Best Climbing Helmet Review 2020 [With Video Reviews & Demos]

If you love to climb rocks or even mountaineering, the best climbing helmet is a must device to have since it protects your head from getting hit in case a solid object like a rockfall on you.

These are designed with various features such as the vents that allow the free flow of air and straps to ensure that you get firm fitting of the mask. So make sure to choose the right climbing helmet that will fit your head and be comfortable as well.

Recommended Best Climbing Helmets

I have made the following comparison table based on experienced mountain climbers’ recommendations. All are of high-quality and loved by the huge number of people. They meet all the required standards as well.


Black Diamond Vapor
  • Sizes: 3
  • Colors: 5
  • Speacial Feat.: Headlight clip
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Black Diamond
  • Sizes: 2
  • Colors: 5
  • Speacial Feat.: Headlamp clip
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Petzl Vertex
  • Sizes: 2
  • Colors: 6
  • Speacial Feat.: Headlamp clip
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Petzl – ELIOS
  • Sizes: 48 – 56 cm
  • Colors: 1
  • Speacial Feat.: Sliding Shutters
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Mammut Skywalker 2
  • Sizes: Common
  • Colors: 1
  • Speacial Feat.: Headlamp clips
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Petzl Pro Vertex
  • Sizes: Common
  • Colors: 6
  • Speacial Feat.: unventilated shell
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Mammut Wall Rider
  • Sizes: 2
  • Colors: 2
  • Speacial Feat.: chin strap
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Top 11 Climbing Helmet Reviews

Now that you have my recommended climbing helmets, it’s time to dive into the detailed review. In addition to the above 3, I have reviewed 8 more of them.

Black Diamond Vapor Climbing Helmet

Available in 2 sizes: medium and large. People with large heads have appreciated it greatly because of the perfect size. Like so many climbers, you will fall in love with its uncompromised safety and comfortability features.

You need ultralight outdoor gears; at least that what the pro do, right? Being extremely lightweight but super sturdy, this one is a must-have outdoor gear to make your climbing really safe.

best climbing helmet from Black Diamond
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Hikers call the Black Diamond vapor so lightweight that sometimes they forget it’s on their head. It’s really an amazing experience. With a little bit of climbing involved, it’s a great lightweight mountaineering helmet climbing helmet for longer hiking. The coverage is really awesome with more than enough for the back and front.

It’s a headlamp compatible model and you will love the fact that how easy it is to set your headlamp. Also, if you don’t like the fact that it sits high on your head, you will definitely like this low profile climbing helmet.

It will fit well on your head no matter what the shape of your head or size. All the buckles and straps will help you fit it on your head without any trouble. You will find the Black Diamond vapor super useful even in the super hot weather of the summer. All the adjustments are so cool and it will stay put without giving you any trouble.

It’s expensive too, so don’t compare it with other cheap climbing helmets. Lots of people like climbers, hikers, and even people from the gutter business have confirmed that this climbing helmet really deserves this price. Already saved the lives of a lot of rock climbers from falling rocks!

Why Should You Buy Black Diamond Vapor?

  • A great one with 3 ultras: lightweight, breathable, low-profile.
  • With the open-air design, there will be plenty of air to keep your head cool. Very important!
  • Comes in multiple sizes like the small/medium/large. Irrespective of the size and shape of your head, with its ratchet adjuster, it will fit well.
  • Keep in mind the if your head size is between 21-23 inches or 53-59 cm, choose the small/medium one. But if the size is between 23-25 in 58-63 cm, get the large one.
  • 4 super cool colors like envy green, blizzard, fire red, and steel grey.
  • Made from EPS foam with a polycarbonate shell. For your maximum protection, kevlar sheets and some carbon rods used.
  • Not just for rock climbing, Black Diamond vapor is perfect for wall rider and as skiing helmet. You can put a thin hat underneath it and you are good to go!
  • Great recommendations from the fellow climbers. Check for yourself!

Cons of Black Diamond Vapor

  • Some experienced climbers expressed their concerns regarding their durability. They say it’s get dented easily.
  • Though deserves every penny, it is really expensive in comparison with its counterparts.

