What Causes Most Car Accidents?

Let me start by giving you a simple statistics. There were almost 11 million car accidents in 2009 across the U.S.A. And the statistic is from the United States Census Bureau. The scenario is not improving at all. In fact, it is increasing day by day.

There are lots of reasons why car accidents happen. And no matter how carefully you drive your car, you may become the victim of deadly car accidents. Because not all of the drivers on the road are as careful as you.

What Causes Most Car Accidents?

deadly car accident

I have summarized almost all the reasons why car accidents happen. To be precise, I have included 16 reasons for car accidents. Most of them are due to the human factor, but some are just beyond the scope of the human. So here are the causes of car accidents:

Distracted Driving

Almost all the experts agree that distracted driving is the prime reason for the car accident. It happens simply because you are not careful while driving. People love to take makeups, eat, read, and even grooming while driving. Please don’t do that. And make sure to keep a fire extinguisher for your car in case bad things happen.

Driving While Drunk

It’s not okay to drive while you are drunk. In fact it against the law! I have included it in 2nd position because it is the second most responsible cause of car accidents. Just take a taxi or let your sober friend drive while you are drunk!

Also, if you do drugs, never drive your car while you are in your enchanted world!

Breaking The Speed Limit

Even if you see the road is clear, you should resist your temptation to cross the speed limit. Buddy, lots of road accidents happen just for speeding. You can’t control your car when the car is at its full speeds. Abide by the law and drive within the legal speed limits.

Reckless Driving

People become the victim of needless horrible road accidents just for reckless driving. Changing the lane all of a sudden, driving aggressively can lead you to painful and life-threatening car accidents. Always remain calm while you drive your car.

Driving While It is Raining

It’s a natural reason for car accidents. While it is raining, the road may become slippery and cause deadly accidents. You may not avoid driving always while it is raining, but you should be extra careful. Also, try to avoid driving if it is a heavy rain outside.

Teenage Drivers

The fresh and young blood of teenage drivers always pushes them to go crazy while driving their cars. The situation gets worse when they drive their motorcycles. If you are a teenager and driving a motorcycle, never forget to wear the motorcycle helmet.

Running Red Lights

It’s not just against law, it’s the stupidest thing a driver can do. Yet there are several pieces of evidence of deadly accidents due to running the red lights. You may be in a hurry or you may be late for office, but never ever cross the red light. Red means stop and you have to do it just to save your life.

stop sign

Driving At Night

Yep, at night the view is obstructed. You don’t have a clear view on the road while driving at night. That’s the reason you need to be extra careful while driving at night. Even before you start driving at night, make sure the lights of your car are okay. Be extra careful on those roads where there are no street lights.

Faulty Car

This is something that is beyond your control. Lots of accidents happen due to the defects in the design of the car. Keep a sharp eye on news related to car recall. Regular maintenance of your car should be ensured.


It’s natural to lose temper when the car ahead of you is slow. But you have to keep yourself calm and don’t get too close to that car. A safe distance from the car ahead of you should be maintained always so that you have enough time to break or make the turn.


Not just the illegal racing, even for legal racing like triathlon racing, car accidents are common. So, if you are in such a racing like a triathlon, make sure to wear a triathlon helmet to protect yourself.

Improper Turns

Any sudden turns will only endanger your life but also the life of others. Improper turns is a common reason for the countless number of accidents. So, always look for the traffic signs and be calm when you need to make a turn.

Driver Illness

Lots of drivers drive while they are still drowsy. If you feel drowsy, don’t drive. Also, people with medical conditions should not drive. Heart attack, sudden blood pressure etc can cause the car accidents. You need to be physically and mentally fit to drive.

Animal Crossings

In rural areas, it happens most. You are driving and suddenly an animal may cross the road out of nowhere. You can blame your luck but for the sake of your own life, drive carefully especially when you are driving in the rural area.


I should have put it earlier. People are so busy with their smartphones. It’s so common scenario that people are driving while talking or texting with their cell phones. That makes them less careful on the road and endanger their lives as well as the lives of others too. You should really stop this bad habit.

Other Natural Reasons

Car accidents may happen due to several natural reasons that you can’t control. If the road is full of ice or your view is obstructed by fog, there is a huge chance of car accidents. You can’t control the nature, but you can be careful enough to drive in such situations to save your life.

Last Words

Believe me, there are lots more causes of car accidents like driving the wrong way, faulty traffic lights, unfamiliar local laws and so on. When you are driving, you need to protect yourself. Keeping your head and mind calm can avoid lots of deadly road accidents.

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