Hunting Gear List: Updated Information For Your Next Hunting Mission

To have really pleasant hunting experience, you need all the latest hunting gear. If you are new into this, it’s really important that you bring all the important gear because you never know what might happen into the wilderness.

Definitely for the shooting, but you must think about your own survival as well. If you have to spend days and nights, the list will be a long one. Just because you are physically and mentally strong does not mean you will need less of these gear. Do not make this mistake.

Top Hunting Gear List (13 Important Gear)

hunting gear list

The following hunting gear list will help you survive against any unexpected emergencies and successfully hunt of your favorite animals. Depending on what you like to hunt, there will be a slight change of gear, but you will figure it out yourself.

I have discussed all the topics in an orderly fashion. But, do not get confused about importance. The order has nothing to do with it. All of them are equally important.

  1. Ammo & Gun/Bow

Well, ammo and gun are the fundamental requirements of any hunting excursion. Without them, you will hunt with what? Maybe bow? Whatever choice you make, keep your ammo and gun on the list. Store enough ammo because you will be doing a lot of misfires.

About the gun…pay good money to have the best of their kinds. A cheap gun will mess up your entire hunting weekend. If the bow is your choice, prefer compound bow over recurve bow. They tend to be more energy-efficient.

  1. Earmuff

Only needed if your hunting gear is gun. No matter what sort of gun you prefer, some of them are gonna make a loud sound each time you shoot. That sound will hurt your ears badly and most probably you may lose hearing; at least in the worst case scenario.

An electronic earmuff for shooting can be a great solution for this particular problem. You can listen to music using this as well to pass the waiting time peacefully.

  1. Boots

Walking into the wilderness is dangerous. Boots can protect you from cold and blisters; thus making your hunting season safe. Do not go cheap here as well. Yes, a pair of good-quality shoes cost much, but this will pay off greatly.

No matter what you will be hunting, a pair of boot is a must.

  1. Backpack

To keep all of your hunting gears in one place, you need a backpack. It goes without saying that without a backpack it’s literally impossible to go to hunting. You can go hiking miles after miles with a great backpack.

You will be totally dependent on your backpack; so have a good one. A lightweight backpack with great padding and waist strap will ensure your hunting go comfortable.

  1. Water

Store as many as you can. A pure drinking water source is hard to come by in the wilderness. But you do need them to keep you hydrated all the time. So, give it a top priority while making your list.

Any water bottle will do great as long as you are sure they won’t leak inside the backpack.

  1. Decoys

It’s the inherent part of hunting irrespective of whether you are onto duck hunting or deer hunting. You will find all sorts of decoys like duck or turkey decoys.

  1. Trail Camera

It’s literally impossible to track your prey 24/7. A trail camera comes in handy here. When you are sleeping at night, they trail camera with its motion detection feature takes the picture with date and time. So, you can catch up with your prey and know its movement. It’s very important! It lets you know whether there are any dangerous animals nearby you.

Almost all the trail cameras are waterproof and sturdy enough to withstand any harsh environment. Put any one of them in your list.

  1. Binoculars

Believe it or not, you are an explorer when you go hunting. You are exploring nature and its wilderness. So, you need a binocular to be a perfect one. You need to spot your prey from a long distance. Or when you are on the high ground, it will help you to spot the prey on the terrain.

  1. Headlamp

For the hunting purpose, you should always go for the headlamp instead of the flashlight. It does the job pretty well but never occupies your hands. So, you can move freely while walking or running.

It has multiple benefits as you can guess. You can carry your gun freely and definitely, you can use it at night to dress your prey.

  1. Rangefinder

You need to measure the distance between you and your prey while shooting. And you need the correct measurement to have a successful shot. A rangefinder is your ultimate solution. Having a red dot sight can be useful here.

Do not try to use the rangefinder for golf or archery. They are not meant to be used in hunting. You should specifically get the hunting rangefinder.

  1. Rifle Scope

Only required if you plan to go hunting with the rifle. It’s really hard to do the rifle shooting and hit the target precisely at a long distance. To overcome this problem we use the scope right?

Some riflescopes allow you to shoot in the morning and at dawn precisely. Some allow doing that in the daylight and anytime you want.

  1. Pocket Knife

It’s not just a great survival kit in the wilderness; it is a great thing to have in the hunting season as well. This folding knife has multiple blades for various purposes. From skinning animals to tearing flesh, the benefits are really awesome. Just make sure the blades are always sharp.

Since they are really small in size, there is no point not having one of these bad boys.

  1. Other Survival Kits

Hunting is not always about just shooting, you must ensure your own survival as well. To do so you should have some other survival kits like a map, wire cutter, food, etc.

Wrapping Up

You will need a lot more than what I have talked above. You need to bring your rain gear, tissue paper, and shelter to rest. But I covered the most important ones, you can figure the rest yourself.

On your smartphone, take note of this hunting gear list so that you never forget a thing!

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