Black Diamond Half Dome

Half Dome from Black Diamond
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With multiple sizes, colors, and other good features, Black Diamond Half Dome is a great one that sits comfortably on your head, unlike other half-sized climbing helmets. It is designed in a lightweight material that allows the user to wear it for long hours.

The inner parts of the Black Diamond Half Dome helmet are padded with a cushion which is essential for protecting your skin and head from the rough feel of the shell. The good part is that it can fit almost all heads since it comes with a custom wheel adjuster which enables one to adjust the Velcro for a more comfortable fit on the head.

You can work with it at any time of the day or even in the dark area since the availability of the headlamp which is attached to an item allows one to have ample view.

Also, the Black Diamond Half Dome is suitable for people who require a versatile device for either climbing the rocks or the tree. It comes in different colors which show that even women can comfortably rock it.

Its high quality such that even after dropping it a few times or also getting hit by the rock, it does not readily crack or break. You can wear it no matter the weather condition since it has openings that allow the free flow of air during the hot seasons.

Black Diamond Half Dome will enable you to work comfortably and comfortable as well without getting all sweaty on the head. Aside from these great features, it does not cost much as compared to others hence making it one of the cheapest rock climbing helmet on the market with higher quality.

Features and pros.

  • It features lightweight built which makes it comfortable to wear all day long. Great ventilation has made it suitable to wear for a very long time.
  • The inside part of the shell consists of padding which is essential for providing comfort to the head.
  • Black Diamond Half Dome features a wheel adjuster which is crucial to ensuring excellent fitting according to the wearer’s size.
  • The presence of the headlamp allows one to use the mask evenly on the dark areas.
  • It comes in two sizes for users to choose from. Meaning even a kid can find the right size of it.


  • Black Diamond Half Dome is only suitable for mountaineering and climbing rocks.
  • Not much padding in the back.
  • Not suitable for too small kids.

Petzl Vertex Vent 2

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This is the most effective mountaineering helmet since it consists of a shock absorption mechanism that ensures that your head is safe and protected. It comes in different colors for one to choose from according to their taste.

Unlike other traditional climbing helmets, Petzl is crafted in a way that you wouldn’t worry about losing it since you can secure it from the chin. It is equipped with a sturdy chin strap that is adjustable to different sizes to firmly fit.

You can use it even during the hot season due to the presence of the vent holes on the side which are essential for allowing free flow of air inside it. Note that the vent also adjusts as you adjust it thus ensuring that you still get enough airflow.

Other features that a lot of customers have found useful on this climbing helmet include the six-point suspension essential for conforming to the shape of the head. This makes it comfortable and comfortable for it to be worn by different people with different sized heads.

It is designed in a way that allows you to focus on your climbing experience without the need to keep on entering the device. It has a center fit adjustment system which allows one to adjust the headband hence keeping it on the center side of the head for comfort. Here is the official video demonstration on the VERTEX series from Petzl.

Features and pros.

  • It features shock absorption that keeps your head safe after getting hit by an object.
  • The presence of the chain strap allows one to have a secure fastening of it. More than 50 daN chinstrap!
  • It has 6 point suspense that takes the shape of one’s head for a comfortable fitting.
  • You can mount a headlamp as well.


  • It only protects your head from getting hit by a falling object. Thus it is not ideal for other activities like cycling.

Petzl Helmet- ELIOS

Petzl Elios
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It comes in two sizes which are size one and size two. Note that these sizes are adjustable although size one is ideal for women since it is made in a small structure.

You can use it for caving since it has headlamp clips where you can place your headlight while moving. It is adjustable as well. Meaning, you can either increase its size or decrease it depending on your comfort needs.

The outer shell is designed with ABS plastic material to ensure its durability even after getting hit by a definite object. Other activities that are ideal for use with this Petzl helmet climbing include mountaineering, caving, and also climbing.

If you are going to areas that have high temperatures may be in the caves, you can create a fresh warmth around the head area by adjusting the heat vents. This makes it be ideal for use in all seasons.

Aside from the chin strap, it has a headband that is also adjustable to achieve a secure fitting when in use. You can either adjust its size while wearing it or not.

