What States of USA have Helmet Laws?

USA law

Interestingly, there are a number of laws in the United States meant to prevent you from almost guaranteed injuries. Among these laws are seat belts and Motorcycle helmet laws; just to mention a few.

The laws are for your own benefit, even though you’re technically not doing anything to a second party. What most people fail to understand is that, while a helmet is not the most comfortable thing to wear, it is there to keep you safe regardless of how good a rider you are.

Regardless of what the States of USA have for helmet laws, the government instituted the need for helmet laws for the safety of the Americans. Well, 20 states have so far instituted strict helmet laws while 27 states have very weak laws. 3 states in the United States; Illinois, Iowa, and New Hampshire, are yet to buy these laws.

Motorcycle helmet laws are quite different in various states in the United States. There are simple, requiring a helmet on at all times, and those that call for lids for riders; all depending on the age, riders, and circumstance! Understanding what the States of USA have for helmet laws depends on where you reside alongside the areas you travel by motorbike.

Perhaps you reside in a state that does not enforce for a helmet. Well, if you travel into a state that has the different set of rules, you’ll need to adjust accordingly. Just because your state is not strict on helmet laws does not allow you to ride without a helmet in a state that strictly requires you to have one. Otherwise, you might be in for expensive tickets, fines, or worse, impounding your motorbike.

To understand the various helmet laws in the various states of the USA, you’ll need to take some time and research. Well, researching might leave you lacking the correct information since state legislatures continually change with time. Hence, it’s important to always check every time you’re planning to travel through several states. Who knows, the rules might be different this time! Below are examples of what states of USA have helmet laws in various states.

Alabama Motorcycle Helmet Law

The law requires operating or riding a motorcycle to wear a helmet specifically designed for everyone. There is a helmet for the rider, helmet for the passenger, and even a special helmet for women. In addition, the helmet ought to have a permanently adjustable chin strap holding one securely. Helmets are not allowed to have visor more than one-quarter inch above the surface. However, people riding in a sidecar or an enclosed cab are excluded from the law.

Alaska Motorcycle Helmet Law

Unlike the strict Helmet laws in Alabama, Alaska Motorcycle Helmet laws do not really require one to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle as long as the person is 18 years and above and are licensed to operate a motorcycle. However, the law requires one to wear eye protection should the motorcycle miss a windscreen or windshield.

Arizona Motorcycle Helmet Law

Arizona has got a whole new set of rules. First, all riders under 18 years must wear a helmet. Second, all riders, regardless of age, must put on eye protection unless the motorcycle has a windshield.

California Motorcycle Helmet Law

If you’re planning to ride in California, things a bit different! Here, anyone who rides a bike is required to wear a safety helmet. The headgear must meet the safety standards put by the U.S Department of Transportation and State Safety. The only exception is when you’ll ride a fully enclosed three-wheeled motor that is more than seven feet long and more than four feet wide. The motor should also weigh more than 900 pounds!

All states with Motorcycle Helmet Laws require one to obtain a helmet that is fully certified as road legal by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Traffic officers will always look out for the ‘DOT’ stamp of approval.

However, despite the fact that the ‘DOT’ sets the standards, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is responsible for enforcement of these laws. Well, most of the manufacturers in the USA can be relied on for producing the ‘DOT’ certified helmets. Hence, you can be sure you’re getting the right helmet when you buy one from the stores.

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