Best Fire Escape Ladder For Balcony And Common Window 2020

You are here because you are desperately looking for the best fire escape ladder for your home or as a gift for your loved ones. It’s a little bit of a daunting task since there are a lot of them. They come in a lot of variety as well. But no matter what your need is, I am pretty sure I have reviewed that here.

Fire Escape Ladder Comparison Table

Here is the list of most popular models from several trusted brands. Some of them is operating in the U.S.A. for the last 50+ years! Have a sneak peek first, and you will get in-depth review later.

Popular Fire Escape Ladder Reviews 2020

I tried to give you what the real users think about these ladders. From the oldest but most trusted brand to newly popular brands; I have covered them all. From inexpensive to moderately priced; I tried to give you the most in-depth overview of all popular models.

Kidde with Anti-Slip Rungs [Model # KL-2S]

As your fire safety plan, it is something you must add to your fire safety gear list. Having the proper length is important. There is nothing to worry about. It comes in 2 sizes: 13 feet and 25 feet. Suitable for a 3 story and 2 story building. And obviously, it is fire-resistant.

best fire escape ladder from Kidde
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Firefighters recommended model. They call it a well-made one that is very much easy to deploy in case of an emergency.  It got probably the highest positive feedback among its kind, so put it in the first. Because I really want you to have it. When you left your kids at home and if the worst happens, this may save their lives!

Yes, during an emergency, it will work. How do you know? Well, actually a lot of people already did some drill. Some accidentally deployed it. They did some climbing up and down including kids whose ages ranging from 11 to 18. It’s a little bit wobbly, but all of them confirmed it will work when the worst happens. 

And yes you can actually repack it! It opens up very easily and folds up as well without any hassle. You can put it anywhere you find most convenient. Slide it under your bed? What I am trying to say that it’s so easy to store it. A great blessing where you have a small apartment and I have been there. So I know how hard it is to store something like this.

The price is reasonable as well. Buy with confidence. The peace of mind it will give you is simply priceless. Assess how many do you need carefully. Can all of your family members access it easily? If not, buy multiple of them add them to the fire kit. If you plan to drill first, buy an extra. Do not take any chance when it comes to fire! It’s sturdy and long-lasting.

Tips: Talk to your kids about how to use it. Every family member should know what to do in case of fire.

More features

  • Attaches perfectly to any sort of common windows. Though it is not designed to fit anything other than the window, it will fit deck as well if it has a ‘lip’ to attach.
  • How sturdy and durable it is? Well, pretty good. It’s suitable for up to 1,000 pounds! And why not! It’s made with pure steel and badass nylon.
  • Features anti-slip rungs. Ensures secure footings and no chance of slipping. Totally tangle-free.
  • It comes completely ready. No assembly required. Just attach it to your window and deploy it!
  • Perfect for any house and residential buildings. Suitable for both the adults and kids.


  • Sharp metal edges. Might do damage to the side of your house. So be careful!
  • It’s a one time use only model.


First Alert (Model: EL52-2)

I don’t recommend any cheap fire escape ladder, but I have included this in my list because of its incredible number of positive feedback. Yes, it’s affordable but rest assured it can do the job and it has already proved it in several incidents. Being lightweight has its own advantage and its one of the lightest!

first alert
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The cool thing about this one is that it features an emergency release strap. That’s a big plus when you have to get it set up in no time during the emergency. Even your kid will be able to deploy it on his own when no adults are around. Of course, you have to teach him how to do it.

Being an affordable one has not made it cheap. The construction is great and when you touch it you can tell its pretty solid. 

Many parents have simulated it during lots of drills and they were pretty happy about it. The kids were able to perform these fire drills using this one. They successfully finished these drills climbing down. So, a lot of them have bought a couple of them. It’s so inexpensive, so why not? Besides, it’s reusable. So, it’s a pretty good live-saving investment.

You should get more than one of it if you plan to perform such drills first which I recommend strongly. I pray you never have to use it, but be prepared! A lot of the parents with only 4 to 5 years tough their kids how to climb down the window using the ladder. This little practice will make your kids confident as well because they know they are fully prepared even when the worst happens. 

How sturdy it is? I would say pretty damn! Lots of grown-ups having a weight of more than 185 lbs have tested it thoroughly. And it worked without fail! I mentioned this because I want you to be confident about it. It’s a quality made one.

