Where To Buy Scrap Metal For Welding Near Me?

If you are wondering where to get scrap metal for free for your welding project, you are in luck! I will tell you exactly where to get them. From square tubing to angle iron to pipes – you can get them for free!

Of course, you have to pay a little sometimes. You already did pay for your welding helmet and other protective equipment. A little more won’t be a deal-breaker. But I must tell you this: these scrape metals are cheap.

Go to any hardware store metal stand and you will see they are really costly. But when you need to turn a broken table into a workbench or maybe you are trying to make forklift jib crane, you will be needed a lot of metals. Getting these metals free or cheap is easy if you know the right source!

Where To Buy Scrap Metal For Welding?

scrap metal near me

Alright, depending on your need and location, the sources will vary and some of these sources may not be viable for some of you.

So, I will try to cover as many sources as possible so that you find a suitable source and be done with your small welding projects from scrap. Here are the places to look for used metal for sale nearby you:

  1. Metal Recycle Yards

Though a little bit of bent and rusty, you will find a lot of them in your nearby metal recycling yard. Do you have any such yards in your community? You can find brass, copper, SS, mild steel, Al, etc. at a very reasonable cost. You can get the mild steel as low as $0.25 an lb.

Despite the fact that I mentioned they will be a little bit of rusty and dented, but that won’t be a deal-breaker since you will be using them for your welding. You will be able to fix them yourself before you weld them.

  1. Demolition Sites

Keep a sharp eye for the demolition sites nearby you. A great source for all kinds of metal scraps. Most likely, you will get such scrapes for free as you will be doing a favor the environment by reusing them.

Don’t tell me you don’t see those building demolitions every now and then. A lot of scrap metals can be salvaged there. Go there and you can get your desired metals at the cheapest cost.

  1. Metal Fabrication Shops

They usually buy such scraps at auction and from new to used, they have all of the kinds. I am pretty sure you will find yours if such shops exist in your neighborhood. A great source of leftovers of all sizes and shapes!

  1. Yard & Garage Sales

I keep my eyes and ears open for such sales and often start a conversation with the owners when I need used metal for sale near me. It happens a lot and you can’t miss such sales when you are desperate to complete your welding projects from scrap.

From channel iron to bed frames, you will find a lot of varieties there. To get the best deal, leave your contact number so they can contact you later.

  1. Flea Markets

scrap angle iron for sale

Ahh..a great place where you can find almost everything for your welding projects. However, finding scrap metals there might be a little bit difficult and you try harder you can find them for sure.

The good news is if you find such metals and you are smart enough, you can have a better bargain there. With a little bit of luck and a harder try from your end, you can get expensive metals at a cheap price.

  1. Go To Any Shooting Ranges

If you need casings and shells that you may need for your welding projects, any shooting ranges can be a great source for you. They have tons of spent shells and casings that they don’t need at all. You can get them totally free or at the cheapest cost.

Offer them a little bit of help from your end. Ask them whether they need help to dispose of their spent cartridges and casings. When you need profitable welding projects without spending much on metals, this little favor for the ranges will help you a lot.

  1. Meet Contractors

Contact the plumbing and roofing professionals. You can get high-quality scrap metals from these professionals. Besides, contact people who deal with HVAC and renovation. Offer them your free service of scrap removal in exchange for some metals that you need for your welding.

The best way to contact them is finding their online presence. Search them on Facebook and Google. These contractors often look for workers on their Facebook pages. You can take advantage of that!

  1. Hospitals & Clinics

They got a huge collection of used wheelchairs, broken metal bed frames, used equipment that they want to get rid of ASAP. Other than that, they got tons of unwanted metal scraps. Yes, due to the sensitive nature of these metals, they may not be willing to sell them. The same goes for assisted living facilities as well.

But if you can meet the right person there. I would meet the administration office first. Ask them how they get rid of these scraps and is there any way you can get some of them.

  1. Local Landfill

In your local dump, you will find that there is a designated place for the metal. Besides, you can take advantage by talking to the dump workers. From beams and posts to steel doors – you can find a lot of scrap metals there.

Due to rules and regulations, these workers may not give you these metals for free and sell to you. Ask the workers for the company address who drop off these metals and contact the company.

  1. Country Farms

This source is applicable if you live close to any country. Or you can drive your car and have a small tour of such country firms. I am telling you this because these farms are a great source of such items.

Meet and greet people there. Make a friendship. If you can’t find such locations yourself, these people can definitely tell exactly where you can find whatever you are looking for.

  1. Technical Schools

small welding projects from scrap

When you need welding ideas for beginners, go to such technical schools. These schools are helpful for people who want to learn such technical stuff. Appreciate their assistance. Along with some advice, you can get welding scrap metals from there too.

  1. Craigslist

Like everything, you can find your much-needed elements from there too at a very reasonable cost. From metal pet cages to auto parts, you can find all you need. You can get them for free if you become a little bit skeptical.

Keep posting on craigslist to offer help removing all the scrap parts from people’s yards or garages. Consistently posting that and I am pretty sure there are plenty of people who will take your help.

  1. Commercial Sites

Nowadays, lots of mall developments and office building construction going on. It happens all year-round. I call them a treasure trove for black irons, copper, steel, etc. and I occasionally visit such places whenever I look for scrap metal near me.

Make a nice introduction to yourself and explain what do you need. If they don’t have any real usage of these metals, they are more likely to give you them for free.

  1. Talk To Any Building Caretakers

As you know a lot of tenants left their broken metal bed frames to their old residents. And these caretakers of these buildings store them. Talk to any building caretakers and I am pretty sure they will help you out finding valuable metals for free or for a small price.


Finding steel metal nearby you is not hard if you really try it. I even ask my friends to help me out scrap metal near me. If you have a friend who works in an industry, you can ask your friend as well.

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