10 Mountain Climbing Safety Tips To Keep Yourself Safe

Climbing the mountain is a great adventure and just like you, so many adventurers are out there. It ’s a great means of exploring the nature from the top of the mountain. But with adventure, there comes danger as well.

Mountain Climbing Safety Tips

mountain climbing safety tips

Here are some safety tips to make your mountain hiking more safe and enjoyable. These tips are shared by professional climbers and very effective to avoid dangers.

Prepare Your Body

Mountain climbing requires strength and stamina. So, you need to pay attention to your body the very first. Is your body ready for the hike? If you have prior health issues, consult with your doctor whether you are ready or not.

Do some physical exercise to prepare your body, especially try to have strength in your leg muscle and hand. Continue the exercise for at least a month before you go for the mountain hiking.

Make A Good Plan

Climbing the mountain is not an easy job as it might sound to you. It requires a detail and well-thought plan. First, select which mountain you are going to climb. Then select the group. It’s important to have company in mountain climbing.

You should also make a plan for the budget, the terrain, and route or how high you are going up. If you are a first timer in climbing mountain, don’t try to go up too high, make small target and gradually you can reach the peak.

Bring All The Gears

You should bring all the right gears for mountain climbing. Wear clothes that make you comfortable while climbing. Wear the right footwear that can give you grip, ankle support, and stability. Get the right climbing helmet as well. Bringing 2 or 3 sets of the dress is a good idea.

The sun at the top of the mountain is very hot. Don’t forget to bring the sunglass. Apply ample amount of sunscreen cream to protect your skin.

Weather Preparation

Weather plays a very important role in climbing the mountain. If it’s gonna be raining in your decided date of climbing, cancel it. Try to understand and read the weather forecast and have faith! Any harsh weather can be life-threatening.

Also, you should bring dress as per the weather report.

Don’t Get Lost

Getting lost while climbing the mountain from the group is very real and it has happened so many times. Never get separated from the group and always maintain communication. If you are following a specific route, then you should leave a copy of it at your home so that your family members can track you back.

Normally people like to climb in an unfamiliar mountain and if you like to do so,  don’t forget to carry a compass, a guidebook, and a map. You can carry a GPS tracker with you so that your group members can track you.

Be Ready For Altitude Related Illness

Not everyone is good at high altitude. If you have a problem with high altitude you have preparations to make. The altitude-related illness may show up in various forms of nausea, dizziness, fatigue and so on. Some Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) can be life-threatening.

AMS happens basically due to the lack of oxygen. Proper acclimatization can solve this problem for you. You can also take the drug acetazolamide to solve the altitude related illness. If you can’t tolerate the acetazolamide, you can take the corticosteroid dexamethasone instead.

Bring Enough Food

During the climbing, your body needs strength. You will feel more hungry than normal while climbing mountain. This is the reason you should bring enough food with you. Start your journey with a good breakfast as it is very important.

In your backpack, load it with some dry foods, water bottle, and other foods of your choice.

Find Shelter For Emergency

Don’t underestimate the need for emergency shelter while climbing mountain. Too many accidents and injuries have already happened due to the lack of emergency shelter while hiking the mountain.

Because of the unpredictable rough weather on the mountain, you may need to have the emergency shelter. There are lots of such shelters available in the market for 2 people or for the group as well.

Check Communication System

Keep your cell phone with you in the waterproof bag. Any communication breakage during the climbing can be life-threatening. You need to maintain communication with your groups always. Check the network coverage for your phone as well.

In case of non-existence of network, radio communication can be a good option. Make sure your group has a working radio communication system as well.

Use Common Sense

Applying the common sense in case emergency can be a lifesaver. If you are in trouble while climbing the mountain, keep your head calm and think. Use your common sense to solve the problem.

Last Words On Mountain Climbing Safety

Following the above safety tips while climbing mountain can save your life. Don’t rush to anything and always keep priority to the safety over adventure. Following these tips can make your mountain climbing safe and enjoyable.

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  1. Climbing is dangerous. You need to do everything you can to mitigate the effects of gravity and falling. Redundancy is key. Always back-up every important piece of gear with another piece of gear and use more than one anchor at a belay and rappel station. Your life depends on it. Beginner climbers are most vulnerable to accidents. Always use sound judgment; respect climbing dangers; don t climb over your head; find an experienced mentor or take climbing lessons from an experienced guide to learn how to climb safely e. Remember that most accidents happen because of climber error. Use the following 10 tips to keep safe when you re out rock climbing.

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