How To Get A Gun License? [Check Your State Laws First]

I encourage indoor & outdoor shooting sports because it excites me a lot. I have written some articles on this topic regarding shooting safety or how you can participate in various shooting competitions.

If you don’t have a legal gun, you don’t get to participate in those really exciting competitions. So, before you buy any shooting gears like shooting protection for your ears & eyes.

There are so many ways to get a gun in the U.S. As a proud U.S. citizen you already know it. Whereas there are strict rules to follow to get a gun, there are so many loopholes around those rules.

But if you are truly into shooting sports, don’t look for any loopholes. In this article, I will explain in detail how to get a gun license so that you can participate in shooting sports or go hunting.

How To Get A Valid Gun License?

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Now, before I get there; I would like to remind you that gun license varies from states to states across the U.S. Some states don’t even require a license to obtain a gun. Some states only require your driver license. It mostly depends on which states you are currently living.

Since it is really confusing whether you need a license or not in your state to own a gun, I would recommend consulting with your local law enforcement authorities to get the right information and process.

The following step by step process applies to you only if your states require a license to get a gun of any kind.

  1. Checking Your Background

The FBI has a great database. By federal law, a background check on everybody who intends to get a gun is mandatory. The FBI database has made this process really fast. If you are not strictly prohibited from obtaining a gun or have no criminal record, this background problem won’t be a problem for you.

To verify your background records, every gun stores in the U.S. use the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) database. The software uses the data of the National Crime Information & Interstate Identification Index.

So, it’s really easy for the store to check whether have a previous criminal record like a convicted felon, drug users, illegal immigrants, armed forces personnel who were dishonorably discharged or declared mentally ill by a competent court.

The background check has significantly intensified recently because of the Charleston church shooting in 2015 and other subsequent gun violence. So, it’s really difficult to trick the background check nowadays.

  1. Permission To Carry Handgun

It’s only applicable to a few states. You need a special permit to carry a handgun because they are easily concealable. Lots of violent crimes & robberies happen due to such a small gun. Check your state’s laws regarding this before you go to the gun store.

  1. Firearms Safety Course Requirement

Again, this requirement varies between states to states. Some states require you to show certification of firearms safety course. This is a very reasonable requirement considering you should know how to handle a gun following all the safety issues. Some of such courses even teach basic maintenance of gun.

Even if your state does not require this, for your own betterment, complete one of such a course before you buy a gun.

  1. Payment & License Issue

Some states require you to pay a license fee along with fingerprint for extra security purposes. When every formality has been completed, you will get your license in a few days.

To buy the gun, you must show the license. More so, you must carry the license all the time you carry the gun depending on the licensing requirements. So, making several copies of the license is a good idea.

The license may need to be renewed every year or after every few years’ intervals (every 3 to 5 years) to see whether you are still competent to own a gun. Before the authority renews your license, they may run another background check.

How Easy To Get A License In The U.S.?

Did you know you have a constitutional right to own a gun? Yes, the 2nd amendment made this sure. Although the context was quite different, still that amendment is in practice. Gun manufacturers love the amendment!

There are so many ways people can avoid or at least trick the FBI background check process. It’s what the former FBI Director James Comey admitted himself. Besides, people sometimes buy the gun from their friends and family members and it’s really difficult to prevent this.

As a shooting sports lover, never exercise any unethical or illegal ways to obtain your gun for shooting sports or any purposes.

Wrapping Up

Don’t feel bad if you are required to get a license first to own a gun. You will learn all the above-mentioned steps and requirements which is a good thing in the long-run. You will get to know all the agencies involved and meet people who can be really helpful.

Again, the above-mentioned process is not universal across the U.S.A. You can use this article as a general guideline only. The best way to get a gun license is to visit your local law enforcement agency directly. Only they got the right & updated information.

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