How to Shoot a Glock 19? [With Instructional Video]

The Glock pistol is well-known and very famous because of its reliability, safety and, security. It has a long history of quality service and that’s why it became so popular. There is a long list of available Glock model out there and Glock 19 is one of the best choices among those.

Using this gun is very easy but you should first know about it properly. That’s why we’re here with the beginner’s guide on how to shoot a G19. Because shooting a firearm isn’t just pulling the trigger!

Glock 19- Get to Know It First

The Glock 19 is a semi-automatic pistol that uses 9mm. This gun is one of the most widely-used handguns because of its ease of use. This is known as the best home-safety personal gun. It’s a very compact and convenient firearm. Here is how it has become so phenomenal in the U.S.

This little weapon has a great magazine capacity (15+1 in the latest gen 5). This gun is lightweight, reliable, durable, versatile and easily modifiable. With an IWB concealed holster, it will be your daily friend.

How G19 Works

When you load a round in your Glock by pulling the slide portion, a spring pulls ammo out of the magazine and pushes it into the firing chamber. And once you pull the trigger, the gun fires the waiting bullet of the chamber.

When you fire a bullet, the ignition gases pull the slide back once again and push another bullet into the firing chamber in the same way. The Glock always prepares the next round ready once you fire. It’s an automatic process and this complex cycle is performed by the inner workings of your Glock.

So, if you have a G19 or going to have one and want to learn shooting, then I’d recommend you to read every step carefully mentioned here. And don’t forget to practice in a safe firing range because practice makes a man perfect.

Safety First- Examine Your Gun Before You Start

Before you think about handling a firearm, you must perform a safety check first. Many gun owners are injured just due to safety measures weren’t taken, every year. It only takes a moment but skipping it is irresponsible and dangerous. A safety check may save your life. So, before you think you’re ready to go, inspect and do these things first after pulling the gun out of your Glock holster-

– Remove the magazine from the Glock and set it aside.

– Inspect the chamber visually for any ammunition.

– Run your finger inside the chamber several times.

– Point the gun toward a safe direction and pull the trigger several times.

If you do not find any catastrophic or explosive firing, then you’re clear to move forward.

Shooting Stance

You might scoff at this idea. But the reality is; it has a deep connection between how you stand and how you shoot. Your position is the foundation of your shooting. If you have a wobbly base then chances are it won’t take much to mess up. A stable stance also helps you to manage the recoil.

To get more technical advantages, you may follow the 3 main types of stances. They are- Weaver, Isosceles and Modified Weaver (Chapman). The main variations among them on some foot placement and arms flex. So, before start shooting, you should practice the shooting stance to get better aiming experience.

Gun Grip

how to shoot a glock 19

To get better accuracy, you have to hold the gun perfectly. Holding style has an important effect on accuracy. Keep your trigger finger and thumb to be as high as possible on the gun grip in order to contain the recoil as a minimum. As the slide moves back and forth, keep your forearm in the line with the gun.

It’s the best way to absorb more recoil and get better accuracy. Once you hold the Glock correctly, it’s time to look at your other hand.

Now use your second hand to maximize the grip because you’ll get better stability if you hold the gun with both hands. You can use one hand later once you become experienced. Until then, as a beginner, it’s recommended to use both hands.

Make sure that you hold the gun at 45-degree angle with the handgun slide. The thumb placement of your dominant hand is your personal preference. Place it as you feel more natural. Now practice with this placement again and again until you achieve your targeted accuracy.

Get Your Target

Once you hold the gun perfectly, it’s time to get the target. Remember, always get the target in a safe place while practicing. Always focus on the front sight. In the beginning, we would recommend you to practice with one eye open as it’s easier to focus on target faster with one eye open.

Once you’re good enough with one eye, try to shoot with both eyes open. Keeping both eyes open is immensely helpful. You’ll face problem first, but once you master it, you’ll get much faster focus with less eye fatigue.

And more importantly, it’ll help you to get more situational awareness with both eyes. But the first thing is to find out which eye is dominant.

Pulling the Trigger

After all the parts are done perfectly, pulling the trigger is the final part and might be the most important part of everything. You must know in which portion the trigger will shoot. So, it’s recommended to practice with your own gun. Remember, the slower you pull the trigger, the better shot you will get.

That’s why you have to know when the trigger will break during pulling. You may pull it faster later; but until mastering it, keep it slow.

Please note that the noise and recoil will come along with the shot. So, be aware. Another important thing is to place your finger into the trigger naturally. It’s a personal preference and does the way you feel comfortable. Here is a video instruction on how to shoot a Glock 19.

Additional Tips:
  1. Make sure you follow all the safety precautions of shooting including wearing an earmuff for shooting.
  2. Do not hold your breath while shooting. breath naturally because you’re shooting a pistol, not sniping. Holding breath messes you up after a while.
  3. Practice with dry-fire. Dry-fire will let you get better control over your gun.
  4. Do not lift your finger off the trigger immediately and look at the target after each shot. It’ll reduce your shooting time and accuracy.

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