More Features

  • Suitable for both the 2 story and 3 story home. If you get the 2 storied one, it has a length of 14 feet. And the 3 storied one has a length of 24 feet. The max windowsill width is 10 inches.
  • Let me tell you again. It’s damn sturdy! Strong steel constructed that is tested for up to 1,125 lbs. For added strength, it features DuPont Cordura nylon strapping as well. It’s a pretty dependable ladder for a home fire.
  • Comes fully assembled; ready to use anytime.
  • Meets all the relevant safety standards including ASTM.
  • Features epoxy-coated rung for sure footing. No chance of slipping as well.
  • It’s reusable which I don’t recommend. Get multiple of it!


  • In some very rare cases, it did not work for some window sill during the drills. So, I recommend you test run it as soon as you get it.


 ISOP Safety Rope Ladder with Carabiners 

When you can go for nothing but strong ropes and strong carabiners, think about this one seriously from ISOP. All the models from the same brand have great quality but this one got popularity in no time! It’s crucial for the safety of you and your family members, but its fun to do some drill as well. Lots of already tried it and their appreciation is simply priceless.

ISOP fire escape ladder
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The strong safety hooks make it so perfect for both the adult and kids. Just for safety reasons, every home should have it. That’s not me! It’s the thought of happy users. It is safe for your fingers as well. Won’t cut into your fingers which is pretty rare in other models. Yea, it’s not so cheap but it’s completely reusable. Not just reusable, it’s long-lasting as well.

You gotta pay a little extra for a premium quality product, right? It’s very sturdy and would not fail you when the time comes. The 2 carabiners are strong and easily hook to the railing. Made of high-quality strong well-braided ropes. All the metal parts are sturdy and solid. Just having it will give you peace in your mind.

Hopefully, you won’t have to use it in real-life scenarios, but I strongly encourage you to do some drills with it as a preparation for the worst-case scenario. Make the kids do the drill. It’s fun to do the drill as I mentioned earlier. It’s so easy to use that your kids will be able to mount it the right way if he/she can open the window.

As it comes in multiple lengths, measure your requirement first. You can have it for your 5 storied home as well. If you don’t see your expected size; just contact the seller.

More Features

There are more reasons why it is popular and there is so much positive feedback. Here are the important features that you should know:

  • From 8 feet to 25 feet; your need is always covered. It comes in 4 sizes (length) with 12 inches width!
  • The diameter of the runs and rope is 0,9 and 0,72 inch respectively.
  • Made from resin and higher quality ropes. It’s so strong that it can hold up to 2,000 lbs.
  • It’s must-have for every home or office who wants to stay safe.
  • Deploys in seconds! You do not need any extra tools to assemble it. 
  • Lightweight and portable. Your child can carry it. Can be stored under your bed.
  • If you don’t have a bar or railing, they have special hooks for special needs!
  • It comes with a waterproof bag to store it.


  • People feel the need for hooks to attach it to the window sash. Contact them if you need those special hooks.
  • Very few reported it to have cheap steps.


13 Feet Long Hausse

So, you have already learned about the brand as I have reviewed its most popular model. However, Hausse has other models that are getting popularity at a faster pace and this one is doing just great. If you have been suffering from the fear that it will take more space; relax… It takes up less space than you think.

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If you have a second-story bedroom window sill – you will find it pretty helpful. It’s perfectly safe for everyone and anyone can touch it without danger of cutting your fingers. The strap construction is perfectly stitched, so it’s perfectly safe for your kids as well.

Lots of people have bought it for their own and some of them gifted it to their close ones. They have confirmed it to be a well-made and highly sturdy one that will do the job pretty well. Almost all of them are happy and their positive feedback will encourage you having it as well.

It’s so easy to use that every one of your family can carry it and attach it. You can figure it out yourself. You have it and it will give you a secure feeling that will let you to outside and leaving your kids home. However, if you have little children; they can’t carry it as it will be a little bit heavier for them.

There is no chance of being disappointed by having it. So many people were relieved just by gifting it to their daughters or close relatives. Read some buyers’ reviews and you will understand what I am talking about. Get more than one if you want to do some drills.

