Best Triathlon Helmet Reviews 2020 [Make Your Next Time Trial Exciting]

Triathlons are tough, no doubt about it and only athletes in the peak of their condition with the best triathlon helmet can perform well in them. In triathlons, seconds count. The ability to save even 2 seconds off your hardest time can mean the difference between a win and second place.

Indeed, It takes quite a bit of sound engineering to create the top-rated time trial helmet, and we’ve rounded up the highly recommended for you, right here.

Best Triathlon Helmet Comparison Table

Before you dive into the comprehensive TT helmet reviews, I would like to give you a brief comparison among them. That way, you can make a quick decision time. I will give you the in-depth reviews on each of them shortly.

Giro Aeon
  • Sizes: 3
  • Colors: 6+
  • Speacial Feat.: Roc Loc® 5
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Giro Air Attack
  • Sizes: 2
  • Colors: 2
  • Vents: 6
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Giro Aerohead
  • Sizes: 2+
  • Colors: 10+
  • Vents: 4
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Kask Protone
  • Sizes: 3
  • Colors: 15+
  • Lightweight?: Yes
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Giro Vanquish
  • Sizes: 3
  • Colors: 8
  • Fit: Roc Loc® Air
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Giro Air Attack
  • Sizes: 2
  • Colors: 3
  • Feats.: EPS Foam Liner
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  • Weights: 345 grams
  • Colors: N/A
  • Vents: 4
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Louis Garneau P-06
  • Construction: Bonded
  • Colors: N/A
  • Feats: Golf ball effect
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10 Triathlon Helmet Reviews 2020

As promised before, it’s time for the most comprehensive reviews on each of the above 3 recommended triathlon helmets. In addition to that, you will have 7 more reviews on other popular time trial helmets. All the information is based on users’ feedback.

Giro Aeon Helmet Review

When the weather is hot and you need one with great airflow, Giro Aeon is the one you need. It’s incredibly lightweight yet sturdy and durable.

But among all the Giro triathlon helmets, how strong is this?

Gero aeon tt helmet
Giro Aeon

Let’s say it has saved a lot of people from the deadly impact of accidents. Lots of people have reviewed it to be the strongest one out there yet it is lightweight!

It’s proven to fit your head with great comfort and no matter how deadly the encounter is, it will stay on and protect your head. Yes, it may get cracked but it will save your life doing so!

With the right size and placement of the holes, it offers you great ventilation. Lots of people have appreciated the cooling feature. Even after the longtime ride, you won’t sweat which is exactly what you need in the triathlon, right?

To control the adjustment to have a snug fit, it has a knob that will give you the exact fit. It comes in 3 sizes, so it will fit everyone’s head just right. You can comfortably fit your headband or sweat cap as well.

This is a much better bike helmet than any other brand in terms of ventilation, price, weight, and definitely protection. You won’t regret having it and it will pay off greatly when it will let you ride another day.

The incredible color variation has made it suitable for both men and women.

Features of Giro Aeon

Now, it’s time to give you some technical details to give you a complete Giro Aeon helmet review. That way, you will be able to make your decision.

  • Made of sturdy and high-quality plastic. It’s durable and will last until you break it in an accident.
  • Available in 3 sizes like small, medium, and largest. The largest size measures to 55-59 cm or 21.75-23.25 inches.
  • You can choose from 15+ colors range.
  • Use your 2 fingers to adjust the tightness while cycling with the Roc Loc® 5 fit system.
  • Perfect for women as well. There is plenty of room for your hairstyle.
  • Great cooling mechanism with the precision-engineered venting system.
  • If you are familiar with its predecessor, the weight is reduced by 28% with this bike helmet with excellent ventilation. A strong but lightweight one.
  • Soft and thin strap to make you feel comfortable during the whole time of cycling.
  • Even in the hot summer, triathlon is comfortable with this one.
  • So many repeated buyers have appreciated and recommended it for their friends and families.


Giro Air Attack Shield Helmet Review

giro air attack shield helmet
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If you’re looking for a stylish, well-ventilated one for those days you hit the track, or simply engage in a little, light afternoon racing, then the triathlon helmet can work wonders for your style.

This aerodynamic, efficient helmet has been manufactured with an in-mold polycarbonate shell, which is then FUSED to the expanded polystyrene layer, to keep it lightweight.

