Michelin Commander 2 Problems

Are you experiencing issues with your Michelin Commander 2 tires? Well, you’re not alone. Many riders have encountered problems with these tires, and it’s important to understand what those problems are and how they can impact your riding experience. In this article, we’ll delve into the common issues faced by riders with Michelin Commander 2 tires and provide you with useful insights on how to address or prevent these problems. So let’s dive right in!

One of the most frequently reported problems with Michelin Commander 2 tires is premature wear. Despite being marketed as long-lasting tires, some riders have found that their Commander 2s wear out much quicker than expected. This can be frustrating, as it not only means you’ll have to replace your tires sooner than anticipated, but it can also affect your bike’s performance and safety. We’ll explore the reasons behind this premature wear and offer tips on how to extend the lifespan of your tires.

Another issue commonly encountered with Michelin Commander 2 tires is poor wet traction. Riding in wet conditions can already be challenging, and having tires that don’t provide adequate grip compounds the problem. It’s crucial to understand the limitations of your tires and take necessary precautions when riding in wet weather. We’ll discuss the factors that contribute to poor wet traction and share some riding techniques that can help mitigate this problem.

Lastly, some riders have reported experiencing a harsh ride with Michelin Commander 2 tires. Whether it’s the stiffness of the sidewalls or the overall stiffness of the tire construction, this problem can make your ride uncomfortable and impact your enjoyment on the road. We’ll delve into the reasons behind this harsh ride and provide suggestions on how to improve your riding experience with these tires.

In this article, we’ve only touched on a few of the common problems encountered with Michelin Commander 2 tires. If you’re experiencing any issues with these tires, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Stay tuned for our upcoming in-depth analysis where we’ll delve deeper into each problem and provide you with strategies to overcome them. Don’t let tire issues hinder your riding experience – let us guide you to a smoother and safer journey on the road.


The Michelin Commander 2 is a popular motorcycle tire known for its durability and performance. However, like any product, it is not without its issues. In this article, we will discuss some of the common problems that riders have experienced with the Michelin Commander 2 tire. Whether it is tire performance issues, durability concerns, compatibility issues, performance variation, safety concerns, cost and value, or alternatives and recommendations, we will explore each aspect to help you make an informed decision.

Tire Performance Issues

Tire Wear and Traction Problems

One of the most commonly reported problems with the Michelin Commander 2 tire is premature wear. Some riders have complained that the tread on the tire wears down significantly faster than they expected. This premature wear not only reduces the tire’s lifespan but also affects its traction on the road, especially in wet weather conditions. This can be a serious safety concern for riders, as reduced traction can lead to accidents and loss of control.

Vibration and Noise Complaints

Another issue that riders have encountered with the Michelin Commander 2 is excessive vibration and noise. Some riders have reported that the tire becomes increasingly noisy as it wears down, creating an unpleasant riding experience. Additionally, vibrations may be felt through the handlebars and footrests, causing discomfort and fatigue during long rides. These issues can be quite bothersome, especially for riders who value a smooth and quiet ride.

Handling and Stability Concerns

Riders have also expressed concerns about the Michelin Commander 2’s handling and stability. Some riders have reported that the tire feels sluggish and unresponsive, particularly at higher speeds or during aggressive handling maneuvers. This lack of agility and stability can decrease confidence in the tire’s performance and impact overall riding experience.

Michelin Commander 2 Problems

Durability Concerns

Premature Cracking and Splitting

Durability is a crucial aspect of any motorcycle tire, and unfortunately, some riders have experienced durability issues with the Michelin Commander 2. Some have reported premature cracking and splitting of the tire, particularly in the sidewalls. These damages can be a cause for concern as they compromise the structural integrity of the tire, increasing the risk of blowouts and tire failures.

Sidewall Damage

Sidewall damage is another durability concern with the Michelin Commander 2. Riders have reported sidewall bulges, cuts, and punctures, even under normal riding conditions. The sidewalls play a crucial role in supporting the tire’s weight and maintaining its overall shape. Any damage to the sidewalls can severely compromise the tire’s performance, leading to safety risks and the need for premature replacements.

Bulges and Blistering

In addition to sidewall damage, some riders have experienced bulges and blistering on the tread surface of the Michelin Commander 2. These irregularities can be caused by manufacturing defects or excessive heat buildup. Not only do these bulges adversely affect the tire’s performance and handling, but they also increase the risk of sudden tire failure, which can be dangerous, especially at higher speeds.

Warranty and Customer Support

Difficulties in Claiming Warranty

When faced with tire issues, riders expect a smooth and efficient warranty process. However, some Michelin Commander 2 owners have encountered difficulties in claiming warranty coverage. Some riders have reported that their warranty claims were denied, despite experiencing issues within the specified warranty period. This can be frustrating and lead to financial burdens for riders who expect the manufacturer to stand behind their product.

Limited Assistance from Michelin

In addition to warranty concerns, riders have also expressed dissatisfaction with the level of assistance provided by Michelin’s customer support. Some riders have reported unresponsiveness, delays in communication, and a lack of helpful solutions when reaching out for support. This lack of assistance can leave riders feeling frustrated and unsupported when trying to resolve problems with their Michelin Commander 2 tires.

Lack of Responsive Customer Service

Another common complaint is the lack of responsiveness from Michelin’s customer service representatives. Some riders have reported long wait times for assistance or difficulty in reaching a representative for help. This lack of responsive customer service can hinder the timely resolution of tire-related issues, leaving riders feeling unsatisfied and unsupported.

Michelin Commander 2 Problems

Compatibility Issues

Fitment Problems on Certain Motorcycles

Not all motorcycles are created equal, and some riders have encountered fitment problems with the Michelin Commander 2 on their particular bike models. Some riders have reported that the tire’s size or design does not align properly with their motorcycle’s specifications, causing mounting difficulties. These fitment problems can be frustrating and may require riders to seek alternative tire options that are better suited for their specific motorcycle models.