More Features

Just like the previous model I reviewed from the brand, the features are almost the same for this one as well. Have a look:

  • Fits perfectly to almost any window frame or window sills. No chance of slip-off at all.
  • Like other models of the same brand, the ladder hook is retractable.
  • It’s for emergency only; takes only seconds to deploy it. Very important to escape the fire rapidly.
  • Can withstand up to 1,000 lbs. of weight.
  • As usual, comes with a red canvas bag for easy storage.
  • Features strong and durable ladder rope that has a large bearing capacity.
  • V-shaped support frame for extra strength and durability.
  • High appreciation and recommendations from happy users.


Here are some concerns that some buyers have raised. I think you should know them as well:

  • Like any rope ladder; it moves a little when you climb on it. Some people expected a little less bouncy ladder.
  • The aluminum spacers have sharp edging. So be careful!
  • One time use only. Get multiple if you want to run some tests.

SHAREWIN 50 Foot Portable Fire Ladder

Do you need a really long model for your home? How about a 50-foot long one? It’s pretty good for 5 to 6 storied building and you have 2 or 3 storied home – it’s still suitable for you. When other models reviewed above could not do the job while drilling, people ended up having it.

SHAREWIN 50 Foot Portable Fire Ladder
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It’s super sturdy and you will feel much safer knowing it’s there to save your life along with your family members’. A reliable sturdy ladder is all you need to escape the deadly fire when there is a huge chance you would be stuck otherwise.

SHAREWIN just did the incredible job bringing this great model which has already go a tremendous number of positive feedback. You will find a lot of happy buyers; read their recommendations and some real reviews before you buy it.

Just by looking at it you can tell it’s a well-made one. And I am pretty sure it will be up for the task when the worst time comes. Most people call it a reliable one. Reasonably priced and it comes in multiple sizes to meet everyone’s need.

Just by having it will give you the ultimate sense of security and you can sleep well at night. Left kids at home? Nothing to worry! Just do some drills get themselves familiar with it. They will be able to save their life on their own.

It’s suitable for almost every window sills and if you have an extra-wide window sill, it will attach just fine. However, test it as soon as you receive it. If it does not do the job intended; just contact the seller. If everything is okay; do some drills.

Why Should You Buy It?

It’s life-saving gear and you can’t afford to have something that won’t work or meet your needs. So, here are some more features of it that you should know before you make up your mind:

  • Available in 4 sizes like 15/25/50 ft. From a two-storied home to 6 story apartment; it’s perfect for every home type.
  • Maximum recommended weight limit is 990 lbs.
  • Wide steps; so perfectly safe for everyone. Highly portable that lasts really long.
  • Being completely foldable has made it a space-saving one that you can store anywhere you want. Maybe under your bed?
  • For more stability and safety, it features V-shaped central brackets.
  • For more strength and durability, the ropes used are braided!
  • EU’s EN131 certified.
  • Completely lightweight and it hooks into the window frame so great that there is no chance of slipping at all.


  • It’s for one-time use only. So if you have the plan to drill first which I strongly recommend, you should get more than one.

Hausse 25 Feet Model

It’s astonishingly lightweight. When you learn about its functionality, it’s really surprising. Another great 25 feet long fire escape ladder from Hausse. The brand has several popular models I have reviewed a couple of them from the same brand. But this model is the most popular and there are pretty good reasons why it is.

HAUSSE retractable ladder
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Any sudden fire can block the stairways due to smoke. People need an alternative exit. It’s so user-friendly that everyone can deploy it without any trouble. Even the kids can do it. They need some training though. Be responsible; have it and give your family members great access out of their burning home.

After several drills and tests, many people have confirmed it to be effective for any emergency usages. You can test it as well and roll it back again. You can sleep well and have your peace of mind just simply having it. Because you know it will be there for your rescue!

It’s affordable and you are strongly advised to replace it every 3 years. I strongly recommend you to have several numbers of it for each room. It comes in a nice pouch; so you can store it easily under your bed. Lots of users have expressed their gratitude and promised to buy it again.

Lots of parents and grandparents bought it for their close ones. A lot of homeowners set it up for their tenants’ safety. Now they can sleep happily knowing their close ones have perfect fire escape solution. They have all agreed to call it a great fire safety gear and should everybody have it.

Extra Information: You should test it in your household and teach every family member. However, during the testing; it may leave some markings on your window, siding, or walls.

