Pros and cons of modular helmets

head injuryModular motorcycle helmets are a hybrid between the open face helmets and the full face helmets. They are designed to provide safety to the rider by protecting the rider’s head in case of an impact and prevent or reduce head injuries. Some modular motorcycle helmets, however, provide extra conveniences such as intercom, Bluetooth, face shield, ear protection and ventilation among many others.

Although unheard of a couple of years ago, modular motorcycle helmets are very popular these days and are used by nearly all types of motorcycle riders. Using modular helmets for safety provides several benefits to the rider. However, they also have a few drawbacks:

Benefits of modular Helmets:

  1. When closed, modular helmets will offer the same weather protection just like full face helmets ensuring that rain, snow, wind, and dust are kept of the riders face and eyes. These will, therefore, mean that whatever weather conditions out there, you will still be able to enjoy riding your motorcycle.
  2. With the chin up, these helmets offer the same convenience just like open face helmets and riders can enjoy some wind to cool a sweaty face, take a drink or talk to others without having to take the helmet off. So if you take a short break from your ride for a drink or a phone call, you don’t have to take your helmet off. Just flip the chin bar up to open, and when you are down close it and continue riding.
  3. Some modular helmets conveniently feature a flip down sun visor. This helps protect the rider’s eyes and therefore no need to wear sunglasses when the sun is up and you are on the road.
  4. Most modular helmets have air vents at the rear that allows air to escape. This makes the helmets very breathable, especially in hot weather. Such kind of ventilation is extremely important as it lets the rider to concentrate on riding even if the weather is muggy.
  5. Some manufacturers offer air pump systems in their modular helmets. These are either battery operated or manual pumps and they pump air into the baffles around the neck, cheek, jaw, and crown of the head. These allow the helmets to grow and custom fit on the rider’s head. This, therefore, means that the helmets are able to accommodate multiple head shapes comfortably. Furthermore, the air pumps ensure that the pressure is even inside the helmet, therefore, adding more safety to the helmet and reducing helmet fatigue.

Drawbacks of Modular Helmets

  • Modular helmets have a disadvantage of having extra weight due to the hinges and other extra components. This extra weight literary weighs down the riders as most prefer lighter helmets, especially for long rides.
  • Although these helmets offer considerably more protection than half helmets and open face helmets, the protection is significantly less than that offered by full face helmets. This is because modular helmets use plastic which is sometimes cushioned with rubber in the inside of the chin bar. Full face helmets on the other hand use EPS foam, the same stuff that is used for the rest of the helmet in the chin bar. The EPS form offers better cushioning and shock absorption in case of an impact.
  • Lastly, with modular helmets, riders cannot ride motorcycles at full speeds with the chin bar up in an open face position. The chin bar when in open position acts as wind sail and will, therefore, put a lot of pressure on the rider’s neck at high speeds.


Modular helmets have become extremely popular in the recent past because they are highly versatile and comfortable. This is evident because there are a large number of manufacturers offering a wide range of the modular helmets in different shapes, sizes and colors. You can attach a Bluetooth headset to make a phone call as well.

However, as a rider before you make a purchasing decision you should carefully consider the features such helmet offers versus your riding requirements. Most importantly consider carefully the ventilation, noise reduction features, fitting and the price of the helmet.

Additionally, there are other convenient features that are featured in the helmets that you should not miss on. Sun visors, air pump systems and chin releases are some of the features you should look out for. Revolutionizing the riding industry these modular helmets should not just provide safety, they should also offer convenience and style!

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