32 Range Safety Rules [Most Comprehensive List!]

Everyone who loves both indoor and outdoor shooting must obey the range safety rules. The rules must be obeyed not just because of your own safety, but for the safety of others as well who might be in the vicinity.

And by such safety rules, I mean all the federal, state, and your own community rules. But how do you obey such rules, if you don’t know them, right? I am pretty sure, you already know some of them, but I will cover all of them here.

32 Range Safety Rules That Are Most Common

range safety rules

Now, if you are a student or instructor at the range, both of you needs to know about these rules and never forget to follow them. Here you go!

  1. You need to assume, the gun is always loaded.
  2. Don’t load the gun until your instructor tells you otherwise.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until it’s time to shoot.
  4. Never go to the range if you don’t know how to operate the gun at all.
  5. Keep the muzzle pointed downrange.
  6. Never bring the illegal gun at the range.
  7. Do not engage in automatic firing at the range unless it is permitted by the range master.
  8. Sometimes the gun may not function properly. It happens. Notify the instructor immediately!
  9. Keep the pistols, shotguns, rifles separated from each other at the range.
  10. Eye protection & shooting protection for the ears are mandatory; always when you are in the range.
  11. Load the guns only when the instructor tells you to do so.
  12. Keep a sharp ear for the instructor’s cease-fire command. If you hear it, immediately place your gun down and holstered.
  13. You can’t use a picture of a real person or animal as the target.
  14. If the range officer qualifies you, you can draw the gun from the holster.
  15. You can collect your own brass if that is the norm in the range.
  16. If someone is down the range, do not manipulate your gun or magazines.
  17. No toddler should be allowed in the range. Children under the age of 18 can be allowed for shooting under the strict accompany by their guardian.
  18. Nursing mothers or any women with pregnancy should be strictly prohibited at the range.
  19. Know your target clearly and what’s behind the target as well. No cross firing at all. Use a red dot sight for precise target acquisition.
  20. Never shoot on the ground or at the ceiling. In fact, shooting at targets only should be allowed.
  21. If the handgun accidentally falls off your hand, don’t attempt to catch it.
  22. During the transitions (if any) from rifle to pistol and vice-versa, notify the instructor.
  23. There has to be a Range Master or a couple of range officers. They will have the duty and right to inspect the firearms and ammunition to ensure safety.
  24. Only the range officers should be allowed to go beyond the firing line.
  25. If the range officers allow, you can go for the double-tap or point shooting.
  26. Sometimes shooters may bring more than one firearms. Don’t touch/use more than one gun at a time. When you finished unloading one, go for the next one.
  27. Incendiary ammunition, tracers, and steel core are prohibited.
  28. Keep the non-shooters separated from the shooters. Non-shooters should be waiting on the staging area only.
  29. No alcohol, smoking or drugs of any kind should be allowed.
  30. Taking selfie is okay nowadays, but you should never allow flash photography at the range. No texting or talking to the cell phone should be allowed at all.
  31. When you are done shooting or cleaning your gun, wash your hands immediately.
  32. If any shooting injury happens, immediately notify the instructor.

Wrapping Up Range Safety Rules

This is probably the shortest article that I have written on the website, but this contains all the vital information that you need to know about the range safety rules. Depending on the individual range owners, there may be separate rules and regulations, but the above are most common.

Like I said at the very first, you must follow these rules for your own safety and the safety of others who will be there at the range. Share this article with your friends and family members who love shooting.

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