Aside from the excellent features that are found on this one, it is also sold at a great deal making it ideal for people who need a pocket-friendly lightweight helmet for outdoor climbing. Here is a video review of it from an expert.

Features and pros

  • Side buckles which are essential for adjusting it to achieve a comfortable fitting.
  • Features ABS materials that ensure its durability even after long use.
  • Contains four integrated clips that are ideal for firmly holding the headlamp.


  • Some customers have complained about it not having suspensions like the older versions.

Mammut Skywalker 2

Mammut skywalker
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If you need a rock climbing helmet that you can use for adventurous activities like mountain climbing or cave, then Mammut climbing helmet is the perfect choice for you. It has space for equipping a headlamp for ample visibility when one is moving in the dark areas.

It is voted as the greatest protective gear from falling objects especially during hurricanes or even while hiking. You don’t need to worry about getting all sweaty when using it during the sunny times as the ten equipped vents allow your head to breath freely.

The outer shell is made of plastic that is durable and does not easily get broken in case it gets hit by a hard object. Whether you have a small head or your head is a bit bigger, all can wear it.

This is possible due to the presence of the thumbwheel which enables one to adjust it to get a comfortable fit smoothly. It is light in weight as it only weighs around 380 grams plus it can fit heads which measures from 53 to 61 cm.

Features and pros.

  • Ten equipped ventilation holes which allow the air to circulate the head freely.
  • Measures 380 grams making it ideal for use for a long time.
  • Has a thumb adjustable wheel which will enable one to get a good fit according to their head size.
  • The outer parts are made of plastic for easy and comfortable fitting as well.
  • The chin strap is ideal for providing a secure fitting.


  • It is not suitable for biking or skiing.

Petzl Pro Vertex CSA Professional

Petzl CSA
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Aside from providing safety for your head area, It has been designed in a sleek look that makes it look elegant on your head. It is suitable for use by different people due to the six webbing suspension that conforms with different heads for comfort purposes.

This also acts as a shock-absorbent in case one gets hit by a falling object. You don’t have to worry about it falling off while climbing since the sides has straps that are buckled around the chin for secure holding of it.

It has a lightweight structure that ensures that your head does not get too heavy after wearing it for a long time.

The majority of people recommend using this climbing helmet are the mountaineers since it has side slots that are essential for protecting their hearing organs.

Features and pros.

  • The six-point webbing suspension is critical since it provides an excellent conform of the head to the helmet for comfortable fitting.
  • It has a lightweight structure that allows one to use it for long hours without getting tired.
  • Comes in different colors for one to choose from.
  • It has chin straps that are ideal for offering a secure grip of it to prevent it from falling off the head.


  • It is not designed with ventilation areas to allow the free flow of air. So it can get quite uncomfortable after long use of it.

Mammut Wall Rider Review

Let me start by telling you a little story. A couple went to wall climbing. Both of them had it during the whole climbing. When they were almost finished, the wife fell.

Mammut wall rider

She fell pretty bad and her head was hit by the wall. The anxious husband rushed to her and found she was pretty okay with some scratch only. But the most astonishing fact is that her wife even did not notice her head was hit by the wall!

Like this couple, so many other climbers had the same experience. It is pretty new in the market with a few reviews. I urge you to read these reviews to verify such amazing stories.

Being ultra-lightweight, it’s so comfortable to wear all day long. The fit is really great with more than enough adjustments. You really should not worry about the size. Try to get the right size, but if it does not fit well; you have nothing to worry about. Contact the seller for a change.

The price of Mammut wall rider is really unbeatable but the quality is really high. Some say it’s a lot of improvement than the Black Diamond model. Incredible ventilation for greater airflow and super comfortable. It’s so lightweight that like most other climbers, you will forget it is on your head.

Because of the price, people call it an incredible deal because of the quality it offers. With tough outer shell and comfy inside, it’s really a good deal! Just give it a touch and you will understand how durable it gonna be.

