Triathlon: What Is It And How To Be Prepared?

A few months back I have written an article on triathlon helmet reviews. And I got so many appreciations from you guys, you are awesome! Yet I could not help but notice some of you still don’t know what a triathlon race is or how you can take preparation for this amazing race.

So, instead of adding a few basic words on triathlon on my triathlon helmet article, I think it’s better writing a completely new article on it for my beloved readers.

I promise you, at the end of reading the article, you will totally understand all about triathlon and get prepared for it.

Now, what is triathlon?

what is triathlon

Well, in simple words, it is a race comprised of swimming, then cycling, and lastly running. In between the 3, there are transition periods to get prepared for the next stage. I will explain each of the 3 in detail, I promise.

But, before doing so and before I forget (which I do a lot!) I need to tell you that there are different distances that are covered in triathlon.

Different Distances In Triathlon

Learning all about the distances will help you get prepared better.

In the super sprint triathlon, which is the shortest of its form, you need to swim for 400 meters, then there will be 10 km cycling, and 2.5 km running.

You need to be very quick during the transitional periods to win this game. Not ideal for the beginners 🙁

In sprint triathlon, you need to swim for 750 meters which is followed by 20 km cycling and 5 km running. If you are a beginner you should try this. But remember, you need to be as fast as possible.

Olympic Distance Triathlon is for the experienced swimmers & cyclists. In this competition, the triathletes must swim for 1500 meters, then cycle for 20 km, and running for 10 km. In addition to the strength, power, and endurance, it requires mental strength as well.

And lastly, there is Ironman triathlon race which is divided into 2 categories. In its middle distance form, the triathletes must swim for 1900 meters, then starts cycling for 90 km, and lastly running for 21 km.

In its long distance form, it goes even more extreme! The triathletes must swim for 3.8 km, cycling for 180 km, and run for 42 km. You get the idea why it is called the ironmen race, right? It tests the limits of your body and mind.

Some Key Points In Triathlon

By now I believe you got the general idea of the triathlon, right? Well, I need to talk some key points of each part of the triathlon race to give you a complete picture. That way, you can prepare yourself for this exciting game.

  1. The swimming usually takes place in a swimming pool or in an open water like a lake or a sea. You need your wetsuits for this stage.
  2. The cycling is the most important part during the triathlon race. In this stage, you must replenish your body and mind immediately after the swimming to keep yourself going on completing the run. If you are a starter and have no racing bike, you can always start with your mountain bike. But the triathlon helmet is the must for you. Any other helmet like a normal motorcycle helmet won’t work.
  3. The running can be either on or off the road and there will be drink stations to keep you hydrated. Often, you have complete multiple laps in a short course.

Preparations You Should Take For Triathlon

You need to be healthy to compete in a triathlon race. Make sure to eat protein, nuts, olives, and of course a lot of carbohydrates. Don’t eat anything new for at least 3 days prior to the race.

Before the race, make sure all of your gears like bike and fitness monitor are okay. Don’t try any new gear in the race.

The night before the race is very important. Drink plenty of water, eat vegetables, fruits that contain vitamin C & E. Go to the bed early and don’t forget to set up multiple alarms (only if you think you can’t get up early in time).

Last Words

As I said before, triathlon race will test your limits and you can’t finish the whole 3 of them unless you make preparations and have a sound body and mind. I hope you find this little article helps to understand the triathlon race. If you like it, don’t forget to share!

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