The Wind Tunnel Ventilation System by Gira uses 6 vents to ensure that your head will be continuously circulated by fresh, cool air, which is perfect for competitive cycling, or for those who live in warm, humid climates.

If you want to attach a face shield to the triathlon helmet, then you’re in luck. The removable Ziess visor can be attached using magnetic clips to your helmet, and can easily be flipped when needed.

The Carl Ziess visor protects your eyes from dust, dirt, debris, and bugs as you speed down the straight-away.

To help give you the perfect fit, the interior shell tightens by way of a retention dial with three different heights, as well as having a Roc Loc Air fit adjustment. Comfort is assured by way of the interior paddings X-Static Technology.

With X-Static Technology, real silver fibers are interwoven into the rest of the fabric and act as an antimicrobial.

Overall, this is a comfortable one that will give you a nice, snug fit during your ride, add to that your head will always remain cool due to the venting system. It’s built to be lightweight, competitive and gives you a solid aerodynamic ride.

Designed for sport, made for comfort, it is perfect cyclers engaged in competitive sports such as the triathlon, iron man, mountain biking, as well as the casual cyclist.

Standout Features and Pros

  • Wind Tunnel Ventilation System keeps your head cool as you ride.
  • X-Static Technology for comfort and anti-microbial effect.
  • Ziess Visor can be fitted using magnets.
  • Comfortable and aerodynamic design.
  • Lightweight, durable construction


  • Some may find the fit not snug enough for their head shape


Giro Aerohead MIPS

giro aerohead helmet
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If you are searching for one of the best aero helmets on the market, look no further. The Giro Aerohead MIPS triathlon helmet is a lightweight, durable with a sleek, stunning and functional aerodynamic design, and is the chosen road helmet for many professional cyclists such as Marcin Blaloblocki and Rohan Dennis.

Known as one of the most popular bike helmets on the market, the Giro Aerohead MIPS comes with a Carl Zeiss Optic Eye Shield to keep bits of road dust, small insects, and debris from interfering with your vision during your ride.

This shield is a flip-up that connects to your helmet using a magnetic lens anchor attachment.

The lightweight bike helmet is due to the in-mold, protective and durable polycarbonate shell. Ride free from worry, with the Giro’s MIPS system.

Head protection is provided by Giro’s own MIPS, or Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, which is proven to protect you against injury in case you fall, crash or have a collision with another rider.

When cycling out in the heat, it is vitally important that you keep cool, and with the four Wind Tunnel vents, that is just what you get. Air freely circulates around your head as you ride, as the vents suck in the cool air while moving the old, stale air out.

The road helmet with excellent ventilation also has over-brow ventilation which also contributes to keeping your head nice and cool.

It is designed for durability, comfort, and protection. Oliver Bridgewood, the writer at Cycling Weekly, gave it independent testing using 3 different riders and the results were: Aero Watts at 40kph: 200W (taped); Average system CdA: 0.236; Watt saving over baseline: 17Watts.

So, if you’re searching for one that will give you the utmost performance, and has been proven at races the like of Tour de France, then we suggest you look into the Aerohead MIPS.

Now, watch the video review from an expert about this helmet.

Standout Features and Pros of the Giro Aerohead Triathlon Helmet

  • Lightweight, durable polycarbonate shell.
  • MIPS, Multi-Directional Impact Protection System protects against head injuries.
  • Wind Tunnel Ventilation System technology ensures cool air moves in, and stale is pushed out.
  • Convenient flip-up Zeiss visor to protect your eyes from bugs, road dust, and debris.
  • Low drag, fast and can take much needed seconds off of your time.


There are not many cons that come with it, but there are users who wish it came with a wider color selection.


Bell Javelin Time Trial Helmet Reviews

Bell is the synonym of trust and every rider knows it. The Bell Javelin is a great one that actually can do the job perfectly and no one regretted having it. It has every feature to give you a cool racing experience and ensures the utmost safety for your head.

Bell Javelin Time Trial Helmet
Bell Javelin

The fit is great for any head size and head shape. The visor will make the real difference to give you trouble-free transition and many have confirmed it really cools.

