How To Make Motorcycle Exhaust Sound Deeper? [With Video Demo]

After you have the motorbike, gloves, jackets, and a sturdy motorcycle helmet, you want your motorbike to sound sporty. Though it totally depends on the pipe’s length, diameter, the motor itself, and materials used, there are lots of options to make the exhaust sound sporty.

And you can do so without making any permanent change/modifications to your motorcycle.

No matter if you have a two-stroke or four-stroke engine, you can make some tweaks to the baffles or muffler to have a fantastic and deeper sound. It’s a pretty in-depth article I have written for people who have been wondering how to make motorcycle exhaust sound deeper.

Remove Baffles To Have Deep Sounding Motorcycle Exhaust

make motorcycle exhaust sound deeper

Apart from the engine, the sound variates due to the exhaust system as well. After the tweak, I like the deeper sound I have now. Though it’s a matter of personal preference, my friends praised my new sound as well. In this guide, I will you exactly how I did this!

Removable baffles are pretty common and unless you have a pretty rare motorcycle, I assume yours too. It’s important because you can have deep sound just by removing the baffles! So, you will learn how to modify motorcycle exhaust baffles as well. Follow the steps carefully:

  1. Beware of Local Law

The modifications you are about to make will not only make the sound deeper but also louder too. But you should be aware of your state and local noise pollution regulations as well. You do not want to violate these regulations!

  1. Gather Necessary Tools

I like to have my tools near me whenever I do any tiny tweak to my bike. This is important to avoid frustration. You will be needing the followings to make modifications to the baffles:

  • A screwdriver (long flathead preferred).
  • Wrench set.
  • It’s optional but has a telescoping magnet as well.
  1. Getting The Job Done [Video Demonstration Attached]

Locate the nut that holds the baffles in place. You can find it under the bottom of the exhaust pipe. Use the wrench to remove the nut but make sure the bolt stays in the baffle. Use the screwdriver to pull the baffle out of the tailpipe. Use the telescoping magnet to remove the bolt from the tailpipe if it does not come out with the baffle.

And just like that, you have successfully deepened the exhaust sound! Now, watch the video to understand clearly how to improve motorcycle exhaust sound by removing the baffles. Now, watch the video on how you can remove the baffles from a Harley.

Additional Tips:

I just showed you two methods to make motorcycle exhaust sound louder and deeper. That involves removing the baffles and modifying the muffler. Now, there is something you should be aware of first.

Removing the baffles will make some changes to the backpressure of the engine. This will leave a negative impact on the engine performance and valve train. Take the motorbike to the local bike shop to remap the ECU for reduced backpressure.

Modified Muffler To Make Exhaust Sound Deeper

Apart from removing the baffles, you can completely replace the existing muffler with a performance muffler. I recommend buying a new muffler to do the modifying but don’t forget to keep the existing muffler intact. When you decide to sell your motorbike later in the future, you will be needing it.

To keep it hassle-free, you can buy custom-made muffler from your local bike store. Sometimes, the manufacturer may give you an extra custom-made muffler in addition to the original one.

Log on to Amazon or eBay to find a lot of them if you don’t have it already. A performance muffler is somewhat expensive to buy but you can get it from such eCommerce sites at a very cheap cost.

A second-hand muffler should be your go-to choice to modify it. The second-hand or the performance muffler will give you the sound of the almost original one; so you should do some modifications.

Here is how you can do it.

You have to detach the end pieces; so start drilling the existing rivets. Locate the markings and delimitation of the muffler first to do the necessary cutting. Use a hacksaw and angle grinder to do the cutting. And lastly, remount the end pieces.

Now you have to install the modified muffler. It’s a little bit tricky, so pay attention. Complete the preliminary attachment first. Drill some holes to mount it. Make sure you can use the existing exhaust clamp to attach the muffler.


I personally prefer removing the baffles method. It’s easy to do but the result is awesome. You can do it for your V twins or two-stroke engines without much difficulty.

However, if you go for the second method where you have to modify the muffler, get a Conti muffler. Do not modify the original one. If you know other tricks to make the exhaust sound sporty, let me know in the comment box.

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