More Features

The brand has a lot of other models; but why this one got so popularity. Check out the following features that have made it so popular:

  • It fits perfectly with almost any window sills or window frame. Pretty secure hooks; no chance of slipping at all. It’s retractable; so make sure to extend it at both ends.
  • For your steady footholds, it features slip-resistant rungs.
  • Blazing fast to deploy; built for emergencies only.
  • Can withstand up to 1,000 lbs. of weight.
  • Since it can extend up to 25 feet. So you can easily use in 3 storied building.
  • Comes with a durable canvas bag for easy storage.
  • Durable and strong ladder rope including great bearing capacity.
  • Very easy to fold due to its V-shaped support frame.


  • Though you can fold it back; but it’s really difficult to put it back in its package.

ISOP With Carabiners & Safety Harness

The cool thing about this that it fits anywhere in the building. In case you don’t understand how important it is – let me elaborate it a little bit. During the fire emergency, it’s hard to keep your head together. You can’t think straight. There might be a scenario where you can’t find the windows at all. This rope style ladder is something you will find most useful then.

ISOP Emergency Rope Ladder
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It’s truly a stable and durable fire escape solution and it is made out of quality materials. It’s perfect for both the adults and kids. It’s perfectly safe for the kids as it has protection from the falling. You will feel safe for your family and you can sleep in peace at night.

You will find a lot of YouTube videos on this one. You will learn how to use this rescue ladder and its multi-part usages. You will see who easily people climb down 3 to 4 storied building safely. The build is great and it’s pretty sturdy. That’s the reason it got so many high appreciations.

Built from the finest materials to save lives. You will find a lot of pleased people who have already used this. The length is perfect (32 feet) for any 3 to 4 storied building. You can buy it either with the belt or the harness.

As a responsible adult, you do what you have to do to fireproof your sweet home. But the truth is you can never be too safe when it comes to fire. You need something reliable like this. Have it in your fire safety arsenal and you can thank me later 🙂

More Features

  • It’s not just a ladder, it features heavy-duty carabiners and harness as well. Even if you misstep during the rush, there is no chance of falling. This will give you the much-needed confidence boost during the emergency.
  • Perfect for any home/building/commercial establishment as it fits most windows. Lots of hotels and apartments already have it in their fire safety arsenal.
  • It’s lightweight and highly portable. Your kids even have any trouble to carry and fit it. This is the most responsible thing you can do proving your family members a great safety exit.
  • Probably the lowest chance of slipping and falling.
  • Very easy and convenient to store it as well. You can store it under your bed!
  • It’s pretty heavy-duty. Even 7 to 8 persons can climb down at a time! However, the belt is for only one.
  • Perfect or balcony railing as well. Have a lot of great positive feedback. Almost everyone agreed it’s a well-constructed one.


  • A little bit tricky to use.
  • Just one belt L some people did not like this feature.


It’s made in the U.S.A. and let me tell you it’s a beast! And they are in the business for the last 50 years. They call it a great piece of fire safety gear.

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When you need something sturdier than a set of canvas rungs, ResQLadder is here for you. Already saved lives from a house fire. People have tested it on numerous drills and in real-life scenarios. And it worked like a champ!

It’s so easy to pack and unpack. It comes with a box in which you can store it in your convenient place for easy access. Attach to the window pretty well and it’s pretty easy to hook and unhook it. So, it will be ready to be used anytime whether it’s day or night.

If you compare it with other models available out there, it’s a little bit heavy. And it’s a good thing! It’s a little bit heavy because it is one of the sturdiest models out there. Not just sturdy, I call it a very substantial ladder. Some people love it so much that the bought it for each of their rooms!

After reading a lot of positive reviews, I have decided to include it to my recommended list. If you are looking for a rope or chain ladder, you won’t be disappointed having it. When you have a child living with you, this will give you the extra confidence and you will have your peace of mind.

Not only it looks durable, but many have also tested it against how much weight it can withstand (it supports up to 1,000 lbs.). They were impressed! The best thing you can do upon receiving the delivery is that you familiarize every family members including the kids about how to use it.

More Features

  • Available in multiple sizes like 12/15/25/35/50 feet. No matter whether you have 2 or 3 storied building, it is still a perfect choice for you. It’s perfect for 2 to 6 storied buildings.
  • Fits any standard windowsill. Highly portable without any installation requirement. So, you can take it wherever you move.
  • For a safe escape, you need something reliable. Well, it has been tested against 1,000 lbs.
  • Slip-resistant and made of strong steel for added durability and safety. The chains are also made of steel.
  • Features standoffs so that it keeps away from the building.
  • Made in the U.S.A. under strict protocols to save American lives.
  • Very easy to deploy. Teach your kids how to use it. They should be able to do it themselves when they are left alone in the home.
  • You will get a cool fire safety planner along with it.