I really need to talk about its safety features. Many participants from several triathlons have confirmed that the triathlon helmet really helped to protect their heads during deadly accidents. No severe injuries, no concussion at all.

It keeps your head relatively warm. So, if you race in a winter region, it will feel good. But in the warmer region, it may cause extra heat.

The weight of it is unbelievably light. It weighs only 380 grams. But as I said, don’t ever worry about safety due to the lightweight feature. It is really sturdy. You are free to go @ 25+ mph.

The lightweight and great ventilation ensure your utmost comfort during the whole tri race. There is so much love for it. A lot of racers call it an awesome one and recommended it to their fellow racers.

People who have already used a lot of different TT helmets in the past have praised it greatly.

Why TT Racers Love It?

Other than sleek design & comfortability, there are pretty good reasons why time travel lovers love it. Here are a few of them:

  • Comes in 3 sizes like small/medium/large. Perfect for everyone. In centimeter, the measurement is 59 cm for medium and 62 cm for large.
  • Numerous color combinations to match your preference.
  • Features TAG (Twin Axis Gear) fit system to ensure a superior fit. It’s adjustable, so you can adjust it as per your head size and shape.
  • If you want to wear earbuds with it, you are good to go.
  • Great removable visor (if it is scorching heat, just remove it). Very optically clear. In fact, you may not have to wear sunglasses during the transition.
  • Trouble-free pulling on/off of the helmet due to the inbuilt SeamFlex ear flaps.
  • Great aerodynamics. Won’t be a problem even if it is very windy.
  • Sleek design and stylish look.
  • Antimicrobial padding for long-lasting comfort.
  • Lots of appreciation and recommendation from experienced TT racers.

Cons of Bell Javelin

  • Not much padding at the top of it.
  • In hot weather, you will sweat more.
  • Some racers confirmed it does not make them go faster as claimed.

Louis Garneau P-06

louis garneau helmet
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The CPSC-ASTM-CEN certified Louis Garneau P-06 triathlon helmet is tough, comfortable and easy to wear, and perfect for time trials, triathlons, and general weekend cycling.

It is durable, manufactured with bonded construction and specially designed for those of you who want the top of the line performance found in higher-end helmets.

The sleek, aerodynamic design’s pointed end tail ensures that air will flow evenly, helping you slice through any wind.

If you are worried about sweat dripping down your forehead during a long race, don’t be, as the Louis Garneau P-06 is designed with Moisture Evacuation Channels, which ensure you get ample air circulation.

The 5 vent airflow is also increased by what is called the ‘Golf Ball Effect’, which refers to the textured front of the helmet with excellent ventilation which guarantees laminar airflow as well as assists in making it more wind resistant.

As far as support, the P-06 has got you covered via its Spiderlock Pro II Stabilizing System. This system is composed of a ventilated, polymer neck support for easy one-handed adjusting during your ride, just by adjusting the indented, anti-slip dial to several positions.

It’s Steplock Divider refers to a Cam locking system which assists you when adjusting your strap. The Sealed Airdry Padding has an ergonomic design to ensure the ultimate comfort during a long ride.

Totally machine washable, the Sealed Airdry Padding is easy to launder as well, simply remove it from your helmet and toss it into your machine. It is lightweight at only 11.8 ounces.

Standout Features and Pros of the Louis Barneau P-06

  • Light at only 11.8 ounces.
  • The top is designed with indents, or ‘dimples’ similar to a golf ball to aid in minimizing air resistance.
  • Aerodynamic, sleek, streamlined design with a pointed tail helps to move air to the back.
  • Spiderlock Pro II Stabilizing System ensures comfort and ease of adjustment while riding.
  • Steplock Divider system uses a Cam locking system for a tight strap.
  • Sealed Airdry Padding ensures comfort during a long ride, ergonomically designed and machine washable


  • Some riders may find the Steplock Divider system does not keep their helmet steady enough

Giro Advantage 2

giro advantage helmet
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The CPSC certified Giro Advantage 2 with flexible earflaps is simply built for speed, having been in its first Tour de France in 2006.

The Advantage ‘2’ is the result of taking the much favored Giro Advantage, and updating it with features to increase your speed by minimizing air resistance, constantly testing the design in wind tunnels to create a high-quality racing helmet.

