How To Clean A Helmet Visor & Increase It’s Lifespan?

Your helmet plays a great role keeping you safe on the road. It helps you to see clearly what’s ahead of you. So, it’s very important to keep it clean and working. Special care and proper methods should be applied while cleaning the visor unless you want to leave a scratch mark on it.

You simply can’t wipe it down with a rug. Doing so will damage the coatings that protect the visor from all the unwanted scratches and condensation.

Remember, replacing a damaged visor is really costly. You already spent a significant amount of money buying your best motorcycle helmet. You really should be careful to increase its life-span.

How To Clean A Motorcycle Helmet Visor?

man riding motorcycle with helmet visor

So many times during the day and night, you will have to clean the visor. The situation will demand it. So, it’s very important to learn the right methods. Once you learn it, make it a habit of repeating it whenever you need to clean the visor.

  1. Avoid Dry Material Like Hand Gloves

Never wipe clean your helmet visor with any dry material. You might be thinking if the dry cloth is so soft that it won’t do any harm; you are terribly wrong. I learned it the hard way and do not want you to do the same mistake.

Let me tell you what’s gonna happen if you use any dry material. It will definitely smear the visor and if you luck is seriously bad, the dry material can scratch it.

So from now on, whenever you hit a bug, don’t use any dry material like your hand gloves. You are good to use any window cleaner, visor cleaner, or even plain water!

  1. Don’t Use Spray Enriched With Oil

You do not want to use any kind of sprays that contain oil except the eucalyptus oil. Why eucalyptus oil? I will explain shortly. But let me explain first why you should not use spray that contains oil because that can be life-threatening.

I am not exaggerating. Using oil enriched spray to clean the visor will leave a smear film on the visor. Ultimately, it will create a flare effect when you directly look at the street light or any headlight of cars in front of you while you are riding. You may lose control and ultimately fall a victim of deadly accidents.

Now, let me explain why sprays enriched with eucalyptus oil are good. It’s available in the market. That spray does not smear your helmet because it disappears momentarily.

Not only that, it leaves a good smell inside the helmet. Still, I don’t recommend it personally because I have a way better solution to clean the visor.

  1. Best Way To Clean The Visor

When you ride your motorcycle, you will face a different situation when you go to different places. I am sure you are familiar with this when you end up somewhere and don’t know the place any good.

That’s the reason you must know different ways to clean the visor under any situation. Remember, your best spray will be enriched with alcohol. You can get it from anywhere.

In the pocket of your jacket, keep a spray dispenser filled with such spray along with a microfiber-based cloth. So, whenever you need to clean your visor, you will have everything with you!

People do forget. So, whenever you forget to fill your pocket, there is still a way to clean it. You can use toilet paper and clean plain water. I am pretty sure wherever you go; there will always be a public toilet. You can collect these from there.

Now, pay attention. Soak the toilet paper with the clean water and cover your visor with that wet toilet paper. Wait for a while; a few seconds maybe. Then wipe clean the visor. You can use any dry toilet paper to wipe the excess water.

There is a third method and it is applicable when you are home and you have some free time to spend on your motorcycle. Remove the visor from the helmet and soak it in soapy warm water.

Wait for some time depending on how dirty the visor is. Use clean water to rinse off. Allow the visor to drip dry. If there are watermarks left, use soft tissue paper and window cleaner to remove them.

Precautions While Cleaning The Helmet

It’s not like cleaning your motorbike cover with detergent; it’s much more complicated than you think. You need to be super careful while cleaning the inner surface of the helmet visor. Never use any wiping motion to clean the inner surface. It will destroy the anti-fog coatings of the visor. Any excessive wiping will damage the anti-fog coatings.

Increasing The Life Span Of Your Visor

The whole point of writing this article is to show you some ways so that you can increase the life of your helmet. Yes, cleaning it the right way is one option. But there are several ways that you can apply to increase the lifespan of your helmet. You can follow these following guidelines:

  • When there are so many specks of dust in the air, most motorcyclists ride keeping the visor up. Please don’t do that. The dust will get inside of your helmet and destroy the anti-fog system. You do not want to do that.
  • We like to ride in groups. People call us the gang! No matter how cool it sounds don’t ride being too close with other riders. Your helmet visor will be too close to get hit by small stones and other detritus.
  • Never place your helmet on the seat or handlebars. It may fall on the ground badly to damage the visor.
  • Don’t let other people touch your helmet with dirty hands. I saw the anti-fog system of the visor gets destroyed as dumb people tend to put their fingers inside the helmet.
  • Choose a cool and dry place to store your helmet when you are not using it.

Summing Up

Cleaning the helmet’s visor is something that most motorcyclists don’t like to do. I am one of them. Worst, they don’t think they should do it. If you are one of them like me, you will understand how important it is to clean it regularly when you have to replace your visor.

You do not want to find that out the hard way. I have explained it in an easier way so that you can follow it without any problem. That’s all for today. Happy riding!

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