12 Reasons To Ride A Motorcycle And Why Should You Have It

Frequently you hear how dangerous riding a motorcycle is, but still, more and more people are riding it. The number is growing at a higher rate. So, why they like to ride it so much? What are those reasons to ride a motorcycle?

Like you, a lot of people asking this question. In this article, I will briefly explain what are those reasons.

12 Reasons To Ride A Motorcycle

riding a motorcycle

You know it’s exciting, it looks cool, but you do not know the complete picture. I am here to help you out to understand the full picture. So, stay with me!

  1. It’s Just Cool!

It makes you cool, undoubtedly. Whenever someone sees you riding on the highway, he/she will think you are on an adventure tour. Even if you look at someone who is standing holding the motorcycle helmet under his arms, you will say that guy looks cool.

This is just the magic of any two-wheeler motorcycle. You do not have to be a Brad Pitt. It makes anyone looks awesome.

  1. Great Savings On Oil

As you know, a motorcycle can travel as far as 60 to 70 miles per liter. A scooter can go as far as 100 miles burning the same amount of oil. If you compare this with other traditional cars, this is a great saving.

Of course, if you buy an electric car, the scenario is totally different. But the initial cost of such a car is really insane.

  1. Great Bondage

Whenever a fellow motorcycle rider passes by another rider, each of them feels good. Believe it or not, motorcycle riders share a great bond. You will have the intimate discussion at the gas pump or anywhere a group of riders meet.

You will make a lot of new friends just because you drive a motorcycle. I know it sounds weird, but that’s exactly what the reality is.

  1. Finding Your Zen

We always seek approval from others. If they don’t, it sickens our mind and we lose focus. Believe it or not, when you keep riding for a long time, this attention-seeking attitude will go away.

During the riding when you keep monitoring your body postures, lane position, probably hazards, etc. – all these nice meditations will clear your mind from unnecessary overthinking and attention-seeking attitude. To make your long-rides comfortable, you can always have motorcycle buttpad.

  1. Fun & Easier Commuting

Even a few years back, most people did not think a motorcycle can be a viable transport option. But the reality is totally different now, right? In some states, you will find a separate line for the bikers. No other transport can reach you to your destination than a motorcycle.

  1. Less Polluting

Yes, motorcycle burns gas and diesel which contribute to generating carbon. But when you compare it with any carmotorcycle rider (not the electric car), the effect is very nominal. Because of its great fuel efficiency, it’s considered to be one of the greatest greener choices.

In a traffic jam (which is a regular case), all the cars will be polluting the environment keeping the engine on idle. But with a motorcycle, the traffic jam is not a problem at all. So, you won’t be polluting the environment sitting idly.

  1. Impact On Health

Did you know you can burn your calories riding a motorcycle? It’s true, you can lose weight just by riding your motorcycle. You will burn 40% more calories than riding a car. It’s good for your mental health as well.

Forget your brain work necessary to ride the motorcycle, just being outside will leave a great impact on your mental health. If you have a sound mind, you will get a sound body eventually.

  1. Develop Cognitive Function

A scientific study led by Ryuta Kawashima in partnership with Yamaha Japan and Tohoku University proved the fact that riding a motorcycle helps to develop the cognitive function of the brain. And it improves your cognitive function by almost 50%.

When you think about it, it really makes sense! It requires your high alertness and problem-solving skill to drive a motorcycle. When you use your brain this way days after days, it should develop your cognitive function.

  1. Ultimate Freedom

You may not notice it directly, but riding your motorcycle gives you a sense of independence and self-sufficiency. This is the ultimate freedom you have been looking for so many years. This freedom is only for you and not any of your family members can share it.

When you ride the bike, you are in full control and that gives you a complete sense of fulfillment. Do not think you are being selfish here. Feeling the freedom broadens our mind which ultimately helps to develop a relationship with our closest one.

  1. Parking Benefits

When the parking lot is small but someone comes to the spot with an SUV, only that driver will get the real pain. Almost any commercial space has a parking spot for the motorcycle because they occupy a small space. Some of these parking spots are even free of cost for the bikers. However, when you park it at night, make sure other drivers may see it to avoid a crash. Having a reflective stripped motorcycle cover maybe the answer to it.

  1. Real World Connection

Instead of just watching all the natural beauties on your mobile screen or computer, a motorcycle lets you directly go in there. You can enjoy the view with your own eyes. Nothing can block you to see the world when you have a motorcycle.

A motorcycle lets you live your life at your own terms. Life is beautiful when you enjoy living it.

  1. Cyber Safety

If you keep a sharp eye on the latest technology news, you certainly heard about the hacking of cars that can be controlled using smartphones. It’s genuinely a serious safety concern from different magnitude. Think about you are driving your own car and some shitty hackers take control of your car. Can you imagine it?

So far, there is no record of motorcycle hacking. It’s safe from that point of view.


There are a lot more reasons to ride a motorcycle. You do not need anyone’s validation to have one. As long as you drive safely and responsively, you will figure it out how a single motorcycle is leaving so many positive impacts on your life. Let me stress it again – ‘Drive Safely’.

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