Famous for being a low drag helmet, if you are heavily invested in serious cyclings, such as time trials, triathlons or the Iron Man, the triathlon helmet is designed to shave seconds off of your finish time with it’s aerodynamic, lightweight design.

The Advantage 2 has been proven in competitions to be a cut above the rest, been tested in open competition and used to cycling’s top riders.

The Giro Advantage 2 has been worn by Championship Cyclers such as Dav Zabriskie, Levi Leipheimer, and Alberto Contador. Looking at the Advantage 2, you’ll notice that there are openings which initiate at the front of it and surround the top.

This venting is referred to as ‘Wind Tunnel Technology’ due to its extensive testing in wind tunnels. This Wind Tunnel Technology gives the cyclist 5 Wind Tunnel vents which rush fresh air in, and push the hot air out.

As for durability and protection, this aerodynamically designed helmet is manufactured with an in-mold design that buttresses up it in between the 5 vent openings, which means you get tough, a protective helmet that also provides good airflow.

As for fit, well the Advantage 2 uses the easy to adjust Roc Loc 5 retention system, for easy, one-handed adjustment during a race. The Roc Loc 5 handles the vertical positioning as well as fit tension and is 40 percent lighter than the previous Roc Loc 4 retention system.

To ensure the perfect fit, Advantage 2 comes in 3 sizes with the in-mold construction making certain that it will remain snug and fit on your head.

Standout Features and Pros of the Giro Advantage 2

  • CPSC Certified.
  • Proven to be a competitive helmet and worn by the top, professional cyclists.
  • Wind Tunnel Technology ensures that your head will be well ventilated via the 5 well-positioned vents.
  • In-mold construction for a sturdy, durable and fast protective helmet, which molds to your head giving you a secure fit.
  • The Roc Loc 5 retention system makes a one-handed fit adjustment during your ride fast and easy.


  • The paint used around the ear flaps may rub off over time   

GRAY TT Aero Helmet

gray triathlon time trial helmet
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The CPSC certified, Aerodrome Trial Time cycling helmet with chin strap protector by Gray weighs a light 12.2 ounces. Don’t let the lightweight fool you, this is a superb, competitive helmet for triathlons, races, time trials, as well as casual ‘weekend warrior’ cycling.

The sleek, streamlined and aerodynamic design of this aerodrome triathlon helmet, could mean seconds off of your time trial, giving you that added edge against your top competitor.

DuraShell is one of the toughest materials in manufacturing and used in a variety of applications where only the greatest, toughest and most protective material will do.

So it’s good to know that the Gray is constructed with an in-mold DuraShell design, which means you’ll get intense durability and protection against injury should you have a collision.

Time trials can be tough, so to ensure you stay cool during warm rides, the Gray has an adjustable internal channeling system that uses 4 vents to move fresh air in and not so fresh, out, making certain that cool air is consistently flowing under it.

Not only is the Gray light at only 12.2 ounces, but then it is fabulous when it comes to minimizing air resistance, having a low 3.260 drag coefficient of 0.2465, and 3.306 at 25 mph.

The Sure Fit Dial Retention System means that this is a one-size-fits-all helmet that will give all riders a secure and snug fit while riding.

For added comfort, it comes with uncrackable, flexible ear-side panels, which mean an easy transition during triathlons.

This measures 16 x 9 x 8 inches and weighs just 12.2 ounces. Professional stats include Drag: 3.306, Drag at 25 mph is 3.260, and the overall drag coefficient is 0.2465.

Standout Features and Pros of the Gray

  • One-size-fits-all Sure Fit design means a secure fit for riders of all sizes.
  • Comfortable padding for long rides.
  • 4 vents which channel airflow to keep your head cool.
  • The drag coefficient of 0.2465.
  • CPSC approved


  • Overall, a fabulous helmet, but it is extremely limited style-wise and only comes in 2 colors.
  • Check the fit, it may not fit as snug as you’d like

Kask Protone Helmet Reviews

It’s really hard to find a well-ventilated triathlon helmet when you need 90-degree riding. It’s probably the coolest one due to its well-engineered ventilation.

Kast Protone Helmet
Kast Protone

Also, for a long-ride like tt, you need a lightweight and comfortable one. Kask Protone is exactly that one that happens to look nice as well. No wind noise at all! Among any expensive triathlon helmets, this is the best triathlon helmet out there.

