Best Motorcycle Lift Table For Harley Davidson To Buy In 2020

You may want to do a paint job on your motorcycle, you may even want to modify the machinery by adding or removing parts, or you may simply want to clean your vehicle. All these actions require some level of bending by a human that causes stress on the neck and back muscles.

Only the best motorcycle lift table for Harley can help in bringing the vehicle above the ground to a suitable height that does not require the person working on the bike to bend and strain their back.

Best Motorcycle Lift Table For Harley Davidson Comparison Table

The lifts may be functioning via hydraulics, air, mechanics, or simply a stand. Multiple easy fixes such as changing fluids, tire placement, or exhaust maintenance can be done without having to kneel or lay on the ground for long durations.  I have prepared a comparison table for you of such tables.

OTC Motorcycle Lift
  • Capacity: 1500 lbs.
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Extreme Max
  • Capacity: 1000 lbs.
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Goplus Bike Hoist
  • Capacity: 1500 lbs.
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Orion Scissor Lift
  • Capacity: 1000 ~ 1200 lbs.
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  • Capacity: 1100 lbs.
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Motorcycle Lift Table For Harley Reviews 2020

Below, I have curated a guide to navigating you through the five best motorcycle life tables in the market. Keep reading to gather some knowledge and make a wise choice when you decide to invest in one.

OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift

OTC (Owatonna Tool Company) is an impeccable technician-task optimizing brand where employees use their vast ocean of expertise in high-quality tools and provide clients with the best equipment they need for diverse kinds of projects. Be it a hydraulic motorcycle lift, electric motorcycle lift table, or a heavy-duty truck service tool – OTC has it all.

best motorcycle lift table for Harley from OTC
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This motorcycle lift portrays an elegant design with minimalistic fittings but maximum effectiveness. It does not matter if your Harley Davidson weighs over 1200 lbs as this lift can handle vehicles weighing up to 1500 lbs. Their after-sales service is awesome, and if any kind of structural damage occurs to the lift.

The skids can extend to a distance of 17-inches. This permits the widest of cruisers to be worked upon without the hassle of balancing or forcing your vehicle on the lift. The best part is that the motorcycle lift table’s handle can be detached so that the worker gets 360 degrees access to the vehicle that is being repaired.

Are you a short person, or are you on the taller side? It does not matter. This OTC 1545 motorcycle lift offers height flexibility ranging from 3 ½ inches to 16 ¾ inches. You can stand or sit on a stool and conveniently work on any part of your vehicle without having to stress your body by the slightest amount.

OTC focusses on manufacturing easy-to-use tools for mechanics or individuals who believe in self-repair. I must say, with such a massive weight capacity and height flexibility, the odds of you finding a feature-wise diverse motorcycle life table as such is pretty low.

Pros & Features

  • Foot pedal release mechanism to keep your table stable at all times.
  • Locking rear casters to ensure your table does not slide away while working on it.
  • Automatic safety lock features for a double-layered safety mechanism.
  • A set of ratcheting tie-down straps for getting a stronghold of your bike on the table.
  • Loading capacity can manage vehicles as heavy as 1500 lbs.
  • Detachable motorcycle handle for accessibility to all ends of the motorcycle.


  • Poor quality hydraulic valve offering no control over the descent rate.
  • Bent bars indicate low-quality factory welding.


Extreme Max

It’s time to maintain and clean your motorcycles with this professional motorcycle lift table. Extreme Max is more than just a brand offering the most brawny and durable Scissor Jack that lifts any street bike, touring/adventure bike, or even cruisers too.

Extreme Max motorcycle scissors jack
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When you lift the motorcycle this motorcycle jacks give unbreakable support to ensure your vehicle does not experience a strain of damage. It can be easily operated by hand for any individual as long as a 7” or 8” socket/wrench is used.

It is recommended that you do not use a powered drill or strong wrench to operate the motorcycle jack as this provides strength to an extent that is not required.

To guarantee no slipping instances of the jack by its users, it is designed with a wide platform that would be in contact with the larger area of your motorcycle when lifted up. Thereby, it provides more stability, erasing the possibility of slippage in the process.

Due to the rubber padding on the surface, it protects your motorcycle from any scrapings, scuffings, etc. It is handy due to its flexibility – highly expandable up to 14 inches as well as compressible to a height of 3-3/8 inches. The padding platform has been engineered with materials that impart a long-lasting effect.

The major component used in this lift table is a strong steel metal to create an unparalleled, criss-cross Scissor Jack to give more strength for weight lifting capacity. Also, expect a comfortable and smooth maintenance medium for repairing your motorcycle with this Extreme Max Scissor Jack at an affordable cost.

