5 ways to take care of your ears

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Take Care Of Your Ears
  1. Don’t fly when you have a cold

Have you ever experienced airplane ear? That is the pain one experience when taking off and landing. One can easily experience this problem because there is unbalanced air pressure inside your ear and the atmosphere outside. This problem occurs because of blockage of the Eustachian tube.

Actually, the problem is painful. If you want to avoid this problem, you need to carry a decongestant before descent. A decongestant will open up your Eustachian tube and reduce the risk. Ensure always that you have decongestant handy to deal with airplane ear.

  1. Avoid using a earbuds

Do you use earbuds or fingers when cleaning your ears? If yes, this time you need to avoid using those stuff as much as possible. People who use those things normally expose their ear canal to infection. Again, you should dry your ears after taking a bath, as well as, after swimming.

Prolonged exposure to water can cause something called ‘Holiday ear’. Swim ear and ear calm are the best products you should use to dry your ear canal. Most people like using their fingers while cleaning their ears and now you need to know that you’re exposing your ears to infection. Don’t regret, try to avoid using your fingers instead use something better than fingers.

  1. Try to manage tinnitus

Noise such as buzzing or ringing in your ears is not a good idea at all. Tinnitus can be low or even medium to high-pitched. Exposing your ear to loud noise which is over 85 dB is something you need to be extra careful. Sufferers can deal with the debilitating condition through cognitive behavioral management.

But remember that there’s no absolute cure and so you better take precautions before it becomes too late. Your ears are your important assets and to avoid losing the hearing ability for good, you better start watching out what you’re using at your home. Ear protection should be your first priority.

  1. Avoid exposing yourself to loud noise

Do you know that there is safe noise limit? Have you been using blenders or maybe love shooting? Well, you need to know that machinery, music and even blenders are not good especially to your ears. If you have been using headphones and the friend who is next to you can hear that music then it is too loud. When you expose yourself to such noise over a prolonged period then you can damage your ears. Especially, if you love shooting,  don’t forget to wear a good earmuff for shooting to protect your hearing.

You need to use earplugs especially when you’re in a noisy environment. Tailor-made plugs are the best and also cheapest but better for your ears. Ear defenders or acoustic earmuffs are also the best choice especially at work and are less invasive. We know it that reducing the volume of your music is a bit hard, but try it for the sake of your ears.

  1. Use the best ear drops

You might have been using eardrops for long and you have never known the best one. So the best ear drops are the one made of sodium bicarbonate. This will perfectly dissolve impacted wax. Have you ever heard of olive oil?

Yes, if so, then olive oil should be your number one choice when you want to dissolve impacted wax. Although this oil is not effective, but is safer and will soften the wax and so you better use it than those unsafe products.

Remember that when those wax build-up, one can lose his/her hearing ability, something called conductive deafness. So avoid using any ear drops you come across. Your ears are important and you need to use the best product always.

There are a lot of infections which can affect our ears but little did we know that we can avoid them. The above five ways of taking care of ears can greatly help you. Avoid losing your hearing ability by going through the above ways. It will cost you a small price and so take precautions before it is too late.

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