It fits brilliantly to your head and you can adjust the neck strap for additional tightness and height. People call it a highly fitting model ever been made.

It’s a high-end one, probably the most expensive one you will own. But rest assured, you are investing in a good one which will ultimately pay off greatly.

If you read reviews from the cycling community online, you have certainly noticed they have been talking about this a lot. In terms of aerodynamics, adjustment, and being lightweight – Kast Protone is really appreciated in the community.

It’s sturdy and already have protected a lot of cyclist from a severe impact. The snug fit road helmet will never let you down as well.

The problem with any cheap bike helmet is that they won’t fit your head perfectly. With this one, you will understand how a helmet should fit during cycling. It does not move while cycling and will stay on your head during the accidents (if any).

No disappointment from experienced users, you won’t regret having this expensive helmet either. If you have a decent budget, you can trust this one without any hesitation.

Features of Kask Protone

You will be paying a pretty good sum of money on it, so in Kask Protone helmet reviews, I have added some technical details as well.

  • It is developed with Team Sky to make it super-lightweight with the MIT safety technology.
  • Available in 3 sizes. Fits every head size. It comes with adjustment to give you a snug fit. The adjuster oscillates through 180 degrees, so don’t worry about the fitting. Just make sure to pick the right size.
  • Available in 21 colors! Perfect for both male and female cyclists.
  • Without any doubt, I can give 5 out 5 to its aerodynamics and shell construction. They have taken the shock absorption power to the next level with the MIT technology.
  • The chinstrap is somewhat different from other different types of triathlon helmets. Not just they call it eco-friendly, but a lot of cyclists have confirmed it to be antimicrobial as well. You can wash it
  • Great heat dissipation and in terms of ventilation, it is second to none. Irrespective of your riding position, the airflow is just great. The cooling quality is just great.
  • If you are done being cheap, try this one to make your triathlon or cycling experience even better. Highly appreciated and recommended by its happy users.

Cons of Kask Protone

  • It’s expensive, so not everyone can afford it.

Giro Vanquish Aero Helmet Reviews

Aerodynamics is a great consideration when it comes to triathlon. The air resistance can play a great role in how fast you can ride safely. This is where Giro Vanquish is great. You won’t feel any air resistance wearing this one.

Giro Vanquish aero helmet
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After the aerodynamics, the lens is great as well. No one reported any fogging issue or what so ever. More importantly, if you wear glass, you can do so during cycling with this one. The visor is a great plus with this one.

With its fantastic ventilation, you will find the cooling systems really great. Very important for longer cycling like a triathlon.

MIPS is a big improvement in this bike helmet. You will love it. The face shield is versatile. You can wear it with a shield or without it. But a nice thing to have.

This is an expensive triathlon aero helmet. You need to have a decent budget. But it totally worth it. The design is great with lots of color and size options. So, perfect for both male and female cyclists.

Whereas the airflow is great but the airflow of the Giro Aeon is even better than this one. At least that is what a lot of its users have confirmed.

Why You Should Have It?

  • MIPS® technology to reduce the rotational force. In some impacts, that force may be transferred to your brain.
  • Comes in 3 sizes like small (20″-21.75″), medium (21.75″-23.25″), and large (L 23.25″-24.75″). With their incredible customer service, you can ask them about the size first. Also, if you face any trouble, just let them know. They will take care of it.
  • 8 color combinations to meet your style. Some popular color is matte white, matte black, matte grey fire chrome, etc.
  • Incredible aerodynamic efficiency with TransformAir™ Technology.
  • Integrated Magnetic Vivid™ shield. Now you can ride even fast because the shield has made it possible by streamlining it with the airflow. This feature alone has made it one of the fastest triathlon helmets out there.
  • Great cooling with Roc Loc®. A great mechanism for extra comfort and stability.
  • The MIPS and the RocLoc Air system provide you with extra safety.
  • Enough space to wear your prescription glass.
  • If you need a great one, consider having this without any doubt. It’s been recommended by a lot of professionals.

Cons of Giro Vanquish

While you are reading the Giro Vanquish aero helmet reviews, you should know some of its shortfalls.

