Triathlon Gear List: Don’t Miss Any Single One Of Them!

As you can understand, the list will be a comprehensive one than any other sports events. You need some gears to finish the swimming, some for cycling, and some for running. You miss any important gear; you will end up in the sidelines instead of participating.

Make a bullet point list of these gear that I am about to talk on your smartphone. It will help you a lot to avoid a lot of frustration.

Pre-Race Gear List

time trial

If you have to travel a long distance for the race, this list is for you. It includes your favorite drink, some dress, and other gears. Here is the list:

  • It’s really helpful to do some final workouts, so bring your training clothes, sunglasses of your choice, some casual clothes.
  • Definitely, you have to bring your heart rate monitor strap including the charging cord for the device and your smartphone.
  • How about bringing some of your favorite pre-race snacks?
  • Your comfortable shoes.
  • Timing Chip.

Overall Triathlon Gear List

Now that you are done with the pre-race list, it’s time to make the entire list of such gears that will be required in the swimming, cycling, and running part. Alright, you have already trained yourself with these gears; so you know them each very well.

So, I don’t feel explaining each of these gears; rather I will make some suggestions that you may find useful.

  1. Swimsuits

The temperature of the water where you will swim plays a great role in selecting your gears for the swimming. So, do some research and learn about the temperature. Now, definitely, you should have a wet suit. But let me remind you that some events don’t allow the wetsuit at all.

Even if you know that wetsuit is not allowed, you should have it nonetheless for just in case. Now, what should you do if the wetsuit is not allowed? Well, you can always bring a race kit for the water along with a speed suit. A body glide is also a good idea to solve the wetsuit problem areas.

  1. Tri-suit

Since we are talking about the wetsuit, it’s time to talk about the tri-suit as well. This dress is specifically designed for the triathlon and compatible for all the 3 events of the race.

You can wear this tri-suit under the wetsuit for the swimming. Also, it is suitable for running and cycling as well. Try to have that one which is made of compression materials and it should be a tight fit.

  1. Shoes & Socks

From training to the main event, you will need a pair of high-quality socks and shoes. Since you will be wearing them for a pretty long time, pay attention to the comfortability. For this specific purpose, I would not recommend online shopping.

Rather visit any prominent and trusty shop and ask for their help. State your purpose and they will show you the best one. Don’t just take their words for it, try it! If it feels comfortable and fit perfectly, then buy them.

  1. Triathlon Helmet

Probably I should have talked about it earlier. This is an absolute requirement to participate in any triathlon event since it will protect your head and probably your life during the intense cycling part. Great aerodynamic and ventilation are the primary criteria to be a great triathlon helmet.

So, spend some time online reading real reviews from experienced triathletes. Do not spend too much on it; just make sure it has passed some mandatory tests. Also, don’t forget to ensure that it fits perfectly over the sunglasses or your prescription glass (if any).

  1. Time Trial Bike

Speaking of the helmet, you must have a bike as well to participate in the race. You can buy a bike directly that is meant for the race or you can transform your road bike to a time trial bike as well.

If you decide to buy, there are both affordable and really costly bikes to consider. Depending on your budget, that is really up to you. But if you have a limited budget, you can always transform your road bike to a time trial bike. Just take it to a bike shop and tell them to do it for you.

  1. Swimming Goggles

You will be participating in the swimming first and you want it to be perfect. Because if you mess it up, the race is done. A pair of good quality goggles that fit perfect will help you a lot in the swimming session.

If it is a sunny day on the day of swimming, you really need a pair of tinted glass. That way you will see clearly and the sun won’t be a problem at all. So, I would recommend having two pair of them.

  1. Sunglasses

For both the running and cycling, you will need them. You do not want the sun bothering you during the running and cycling. Because the sunlight can be really distracting and you may lose the race very easily.

Besides, sunglasses will protect your eyes from the roadside insects and other tiny flying objects. Considering the fact that you never know the weather correctly; so you can’t be sure about the lighting condition.

So, if you have a decent budget; consider buying the photochromic lenses. They work great adjusting the lighting condition in such events.

  1. Elastic laces For Running Shoes

Or you can always run without them if you buy that kind of running shoes. A lot of people do. But I would not recommend it considering the post running situation. It hurts like insane!

Yes, traditional laces can be troublesome for the running. They do not stay in place. You can solve this problem with the elastic laces. It really speeds up the transition stage and no matter what kind of shoes you have bought, these laces will fit just fine.


Yes, it’s a long list and trust me I just covered the basic. Triathlon is basically the sum of 3 individual sports and you need a long triathlon gear list. If you are serious about the race, make this list and read it again for the crosscheck in the early morning of the race.

And…do me a favor. Share this article with your friends who may participate in the time trial.

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