Learn From Experts: How To Be A Safe Motorcycle Rider?

Yes, motorcycle riding is fun and a great way to avoid traffic. But let me give you a fact that is given by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). According to the institute, you are 30 times more likely to die in a motorcycle accident than a car accident.

Horrifying, right?

But there are still many motorcycle users who are driving safely for many years. What is their secret? There are no secrets, they only follow the safety guidelines of motorcycle riding.

How To Be A Safe Motorcycle Rider?

how to be a safe motorcycle rider

Today, I will share some tips on how to be a safe motorcycle rider. Read carefully, it may save you from the next deadly accidents!

Always Wear The Gear

To be more precise, always drive wearing the full-face motorcycle helmet. This is the most important gear that every motorcycle lover should wear while driving. This will save your life protecting your head from deadly injuries.

Among other gears, you should wear a leather jacket, gloves, and full-pant. Don’t forget to use the helmet visor or goggles. The more bright color gears you will be wearing, the safer you are on the road.

Maintain Speed Limit

Most motorcycle accidents happen due to the high speed. It is a statistically proven fact. While driving on the highway road, it is very natural to get tempted increasing the speed limit. The more control you have on this temptation, the safer you are.

Always remember, the excessive speed limit may give you the thrill but you will have fewer options to control your bike when the peril comes. The ultimate result is painful accidents that may eventually lead to the death.

Don’t Drive After Drinking Alcohol

Don’t drive when you are drunk! A drunker biker is not just a threat to himself but to the others as well on the road. Driving your motorcycle immediately after drinking alcohol is simply foolish.

The fatigue and drowsiness will impair your ability to control yourself and the motorcycle. Only drive when you feel your body and mind is fit for driving. Maintaining the speed limit and avoiding the alcohol can dramatically reduce the chance of road accidents.

Don’t Drive In Bad Weather

It’s better not drive while it is raining. The rain not only cuts the visibility of you but also make the tires of the motorcycle to grip poorly. The slippery road is dangerous. So, don’t ride the motorcycle during the rain.

But if you have to drive the motorcycle in the rain, don’t make any sudden maneuvers to avoid sliding. Be specifically careful to brake, throttle, and steering to avoid sliding. Take considerations of the wind blow as well.

Abide By The Traffic Rules

Driving the motorcycle may be different than driving the car, but the traffic rules are same for the both. Beware of the traffic rules and always abide by them. Maintain the road speed limit and get knowledgeable about the local traffic rules as well.

Abiding by the traffic rules will help to avoid accidents and a lot of fines as well.

Do A Safety Course

There are lots of motorcycle safety foundation course available out there. Various experts including Honda’s Jon Seidel have advised to take such course and complete it successfully. From basic to advanced, you can learn all about motorcycle safety techniques from such course.

Some of these foundation courses are approved by insurance companies and you can get discounted insurance policy completing such course. Some motorcycle manufacturers also offer credit to such courses.

Beware Of Road Hazards

The road hazards are more common to the motorcycle than cars. Technically, a motorcycle has less visibility of the pavement than cars. Simple pebbles, wet leaves, and sand etc can be the reason for the deadly motorcycle accidents. You need to watch out for these hazards.

Bumps and potholes are also deadly for the motorcycle. If you ca n’t avoid them, at least try to slow down your speed to avoid accidents. Watch out for the railroad tracks as well to avoid the skid.

Be Visible

There are lot more cars than the motorcycle on the road. The percentage is really tiny. Most motorcycle accidents happen with cars because the driver in the car barely notices the motorcycle. So, you need to be visible to avoid such misunderstanding.

There are lots of high-visibility safety vests in the market with neon color and reflective strips. Instead of just a black leather jacket, get one of them to be visible at night.  Also, when you park the motorcycle at night, make sure to cover it with a motorcycle cover with reflective strips

Keep Your Eyes Open

Use your SEE (search, evaluate, execute) strategy while driving your motorcycle. You need to be attentive and never let your mind to be filled with other thinking.

While driving on the long highways, some riders just forget they are driving because of the enjoyable moment and surrounding beauty. If you do n’t want to end up in the hospital, keep your mind and eyes open while driving.

Don’t Do Any Tricks

I said this in my various posts – “Unless you are a stuntman, don’t do any stunt”. You see a lot of motorcycle stunt on the TV, YouTube videos etc. But don’t get motivated to follow them. They are professionally trained to do that and you are not.

Summing Up

There are many safety tips out there, but following only the above 10 tips can save your precious life and protect your family. You don’t have to do any tricks unless you are a stuntman. Drive safely and always think about your family. Your life matters to them, just keep that in your mind!

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