  • A little bit longer chin and suspension strap would be great. There are some dissatisfactions about that.
  • Also, if you want to set a mirror, you may find it troublesome.

Giro Synthe Helmet With Roc Loc Air

With its polycarbonate made shell, it provides the utmost safety for your head during the deadly impact. And like all the Giro triathlon helmets, it’s super-lightweight with awesome ventilation and features the most popular Roc Loc Air.

Sadly, it’s not one of those cheap triathlon helmets. In fact, you need to have a decent budget to have it. But it ensures your safety and comfort during the entire race, so it worth every penny. Extreme comfort is a BIG plus during the longtime cycling like a triathlon.

Giro released this model recently, but it has gained a lot of popularity from the cyclist community for its greatest fitting and airflow feature.

Cycling during the hot summer or any hot weather is more comfortable now with its coolest feature. The hot is no more a problem and no matter how fast you go wearing it.

The inside and outside finish is great. The air during your speed racing won’t be a problem. The air can move freely without creating any resistance.

The adjustment strap works a little bit different way. It’s not like other Giro triathlon helmets. If you don’t know how to adjust it, contact their customer support for help.

So, in a nutshell, if I want to describe this, I must say if you are looking for an extremely comfortable and lightweight helmet with a decent budget, go for it.

More Features of Giro Synthe

  • Roc Loc Air for perfect adjustment. It’s a great one among the triathlon approved bike helmets. So, if you are up to this race, consider having this one.
  • Specifically designed for long triathlon races. Great ventilation for day-long cycling.
  • You won’t face any trouble from the wind because of the aero mesh panels which has made it another top-quality time trial helmet.
  • Great support to wear your sunglass.
  • Stunning matte black and bright red color combination.

Cons of Giro Synthe

  • No visor.
  • No MIPS.

Giro Air Attack Helmet Review

best triathlon helmet from Giro
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With its rigid, in-mold polycarbonate shell and EPS liner, is the perfect, all-around cycling helmet for both casual riders, as well as more serious competitive racers.

The Air Attack is a solidly built road helmet that gives you a nice, comfortable and easily adjustable fit by way of its own Roc Loc Air System, and according to Giro, is designed to fit around 98 percent of cyclists.

For comfort, Giro gives you 3 different height adjustments from which to choose.

Sometimes during a ride, you may feel that you need to fix the fit, so Giro has made it simple with its one-handed dial system, simply ‘click’ your way to the perfect fit.

The good fit is also ensured by the inner cradle which rests over the top of your head and forehead, which also assists in airflow.

As an added perk, the Giro’s own removable, antibacterial padding uses its very own X-Static Technology weaves silver threads through the fabric, to keep you padded, and comfortable, while preventing bacteria from heat and sweat causing an unpleasant odor.

With it’s Wind Tunnel Ventilation system, giving you 6 internal channeling vents, consistent airflow is guaranteed. Fresh air is drawn in as you ride, and circulate around your head ensuring you won’t overheat in the hot sun.

As for weight, this protective, durable helmet weighs in at a very light 240 for the medium size. Sizes include Medium (55 to 59) and Large, (59 to 63). We like the Giro Air Attack cycling helmet and consider it an excellent all-purpose cycling helmet.

The triathlon helmet provides you with an aerodynamic, quiet ride that minimizes air resistance, which is designed to take seconds off of your best time.

Standout Features and Pros

  • In-mold polycarbonate shell for durability and solid protection.
  • Lightweight at 240 grams.
  • Excellent Roc Loc retention system.
  • Wind Tunnel Technology supplies you with 6 internal channeling vents.
  • X-Static Padding for added comfort and antibacterial properties


  • Some users may find the fit a bit tight on the back of the head, and a little too high.  

SLS3 Time Trial

If you have a really BIG head, stay away from this one. It’s a great one for the medium and small head sizes only. But it has only one size and if your head size is between 54 to 58 cm, you can have it. They call it the one size to fit every head! But really, if you have a large head, don’t buy it.

SLS3 Time Trial Aero Helmet

But it’s definitely a good buy because of its neat features and competitive price. The design itself is really out of the box and you will love the magnetic visor. As it comes on and off easily and fast, it will save you precious time.

