Bike Safety Equipment To Save Your Life From Deadly Accidents

The moment when we talk about bicycle safety, we think about the safety lights and fluorescent flag only. In modern days, the list does not just end here. It goes well beyond that. Technological development has made the bicycle riding a lot safer than you can imagine.

I am not gonna talk about why you need to think about bike safety. It does not need any explanation. But the question is ‘Do everyone knows what are those safety equipment?’

While riding your bike, you need to see everyone and everything, as well as other drivers, should see you clearly too. Even so, the accident happens. So what to do to protect yourself?

11 Bike Safety Equipment

So that no accident happens, you need some bicycle safety equipment. But if the accident happens anyway, that equipment should keep you protected. Here is a comprehensive list of such safety equipment that you should have.

  1. Bike Helmetsafe bike riding

It goes without saying that you should never ride your bicycle without wearing a high-quality helmet. My personal choice to ensure the safety of my head is any best quality MIPS helmet. They won’t let you suffer from any brain damage no matter how deadly the accident is.

  1. Mirrors

Just like any vehicle, your bicycle should have mirrors to see what’s going on behind you. When you ride on the road during the heavy traffic, it will help you a lot.

You can adjust your speed or use the brake depending on seeing how close other vehicles reaching you. You can either get handle-held mirrors or helmet held mirrors. The choice is yours.

  1. Hand Gloves

After the helmet, motorcyclists use the gloves mostly. You should use it not just make you look cool, it’s really effective against slippery hand grip. When you fall on the road, it will protect your skin from rough scratch.

During the long rides, these gloves will protect your palms from compression stress. During the winter, it will keep your arms warm. These gloves get dirty pretty soon. So, make sure they are purely washable.

  1. Visibility Flag

Most deadly accidents happen just because other drivers can’t see you. This is a serious safety concern for the bicycle riders as well. This is where the flag comes in. If you ride in the highway or during the busy traffic, you want to be seen by other drivers.

You can either choose a white or orange flag. Go to any bike store, you will find them.

  1. Electrical Active Lights

Though I never recommend riding your bicycle during the night, sometimes we have to do this. Some ride during the night just for having fun. If your bicycle has those active lights, all other drivers will notice you.

Any speedy drivers can identify your location, so you will be much safer. Some lighting systems are really cool. They have a front light (or headlight) that can create enough light to show you the path.

Also, when you hit the brake, some lights will be on to let other drivers know that you are slowing down.

  1. Cyclic Fly Camera

Most unlikely events may happen no matter how careful you are. After a crash, you should be able to show the authority that you were right. This camera may be your solution for that.

It can record exactly what happened and take the picture of the number plate of the other car. Do you see any reasons for not having it?

  1. Bicycle Navigation

A great addition in modern bicycling. It’s actually the GPS navigation system of cars but you can use it for your motorcycle too. You can install it on your handlebar and without taking off your eyes on the road, you can track your destination.

Yes, no such navigation systems get charged from your bicycle. But once they are fully charged, they can serve you up to 10 hours continuously.

  1. Bicycle Horn

All the lightings do a great job making everyone on the road seeing you. But you know what? Sometimes, it is not enough. You need a horn system so that you can let others in front of you know that you are just behind them. This is a great way to avoid the deadly crash.

You need a horn no matter what type of bicyclist you are. Maybe it just hobbies for you or maybe you are preparing yourself for any race like a triathlon. Even so, in addition to the triathlon helmet, you need this horn.

These bicycle horns can produce sound up to 112 decibels, so there is no way that other drivers won’t here you. You need those extremely loud horns because more car drivers only pay attention to other car horns. So you gotta have a loud horn.

  1. Crash Sensor

A true friend when no one is there to let the authority know that you are severely injured from an accident. You never know what can happen during accidents. Maybe you will be seriously injured and won’t be able to ask for help. This sensor will automatically send signals to the authority about your accident and the location to send help.

  1. Airbag Helmet

When there is a clash between a bicycle and a car, the bicyclist will definitely get injured but it is unlikely that the car driver will face the same. Because the airbag of the car will protect the car driver.

Just like the airbag, you can have an airbag helmet to have the same result. The cushioned head design of such helmets makes sure that your skull will be protected pretty well during such clash.

  1. Good To Have Equipment

Apart from what have already discussed, you should have the following equipment in your collection and possibly carry them with you always.

  • You never know when you need to repair your bike. So, have a multi-tool toolbox.
  • Wearing leg bands is helpful getting your long pants getting tangled with the chain.
  • Carry your cell phone and identification card.
  • Protective eye-wear is also great.


Whereas riding a bicycle is fun; you should take all the safety measures to keep you protected. And you can do so only if you have all the necessary bike safety equipment. Have all this equipment, and you can ride your bicycle with greater confidence.

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