  • Not suitable if you have window sills more than 10 inches wide.
How To Pick The Best Fire Escape Ladder?

You can’t afford to mess it up while picking the best fire safety ladder. It’s the next most important fire safety gear right after the fire extinguishers. The life of your family members and yours may depend on it. So, you gotta pick the right one that will save your family. Here are the important factors that you need to consider first:


It should touch the ground from the railing. That means you gotta pick the right size. You live in a 3 storied building but pick the length of a 2 storied one – what do you think will happen? From 12 feet to 50 feet, they come in a lot of different sizes. Pick the size that matches your requirements.


During the fire, everybody will in the rush. There may not be enough time to climb down one by one. That’s why you gotta make sure it can withstand the weight of 2 to 3 people simultaneously. From 700 lbs. to more than 2,000 lbs. – you will find a lot of them with different capacities. Read the maximum recommended weight limit before you pick one.

Size of Window

That is a very important factor to consider; otherwise, you would be disappointed. Measure the window sills carefully or at least make sure the ladder fits in any window type or railing. You can find some adjustable models out there and they will attach to any window type that you may have.

Anti-slip Rungs

Go for the textured/rectangular shaped anti-slip rungs. You will end up hurting yourself if you go for the round anti-slip rungs since they are so slippery. During the emergency, your full focus will be on how quickly you can climb down and a simple misstep can injure you badly. Only the anti-slip rungs can protect your footings during the rush.

Stand-off Safety Features

I am talking about the stabilizers of the fire escape ladder. They keep the ladder away from the wall. By creating a space between the ladder and the hot wall during the fire, it protects the ladder from burning itself. If you have glass window, it will protect it too.

Heat Resistant Materials

If any parts of your ladder are made of plastic or nylon; just dump it. It won’t of any good to you when the time comes. From the excessive heat, such nylon parts will simply meltdown. Always prefer the aluminum or steel made ladder that has almost no chance of melting. They tend to be lightweight as well; so even your kids will be able to carry them when you are not nearby.

Ease of Use

The simpler the better. It should be deployed in seconds without much effort. Avoid complex models that take time to set up. Trust me, you won’t have that time! There should be a quick-release strap and after you attach the hooks into the window sills, just release it. And that’s all it should take!


Certifications from the proper authorities and regulators give you a sense of trust and security, right? You will find lots of models that have the certification of both the U.S.A. and EU regulators. If you are in the U.S.A., look for the ASTM F2175 certification.


You will find both the one time use only and reusable types. And I have reviewed a few of the above. But I always prefer the one-time use only type. Such stuff is something with what you do not want to take a chance! Besides, they are so cheap; so why would you look for a reusable one? You wanna do some drills, get a couple of them!


All the models I have reviewed above are really inexpensive. The return you will get when there will be no one to help you and most importantly, the peace of mind it gives is simply priceless. So, the price should not bother you. Pay attention to the quality and effectiveness only.

Fire DrillsWith Ladder Make Everyone Confident!

Climbing down the ladder is an integral part of any fire drill. Without running such drills, things can go horribly wrong during real-life scenarios. The importance of practicing with your fire safety ladder is enormous. And I can’t emphasize enough how important it is.

What’s the point of having one if you can’t use it? It won’t do any good or make any difference during the deadly fire if nobody can set it up. That’s where the drilling comes in. There is no alternative to drilling a lot. Keep drilling every now and then until all of your family members can set it up and climb down successfully including the kids.

If the kids are not up to the age of climbing down, redo the drilling when they come to the expected age and teach them. Prepare for the worst-case scenarios. Assume the kids will be alone the incident happens. Prepare them so that they have the ability and training to protect themselves. Watch the video to learn how to install a fire escape ladder on your own:


It’s something you never intend to use in your life but you have to have it. But home fire accidents are so common than ever! So, you have no alternative but to have the best fire escape ladder to protect yourself and your loved ones. As a responsible adult, communicate with your remote close ones and make sure they have one too.

Best Fire Escape Ladder For Balcony And Common Window 2020
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