Incompatible with Heavyweight Bikes

Furthermore, riders with heavyweight bikes have reported compatibility issues with the Michelin Commander 2. Some have found that the tire’s construction and design are not suitable for the added weight and demands of heavyweight motorcycles. This can lead to reduced performance, stability, and durability, ultimately impacting the overall riding experience and safety.

Size Availability Limitations

Lastly, riders have mentioned limited size availability as a compatibility concern. Some riders have desired specific tire sizes for their motorcycles, only to find that those sizes are not available for the Michelin Commander 2. This can be frustrating for riders who prefer a wide range of options to cater to their specific bike and riding style.

Performance Variation

Inconsistent Performance Across Different Road Conditions

Riders have reported inconsistent performance of the Michelin Commander 2 across various road conditions. While the tire may perform well on dry surfaces, some riders have expressed concerns about its handling and traction on wet roads. This inconsistency in performance can be worrisome, as riders need a tire that can provide reliable grip and control across different riding conditions.

Poor Wet Weather Handling

As mentioned earlier, the Michelin Commander 2 has received criticism for its performance in wet weather conditions. Some riders have found that the tire’s traction decreases significantly on wet roads, increasing the risk of accidents and loss of control. This lack of wet weather handling can be a serious safety concern for riders who frequently encounter rainy or wet road conditions.

Uneven Tire Wear Pattern

Uneven tire wear is another performance issue that riders have noticed with the Michelin Commander 2. Some riders have reported that the tire wears unevenly, with certain areas wearing down faster than others. This can lead to a decrease in overall tire performance, including reduced traction and handling. Uneven tire wear may also indicate other underlying issues, such as alignment problems or tire pressure imbalances.

Safety Concerns and Accidents

Reports of Tire Blowouts

One of the most alarming safety concerns reported by riders is the occurrence of tire blowouts with the Michelin Commander 2. Riders have experienced sudden tire failures, leading to loss of control and potentially serious accidents. Tire blowouts can be a result of various factors, including manufacturing defects, improper maintenance, or road hazards. However, the frequency of these incidents reported by riders raises concerns about the tire’s overall safety and reliability.

Loss of Control Incidents

In addition to tire blowouts, riders have experienced instances of loss of control while using the Michelin Commander 2. Some have reported that the tire becomes unpredictable and less stable, particularly during high-speed maneuvers or abrupt changes in direction. This loss of control incidents can be dangerous and lead to accidents and injuries if riders are unable to regain control of their motorcycles.

Possible Tire Failures at High Speeds

High-speed stability is crucial for motorcycle tires, and riders have expressed concerns about possible tire failures with the Michelin Commander 2 at high speeds. Some riders have reported that the tire becomes unstable and exhibits excessive vibrations, significantly impacting the overall riding experience and increasing the risk of accidents. These issues can be particularly concerning for riders who frequently ride at higher speeds.

Cost and Value

High Price Point

The Michelin Commander 2 is known for its performance and durability, but it also comes with a higher price tag compared to other motorcycle tires in its class. Some riders have questioned the value for money, considering the various problems and concerns that they have experienced. The high price point may not be justified if the tire does not deliver satisfactory performance, durability, and safety.

Lack of Longevity Compared to Competitors

In addition to the high price, some riders have commented on the Michelin Commander 2’s lack of longevity compared to its competitors. The premature wear, sidewall damage, and other durability issues mentioned earlier can contribute to the shorter lifespan of the tire. Riders expect a tire to last for a reasonable mileage before requiring replacement, and if the Michelin Commander 2 falls short in this aspect, it may not offer the best value for money.

Diminished Performance over Time

Furthermore, riders have noticed a decrease in the Michelin Commander 2’s performance over time. As the tire wears down, its traction, handling, and overall performance may diminish. This decrease in performance can affect the riding experience and safety. Riders may have to replace the tire sooner than expected, further adding to the overall cost and diminishing its perceived value.

Alternatives and Recommendations

Exploring Other Tire Brands

If you have experienced any of the mentioned problems or are simply looking for alternatives, it is worth considering other tire brands. Several reputable manufacturers offer a range of tires that may better suit your motorcycle and riding preferences. Researching and exploring reviews and ratings of different tire brands can help you make an informed decision based on the experiences of other riders.

Checking User Reviews and Ratings

Before purchasing a motorcycle tire, it is essential to check user reviews and ratings. These reviews provide valuable insights from riders who have used the tire and can give you a better understanding of its overall performance, durability, and safety. Pay attention to reviews that specifically address the issues you are concerned about, as this information can guide you in finding the right tire for your needs.

Consulting with Experienced Mechanics

If you are unsure about which tire to choose or have specific concerns about your motorcycle’s compatibility, seeking advice from experienced mechanics can be beneficial. Mechanics have firsthand knowledge and experience working with different tire brands, and they can provide valuable insights and recommendations based on their expertise. Consulting with a trusted mechanic can help you make an informed decision and find a tire that suits your motorcycle and riding style.


While the Michelin Commander 2 is well-regarded for its durability and performance, it is not without its problems. Riders have reported various tire performance issues, durability concerns, compatibility issues, performance variation, safety concerns, and cost-related drawbacks. Before making a purchasing decision, it is important to consider these factors and evaluate whether the Michelin Commander 2 is the right tire for your motorcycle and riding needs. Exploring alternatives, checking user reviews and ratings, and consulting with experienced mechanics can help you find a tire that offers optimal performance, durability, and safety, ensuring an enjoyable riding experience. Remember to prioritize your safety and choose a tire that meets your specific requirements for a smooth and secure ride.

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