a drop of it in the contact surface of the pistol frame and sight. Now, place the new sight in position and make sure that the 2 pencil marks are aligned that you made before.

Once you get the alignment right, tighten the screw and attach it with your Glock. Tighten it precisely; don’t tighten too hard or too loose.

  1. Test the New Sight:

It’s time to test the sight. If the sight doesn’t slide a bit with hand pressure then place sandpaper on a flat surface. After that, hold the rear sight firmly with its bottom against the sandpaper. Slide it forth and back then right and left several times.

Now, try sliding it into place again. Do the process several times until it slides snuggly into place with just hand pressure. Please note that, DO NOT rush it or overdo the sandpaper. It may then fit too loose.

If you think you need a holster, feel free to read this article on concealed carry holster for your Glock 19.
  1. End the Process and Wait:

Once the sight slides into place, remove it and clean the area with alcohol again. After cleaning, wait a bit and let the alcohol dry. Once it’s dry, apply a drop of Loctite and slide it until the two pencil marks align.

You have finished the job technically once you do all the steps successfully. Now, clean off the desk and let the Loctite dry. It usually takes 24 hours. So, after 24 hours, wipe clean anything that may smear in the slide. Once, it’s done, you’re done too!

Wrapping It Up

I have used Glock 19 gen 4 to make this tutorial but almost all the Glocks have the procedure. You may easily change or install the sight in any Glock with this guide. If you still have confusion about something or need to know more, feel free to comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with proper answer.

Now, watched the video tutorial on this topic so that nothing seems complicated to you.

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