How To Build A Rock Climbing Wall? [Instructional Video Included]

Bouldering is a great way for overall body workout, it is a great way to have fun too. Did you now it can burn form 500 calories to 700 calories? Rock climbing is a great way to develop physical and mental stamina.

Since you are looking for how to build a rock climbing wall, I am guessing you don’t want to go the climbing gem anymore. I am more like you! I don’t either like to grab my rock climbing helmet each evening and to the remote gym.

You want to have your own like mine. That’s great, but let me remind you; you must have prior experience about basic wood construction.

If you know how to make a wooden house or already done it, building the rock climbing wall will be a piece of cake for you. Every steps and principle are the same. You are already half way there!

How To Build A Rock Climbing Wall?

rock climbing wall

The best way to be really good at rock climbing is to have your own such a climbing wall. It’s way better than going to the climbing gym. Besides, it’s a good DIY home project. You children will love it as a great source of entertainment.

In a step by step way, I will be explaining to you how you can make your own rock climbing helmet. All you have to do just follow these steps.

  1. The Planning Stage (In-Depth Brainstorming)

Brainstorming will help you to achieve your objective the most efficient way. You have to ask yourself a lot of questions to make it your project a success. First, think about the space it will require to make the wall.

Then think about where you want to mount the wall. Do you want to do it in your garage? It’s possible! But think about how high you want it to be, right? Then think about what do you want to have on your wall and what will require to make the wall as a whole.

If you want it to make an indoor wall, make sure it is located not too close to your living room.

  1. Think About The Supporting Wall

You can use an existing structure to attach your wall or you can go for a completely free-standing bouldering wall. Both of them has its own pros and cons. If you choose an existing structure, it will really easy to construct & design your climbing wall.

But there are some problems using an existing structure. First, it will permanently lock your wall into that location, so you can’t move it in future if you wish to do so. Also, to be able to use an existing structure, it must be strong enough to support the weight of the wall and the climbers.

On the other hand, if you are renting the house and there is a great possibility that you will be moving in the future, a free-standing bouldering wall is your best shot. You can move it anywhere you go. But it will be very expensive to make and difficult to design.

Choose any one from the above two and proceed to the next step.

  1. Design

Play with several designs. That will help you to understand what the wall will look like finally. In this stage, you must take consideration of the available space for the wall.

A completed wall that does not fit in the available space won’t do any good. Also, don’t forget about the materials that will be needing to construct your climbing wall.

  1. Tools & Materials Requirement

Make a list of all the tools & materials and go to the market to get them. Usually, you will be needing a circular saw, hammer, tape measure, bolts, chalk line, Pliers, jigsaw, etc. as necessary tools.

You will need pine plywood and pine boards as well. Don’t forget to get aluminum strips to use as the pull-up bars. T-nuts and deck screws are crucial to make the wall as well.

  1. Begin The Actual Construction

Think twice in this stage. You should only engage in constructing it yourself if you have basic construction knowledge. Otherwise, just give your design to a carpenter and get it done like a pro.

Even if you are not gonna do it yourself, you need to at least know about this stage so that you can instruct your carpenter to get it done your way.

Make sure to bolt all the load bearing. Do not screw or nail them. A little bit of vibration will make all the screws to snap.

Now, it’s time to work with the t-nuts. Each plywood comes with 72 t-buts. So drill holes for those t-nuts at every 8 inches apart in both directions. You need to decide where the joists will be. And do not drill where you plan the joists will be.

You want to make all the splinters hidden. To keep them that way, drill holes on the side eventually that will be facing outward.

  1. Plywood Mounting

You need help from your friend or family member. These plywoods are really heavy and very difficult to the handle. Get your measurement right before you start sawing; because you do not want to waste them.

The door you will be making in this stage needs to be strong enough to carry your weight.

  1. Mounting The Holds

That’s a very easy stage to follow. Just make sure these holds are evenly distributed on the entire wall. You are ready to start climbing! So, start climbing and move these holds one at a time. You can mount the belay points and pull-up bar in this stage as well.

  1. Painting & Finishing Touch

If you want to have an indoor rock climbing wall, you don’t need to paint at all. But you want to have it outside, you need to paint the plywood as a protection against the outside humid environment.

And, finally, you are basically done! You can enjoy climbing your wall. Let’ your kids climb too under your supervision.

Wrapping Up

Rock climbing is great, but I find it even exciting to make my own rock climbing wall myself. It’s challenging but very doable, right? But now you know how to build a rock climbing wall. And it’s really something to celebrate!

If you have any confusion or you need more explanation for any of the above steps, please let me know in the comment box. I will be happy to answer your questions. Now watch the instructional video on how you can make your own climbing wall.

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