Hazards Of Cycling: Learn These Bicycle Risks First!

Whereas riding a bicycle is a healthy lifestyle and leaves a great impact on our mental and physical health; it’s not hazarding proof completely. Like all other vehicles on the road, it has some associated hazards as well. Sometimes, they are more prone to accidents than other vehicles.

To stay safe, smart people wear the latest MIPS helmet thinking they are 100% protected. Well, most of the time it is true but you should be aware all of such cycling hazards nonetheless.

The reason why I am writing this article is not intimidating you about bikes, rather I want you to become fully aware of such hazards. Because once you know these risks all and why they happen, you will more safe on the road with your bicycle.

Common Hazards Of Cycling

hazards of cycling

As a bicyclist, you will face almost the same problem as the motorcyclist and other drivers. Yes, sometimes you will have a separate lane fully designated for the bicycles, but you will find children and elderly are using that lane too.

Here is the list of common cycling hazards to watch out:

  1. Broken Pavement/Potholes

Not just you, every other driver finds any potholes or broken pavement a serious road hazard. It’s best to avoid them. But due to so many reasons like heavy traffic or a short time, we must use that broken pavement.

Potholes are serious cycling risk because of the shape and nature of the bicycle. If you can’t avoid them, at least keep a sharp eye for those potholes or broken pavement.

  1. Rain

Yes, it sounds great riding your bike under the rain, but trust me it’s a serious safety hazard. During the first session of the rain, the oil and dust make the surface of the road so slippery that there will be almost no traction at all.

Now you understand why it’s dangerous riding under the rain, right? But what if you have to? You have to use the brake carefully. The brake won’t stop the bike momentarily as it would normally do. So, use the brake a little ahead of time.

  1. Puddles

Puddles are tricky. They often conceal large holes hence they are very deceptive. Since you never know how deep or worse the holes can be, it’s really risky, and you always want to avoid these puddles.

  1. Dogs

I don’t know but they seem very friendly, right? But they can possess a deadly safety hazard for the bicyclists. Dogs start barking apparently out of nowhere when biker try to pass them. Most bikers lose control of the cycle and then deadly accidents happen.

I almost got run over by a truck when barking does knock me off my bike. Watch out for dogs on the road be alert when you hear any barking.

  1. Tree Leaves

Like me, I believe so many of you like to ride your bicycle during the autumn. And that’s the season when there are so many leaves on the road. So, how come tree leaves can be a deadly hazard of cycling?

The leaves become so slippery when wet and it makes the road slippery for the bike as well. Besides, like puddles leaves can hide large holes as well.

  1. Railway Tracks

A deadly hazard for the bikes. If you are highly unfortunate, the wheels of your bike may be stuck. So if the situation arrives when you have to cross the railway tracks, choose the side where it is less worn. Be extra careful when such railway tracks are wet or slippery due to mud.

  1. Parked Vehicles

Go to YouTube and watch some videos on how parked vehicles can be deadly for the cyclists. When you are passing a parked car, all of a sudden the driver of that car may open the window and know out you from the bike.

It may sound like a not so big deal, but it is. Imagine you fall from the cycle and another truck or car running over you!

  1. Painted Surfaces

You have seen lots of painted lines on the road, right? To identify the manhole covers, railway tracks, sewer gates, etc. these painted lines are necessary. But when wet they become slippery and may cause potential dangers for the cyclists. Watch out these painted surfaces.

Summing Up

Beyond these hazards of cycling mentioned above, accidents may happen out of nowhere and anytime. When it’s really good to know all these potential safety concerns, you should exercise the utmost safety measures. Ride your bicycle carefully and stay safe.

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