Pros & More Features

  • Easily extends up to a height reaching 14 inches.
  • Durable and hardcore rubber on padding platform.
  • Heavy-duty steel frame to ensure more strength and support.
  • Effortlessly hand-operated Scissor using socket and wrench.
  • Highly stable due to its larger area of contact with the motorcycle.
  • Extremely high weight-lifting capacity of up to 1100 lbs.
  • Prevents breaking and bending due to the heavy-duty steel material used.


  • Reports suggest faulty information regarding the weight capacity of the Scissor Jack
  • Loose-fitting of provided bolts.
  • Can not accommodate trikes of any size.


Goplus Hydraulic Scissor Bike Hoist 

Have you heard of a quad bike lift table that has anti-corrosion steel, high loading capacity, fully adjustable height, swivel casters, and heavy-duty steel while maintaining an eye-catching design? If not, then this motorcycle scissor jack by Goplus is precisely what you must be checking out.

Goplus Hydraulic Scissor Bike Hoist 
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The mechanism has been carefully engineered to impart a comfortable lifting process, whether it is a Harley, a mountain bike, road bike, or a quad bike. Do you simply want to store your motorcycle at height because you consider it a highly valuable possession, or do you need to perform a maintenance check thoroughly?

The maximum extendable height of 17 and 3/8 inches makes it perfect for such purposes. You can also make use of the multiple safety locking positions and layers to feel comfortable that your bike is not going to fall off and get the slightest of scratches.

You will find attached swivel casters that allow the wheel to rotate in any direction due to the fork’s 360-degree flexibility. This is an exceptional feature if you require to frequently transport your motorcycle without having to ride it or even if you need to position it alternatively on your site of work.

Also, the legs and bars of this lift table are unlike most motorcycle lift tables due to its black powder-coated finishing touch. This contributes to a high level of weather resistance, reducing the chances of material corrosion and rust to take place.

Pros & More Features 

  • Solid heavy-duty steel offering an unbreakable and anti-rust lift table.
  • Surface of the table is coated with non-slip materials to ensure safety.
  • Small 2-wheeled and 3-wheeled vehicles can be lifted to a height of 17 and 3/8 inches.
  • Swivel casters allow hassle-free lift table movement and efficient vehicle transportation.
  • Big-sized lift table handle allows more comfortable navigation of the motorcycle on the table.
  • Loading capacity of 1500 lbs makes it suitable for most motorbikes.
  • Diverse functionality enables the placement of jet skis, quad bikes, ATVs and even motorbikes.


  • Split/cotter pin falls off often – a solution is needed for 100 percent safety assurance.
  • Welding has proven to be a problem (like most motorcycle lift tables).


Orion Motor Tech

OMT (Orion Motor Tech) has done extensive research on high-grade motorcycle lifts before improvising and innovatively creating a jack, especially for street bikes, cruisers and adventure touring. If you use a dirt bike, UTV, ATV, or snowmobile, then this product does not suit your requirements.

Orion Motor Tech
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The body of this motorcycle jack has been manufactured using heavy-duty steel, thus imparting durability. Also, the red and black painted rods have undergone painting with a material that permits easy cleaning when the dropping of oil for Harley Davidson, grease, and sticky liquids occurs. Basically, it is coated by dirt-resistant paints.

There is an instruction panel that teaches a user to lift/pull-down the motorcycle via manipulating the horizontally positioned metallic sleeve. Make sure you do not use any kind of powered drill or impact wrench as this proves unnecessary and can lead to damage to the nuts and bolts of your scissor lift jack.

Compared to other motorcycle lift tables, this table offers a much lower height extension of a maximum height of 13 and 2/5 inches. Also, the maximum weightage capacity comes up to 1200 lbs. The platform dimension decides the load-bearing capacity. Thus, you can expect a slightly smaller base.

Features & Pros

  • High-grade steel for imparting meager breaking episodes.
  • Rubber base of the table is thick enough for minimal wear and tear.
  • Dirt-resistant and anti-corrosive painting imparts product longevity.
  • Handle is a metallic sleeve that can be operated in both directions.
  • 1200 loading capacity proves enough for all cruisers, street bikes, and adventure bikes.
  • Package comes with protective gloves and a well-curated instruction panel.


  • Narrow platform can prove undesirable for owners of bigger bikes.
  • Hand crank proves to be difficult to operate.

Liftmaster Wide Deck 

Liftmaster is here for all motorcycle enthusiasts who do not have upscale requirements and function with medium-sized vehicles without much additional equipment that increases weight. This is a small, compact and stationary-use life table.

Liftmaster Wide Deck 
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This motorcycle lift vehicle hoist has been painted and coated with blue and black paints to provide greater resistance to scratches, corrosion, rust, and extreme weather changes. In fact, even the steel that has been painted is made of high-grade materials that come with little possibility of breaking.