Features of Mammut Wall Rider

  • With partial hard shell, it is basically made of EPP plastic. The robust hard shell ensures the climber’s maximum security during the hard fall on the rock or to protect your head from falling rocks.
  • Great headlamp compatibility with 2 clips on the front and back.
  • Comfortable padding with large ventilation for heat discharge and great air circulation.
  • Ultra-lightweight, weighs only 15.8 ounces with an overall dimension of 11 x 9 x 7 inches.
  • Available in two sizes like 52-57cm & 56-61cm.
  • It comes in 4 colors like Chill, Night, Surf, and White. Check all the colors you must say it looks awesome!
  • Minimal adjustment system to keep things easy to manage.
  • It’s a low profile lightweight helmet, so it won’t make your head look like an egghead.
  • Ergonomic design to cover all the sides of your head. In the case of swinging falls, this feature will be really helpful.
  • Experienced climbers have recommended it for sport climbing, trad climbing, and alpine climbing.
  • For the price, most people have described it as another great climbing helmet for large heads that they have ever seen in their reviews on various e-commerce sites.

PETZL Sirocco

I think a complete promo video on the Sirocco from PETZL will tell a lot: So, watch the video first then I will talk about it later.

Pretty cool, right?

Sirocco is specifically designed to make it perfect for rock climbing so that climbers can protect their heads from falling rocks. To do so, PETZL has made it as the lightest one. Ever had the feeling that your skull is being pinched or rubbed while wearing such a great model?

Petzl Sirocco
Click on the image to check price on Amazon

With the intelligent interior design of the Sirocco, you won’t face such troubles at all. That is a verified fact by a lot of experienced rock climbers. If you are familiar with its previous version, this is a way much-upgraded version of the previous Sirocco.

For mountain climbing, you need to go ultra-lightweight of everything. Not just mountain climbing, you need to go lightweight in ski touring (did you know it is CE ski touring helmet certified?) and rock climbing too.

It’s lighter than its previous version and has a better fit for the back of your head. Being lightweight does not mean it can’t protect your head greatly, in fact, it has done it already for a lot of climbers.

With its adjustable headband and chin strap, it fits you completely, however you are recommended to get the right size for your head. It features the Petzl patented magnetic buckle system to fasten the chin strap to ensure the right fit.

For your enhanced protection, you will love its head-covering shape and intelligently lower read. For maximum comfort, excellent ventilation is really priceless! These are some pretty good reasons why climbers call it one of the best climbing helmets.

Pros of Petzl Sirocco

Not just some pros, I would like to mention some of its technical aspects as well. It’s a life-saving climbing gear, right? Spend some time to learn all about it.

  • For maximum protection and durability, the construction is hybrid with shell in EPP foam and EPS foam.
  • You are perfectly safe from the side, front and rear impacts.
  • Great combination of color for amazing look like the black/orange combo, white/orange combination, black, and white.
  • Weighs only 5.6 ounces with an overall dimension of 15 inches’ x 10 inches’ x 7 inches.
  • Available in multiple sizes like small/medium, and medium/large. You know it’s really hard to find the perfect size for people with large head sizes.  Well, guess what a lot of people with large heads have confirmed that they have found it to fit really well. Great compatibility with other outdoor gear like VIZION eye shield.
  • Excellent features to attach the headlamp to the headlamp.

Cons of Sirocco

I tried to find some of its problems/bad reviews, but could not. Probably it’s because it’s in the market for a very few time. However, Petzl itself has published the following fact voluntarily which I think you should really know.

  • Not EN 1077 standard certified for alpine ski helmets.

PETZL Picchu

For the youngster, this is undoubtedly a top-rated rock climbing helmet. What worries most when your mini climber like to climb? Her safety, right? With the Picchu, forget your safety concern. So many parents have recommended it for their loved ones, and no one raised any safety concerns.

Petzl Picchu
Click on the image to read more reviews on Amazon

With most kids climbing helmets, the main problem is well fit because of the lack of adjustable cheek straps. From 1 year to 8 years, the size is just perfect for every kid. Though the color is mainly feminine, kids with the opposite gender do not mind it at all.

It will grow as your kid grows, thanks to the easy to adjust rear assembly! Asked severed kids around 3 to 8 years, all of them confirmed that it fits comfortably. Even several adult female climbers have confirmed it fits perfectly. Yous should test it though as soon as you get the delivery.

Yes, it’s a little bit expensive climbing gear, but the quality and durability justify every penny.