It won’t slow you down during the race. If you were unhappy with your previous heavy helmet, you will love this lightweight and great fit one. Highly appraised one for a snug fit.

The visor works in a little bit different ways. You can attach or detach it wearing the helmet NOT before you wear it. It’s a tight fit when you wear it with the visor, so not suitable for people with a larger head.

In total there are 8 vents located equally at the front and backside of it. It’s a great thing to keep your head cool. It also keeps the wind resistance at a minimum level with great airflow.

Because of the size and weight, it’s highly popular among ladies too as one of the fastest women’s triathlon helmets.

Great Features of SLS3 

  • A single size that fits perfectly every head having small and medium head size.
  • Available in 3 colors: Black, Red, and White.
  • Certified by CPSC, so don’t worry about your safety.
  • Great vents ensure seat free race time comfortably.
  • It weighs only 279 grams. You won’t feel it wearing it. In an estimate, it is almost 25% lighter than other aero helmets.
  • Utmost safety ensured. The PET outer shell which is very slippery ensures the safety of your head during a dangerous crash.
  • Suitable not only for the TT but also for road racing as well. A 2-in-1 helmet with affordable price.
  • No neck pain even after the long race like ironman racing because of its modern aerodynamics.
  • Features magnetic visor that protects against UV rays too.

Cons of SLS3

First of all, it’s a cheap aero helmet, so don’t expect something too high. Check some of its problems that some TT athletes faced:

  • You may find the visor somewhat blurry. If so, contact the manufacturer. Since it’s not an amber visor, you may find it difficult to race in cloudy days.
  • TT loves are missing the clear and separately sold visor.
Best Triathlon Helmets Buying Guide

Finding a high-quality aero helmet for you shouldn’t be a headache. Since the first order of business is for a helmet to provide a protective barrier between your head and any object it may come in contact with should a crash occur, all different types of triathlon helmets are manufactured to pass safety standards, or they don’t reach the market.

Knowing that the choice for a great aero helmet will depend on your personal preferences. For instance, do you need a high-end bike helmet for professional competition or a cheap aero helmet for casual biking?

Aerodynamic Design

If you’re hoping to whittle a few seconds off of your time, then, of course, you’ll be looking for the fastest design. It’s always good to consult with a professional for a great design for you, based on the position which you race.

For instance, do you hunker way down, head first, or not so much? Your racing position can play a huge part in the style of the helmet to use when it comes to slicing through the wind.

It is also a good idea to look for a model that has been wind tunnel tested. Also, the more vents a helmet has can reduce the aerodynamic effect, if so, some riders simply tape them over during competitions.


To find the most effective aero helmet for you, getting the fit is all-important. In general, you’ll be wanting a helmet that is snug and not tight. A helmet that puts stress on your heads’ pressure points is definitely not a good purchase.

They come with inside padding to help absorb sweat and give you a comfortable ride, so adjust the padding itself to improve the fit.

When considering fit, think of your hair length, do you ride with a ponytail, or will you be doing riding in a cold climate where you’ll require a winter hat under it.

Retention System

This refers to how it stays in place while you ride. Try to find a retention system that is easy to adjust. If you want to enhance your fitness, look for a helmet that has a retention system that can be adjusted vertically.


If you are a weekend warrior, casual biker, then this should not be of much concern. However, if you are considering being competitive, the lightest helmet can be a huge plus in your favor on the track.

The lighter helmets are usually higher-end as it takes much design and quality materials to produce a durable, protective, lightweight helmet.

Final Words Regarding Time Trial Helmet

As you can see, looking for the best triathlon helmets for you can be just a little confusing, so hopefully, we’ve helped to sort things out a bit.

Whether you are searching for a cheap aero helmet for the weekends, or something built a bit more for racing, we are confident our review has assisted you in your quest.

If you remember the importance of purchasing a good, brand name, the aerodynamic design, the weight and type of retention system your helmet has, you’ll be well on your way to making your mark in the world of professional triathlon cycling.

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Best Triathlon Helmet Reviews 2020 [Make Your Next Time Trial Exciting]
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Best Triathlon Helmet Reviews 2020 [Make Your Next Time Trial Exciting]
Great TT helmets with smart aerodynamics, visor, and ventilation can make a real difference winning the race. In this article, you will find these top-performing helmets.
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