Whether you want to repair your Harley Davidson, Fatboy, Indian Scout Sixty, Suzuki C90T, Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 Classic, or your Triumph Bobber, this motorcycle lift table proves to fit the requirement of most motorcycle models.

The 10.6-inch wide deck can be utilized to its maximum extent and vehicles can be easily moved up or down due to the effective and efficient crank operation mechanism. They have focused on building a safe to use and effortless crank operation so that users do not make the mistake mentioned below.

Like most motorcycle lift table manufacturers mention, even Liftmaster says that you must under no circumstance use an impact wrench or powered drill. This loosens the set screw on the collar, which eventually impacts the main screw and slips the collar out of position.

Features & Pros

  • High-grade steel construction for greater durability which is a must for all motorcycle jacks.
  • Diverse use lets it accommodate ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes and a variety of motorcycle models.
  • Width of the motorcycle jack is 10.6 inches making it wide enough for most bikes.
  • Easy-to-use crank operation.
  • Compact design – can be used in the garage, shop or on the track itself.


  • Disclaimer regarding using an impact wrench is missing in most places.
  • Threaded rod and bearing may fail after substantial usage.
Buying Guide For The Best Motorcycle Lift Table For Harley

motorcycle lift table for harley davidson

Depending on your type of Harley Davidson you got or any other bike (ATV, UTV, mountain bike, street bike, racing bike), the weight of the bike, cost of the bike, frequency of motorcycle usage, etc. you must decide which motorcycle jack to invest in. You will be needing it to install any other upgrades like FP3 fuel management system, rear shocks to you HD.

Rather than shelling out a hundred or more dollars only to realize that this purchase is inappropriate with respect to your requirements and you need to go through the hassle of replacing the product, you must simply do your research before hitting the market.

Below are few factors related to a motorcycle lift table that you must take consideration –

  • Maximum Weight Capacity – Imagine waiting two weeks for your motorcycle lift to arrive and then upon arrival, realizing that this product cannot handle anything that weighs over 600 to 800 lbs. If your bike weighs above 1000 lbs, then this entire cycle would prove to be wasteful and invaluable.

Make sure you check your bike’s weight and your motorcycle lift’s maximum loading capacity before you decide to pick it up/order it from the internet.

  • Design – Design not only means the looks of the motorcycle jacks. It also means how efficient and effective it is in terms of functionality. Choose a motorcycle lift that is compact and easy to transport; nothing better than purchasing a foldable product. For it to be accessible to transport and store, it is mandatory to be on the lighter side in terms of weight.

You must also think about how stable your bike would be on any specific motorcycle lift. To understand the stability parameter better, you must be aware of the distance between the two opposite ends of the lift that is responsible for supporting the entire structure of the product and the bike.

The surface area of the motorcycle width must be large enough to ensure greater load-bearing capacity. Also, the base of the lift must be padded with rubber so as to ensure minimal or no damage at all is done to the bike while doing any service, maintenance, or installation operations.

  • What type of Motorcycle Lift do you need?

Now, there are a number of different kinds of motorcycle lifts. Almost always, all kinds of lifts are compatible with all sorts of motorcycles. Depending on the preference of the user, one can opt to purchase a unique type of motorcycle lift.

Some of them are floor jacks, hydraulic lifts, hi-lifts, mechanically operated lifts, bottle jacks, stands, scissor lifts, etc. The most common of all motorcycle lifts are mechanical lifts and floor jacks due to their ease-of-use mechanism and convenience in operation.

The former can be operated via the use of a handle; the lift platform can be raised or lowered by simply turning the handle in either direction. Whereas the latter is popular amongst low unit operations due to the optimized maneuvering process.

  • Cost – An expensive motorcycle lift does not mean it will fit your purpose. Even a medium-priced motorcycle lift can offer you the required features that fit your use of the purchase. The best way to go about this is first to understand the maintenance requirement of your bike, then deciding a budget.
Final Verdict

As this purchase usually turns out to be a long-term investment, it is vital that you perform substantial amounts of insightful research regarding your bike’s maintenance needs, specifications of motorcycle lifts, and the manufacture responsible for the production of these units.

The motorcycle lift tables mentioned above are amongst the most durable, reliable, pocket-friendly, and compact products you will find in the market. Carefully read through all the pros and cons and compare them to your needs. And I am pretty sure, you will find the best motorcycle lift table for Harley Davidson from my above-recommended list.

The entire purpose of curating this comprehensive guide was to simplify your decision-making process in deciding which motorcycle lift would help you perform the best job on your Harley. At the same time, you do not strain your body.

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