The finish and workmanship are just elegant. If you are fed up with the shoddy look of other cheap climbing helmets, take a deep look at this climbing helmet. Petzl has made it only for the kids, so it will look natural on your youngster.

In comparison with other brands like  Diamond kids, several parents have confirmed that Picchu fits better than its counterparts. Confirmed snug fit and once set, it won’t move or jostle at all.  From rock climbing to tree climbing, your little one can use it for any type of climbing including for biking too.

Why Picchu Is Better Than Others?

  • Available in 2 colors like Raspberry and Coral.
  • Perfectly designed for the shape of the kid’s head. If the size of your kid’s head is between 18 to 21 inches, it’s a perfect size!
  • It’s perfect for a lot of purposes. Your kid can use it for rock and tree combing,  cycling, and any other outdoor activities where the head safety is really important and a top priority for you.
  • Climbing certified (meets CE EN 12492-UIAA standards) & meets both the U.S. & E.U. standards for cycling.
  • To make it lightweight and durable, it features a molded ABS shell. It can absorb the impacts from anything, thanks to the expanded polystyrene liner.
  • Great compatibility for headlamp attachment. You will love the wide range of adjustability. Not so complex, you can adjust everything so quickly!
  • Proper side ventilation and webbing for maximum comfort.
  • Whereas there are lots of complaints about helmets for kids climbing regarding not fitting great or not so safe, this is a gem. Read some parent’s reviews about this climbing helmet before you make your decision.  

Cons of Petzl Picchu

  • It’s not so masculine.
  • Expensive for a kids foam helmet.
  • Not perfect for skiing because of no insulation.

Fusion Meka

Fusion Meka
Click on the image to check price on Amazon

Aside from using it for climbing purposes, you can as well use it when caving since it offers the same support. It is nicely made using a hard outer shell that protects one from getting hit by hard objects.

The inner sides are equipped with double padding which is ideal for safeguarding your head area and providing a comfortable space as well. It is light in weight which makes it the most suitable helmet for women as well.

Note that it does not contain adjustable straps and this maybe be uncomfortable for some users. Some customers find it useful for use even during the night since it consists of space for adhering a headlamp for ample visibility.

Some users have also recommended it to be used by people who are involved in the industrial sector since it ensures that the head is adequately protected from any injuries.

It has a total of 10 ventilation holes which allows the air to get in hence keeping your head fresh and free from sweating. For ample protection of the hearing organs, it has two slots that provide space for mounting the hearing protectors for people working in noisy areas.

It is quite light in weight since it only weighs about 0.7 pounds while the outer plastic shell is made of sturdy and durable materials for extended usage.

Features and pros.

  • Has 10 ventilation holes which are essential for allowing breathability and protecting the head from getting sweaty.
  • It is crafted in lightweight which makes it easy and comfortable to wear for long hours.
  • Has two slot holes that provide space for equipping the hearing protection system.
  • The outer shell has a durable and robust material for extended usage.


  • Although it is equipped with straps around the chain, it is not adjustable. Meaning that you have to measure the sizing while at the shape if you want to get a complete fitting headgear.


Click on the image to check price on Amazon

Tontron has been tested for safety and approved to be among the safest climbing helmets for use in various activities like climbing also in industrial areas. It is light in weight but offers ample protection on the head area all the time.

It has four vents on the side to allow free passage of fresh air to keep your head cool and free from headaches. It can be used in the dark area since the presence of the clips on the sides enables one to fix a headlamp for easy and enough visibility.

It can be worn by different sized heads since the headband is adjustable for comfortable fitting.

The outer shell is crafted using ABS shell which is essential for protecting the head from getting hit or feeling the impact in case a solid object falls on it. They are designed in different colors for one to choose from.

Considering Factors To Buy Your Best Climbing Helmets

mountain climbing helmet

Yes, you are having it for safety purposes, but there are a lot of other things to ensure the safety of your head. Not all so-called climbing helmets can do that. To pick the right climbing helmet, spend some time to learn facts that will help you pick up the right climbing helmet for you.

  1. Materials Used

In respect of materials used, there are basically 2 types of them. With a tiny bit of hard shell, it is made of a lot of foam or with a tiny bit of foam, it is full of the hard shell.

But remember, a lot of hard shells also means too heavy too. I have explained the weight issue later.

  1. Safety Rating

Is your lightweight helmet offering the utmost safety? I don’t need to tell you that but as you know, rocks are pretty solid. It must endure the impact of the rock and protect your head.

You need to be prepared for all those sides and rear impacts, right? But how do you know which climbing helmet is the safest?

Now, many brands claim many things and attach various stickers to display their safety standards, but I would not completely trust them. Whereas every mountaineering helmet must meet the industry safety standards, you do really need the feedback from those who already use that climbing helmet. Because almost all of them are made of a hard plastic shell with a little bit of tweak.

So, I would say, read as many reviews as you can to get the ideas. That’s what I have done in my article. I reviewed only those climbing helmets that are recommended highly regarding their safety standards.

  1. Comfortability

It is not comfortable to wear; it is not safe for you. Let me put it this way. If it does not comfortably fit your head, you are not gonna wear it ultimately. Then, how can it protect you?

The comfortability largely depends on the shape of your head. Size of your head matters too. For large head, you need one of those climbing helmets for large heads, not the smaller heads.

If it is too heavy, it will make you less comfortable. So, the lightweight climbing helmet is the right climbing helmet that you can go for. And, the only way to ensure your comfort is to wear it.

As soon as you get it, try it on and if it is not comfortable, just return it.

  1. Right Size & Adjustment

Unless it is the right size, it won’t snug fit. Whereas the snug fit is very important, it has to be comfortable as well as I said above.

And don’t forget, there have to be flexible adjustments because you gonna need it when you go to different terrain or the environment is different. There are basically 2 adjustments in all such climbing helmets. There is one around the chin & other around the head.

Since they do not come in multiple sizes (almost 2 sizes for nearly every brand), you might find it difficult. To pick up the right size, you have to wear it & check it yourself using all those adjustments.

  1. Suspension System For Women

Women with long hair or ponytail can’t wear male models comfortably. Luckily, some brands like Petzl & Black Diamond climbing helmets offer some climbing helmets that will make women comfortable. These climbing helmets have an upward curve at the back of their heads. Some foam helmets have just the colors.

  1. Great Ventilation

Without proper ventilation, it will not make you uncomfortable, but also make your head sweaty and hot. So, make sure yours has a sufficient ventilation system.

Unlike motorcycle or triathlon helmet, manufacturers don’t have to worry about the aerodynamics much for mountaineering model. So, they put their every effort to make it comfortable giving their model great ventilation.

Now, with so many holes as the vents also make it a little less safe because thin pointy rock or ice shard may penetrate easily through those holes. If you are a winter climber, well, fewer vents may be actually good for you. But still, you will be needing some vents at least.

  1. Weight

It should not weigh more than 1 pound. Whereas there is a lightweight model having a weight of only 5mountain climbing to 6 ounces, there are lots of them with more than 2 pounds!

Now, why should you care about weight?

You seriously should. On multi-pitch climbing, you put on it early in the morning and will keep it until you are done. A heavy climbing helmet will cause you neck pain and make your climbing really painful.

  1. Durability

Remember I have recommended a lightweight model? Well, you should know that the more lightweight it is the less durable it is as well. Do you see the problem?

It has to be lightweight but on the other hand, it has to durable as well. This is where most non-brand climbing helmets get it wrong. Only very few prominent brands like Petzl have done this job in an excellent way.

All the climbing helmet reviews that I have written above are both lightweight and durable. Don’t take my word for it. Read yourself some customer reviews to verify it.

  1. Compatibility

By that I mean head-lamp compatible. Can you imagine climbing the mountain without the head-lamp? So, it has to be compatible with it right? Since climbing helmet has this compatibility, you should focus on how good it can hold the headlamp.

You will find some brands make it removable so that it has less weight, but I would not recommend them. Because those parts may fall off during the climbing and cause serious trouble.

Last Words On Mountaineering Helmet Reviews

If you need a budget climbing helmet that you can use for outdoor climbing activities like mountaineering, consider the above climbing helmets. Make sure to check the features to ensure your safety and also make sure it will provide a firm grip by checking its adjustability power.

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